When she coloured my canvas – IB & DBO – Colour 48

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Colour 48

ShivOmSomu looks on shocked seeing Anika coming out of the room.

A: why Billuji, don’t I’ve the right to know what happened to my chutki.Why u people r hiding everything from me.Soumya at least you tell me what had happened?

S: woh actually didi….let bade Baal wale bhaiyya say( smiling)

A: why r u smiling Soumya, what is it…

O: don’t be tensed bhabhi, I’ll say( with a smile)

Gouri was being restless.She was tossing & turning around in her bed.She could see a deeply sleeping Om, but didn’t want to disturb him.She tried waking him up but it didn’t work.She slowly get out of the bed & walked towards the door but unfortunately, she hit the flower vase kept on the table & it fell down with a sound. She bit her tongue & slowly turned back to see Om waking up , rubbing his eyes.

O: oh no….what’s this sound, ( yawning, he switched on the lights)

He was shocked to see Gouri standing near the door.His eyes were red with incomplete sleep.

O: what are u doing here gouri??? Can’t u sleep at this time ( still yawning)
G: woh..darsal….I want to have jalebis.
O:( shocked) now….at this hour of night???
G: haan….I’m so hungry & I want to eat sweet, hot jalebis.
O: where will u get hot jalebis now ???
She stood there with puppy eyes…..

G: please please Omkaraji, I want to have it now….can you bring me???

Flashback ends……

O: this is the problem bhabhi….Any solution ? Where will I get jalebis now??

A: oh bête ki, my poor chutki…. How can I help her now???hmm…..idea!!!!

So: what is it Di??

A: arey Soumya we’ve made jalebis for tomorrow’s function right. We’ll give her some from it!!!
S: no no Di. You remember na, when I asked Dadi permission to take some, she told that we can take it only after offering it to Krishna during puja.Then how will we take it??
Sh: then what will we do??

A: hamare pass ek khidkitod plan hai.Sub chalo Na meri saath….( logic sign)….

Rudra had woke up to drink some water , very unusually.He was surprised to see Soumya missing. He found out that she was not there in bathroom too. He slowly walked out of the room but was followed by the sweet , faint fragrance of jalebis.

” who is making jalebis at this time? that too in the upper floor’s kitchen?” He wondered & slowly walked to the kitchen area.

There he witnessed a marvellous scene where Gouri was teaching Anika & Shivay to make jalebis, surrounded by Om & Soumya.They were having a gala time.

R: agent Rudy on mission to catch some thieves in the kitchen at midnight.( loudly)
S:( surprised) hey cry baby, how come u wake up now???
R: such a tragic life is this. My beloved wife didn’t even call me….Leave it…my bhabhis totally ignored me even when I was there to support u in every thing… leave that too…My bros r having obros kitchen moment without me……oh my god….that too in this kitchen!!!
Sh:( laughing)there goes the dramebaazi…Rudra, there’s no big deal in it. We didn’t want to disturb you in ur sleep.Actually gouri had a craving for jalebis so we where making some….if we do it in the first floor , then all will wake up hearing the sound & the fragrance…

O: Mr.dumbbell Oberoi, I’d called u first to say this, but…
Sou: but Mr.sleeping handsome was in his heaven of sleep such that he didn’t hear the phone ringing.Moreover u r on a diet right, then how will u have jalebis???

Rudra made a pouting face, thinking about it, when gouri took a fresh, hot piece of jalebi & slowly went to rudra.

G: no one should tease my pyaari devar. I’m going to give the first jalebi to my dear. Come on , have it Na, just a chota sa jalebi.

Rudra was so happy that he side hugged his bhabhi & gouri fed him with her hand.

R: dekha O, my chulbul bhabhi is so so cute…
An: so u forgot me rudra , it was my idea to make jalebis at this hour of night…..( complained)
R: oho, no Ani bhabhi.How can I ignore my tadibaazi bhabhi….

AniRiRu shared a cute little hug, while Soumya moved to the middle of her bhaiyyas.

So: I’ve my two strong bhaiyyas with me dekha…..
Shi + Om: of course Soumya….

All of them had fun while making jalebis. After making sufficient numbers, all began cleaning the place & decided to have the sweet later.

A: Om is so cute na, bechari, he wanted to fulfill the wish of Gouri ASAP.
So: didi, didn’t u ever trouble shivay bhaiyya like this.

Shivay rolled his eyes at Anika.
S: of course, Anika used to pester me for something or the other. I’d to daily take her outside to have all those food from street vendors.Chaat, gol gappa, channa, etc…etc….
A: oh bête ki, even u also enjoyed all those dishes along with me & u r know scolding me, not fair Billuji…u r so mean nowadays…

Rumya were smiling seeing them fight.
R: don’t laugh much Sumo. I’m damn sure u will make me run here & there for bringing parathas in this stage….I’ll show u that time.

Soumya was blushing slightly & hitting rudra, while he saw some else.
R: Sumo, see that…

Hearing this shivika also turned to the other direction to see that beautiful sight.

Rikara were feeding the jalebis to each other. Gouri was sitting on the kitchen slab while Om was standing. They were lost in each other’s eyes & was slowly, feeding small pieces of jalebis.They were in their own little world….

A: dekha billuji, how cute they look like that…..
So: u r right Di, ekdum romantic….

ShivRu looked at each other & they together shouted, ” Om!!!!”

Rikara’s moment was broken & they turned to see the others, while Om slightly bit gouri’s finger as she was feeding him.
“ouch!!!” squealed Gouri,
O: ( tensed) I’m sorry dear, I didn’t take care.
He said while tending to her finger & slowly kissing it.
Gouri blushed & quickly took away her finger from him.

An: why did both of u called him like that.U destroyed their cute moment.Cheapde.
R:( serious) O, this is kitchen ok.U should behave with manners.Didnt u see we’re struggling to clean everything & u r…
So: stop it, bade Baal wale Bhaiyya, it’s ok we’ll manage.If u want I can take the sweets to ur room & have it.
G: nahi toh…woh…I’ll help u to clean everything, after all u all did this much for me Na, so now I should help u to clean this.
Sh: no neex gouri. u should take rest, Rudra was joking only.U must be tired .
R: haan chulbul bhabhi….I was kidding.

Gouri went near Shivay.
Sh: nahi bade Bhaiyya, I’m ok.I can help you, I’m not tired. & thank you for helping me to have such sweet jalebis, I’d never forget this.U were in deep sleep, still u came to help this little behen ….I’m happy to get such a loving family ( tears flowing down)

All smiled hearing this, specially shivay.
Sh: anything for my behen.( & hugged Gouri)After all I’m ur Bade Bhaiyya
He slowly wiped away all the tears from gouri’s cheeks.

R: guys , the moment is emotional but now it’s awkward.So no more tears after eating jalebis, heard chulbul bhabhi.

Gouri smiled hearing this.
R: now sab bolo
“Dil Bole Oberoi!!!” ?

Don’t you think it was a beautiful & adorable Oberoi moment???

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