Code Red 7th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Code Red 7th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

September 2012, Pune
A man comes across a kid playing in the desolated street and picks him up.

Kabir overhears news headlines. Another kid was murdered in Pune in a similar manner. This is the 40th time when a kid’s head has been mutilated. The dead body was thrown in a dustbin thereafter. Kabir reads all the news articles in reference to the news.

Samarth Police Station (Pune):
Kabir comes to meet Inspector Kamble regarding the kidnapping and killing of these kids. Kamble tells him that the kid is kidnapped first and then he / she is mercilessly killed. You might not know but the public is really scared, what if their son gets kidnapped. Plus it is not just limited to kidnapping. The kidnapper is a brute. I too have a daughter. I call my wife 4 times in a day to check on my daughter Meenu. Public will be anyways scared. Inspector had come across one witness and hands over a sketch to Kabir. Kabir still cannot understand why this man (in the sketch) kills little kids. Any motive? Kamble replies that there can be no motive for psychopathy. Kabir keeps the photo with himself. This man kills the kids immediately after kidnapping them? Inspector Kamble denies. he picks up the kid from one city and the dead body is found after 4-5 days in another city. We have arrested a lot many lookalikes but we still have not found the real culprit.

A man walks towards a little kid.

Kabir meets another fellow Journalist named Manu. He notices the billboard where the pictures of other missing kids are put up. Manu explains that some kids are very poor while some are really rich. They were picked up from different locations and have been taken away so the kidnapper can kill them. They are all under 5 years of age. Some are so small that they cannot even speak. Kabir is in tears and distressed too. who can kill these small kids? Manu gives him the addresses of all the people whose kids are missing.

Prakash Kambli (Pimpri, Pune):
Prakash and his wife are in tears while they tell Kabir about that unfateful day when they lost their son. on Ganpati Visarjan day, we had just got down the car for 3-4 minutes but my son was gone by then. the door of the car was open. My son was nowhere to be seen. His wife adds that they looked everywhere for Ajinka (her son) but couldn’t find him. She breaks down. Prakash says police got my son’s dead body after 10 days. What was police doing till then? they could have saved my son. Ajinka’s parents cry.

Rajesh Sawant’s house (Kothrud Bagh, Pune):
Rajesh’s wife tells Kabir that she too has lost her 4 year old son. I don’t trust police but I wont spare the kidnapper if I find him. Rajesh tells Kabir to spare them.

Police Station (Kejri, Pune):
Kabir is talking to the Police Inspector when a couple comes running inside. Their one son had disappeared some time back. We only found his dead body 5 days later. Today my daughter has gone missing. Kabir is shocked. Please tell us everything in detail. The lady (Geeta) explains that after losing her son she always used to keep her daughter in front of her eyes. I never let her go anywhere alone.

Flashback shows where her daughter (Gauri) is playing with her doll as she wears her mother’s slippers. She wants to go to school again but her mother told her against it. One evening, two ladies come to Geeta’s house and lie to her that her husband has met with an accident. Geeta immediately runs out of the house, leaving Gauri behind. She meets her husband on her way. They realise that Gauri is alone at home and look for her in the home and nearby but in vain.

Present: Geeta blames herself for it. Her husband calms her. next he gives Gauri’s photo to police inspector (Patil). Kabir looks at Gauri’s photo. It was not any man with a beard this time. They spoke about two women. Inspector thinks maybe those women are that couple’s neighbours. This has no connection with psychopath killing. We have to find out about those women now!

Kabir wants to meet all the witnesses of this particular case. Manu agrees to arrange is for him. Kabir wonders about those women who had picked up Rani.

Sakhi (host) says this case is a weird riddle. Kabir assures her that he wont let anything happen to Gauri. I will look at all the broken links that I have so far in this case. Maybe something can provide any sort of hint. Sakshi talks about the kidnappers, two women and a man with a beard. These are your clues. Gauri has very little time. You have to be really quick.

Manu gives the names and contact details of 2 people to Kabir.

