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This OS is on my imagination..Here, Vansh and Riddhima are married today, by Daadi’s wish, Riddhima, here is orphan..

Let’s begin :

Riddhima : Today is my wedding night but I know my groom is not coming, so I’m removing my jewels.

She removed her jewels and lied on a corner of the bed and drifted to the sleep. After some time, Vansh enters in the room.

Vansh : It’s good she slept, I didn’t wanted to hurt her..

He changed his clothes and slept on the either corner of the bed.

The next morning,

Riddhima wakes up and freshes.

Riddhima : Daadi told me today is my first rasoi..

She goes to the kitchen.

In the kitchen :

She starts cooking meethibhaat as Daadi told her to. While Ishani and Siya come there.

Ishani : Hi bhabhs..

Siya : How was your night?

Riddhima : Like theΒ  everyday nights, why?

Siya : Don’t joke please..

Riddhima : I’m not..

Ishani sees Vansh coming, she runs to him.

Vansh : What happened?

Ishani : Bhai, bhabhi’s saying nothing happened yesterday night?

Vansh : She’s right..

Ishani and Siya’s jaw drops.

Siya : Ishu, they’re in no mood to tell us, let’s go..

Riddhima starts cooking again. Days pass, they both were not even talking to each other properly, don’t know what was the reason but it was awkward, ofcourse..

One fine day :

Vansh is passing through the corridor while he hears two servants talking.

S1 : Don’t you feel like Riddhima Ma’am and Vansh sir are not in good terms..

S2: I feel like Riddhima ma’am is here for money..

These lines keep roaming is his mind.

Vansh : Is she really a gold digger? Money minded? I’ll have to confirm this but how?

He is sitting in his room thinking about this when she comes and breaks his thoughts.

Riddhima : Vansh ji..

Vansh : Hmm?

Riddhima : Can I go to buy some clothes for me?

Vansh (in his mind ) : Is she really aagyaakari or?

Riddhima : Vansh jii..

Vansh : You can go..

Riddhima : Thanks Vansh ji..

She is going when he stops her.

Vansh : Wait..

Riddhima : Ji?

Vansh : Take my card…

He gives his credit card to her.

Riddhima : What was the nee..

Vansh : Take this (stern)

Riddhima takes the card and goes to shop.

(By the way, this is their first conversation after two weeks of wedding )

Vansh : Today I’ll get to know that whether she is a gold digger or not..

After a while, Vansh is picking his phone to check how much she spent when Angre calls him.

Angre : Boss..that file is lost..

Vansh : What? You dammitt

He goes. Riddhima is back home.

In their room :

Riddhima retuns his card to him and thanks him.

Vansh : How much did you shop?

Riddhima : 250..

Vansh : What?

Riddhima : Ji Vansh ji

Vansh : Okk…Bring tea..

Riddhima : Ok Vansh ji..

She goes. Vansh checks his phone and finds she only spent Rs.250..Then, she goes to the shopping bag and takes out the bill..After reading the bill, he finds out Rs.1000 has been spent..

Vansh : Why didn’t she paid the whole amount with this?

She comes with the tea, he takes it.

Vansh : Why did you gave 750 Rs, from your pocket..

Riddhima : The card wasn’t working..

Vansh : But you bought the clothes from the same shop, didn’t you?

Riddhima : I did..v..o..ac..t…(Daadi calls her) Coming Daadi..

She goes.

Vansh : Why? Why didn’t she spend money from my card?

Days pass, he didn’t got the answer of his question, one day, in the midnight, he woke up and saw Riddhima studying, continuously for 3 days, he did the same and result was the same too..On the fourth day, he decided to ask her.

Vansh : What are you doing?

Riddhima panicks and closes her book.

Vansh : Show me..

Vansh takes the book, it was of MBA…

Riddhima : See Vansh ji, tomorrow is my exam but if you want me to stop my studies, I’ll do it pakka..

Her eyes get teary. Vansh pulls her to a hug to give warmth to her.

Vansh : No need to stop your studies, not only you’ll give the exam, you’ll top this year, I’ll coach you..

Riddhima : No Vansh ji, it’s o..

Vansh keeps his finger on her lips.

Vansh : No no no..is the only thing I’m listening, now you go and bring two cups of black coffee, I’ll teach you..

Riddhima : Eww…black coffee..cheee..

Vansh : Three cups, 2 for you, one for me..

Riddhima : Hain?

Vansh : Fo..

Riddhima : Three cups would go..

She runs to the kitchen, while Vansh smiles. After bringing the black coffee, she prepares for her exam.

Result day :

Both Riddhima and Vansh reached the college to see the result. On the board, Riddhima started to search her name from last and when she found her name and checked the rank, she exclaimed with joy and ran to Vansh.

Vansh : What happened?

Riddhima : First..

She hugged him tightly and thanked him, while he cupped her face. They went home and distributed sweets, Riddhima takes blessings of Daadi while Siya and Ishani congratulate her.

In the night :

Vansh is sitting on the bed while Riddhima comes. He makes an annoying face.

Riddhima : What happened Vansh ji?

Vansh : I’m angry on you..

Riddhima : Haww..Why? (goes and sits beside him)

Vansh : You distributed sweets to Daadi, Ishani and Siya, but what about me?

Riddhima : You want sweets? Wait..

She is going when he pulls her to his chest.

Riddhima : Whha…at?

He stares at her lips intensly, while she gulps.

Vansh : Lemme take my sweet (husky tone)

Riddhima : V..ans..h ji..

Before she could complete, he sealed his lips with hers, she reciprocated and they kissed each other passionately.


Hope you liked this OS, actually, the reason of posting it from Wattpad to here is, today I can’t give you update of ffs, as I’m quite busy today, and this OS really received a great response there,let’s see what’s gonna happen here, till then take care & stay safe..Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll post all my ffs at time intervals, so be ready..

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