Code Red 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Code Red 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kolkata, West Bengal, 2005:
Durga Bari:
A kid (Adi) comes to his parent’s room holding an axe in his hand. his parents get curious. He kills both of them with the axe.

The house was empty since last 4-5 years. A family came here afterwards and they all died. All the families that came to live there afterwards died eventually. Since then it is empty. No one stays there anymore. A kid used to come to Durga Bari to play when he was a kid. Something happened there on the day of Durga Puja. His parents forbade him to go there from then on. They said that it is a haunted place.

There is a story behind every house. It is never registered in history or in the stones or anything as it is a lifeless spirit. At times the pain, the laughter of that spirit adds life to that house. The story of Durga Bari is similar. It used to be a happy home sometime but now it is barren. A lot many dangerous incidents have happened here because of which the place is called haunted. Many families died here. What’s that pain that still echoes in the walls of this house?

Alipur Kolkata, 2014:
Agarwal Family’s House:
A surprise birthday party is thrown for Pooja by her family. They are one big happy family.

Next day (Sunday), Pooja’s husband (Rajesh) shares that he is going to be a father. Pooja’s FIL says we have been postponing this matter for long but we need a bigger house.

Pooja’s family was not different. Some families (bond) always make people wonder how they can be so happy. It was going to be a new start for Pooja. A new house, a new member of the house. A little happiness, a little fear and very anxious!

Durga Bari:
Pooja’s family (FIL basically) has bought this house. She reasons that Chintu’s (her nephew) is really far from this place. She likes her old house in Alipur more. Pooja’s dog (Fluffy) is scared to go inside. Fluffy runs away. Pooja follows it inside the house (upstairs). She notices something written in Bengali on the floor in the dust. Chintu reads it for her. It says, go back! Bengali is my third language so I know it. She wonders who would have written it. Rajesh feels that it might be those druggists who stay here as the place is empty. They might want to scare us away. he sends Chintu downstairs. The house is all covered in cobwebs; with pigeons coming out of any corner of the house anytime. Pooja asks him if he is sure he wants to live here.

Rajesh back hugs her when she is drying clothes. He tries to romance with her when his mom comes there with a maid. She used to work here earlier as well. Pooja’s MIL tells Pooja to talk to her and see if they should give her work. Rajesh leaves. Her MIL too goes to do puja. Pooja’s feels a little back pain, closes her eyes and twists her head a little. She addresses the maid as Mashi. Even her eye colour is different. She talks to the maid in Bengali. Maid recognizes it to be the old owner of the house. Rajesh has overheard her and is shocked. She again touches her neck and is back to normal. He asks her how she could talk in Bengali. I have never heard her say so. You were talking to her as if you know her since ages. Pooja denies doing anything like that. She in turn tells him not to drink in the morning. Rajesh’s mom is upset with him now as he drinks. Pooja goes downstairs with Rajesh following her. The maid looks at them tensed.

Fluffy wakes up at night. Pooja too wakes up and starts looking around for Fluffy. She hears someone singing in Bengali. She walks towards the room from where the noise is coming. Suddenly her FIL comes out of his room. She asks him about the noise but he has not heard anything. You might have heard a radio. Sleep now as it is quite late. She turns to go but touches her neck again. Her eye colour is different again. She starts talking in Bengali once again. She takes out her hair pin next.

Next morning, Rajesh wakes up after hearing a commotion. Pooja too wakes up and finds him gone. He comes back and tells her not to go outside. Someone has killed Fluffy. He stops her from going outside. Her BIL (Prem) comes and tells them that they have found a big hair pin. It is just like the one you wear. Where is your pin? She has no idea. Her FIL recalls that she had come upstairs yester night. Fluffy was with you. What happened then? Rajesh notices some marks on her hand. What are you trying to hide? She gets angry. Will I kill Fluffy? She goes inside the washroom.

Everyone is having dinner. Pooja serves fish to her FIL. They are upset. We are pure vegetarians. She says there is nothing to shout. It wont be a problem if you eat it once. She insists that everyone will have to eat it as she has made it. Rajesh tries to take her inside when she holds / twists his hand. He screams out in pain. She walks away all dazed.

Rajesh sits outside his room on a chair holding his hand. Pooja picks up a lantern and a big kerosene bottle. She comes out singing a Bengali song. Rajesh follows her. She throws kerosene oil at her in-laws’ room. He runs in time and holds her tight. The spirit revolts a lot. He manages to lock her in a room somehow. The family members are shocked.

Agarwal family could not understand what happened to their favourite DIL. They couldn’t understand whether to be sympathetic to her or be miffed with her. she tried to kill someone today. rajesh was scared of his wife. He was more scared about what his elders would decide regarding his love. who had the answer of this secret after all?