Moregaon Chowk (Kejri, Pune):
Kabir meets the first witness – Balu Kadam (auto rickshaw driver). Kabir asks him a few details about the kidnapper (beard man). Balu says the guy’s appearance was good. He was even talking about getting chocolate for the kid when he was crying. I thought that it will be his son only. I heard a woman shouting for her kid. I went to her and understood the whole thing. That beard man was the kidnapper / thief. I went to the police station to help them make a sketch of that man. Kabir thanks him and leaves to meet the other witness.

Sumitrabai Shinde is comforting a little girl. she is my granddaughter. Kabir asks her about the kidnapper. Sumitrabai says I was buying vegetables in the market and I saw it with my own eyes, though I had no idea who he was back then. Kabir feels that she could have shouted or alerted people somehow. She denies. he was talking about buying a doll for the girl so I thought that he must be some relative. He repeats the auto rickshaw’s lines in the end and she affirms. That guy’s eyes were quite red. Kabir gets up to go when he notices a photo on the wall. He asks about the two girls standing on both the sides of Sumitrabai. She tells him that they are her daughters.

Geeta’s house:
Kabir asks her if she knows Sumirtabai Shinde. She denies. Geeta’s husband is curious. Do you have a doubt that she has kidnapped our daughter? Kabir says maybe, but how do you know her. please don’t hide anything from me as any small info can help us in reaching Gauri. Geeta’s husband agrees to tell him everything. I dint even tell anything to Geeta till date but I cant be quiet anymore or I will lose my daughter. I had married Sumitra Shinde 20 years ago. We have two daughters – Asha and Usha. My situation was not that good back then.

July 1998 (Solapur, Maharashtra):
Sumitra is irked with her husband as he is not able to find a way to earn money, even if that means selling vegetables. We have to raise two daughters. I wont earn money and feed you. Someone knocks at their door. A constable comes to ask for Sumitra. Sumitra is running on the street. Constable tells him that Sumitra steals. Send her to police station once she is back. Sumitra’s husband tries to explain it to Sumitra that she is wrong and should stop stealing. We have two daughters. Plus neighbours see police coming here every day. She refuses to give up stealing. He threatens to leave her but instead she only kicks him out of the house. Neighbours look on as she insults him and even hits him with a stick. She refuses to let him take Asha or Usha with him.

Present: Geeta’s husband says, I came to Pune then. I worked hard and made a house for myself. I met Geeta 10 years ago and we got married. We were very happy together. he apologizes to his wife for not sharing his past with her. He asks Kabir as to why is he asking him about Sumitra.

Kabir tells Inspector Patil that he is sure Sumitrabai Shinde has kidnapped Gauri. Please interrogate her on my request. Inspector tells the constable (Sanjay) to bring Sumitra here. Kabir suggest Inspector to talk to all the other witnesses again. The story about the beard man is not so convincing. Patil agrees. Kabir reads the names of the witnesses and is in thoughts – Sumitrabai Shinde, Usha Shinde, Balu Kadam, Asha Kadam. He recalls seeing that photo on Sumitra’s house and also meeting Balu. He tells Inspector that he feels all four witnesses are related. Inspector notices the coincidence too. all three are fooling us. Kabir deduces that these 4 people are the kidnappers only and they give different statement at different places. Constable returns and tells his senior that Sumitra’s house is locked. Sumitra has left the house with her daughters, Gauri and that other girl she was comforting earlier. Kabir tells Inspector to get hold of Balu Kadam somehow or it will be difficult for them to trace Gauri.

Police nabs Balu in time. They beat him and he agrees to tell them everything. My MIL and her both daughters are beasts. Flashback shows Usha trying to steal a purse in a moving bus one day. Some people notice her and shout but Asha helps her in the process by dropping a baby girl on the bus floor. People’s attention gets diverted and Usha manages to steal and get off from the bus. Sumitra realises that they must have a kid with them while stealing. Baby saves a woman. In case of getting caught put the whole attention on the baby. Public’s mind will be diverted and you can be successful in stealing things then. Asha talks to a woman while Usha picks up her son and goes away without the woman noticing it. The lady asks passerbys if they have seen her son. Sumita comes there and creates the myth of the beard man. She in fact goes to register a complaint in the police station with that woman. Balu says this is how we created the beard man to divert police. We used to steal kids first and then steal purses. USha gets caught again so Asha literally drops the boy she is holding. Blood comes out of his head and she shouts for help. Meanwhile Usha disappears.

