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When I asked you people, shall I write it? You said yes, so here I’m..Hope y’ll enjoy..Here, Vansh and Riddhima’s wedding happens with Punjabi customs and traditions..This is a LOVE marriage!! The parents of both of them are Uma and Ajay of Vansh, and Sejal and Aryan of Riddhima, rest chracters will be included in the OS..

It starts as..,

Today is Roka ceremony. Uma, Ajay, Vansh and Siya (Vansh’s sister) visit Riddhima’s house.

Sejal : Welcome..Come inside..

Uma nods. The servant keeps boxes of gifts on the table. Ajay congrtaluates Aryan. Now, Riddhima comes down in a pink lehenga..Ajay and Aryan keep Riddhima and Vansh’s hands on each other. Angre ( Riddhima’s brother) clicks a beautiful picture of their hands.

They all start talking.

Riddhima : Vansh, leave my hand..

Vansh : I’ll never leave this hand even if this world, or the GOD is against us..

Riddhima : Budhu! I’ve to go to drink water!

Vansh : Ohh..Sure ma’am..here you go..(leaves her hand)

After deciding the wedding date, they leave the house. After two days, once again, Vansh and his family are invited to Riddhima’s house for the chunni ceremony. Uma brings a packet of red clothes,  a chunni and jewellery. Uma places the chunni on Riddhima’s head and gives her blessings and sweets. Vansh sits besides Riddhima.

Vansh : Kaha woh zimedariyon ki chunnat sir pe odhne wali hai, Kaha unn logon ne hmari shaadi hone wali hai…

Riddhima : Tum kya shayris likh kr roz yaad krte ho? (Do you write shayris and learn everyday)

Vansh : Ofcourse, Google baba zindaabad..

He giggles.

Uma : Vansh, go and bring the ring..

Vansh : Yess mom..

(Yes, the engagement ceremony is on the same day of chunni ceremony in some casts)

Vansh goes and brings the ring. They both exchange their rings. Everyone claps.

Riddhima (whispers in Vansh’s ears) : Rasta ho ek toh, manzil aaye na, rhein hum dono ikathe, koi sataawe naa..(If the path is one, and the destination doesn’t arrives, we both should live together and no one should trouble us)

Vansh : Waah! Still we aren’t married and I’ve left a great impact on you..

Riddhima smiles.

Sejal : From today, till the Haldi, you both will not meet each other..

Vansh : Whatt?

Sejal : Vansh beta, it’s the matter of only two days..

Vansh : TWO DAYS?

Sejal : Yaa..Are they less?

Vansh : NOOOO..

He makes a sad face, leaving everyone laugh.

The mehdni ceremony day :

In RS Mansion :

Some girls come to apply henna on Riddhima and her friends hands.

Girl : Whose name?

Riddhima : Vansh..*blushes*

The girl nods and writes Vansh. After some time, the dance floor gets occupied.

“Mera sajna mileya

Sajna milan vadhaiyan
Ni saajan doli leke aauna
Ni vehra sajeya

Mera sajna mileya
Sajna mileya
Sajna mileya haan

Din shagna da chadheyaa..”

After the mehndi ceremony gets over, they all move to their places.

In Riddhima’s room :

She picks up her phone and sees Vansh’s message.

“Ek ladki ke haathon pr jab mehndi rachaai jaati hai, toh bohot saare rishton ki ehemiyaat bataayi jaati hai” She futher messages him..”Accha ji?” He replies”Hanji, Vaise send me your mehndi’s pic, I want to find my name”


“Challenge accepted”

She sends him picture of her mehndi, he replies to it”It’s blur, not fair”

“Everything is fair in love and war, Vansh, now find out”

After 10 mins, “Here it is! In the center of your palm”

“Well done! I appericiate you..”

“My prize?”

“Bye..Mom is calling me”

“Not fair”

“See you..”

She goes. Vansh smiles at his house. On the sangeet day, both the famlies perform “Jaago” at their houses., and now it’s the time of “Ghadoli”

Riddhima : Bhai! I told you call Ishani bhabhi , now who’ll do my Ghadoli?

A girl comes to Riddhima and says,”ME”

Angre : Ishu!!

Ishani hugs Angre.

Riddhima : Thank you bhabhi for coming.

Ishani : Anything for you, Riddhu..

She holds ghada/matki/pot on her head and goes to the gurudwara/temple and fills it with water. Riddhima sits wearing tang top and jeans, Ishani splashes the water on Riddhima. The same custom is taken place at Vansh’s house. Next day is the wedding day..

Vansh’s house :

Uma ties mouli/dhaga on Vansh’s hands.

Ajay : And the Kanagana Bandhna ceremony finishes!

Riddhima’s house :

Sejal also ties mouli on Riddhima’s hands and blesses her. Riddhima’s mamu (mother’s brother) brings a set of 21 bangles and dips in the rose and milk water. Her mamu then puts on the bangles on her wrist. Immediately, he covers the bangles/choodha with a white cloth.

Riddhima : Why this mamu?

Her mamu : This is considered as bad luck, till you get ready fully, you can’t see it.

Riddhima nods.

Kalire are tied to her bangles which signifies well-being, happy life and fertitlity of the bride. Riddhima’s friend, Sakshi, comes and sits under her, Riddhima shakes the kalire on her. Her other friends congratulates Sakshi because she is gonna marry next. Then, Vansh’s family arrives at Riddhima’s house. Both of them sit together. Siya and Ishani bring a mix of rosewater, turmeric, sandalwood and mustard oil, which is applied on both of them’s hands and feet.

Vansh’s house :

Vansh, ready in sherwani, sits for the Sehra Bandhi..A sehra is put on his head covering his face. Then, he is made to sit on a horse and the baraat takes place with a great pomp and show. Riddhima’s family welcomes the baraat..One family member from each side comes from milni one by one..(Like Riddhima’s mamu and Vansh’s mamu)..Our bride and groom make each other wear Varnmala..Aryan keeps Riddhima’s hand on Vansh’s hand and bless the couple. Then, Angre ties both with a piece of cloth, Riddhima leads the first three rounds of pheras while Vansh leads the other four. After this, Vansh anoints vermillion in Riddhima’s hair partition. While this takes place, Riddhima’s cousin sisters and friends hide Vansh’s shoes and demand ransom from him. This ceremony is taken place with joy and happiness. They all arrive at the palace. After some dance and celebration, Riddhima bids bye to her family crying..She then sits in Vansh’s car and leaves for her new house.

VR Mansion :

Uma does Riddhima’s aarti and offers her water which Riddhima has to deny seven times, then she kicks the rice-filled kalash with her right foot and enters inside. The first night takes place.

Muh dikhai rasam :

On the next day, Riddhima, after taking the blessings of Uma and Ajay, seats in front of the family and the other guests with her veil covering her face. She is showered with jewellery, gifts and cash. One by one they all see her face, complimenting her beauty.

Reciption party :

In the night, a lavish party takes place when their friends are gathered to bless them.

Pag phera :

A day after the reception, Riddhima and Vansh arrive to her mayka for a dinner where Angre, Ishani, Aryan and Sejal feeds her food with their own hands.


That’s all for the punjabi style wedding..I hope it was enjoyable..Do vote and comment..Thanks…Well, I know @Attractiveuser has already written it but on Wattpad someone requested me this 3 weeks ago when I asked them..The draft was ready to be published yesterday but I had to postpone it as she/he published it earlier, so yaa, no bashing out! This is according to the ritual which is followed in our cast..I don’t know whether they differ or not…See you soon!

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