I committed a sin [episode 7]

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Hello beautiful people !!
Thank you so much for ur response on the previous episode .
Here goes the next episode !
Recap- jealous sanskar! Plan flopped!

Episode 7

SM mansion
Sanskar woke up early in the morning. He quickly got ready andleft in his car.
On the other hand swara also got ready and bid adieu to her mother before leaving for work.
Swara was walking to the bus station as her car’s tires are punctured [bcoz of sanskar’s plan ?]. Suddenly a car stopped in front of her. A man came out who was not less than a greek god. He looked so smart in black shirt and pants. Swara was mesmerized seeing him. She was all lost him.That man approached her. He started talking. His voice broke her trance.
Man-swara come i will drop u to the office.
Swara-[gains her senses] ummm….ummm….no sir [i know u guessed that the man was sanskar ??] i will manage
Sanskar- no swara i insist[ohh mr. Desperate ?]
Swara- no sir no need i will go by my self
Sanskar- but swa..
Swara- no sir its ok

Sanskar- [says in a flow] swara keep quite and come with me i want to talk to u about that day[realises what he said] umm….i mean..vo…actually
Swara-[understand] there is nothing left to talk sir
Sanskar- swara i am real..
Swara-[blankly] sir plzz…..by the way i am getting late..
Sanskar- swara but…
Swara- sir plz y don’t u understand i don’t want to talk about that
Sanskar- swara i….
Swara-[angry] sir plzz[turns to go]
sanskar pulls her by her shoulder towards him. He holds her by her shoulders and starts talking.
Sanskar-[irritated] swara here i am trying to say something ad u r not even giving me a chance.
Sanskar-[angry] swara y don’t u understand now come withme[pulls her by her hand] come with me…
Swara-[angry] no i will not come….i am not ur slave…u can’t do whatever u want to do
Sanskar gets angry seeing her misunderstanding him.
Sanskar-[angry] swara i am last time asking u are u coming with me or not
Swara-[ angry]no
Sanskar gets angry and lifts her and walks towards his car.
Swara-[shocked ] ahhh….leave me [struggles in his arms] leave me sir[angry] leave me sir[hits his chest]
but sanskar is sanskar, he makes her sit in the car and closes the door. He also sits in the car and closes the door.

While swara tries to open the door.
Swara-[angry] sir open the door ..et me go
Sanskar-[stern voice] shut ur mouth swara and sit quietly.Swara-but….
Sanskar-[angrily looks towards him] shut up
Seeing his anger she shuts her mouth and angrily sits there while looking out. Sanskar calms himself. He looks towards her and smiles seeing her anger.
After sometime he calls her.
Sanskar- [calmly]swara
Sanskar – swaraa
Sanakar-[places his hand on her shoulder] swara plz once listen to me.
Swara jerks his hand away.
Sanskar-[sighs deeply] plz swara….
Sanskar- swara plz give me one chance to explain my point of view….plz don’t u think i deserve another chance plzzzz….swara….
Swara- okk…say what ever u want to say i am in all ears.
Sanskar-[sighs] so….swara actuallyU also know that i….i….[teary eyes ] don’t like my family and…..a….and….whenever anyone takes their name…. i …… i…..don’t know what happens to me….i always remember that how they left me and i get angry…..i….and the next day….i wanted to apologize to u swara i really wanted to do that….but….i…i…. when i saw u with kabir…..i…i don’t know what happened to me actually i thought like kavita u werealso betraying me…..u were also like other girls….i….i am sorry….i thought u like others….after spending time with u i myself started thinking that someone cares about me…..plz[teary eyes]plz… swara don’t stop talking to me….when i talk to u i feel a little peaceful….plz….swara…[teary eyes]
Swara looked towards him and really sad. Its true that she doesn’t know him, she doesn’t know about his past , she doesn’t know abouthis family or about kavita. But somewhere in her heart she feels that whatever happened with him he didn’t deserved that. He was and is too is innocent to handle that. She can feel his pain. She can see that how much broken he was. Surely if she had a chance to change someone’s life she would do it without any hesitation and here it was someone who had such a pure heart.
Swara-[places her hand on hisshoulder] sir its ok….
Sanskar-[sobs] no its not ok how can i shout on u…i am really bad…right

Till know they reached the office and now sanskar had parked his car in the parking lot.
Swara- sir bu…
Sanskar- no swara i am very bad.
Swara- no sir u r not….u….
Sanskar-[interrupts] no i did a mistake by shouting on u i am sorrySwara- but si…
Sanskar- no..i…[sobs] no…i
Swara-[irritated like hell bcoz of his continues interruption] yes u r really bad …happy [sanskar looked towards her with shocked expression] what y r u staring me….u r really very bad and stupid tooo…huh…y r crying …..on every single thing u would get angry or would start crying….r u mad….and now also u were not even giving me any chance to talk[imitateshim] swara i am sorry i’m sorry i am sorry [normal voice] hub what is this when i forgave u then what is ur problem huh….continuously crying and interrupting me….r u mad…if next time u interrupted me i swear i will kill u…..and yes open ur ears and listen [sanskar about to interrupt ] shut upp ….i said na don’t interrupt don’t u get that simple thing in ur mind. Now listen i forgave u with all my heart happy and next time don’t u dare to dosomething like that get that in ur little mind….Now y r u silent say something…
Sanskar was about to say something but swara interrupted him.
Swara- shutt upp[sanskar looks her with unbelievable expression] and yes don’t u dare to say me this thing[imitates him] how dare u talk to me sanskar maheshwari like this[normal voice] huh….Sanskar maheshwari [she starts takingdeep breaths as she was continuously speaking] now y r u silent say something
Sanskar was seeing unbelievably. Swara jerked him.
Swara- say something
Sanskar- u sure na
Swara- yesss say is this even a question say
Sanskar- [nods his head] ok but firstly r u ok swara
Swara calms herself.
Swara- yes i am fine
Sanskar- i understood everything u said…and yes sorry swara for making u angry[swara glares him] i mean no sorry …..no no ….i mean yes no i……[makes faces] swara ….
Swara starts laughing seeing him. Soon he also starts laughing. But after sometime he stops and admires her. Soon swara controls her laugh and looks towards him.
Swara- [controls her laugh] ohhh….god sir u….[laughs] [Sanskar glares her] ok ok sorry.
Sanskar- [sadly says] swara u scolded me soo much that’s not nice huhh….
Swara-[giggles] awww…..ok next time i will not scold u ok
Sanskar- good
Swara- and yes u also don’t scold me next time
Sanskar- ok

Swara- and yes one more thing
Sanskar-[confused] what
Swara- [giggles] next time don’t puncture my car’s tires
Sanskar-[horrified ] how did u know about that…i …..i… mean i didn’t do that[avoids eye contact]
swara- no need to act u r very bad actor[makes faces] yesterday also that extra concerned filled voice and that coincidence that u arrived at the same time to help me….huh…a stupid will also get to know about that and yes next time no need to follow me from my home in ur car and calling me again and again in ur cabin just toapologize.
Sanskar-[super shocked] hhhhhh…..how do u know about all these things.
Swara- brain mr. Maheshwari brain….i am very smart.
Sanskar- okkkk……next time i think i have to be much more aware…[giggles]
swara – ok now i will leave otherwise my khadoos boss would scold me for coming late….byeee….[gets out of the car]
Sanskar-[glares her] ok go
Swara-[giggles] bye sadu[saying this runs from there]
sanskar-[shakes his head whike smilling] huh…mad girl.

Precap- some heart to heart talk

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