Code Red 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Code Red 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bellari, Bihar, 2014:
A guy chants Hanuman Chalisa while crossing by some lane. The chain of his bicycle comes off. He is forced to get down his bicycle to set it right. A lady requests him to open the door to let her out of the house. I and my son are waiting for my husband. The guy walks away with his bicycle hastily. The lady bangs on the door. my son and I are waiting for my husband. Open the door. We wont go back from here. There is a pious thread tied on the lock outside.

Villagers have witnessed the same incident sometime or the other. A spirit lives in that house!

We all grow up listening to the stories about ghosts / spirits. It is said that some people / spirits are not at peace till the time they share what’s in their heart that went with them to the grave. Their talash of questions continue. It is up to us whether to believe them or not and we cannot even negate them completely. Why no one was able to hear that woman? Why was she crying?

Ravi’s House, Year 1996:
A lady (Sugandha) comes out after taking bath. Her husband (Ravi) compliments her on her beauty. She is pregnant. She always is concerned for him as his life is always in danger. He assures her that nothing can go wrong with him as he is with her. the couple is really excited about the baby. His father has broken ties with him as he married Sugandha with her wish. She is sure his parents will be the first one to help them if they need some help some day. Whatever you are is because of them only.

Ravi’s friend (Dharam) comes to remind him that they have to leave in half an hour.

Ravi packs his bags and wears his uniform. Sugandha goes to see him off. Ravi’s mother stands at a distance. Ravi goes to meet her. They are unable to talk though as the bus is here. He looks out of the window towards Sugandha when the bus moves. She is in tears.

Few weeks later:
Sugandha is heading home carrying heavy grocery bags. A lady comes to help her. You should not carry this much weight in this condition. Why don’t you go to live with your in-laws? Postman brings a letter for Sugandha. She sits down to read the letter when he is gone. Ravi has written how people call him lucky because he has Sugandha. Your photo gives warmth to my heart. I know you miss me a lot. I will be back soon. Waiting for your reply. She feels better after reading the letter.

Army Barracks, Naxalite Area, Guwahati:
Ravi receives Sugandha’s letter. She is concerned about his health. You should take care of yourself and eat properly. My photo wont save you from the cold. My due date is near. I don’t know what I will do without you. I miss you a lot. He looks at her pic later on. Dharam tells him to stops staring at the photo. Ravi feels bad for her. she is all alone there. Dharam tells him to smile as that is what Bhabhi wants. Siren blows so they all get ready for a fight with the naxalites.

On the other hand, Sugandha water broke. Sugandha is crying badly as she is in very much pain. Ravi gets hurt in the leg by a bullet. Dharam is about to call for help when a grenade is dropped near them. There is a bomb blast. Sugandha is shown lying on the floor of her house and is not moving at all.

Army Hospital:
Ravi and Dharam are safe. Ravi is getting a medal for his bravery. He has to stay back in the hospital because of his injury. Dharam is going home. I am going to the village. I will visit Bhabhi. Ravi gives him a toy that he had bought for his baby. Give it to your bhabhi from my side. it will be my first gift to my son from me. Dharam leaves.

Sugandha and Ravi used to love each other a lot. She used to wait for him while he was away from home for months. Ravi was aware of how lonely she was in his absence. He had no idea that his love will become helpless in front of Sugandha, that too when she was pregnant with his child. A woman needs her husband the most in this situation. Ravi was helpless. Circumstances had distanced him from his family.

Dharam comes to Ravi’s house. He gets to know from a neighbour that Sugandha is dead.

Ravi receives a letter from Sugandha. She tells him to get well soon. My son and I are waiting for you anxiously. Dharam Bhaiya had come and gifted me that rattle. I know you are very eager to meet your son. He is just like you. Come soon!

Few months later:
Ravi returns to his village. He finds the village all dirty and too quiet. He comes to his house. Sugandha is putting their baby to sleep. They share a hug. At night, Ravi is curious about the people of the village. Where are they? She says there was an epidemic. Many people died. The rest were scared and went to the other side of the river. I was waiting for you so I could not go anywhere. He is worried for his family but she assures him that they are fine. He finds this silence very weird. His parents too have shifted. He too wants to go to the other side. She denies. All our memories are associated with this house. We have built it together. Why should we worry who lives where? We are happy together. Our house is where you and our son are! He nods.

Next day, Ravi goes to the other side. he comes to buy bangles. She asks him if he is still living on the opposite side. He replies that his wife insists upon living there. I am taking these bangles for her only. She is taken aback but another lady stops her from saying anything.

