A Complete Family : Swaragini Part 1

Hey guys I’m back with an os I know my ffs are pending and I’ll try to post asap but as of now I’m here with a new os it contains romance and family moments

Let’s begin
A house is shown
A girls back is shown she is wearing a blue long anarkali and doing aarti beside her another girl was standing with closed eyes wearing light pink anarkali

After aarti
Swara:ragini take aarti
(So the first girl was Swara and second was ragini)
Ragini took aarti
Ragini:Swara today ita my first day at office I’m so scared
Swara:don’t worry it’ll be fine and I’ll also be there so no worries
Ragini smiles tensely
They both went to their room and changed into office clothes

They came down and went to office in an auto

Swara goenka:orphan and only heir of goenkas her family died in an accident she survived with difficulty lives with ragini mathur her bestie and cousin(fathers sister daughter)she and ragini only survived and g their family members she is very rich and yet doesn’t has any pride

Ragini mathur:a lively girl lives with her cousin swara and after Completing her college she is joining office today loves Swara alot

Moving to the story again
They both went in the auto as their cars went for service
They’re reached the office mad Went in Terri cabins
After a tiring day they Went home only to find it dark
Suddenly sanlak came lighting the house
Sanlak:happy B-Day swaragini
Swaragini:thanks sanlak
Sanskar:hey shona sweetie did you like my surprise
Swara:ofcouse sanky baby
Raglak coughed
Swara:oh what you’ll are coughing as if you both don’t romance only
Sanskar:yeah I’ve also seen you two looking in eo eyes and blushing
Raglak blush

Ragini:aree sanky jeeju you also na took it seriously we were joking

Laksh:yes Swara bhabhi so let’s celebrate the birth day

They cut the cake and fed eo

Sanskar kapoor:handsome hunk loves his family alot fiance of swara loves her alot and proposed her 3 yrs back and soon for g to get married

Laksh kapoor:handsome hunk loves his family and fiance ragu I alot hey got engaged when ragini was in her 3 rd year by family wish and fell In love
BTW swqargini are born on the Same day with years gap

Laksh:waise Bhabhi did hai Inform you that marriage day is chosen it’s after one month

Swara:yes he told but I think you want to tell ragu right
He smiled
Ragini being the dinner with Swara
All of them ate and went to their homes

Time skip to one month marriage day
In this one month swasan raglak have grown more close and their love has also increase

Marriage eve
Swaragini are seen sitting in the room
Since they’d had no family sanlak brother adarsh and sister in law parineeta were doing swaragini kanyadaan
Parish are positive and have a 14 yrs old son aryan and 11 yrs old son rohit

After marriage is done
After all the teasing session swasan were finally allowed to go to ther iroom

Recap:first night !!!!

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