Next morning, Rajesh wakes up. Everyone is standing / sitting there only. She tells him that it is Aditi. You dint do the right thing by coming here. She is back once again. Pooja knocks at the door asking them in Bengali to open the door. Rajesh asks about Aditi. Maid says Aditi Banerjee was the daughter of S.N. Banerjee. This Haveli belongs to them. Her father used to stay out of India for work. One day, he returned home and asked his wife for divorce. He had fallen in love with someone in America. He wanted to marry her. He wanted to give this Haveli to his wife and daughter.

12 years ago (October 2002):
Aditi requests her Baba not to go but he is all quiet. She deduces that she and her mother mean nothing to him anymore. You can go! She breaks down later on. She starts throwing her stuff around angrily in her room as she cries her heart out. Her mother passes away after a year’s time. Aditi was all alone in this big Haveli. Her world came apart in a few months time. She only wanted a family. destiny took away her father from her and then life took her mother away from her. she was completely alone. She only had this house and her memories that she could call her own. Her life was going to change completely one day.

A guy’s car stops before Durga Bari. He requests her to let him come in as his car broke down. My kids are in the car. She allows them inside. The guy apologizes to her for disturbing them so late. She helps the kids in drying their heads; makes food for them; enjoys putting them to bed; chats with the guy later and falls asleep. He covers her with a shawl. Next day, she is singing the same song for them. the guy returns there with his car and joins them for food. He had gone to meet some people at Diamond Harbour. He is looking for a house for rent. She too has been thinking of having some tenants here. He shares that his wife is dead. The guy shifts here with his kids. She starts spending more time with them and enjoys it. She loves singing and does it ever so often. The guy keeps a sindoor box and a ring before her one day. She is touched. She puts the vermilion in her head. she later thanks him for giving him a family. I was yearning for one. We can stay in one room but family is what matters the most. He teases her saying that he needs the Haveli. I cannot manage in one room. She too teases him back.

At the day of Durga Puja, Aditi gets ready the traditional way. She is passing by a room when she overhears a lady talking to the guy (her so called husband). She complains to him for staying here with another woman. We had decided that you will make her sign on the property papers and throw her out of the house. Have you fallen for her? He (Uday) denies. Let’s do it after the puja. Aditi walks inside. She confronts Uday. He accepts that he had lied to her. The husband and wife close the room and all the windows. I married you only for this house. She makes it clear to him that she wont go away from her house. It is mine. He hurts her on the neck, forcing her to sign on the papers. She tries to run out but he catches hold of her. he suffocates her to death while she pleads him to leave her.

Present: Mashi relates that Aditi’s spirit got inside one of Uday’s kids and took her revenge. Everyone died. Since then, Durga Bari is a prohibited place. Why do you want to stay here? Rajesh wonders what they can do to save Puja now. Rajesh’s SIL’s friend’s mother knows how to connect with the spirits. Maybe she will be able to help us. They all agree. Pooja continues to bang on the door.

The lady touches the walls of the house. She can see everything that had happened with Aditi here. Pooja is on a chair in front of her in an unconscious state. The lady is praying with her beads. Aditi enters inside Pooja once again. The lady writes something on the paper while Pooja stares at her pointedly. The lady passes out eventually and so does Pooja.

Rajesh asks that lady how she wrote all this if she doesn’t know Bengali. The lady says the spirit made me write it. Chintu explains what has been written. I want Baba. I wont stay here alone. No one else will stay here. Rajesh decides to call S.N. Banerjee.

Love unites but when it is broken then it destroys everything. Aditi was only in need of a family. That drove her to madness. She ruined everything / everyone because of the very same reason.

Aditi’s spirit questions her father. I only asked for a family from you but you couldn’t do it. why did you bring me to this world if you couldn’t give me a family? my mom died because of you. they killed me also. It is all because of you. you only said that this Haveli is mine. Whatever / whoever is here, are mine now. I wont let anyone go away from here! Mr. Banerjee reasons that Pooja and her to-be baby are not at fault. Leave this family. Aditi stays put. Did you stop when I had requested you not to go? Did you listen to me / felt pity for me? now these people are my family. They all will stay here with me. they too will die every second the way I am dying. No one will go! Her dad requests her not to punish this family for his mistake. I am back now. I will live with you. I wont go anywhere leaving you. I will stay with you till I am alive. Please let them go. Pooja gets unconscious.

Mr. Banerjee stayed there like a living dead with his daughter’s spirit. But Aditi’s Talash is still incomplete. Her talash will keep her locked in the very same place for many more years to come. The talash for a family, for love!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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