The compensation – an Arshi story; Part 4 (dusra pehlu)

Dusra pehlu (the other side)

There was great  festivity in Padmadurg .after all it was their youngest princess khushi’s  engagement with prince bhadraketu . their king shashi was extremely happy .not only he everybody was very happy. But their happiness  was momentary , they received an accusation from the is true that shashi had denied to pay the tribute to aaranya , being the ambitious  person he was………….

Years ago ,when his  elder brother was king  ,shasshi had sought help of aaryamann to usurp the throne  on the condition that his kingdom, padmadurg part would be a part of aaranya empire and he would have to pay an yearly tribute to them. Also they had an mutual agreement that all his daughters shall be wedded  in the emperor’s family.

Shashi’s ambitions made him break this marrying his daughters to other kingdoms he would win their support to rise up as an individual king and not under somebody’s empire. and now it was against his male ego to accept a peace treaty.and now it is declared war ………all for that khushi……his brother’s daughter who was born the day when  he killed his brother.her mother died as soon as she was born. The thought in shashi’s mind that khushi might be the blessed daughter spared him from killing her.

Although all shashi’s queens despised khushi’s presence and openly showed it ,shashi pretended to be the best father to khushi.why? because now he was sure that she was the blessed one.her solemn but fiery eyes uncannily always had a glint of  playfulness in them.she was more learnt than any of his sons in both academics and warcraft . she had grown to be more beautiful than any of the girls in his kingdom and most important since her birth there had been no calamity in the kingdom.!!!the river nearby used to constantly overflow and cause devastation in padmadurg but that hadn’t happened since the past seventeen years.but shashai never told khushi about the prophecy.

As the reader you might now think why a war then, even in presence of khushi. you know as the prophecy went the kingdom shall prosper only till she is happy .sooooo that means khushi  khush nahi hai? Yes look at her there she is near the palace window looking at the birds flying to their home during the sunset.that part of the prophecy had been forsaken ,suitors just aimed at making her  their wife .

Her wishes were unfulfilled .She had only  one wish that was to BECOME AN EMPRESS not only an emperor’s wife but also the person having an equal say as the emperor in the state’s affairs.

But here the situation was completely different………..that bhadraketu wanted to marry her because of some silly prophecy .yes , she knew about the prophecy ,shashi didn’t tell her but his queens didn’t refrain from telling her thinking they would earn her favour once she becomes empress.her father just arranged  her marriage with bhadra because he was a foe to aaryamann and had promised shashi help against aaryaman.

That pervert ,bhadraketu had approached her for a game of archery while she was practicing it. when defeated he  tried to force himself on her !!!when she tried to complain to shashi whom she looked up to as her father he said that she is now  going to be his wife so she must not try to show superiority to him or complain about him and accept whatever he does. You know bhadraketu even asked her to dance in front of his courtiers and serve  him and them all alcohol .

One more reason that bhadraketu  already has 3 wives meaning she would be his fourth wife !!!! ie no scope of  being the one and only love of somebody’s life!!!duh!!!

But the main reason of her sadness was the insult she faced just now.the war had been declared and she went to the discussion hall to offer help to her father.her brothers mocked her…. Her father told her to stop thinking that she was superior to men(she never ever thought that …she was very humble and down to earth)……..her fiancé told her that they didn’t need a woman’s  dupatta as a shield……..her sisters and garima(whom she considered her mother)and stepmothers laughed at her saying she was a fool and called her to be an insult in the name of a woman.

Looking towards the sunset she decided “tomorrow is war,  and no matter what anybody says she shall fight for her father, for her rights, for her dreams,  for an independent padmadurg…….

So here is introducing you khushi. I tried uploading some photos and self made pictures but couldn’t post them .can somebody guide me how to do that.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    shocking that khushi is shashi’s niece n he made her his daughter only 4 his benefit.happy to know that khushi is the kingdom’s luck.Bhadraketu was so cheap to khushi.sad that no one supported khushi just bcz he is her fiance.lets see what changes this war will bring.
    Combining views on IF n wattpad means..are u posting this FF on IF n wattpad?

    to add pics-

    take text.put the ff update.then take google 4 pics.choose the pics u want to put in the scene.u dont need to save the pics in ur pc.just select the pic,right click the copy image the area in the update where u want to add pic.In the text where we put the article u can find it.a box appears.there u can paste the image address and press need of writing any ok again.the link will appear where u selected in the click visuals n see if the pic has appeared or not

    1. Samyukta

      Thank you for the comment and yes I have posted on if and wattpad. I did the same procedure yet none of the 3 website accepted it

    2. Jasminerahul

      in wattpad and IF picture adding process is different.
      you can always seek my help in adding’s may be because of some small mistake that the pics are not appearing.
      what’s your wattpad IF ID?

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