Complicated (Ragsan ff) shot 24

Let’s begin……


Sujathan comes down and was shocked to see Ragini with him….

All the family members joins there!

Monali too enters the space

Shahveer and Aliya too comes…followed by Sahil shekar and janki

Laksh:bhaai…is everything fine

Sanskar smiles: till now it wasn’t fine…jo chahe karo kuch na kuch tho choot hi jaata THA…am i right mom

Sujatha looks at Shekar for an explanation

He was blank he exactly had no ideas what was going on..

Ragini gets scared of having many people around her…

Sanskar makes her sit in a sofa…

Sanskar:laado…today you are having an exam and you have to face it alone but i am with you

Ragini held his palm

Ragini had a small smile: laado exams!

Sanskar: yes..

Ragini:exam pass laado gifts
Ragini remembered the times when swara or Sahil got a good marks in school Shekhar used gift them

Sanskar: ha laado will get gifts…

Sujatha: sanskar what are you trying to prove

Sanskar: prove!!you will know it soon mom

Sanskar looks at laksh

Sanskar: laksh ask Ragini any questions you want but before that we want a person with a compete with Ragini

Laksh for a moment looks at everyone

Suddenly something flashes him

Laksh:Monali hai na

Monali widens her eyes

once laksh was jokingly told that he would make married sanskar to an intelligent girl so dasi and monali has indirectly told him that monali remained university topper..but it was a very bad lie??

Laksh: monali is a university topper.. She also won some awards for knowledge

Sanskar turns to monali: please!

Monali smiles sheepishly :me

Laksh:monali please…

She nods and sits in another seat

Adarsh:i would ask the first question

Sanskar:go on bhaai

Ragini was scared and excited and she wanted to pass her exam to get the gifts

On the other hand..Monali was feared

Aliya was having a suspicious on Monali like she saw her somewhere but where???

Adarsh:what is part of a database that holds only one type of information?

All were looking at Ragini and monali

Monali excited: My files…i mean files

All looks at her shocked.. It was a simple question

Ragini: laado….field

Adarsh smiles: right answer laado..

Shekjan swahil gets happy

Lak:Prof.Amartya sen is famous for???

Rp was excitedly looking at Ragini

Monali think’s:i guess its Physics
She told it with confidence

Ragini thinks..


Before 6 yrs..

Ragini was sitting in the room..

Sahil was studying for his exams…

Sahil:laado do you know who is Prof.Amatya sen?

Ragini nods in no

Sahil:he is an economist…he is great in his economics..perfect inspiration for a person who wants to be an economist

Fb ends

Laksh sees her silence and he thought he may be have asked her a tough question

Sujatha nods her head in disbelief

Rp:laksh change the……

Ragini:laado Dr.Amartya sen economics

Laksh smiles widely being surprised: absolutely right laado

Uttara:bijapur is famous for…?

Monali immediately:Gol gumbaz

Laado:laado gol gumbaz

Uttara smiles

Rp:who has the power to decide an election petition

Ragini:laado supreme…..(all looks at her being expectedly)no laado no supreme court….high court

Monali looks at Ragini being frustrated

Monali:its supreme court

Rp:the answer is high court

Dp who was noticing all this.. He was really happy with Ragini’s IQ level

Dp who had a book in his hand..he looks at it

Dp: who is the author of the book ‘behind the bars’?

Everyone are shocked to see him questing Ragini

Monali herself:atleast if i knew this answer…i should wait till this girl answers

Ragini: Nelso…

Monali:Nelson Mandela

Laksh:laado say the answer…

Ragini: kiran bedi

Monali looks shocked at her fir her change if answer…

To be continued….

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