colors of love (episode 2)

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The priest says so Ishani n Ranveer’s engagement will be the next week. They get shocked. Ranveer hears this n mistakenly drops his phone down. Baa thinks even god is indicating that ishveer is perfect. Amba says sorry by mistake I gave his kundli. Ranveer sighs in relief. Priest again compare n says okay even this is compatible but not that much as Ranveer’s. Amba Kailash announced the engagement next week. Everyone congratulate them. Ranveer also congrats Ishani n was little upset. Ranveer hugs Milan n secretly tells stop cheating girls. Aniya is waiting for u in cafe. Milan says thank bhai n rushes out n says i have important work I will be back.
Ranveer went to his room n says why I’m feeling bad about Ishani n milan engagement I should be happy for him. Ishani thinks why I was feeling good when priest mistakenly took my n Ranveer’s name.

Next day Amba had invited her for lunch parul also comes there. Milan calls her m says sorry he has important meeting so he can’t come. Ishani says no worries. Ishani helps Amba in preparing lunch.

Ranveer didn’t know Ishani has come, she was in kitchen. Ranveer comes to dining hall and says mom plz serve me fast I have to go to town. Her hands were wet in flour so she asked Ishani to serve. She agrees.he was busy checking mails n Ishani from behind came n served n says thanks mom. When he looked up he was shocked to see Ishani. Ishani says hi. Ranveer says hello and says thanks I will serve myself. Amba comes n says she is ur bhabhi n going to be our family member so don’t treat her like stranger. He says when did I treat her like stranger I mean she is my friend ya n Ishani gets shocked n both share eyelock. Milan then returns n hugs Amba n Ishani n greets them like dude. Later they have lunch together.

Falguni calls Amba and says there is a family function of their community so she invites them for the pooja which was on a hill . Amba says sure we will come but Milan Ranveer Ishani were not interested so they denied. Milan had plans to meet his girlfriend n Ishani was there so he Didn’t go. Later Ishani and Milan were playing game Milan tried to get intimate with her but she resisted. She says now she has to leave bye. Milan got happy and after she went he too locked the doors and left to meet his gf. But he didn’t know Ranveer was also there n Ishani who actually was present in the house since she forgot her wallet. N Milan forgot his mobile.

Suddenly lights went. Ishani got scared. Ranveer wonders what happened to lights n get out of his room. Ishani was very scared. Ranveer comes from behind n touched her shoulders n asked u are who.she shouts. Ranveer says oh Ishani where is Milan n what happened to lights. She explains him the whole story. Ranveer says means we are looked in the house oh god meter board in outside. Ranveer makes Ishani sit comfortably n lit up the candles. Ishani had phobia of darkness due to her past hugged Ranveer n says don’t leave me I’m afraid of darkness. Ranveer caresses her head n says nothing will happen chill darkness is my friend it won’t harm u n wipes her tears. Ishani says everyone n everything in this world is ur friend.

Ranveer nods. Ranveer says let’s go to kitchen I will make something since we can’t order from outside door is locked. They were getting down from the staircase Ishani’s legs slipped n Ranveer holds her tight both share an eyelock. Ranveer says be careful n she holds his hands. Ranveer felt as if current is passing through his body. Ishani felt the same. Later they prepare noodles. They lit up the candle.Ranveer chops onion n tears came from his eyes. Ishani with her hands, Ranveer says I’m not crying . Both laugh. Ranveer says u look beautiful when u smile not when u cry. Ishani says thanks. Then they soté the veggie and add boiling noodles. Ranveer burns his hands . Ishani blows air n washes his hands immediately n applies ointment.

Ranveer says chill bhabhi I’m fine. Ishani feels bad n says plz don’t call me that,Ranveer says so what should I call u, she says just by my name. Ranveer says fine. They sit on the table n start dining. Ishani says I m getting bored. Ishani says will u dance with me. Ranveer says no sorry. Ishani then realized that he is brother in law. Ishani says why don’t you marry. Ranveer says I’m not interested in all this. It’s not in my world. Ishani gets sad n says it means u have dated a single person who todayis not with you. Ranveer says yes ur correct I was a playboy I didn’t even like to work I dated someone who made me realize how I’m wasting my life,I started my business n then I dumped her because she was after money which I hate the most. Anyway what about you Ishani says always wanted to marry my dream boy my mr perfect who should be innocent kind a little immature n unromantic

Ranveer exclaimed unromantic. She replies yes. He after loving me should learn meaning of love. But then I realized it’s real place is in stories. Ranveer says ur right, u should not waste time in love u should focus on your work n my brother has all the qualities for an ideal husband. Ishani says u love ur brother so much Ranveer says yes we can give up our lives of each other. Ishani says true love should also be that that one starts living for their love. Ranveer says true. There Milan was enjoying with his gf in pub n they were getting intimate. Ranveer thinks what if she comes to know that Milan is dating 3 girls. Ishani thinks how cum Ranveer has all the qualities of her price charming.
Suddenly the candles blow off n winds starts blowing faster. Ishani got so scared n she hugs Ranveer n says plz don’t leave me. She was holding his coat tightly. Ranveer tries to comfort her n says I didn’t do anything don’t kill me, Ranveer caresses her hair n stood up n again she hugged her tight. Ranveer says Ishani but she didn’t reply . He realized she fainted. He carried her to couch n made her sleep comfortably. He covers her with shawl. Ishani holds Ranveer hands n murmurs something. Ranveer caresses her forehead and says now u sleep.

After sometimes Milan returns home n Ranveer tells him what happened n asked him to drop her home. Milan nods n carries her in his arms to the car. Ranveer checks the electricity meter n lights come. Ranveer goes to his room n sleep. He feels restless n some strange feeling was there. Just then Ishani comes there n sits besides him. Ranveer says u. Ishani keeps her index finger on his lips n says shhh. I’m here u tell some imp thing that I love u. Ranveer gets up n says really even I love u. Ranveer wakes up n says what kind of dream was that oh god. Milan drops Ishani home n return. Ranveer says hi bro, Milan says hi bhai. Ranveer says come I want to tell u something. Ranveer says stop cheating girls . Milan says I’m not cheating I love all of them. Ranveer says dude it’s an attraction. Milan says bhai we will see it later. Come on.

Amba n baa were discussing about the marriage. Baa says I know I shouldn’t say this but considering as my daughter I’m saying. I feel Ranveer and Ishani feel for each other. I can read their eyes. Amba gets shocked n says even i think the same . I saw today Ishani was blushing when she was near him, i mean due to shyness I’m not sure.

Precap:– Milan and Ishani engagement. They exchange rings. Ranveer left heartbroken

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    Hey why milan & Ishani engagement??? When will IshVeer unite??? Come on girl don’t drag it this far. Please unite IshVeer

  2. Awesome episode update the next soon plzzzzzzz

  3. This is a rocking FF! Please update soon .. .?

  4. Hi Vaidehi it was fantastic I loved it waiting for the next episode ?

  5. Harisha39

    Amazing track..And then this is gonna bring more closeness between ishveer…keep going

  6. Ishveer,abhigya?

    It was too nice when the preist says “ishveer’s engagement will be next week” ❤

  7. Jasminerahul

    all ishveer scenes in darkness,ranveer’s dream were romantic.good that amba baa prefer ishveer.ishani too interested in rv.but will ishveer union b possible as milan ishani marr is fixed?good that in this ff unlike d show milan ranveer luv each other tho milan is a playbo.i wonder who Ranveer’s ex gf was

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