Usha is not able to sleep at night as the kid cries. She wakes Asha and they both ask their mom what to do. Sumitra tells them to kill the kid. Asha brings a stone and kills the baby. Balu says both the sisters smash the head of the babies once their work is done. But I swear I haven’t killed even one kid. Inspector is not ready to let him go. Inspector asks about Gauri. Balu tells him that his MIL wanted to take revenge from Parab. Sumitra tells her girls to get Parab’s both kids one by one so she can be at peace. My wife Asha kidnapped Parab’s son then. She used him one or two times too but then stoned him to death. We picked up Gauri a few days later.

Flashback shows the same night when Asha and Usha had gone to Parab’s house to lie to Geeta about Parab’s incident. They took Gauri with them as soon as Geeta left, on the pretext that they will take her to her mom. Your mom is in hospital. Kabir is tensed. Gauri cries holding her doll. She wants to go to her mom but Sumitra and Usha just push her away. Asha goes to hit Gauri with the stone too but Sumitra stops her. I will kill her so her parents yearn for her. that is when I will be able to sleep in peace. Kabir says this means Gauri was at home only when he had gone to meet Sumitrabai. Balu nods. I too was inside.

Flashback: Sumitra closes the door as soon as Kabir leaves from her house. She tells everyone to pack their bags. We have to go to Amravati asap as Kabir felt something fishy. We have to get out of here before someone finds us. Balu goes to give rickshaw to someone so that guy can keep it on rent.

Present: I too was going to run away with them but I had no trust on my MIL. She could throw me out anytime. I used to hide some of the stolen stuff in my rickshaw. I had gone to get that only and got caught. Balu agrees to become a (legal) witness against them. My MIL has gone to Amravati. I will give you her address. Kabir doesn’t want anything to happen to Gauri. We have to save her. Inspector agrees.

Amravati, Maharashtra:
Asha is unable to reach Balu. Sumitra wonders whether Balu was nabbed. Kabir might have done something. I don’t have trust on him. Let us go to Solapur. Usha is irked but Sumitra insists that her sixth sense is telling her that something is wrong for sure. Usha asks her about Gauri. Should I end her story here only? Sumitra shakes her head. police will understand everything if they find her dead body here. We will take care of her in Solapur. They all pick up their bags and go out.

Police finds the doors of Sumitra’s house locked. They enquire the neighbours about Sumitra and whether some kids were with her. the lady agrees.

Gauri cries in the bus for her mother. Sumitra tries to lure her with chocolate. A man notices them and is curious. Police stops the bus and arrest all three of them.

Geeta and Parab are relieved to have their daughter back. They thank the inspector and then Kabir for their help. Inspector thanks another inspector and Kabir for their help.

Kabir writes, 3 women kill kids, 40 kids one by one! A woman is a mother too. how can she kill someone with a stone so brutally? I have no answer for it. neither of the 3 ladies have any sort of mental illness. They have no regret of what they have done. They have been sentenced to death, which was anyways bound to happen. But Sumitrabai died in between only. Both the sisters gave a mercy petition but it was rejected. This is the first crime in the Indian history where women will be given death penalty (gibbet). I still have many questions in my mind which have no answers. Did their hands not shake when they were killing the kids so ruthlessly? I have no answer. My heart bleeds whenever I see the pics of those innocent little ones. What was their fault? This is the first time when I have the whole story but no answer for any of my questions.

Sakshi remarks that it is very shameful that such heinous crimes happen in their cities today as well. If we stay alert and raise our voice then we can stop such incidents from taking place. The kids can be anyone’s but responsibility is for each one of us. If you too notice something like this then don’t be quiet, raise your voice. Contact the below mentioned helpline numbers. Maybe your one voice can save someone’s life.

Child Lind – 1098

Update Credit to: Pooja

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