Sugandha is upset with Ravi for going out of the house. I get impatient when I don’t find you near me. he had gone to bring veggies but she shows him the veggies that she had brought in the morning itself. You should rest at home. She is overwhelmed to see the bangles. He asks for a baby girl now but she tells him to not think of anything for a month or two atleast.

Ravi relates the incident to Sugandha. She replies that everyone is jealous of them. Let them do what they are doing. Please leave your job and live with me forever. We will think of something together. He asks her if she will love him like this for life. She nods, even after I die!

Their love was what made Ravi ignore everyone’s warning. He was unaware of the truth and believed what he could see with his own eyes. The very same eyes were pointing out at the silence in the village. Ravi had many questions but he ignored them all as Sugandha was with him. the truth was in front of him. He just had to cross check it.

Ravi is playing with Raju. I will make you join army too. His mother watches him thus from a distance and then goes away. Ravi notices her. He puts the baby in the makeshift swing and goes after his mother. She calls him mad. He reasons that he cannot force Sugandha to shift to some other place when she doesn’t want to. His mother is shocked. She is a spirit. Ravi tells her not to talk rubbish. Did you come to help her when she was alone here? You dint even come to see your grandson once. Your so called spirit is my life. You don’t care about anything. I don’t want to talk to you. She is boggled.

Ravi notices Dharam. Dharam tries to escape but Ravi catches up with him. Dharam tells him what people have been saying. The one you are living with is not a human being but a ghost. Ravi laughs it off. She is a ghost and I am mad. Have you lost your mind? You only gave that rattle to your bhabhi. Dharam denies. everyone know that bhabhi died during childbirth. This is the reason why everyone shifted to the other side of the river. Ravi talks about the epidemic but Dharam stays put. There was no epidemic. Its all a lie. Ravi supports Sugandha. A few women are jealous of him. they have plotted all this story. Did you see Sugandha dying on your own? Come to my home with me, eat the food cooked by her and then you will believe me.

Dharam follows Ravi hesitantly till his house. Dharam finds Ravi talking to a not visible Sugandha and playing with his imaginary non-existent son. He runs away from there in fear. Sugandha looks at him pointedly.

Sugandha had created such a world for herself where she dint want anyone to interfere. For Ravi, it was more like a web in which he was getting entangled. It was clear that Sugandha could go to any extent to be with her husband.

Dharma is found dead next day. Ravi is stunned to see his head amongst pebbles. His mother tells him to go away from the house. Dharam was warning you about the same. don’t you understand? Ravi walks away from there all scared.

At night, Sugandha gets up and goes outside. Ravi follows her. He peeks out of the curtain and notices Sugandha’s hairs moving on their own. He pees in his pajamas as he is scared after realising that she has indeed become a witch.

Next morning, Sugandha brings tea for him. She doesn’t want him to go out to even check if there is some message for him from the army barracks. She lies that she already had a word with the postman. He tries to take their son to the market but she denies. he is too small. She takes their son with her. He manages to get out of the house somehow.

He breaks down thinking about the loss of his wife. She used to love us all so much. His mother doesn’t know much about Sugandha but is sure it must be true if he is saying so. But it is true that she is a ghost and doesn’t want to leave you. She will follow you everywhere. They meet a Baba next. He tells them that Sugandha had a very painful death. You were not with her at that time. She loved you the most. This is why she waited for your return and is not ready to leave your side now. There is only one way to be free from her. We have to house arrest her.

There is a knock at the door at night. Ravi’s mother asks him to come out as his father is not well. Ravi tells Sugandha that no one came to help her when she needed them. why should I go with her now? I will just send her back. Sugandha tells him to let it be. His mother knocks again. Sugandha still holds him. he wants to end the matter once and for all so she lets go of him. They lock the door from the outside as soon as Ravi is out. The Baba ties a holy thread on the other door too. he chants some mantras along. Sugandha realises what is happening. She requests her husband to come inside. You know how much I love you. you are my everything. You love me so much. I am your life. Please come to me. Ravi gets swayed but his mother stops him. Think how Dharam died. Sugandha admits that she did it all for herself. She cries for him. he too is in too much stress. Ravi puts the nail in the door. Sugandha feels it all. You wont let me meet my husband? I am no witch. Let me come out. open the door.

Sugandha lost her life when she was without Ravi and there was no one else to support her as well. Her hope to live with him was incomplete. She wanted to fulfil the same wish after her death maybe. Maybe she was right. She was not a witch but DHaram’s death was a proof that she had become selfish for Ravi. She started hating all those things, all those people who could take Ravi away from her. She is still caught in that house while the other side of the village is empty.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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