colors of love (episode 3)

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After sometimes Milan returns home n Ranveer tells him what happened n asked him to drop her home. Milan nods n carries her in his arms to the car. Ranveer checks the electricity meter n lights come. Ranveer goes to his room n sleep. He feels restless n some strange feeling was there. Just then Ishani comes there n sits besides him. Ranveer says u. Ishani keeps her index finger on his lips n says shhh. I’m here u tell some imp thing that I love u. Ranveer gets up n says really even I love u. Ranveer wakes up n says what kind of dream was that oh god. Milan drops Ishani home n return. Ranveer says hi bro, Milan says hi bhai. Ranveer says come I want to tell u something. Ranveer says stop cheating girls . Milan says I’m not cheating I love all of them. Ranveer says dude it’s an attraction. Milan says bhai we will see it later. Come on.
Amba n baa were discussing about the marriage. Baa says I know I shouldn’t say this but considering as my daughter I’m saying.

I feel Ranveer and Ishani feel for each other. I can read their eyes. Amba gets shocked n says even i think the same . I saw today Ishani was blushing when she was near him, i mean due to shyness I’m not sure.

Baa says anyway we will see it later. Let’s return home it’s too late.
After sometimes baa enters Ishani’s room n sits besides her, she murmurs don’t leave me I’m scared of darkness. Baa gets tensed n says again the same past is repeating Ishani suddenly wakes up n hugs ba n cries. She says I don’t know what’s happening. Baa asks is there something between u n Rv. Ishani says no, yes friend I mean friendship. She sleeps in her laps.

Baa makes her sleep properly n meets Harshad n says I think she is interested in Ranveer. Harshad says no maa, he is that kind of person who make everyone his close friend n I have some projects with his company n I know he is typical business tycoon n not so romantic n so Ishani won’t fall for him. Baa says okay good night n they sleep.
Next morning Milan was getting ready to meet his another girlfriend. Ranveer gets angry n says stop playing with emotions of girls. Milan says even she knows my relationship statuses. Ranveer says ull are making fun of love but Ishani is not of that kind. Ranveer leaves from there. Milan says what happened to bhai

On the engagement day,

There Ishani was getting ready and thinks about Ranveer and cries. She says why I’m crying I should be happy. She wipes her tears n baa comes. She says come Ishani let’s go we are getting late but must say ur looking so pretty she says thank you.

At Waghela mansion,

Waghela family welcomes Ishani’s family. Amba n parul complements her. Ishaani says lost searching for Ranveer. Ishani thinks why am I so excited to meet him . She sees Milan n greets him. Milan takes her to corner n holds her hands n says u look so beautiful n tries to come more close, Ishani jerks him n got little angry on him n says just after marriage n leaves. Ranveer watched this n says Ishani doesn’t love Milan she cant tolerate him so close even for a second what’s happening.
Milan calls Aniya and says I truly love you will u marry me. She gets happy n says yes Milan I was waiting for this day from when I didn’t get any family love but glad u came in my life he says quickly come to my house.

Milan comes n announced something. He says sorry I can’t marry Ishani. They all get shocked. Aniya comes there. Ranveer says what are u doing over here. Milan says i love her n not Ishani. Kailash comes n slaps him. Ranveer says wait dad first hear the whole story. Milan reveals about what all was going in his life n finally got his true love. Ishani’s family was very angry on him but Ishani was not. She comes to him n says I’m happy for both of u. Finally ull found ur true love n she sees Ranveer. She says she will be happiest person on earth to unite ull.

All get impressed by her words. Later Ishaani family too gets convinced. Suddenly Ranveer comes running towards her n pushes her n chandelier falls. Ranveer gets injured. Everyone get shocked . For Ishani at that moment the earth moved from the feet. Milan calls ambulances.She shouts Ranveer. Before Amba goes to him, she goes to Ranveer n keeps his head on her lap. He was little conscious. Ishani holds his hands n says don’t close ur eyes. I want to say that I love u. Everyone gets shocked. N I just realized it now when u came in between but who told u. Ranveer says shhh. Ranveer in stumbling voice says I I loveee u too. He smiles. Ishani caresses his forehead n says u will be fine just don’t close ur eyes.

Precap:- Ranveer’s condition critical, Ishani crestfallen

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  1. Nandana

    Nice episode dear I really liked the last part where ishveer says that they love each other and the precap seems to be sad but I hope he will be fine any way waiting for the next dear……

  2. Fantastic Vaidehi just keep it up ?

  3. Nice episode waiting for the next episode

  4. niz epi dr. I love ur story. Finally ishveer realized their love. But ranveer was injured badly. Hope he gets well soon. waiting for next dr.
    Keep smiling and take care

  5. pls update next one

  6. Rookey rookers

    So so nice . and guys I am back …

  7. Jasminerahul

    wow..superb twist.milan confessed that he can’t marry ishani n introduced his gf aniya whom he wants to marry.If milan wasnt interested in ishani y was he trying to get closer to her?thats confusing.anways ishani is freee now.shocking that ranveer got injured while saving ishani.ishveer confession was unexpected surprising n emotional

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