Code Red 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Code Red 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

That husband who had promised to be with me for the next 7 births but he doesn’t want to see me alive even for 7 days! Neither my parents nor my in-laws believe me. They only see the good qualities of my husband. What’s the meaning of living such a life? It is better to commit suicide rather than dying every day. Tell me what should I do? I have no other option but to die!

A lady looks at herself in the mirror. With tearful eyes, she puts vermilion in her forehead. She has put a red dupatta over her head and looks at her family photos. She slits her wrist using a blade.

September 2014, Mumbai:
It is 2 am. Prashant Bhaskar still has a plaster in his leg. The landline (Life 24×7) rings. Prashant picks the call and gets up to go to Nyasa Hospital regarding a case. Ashima suggests him to rest and leaves for the hospital.

Nyasa Hospital (Worli, Mumbai):
Ashima meets Dr. Sachdeva. He tells her that she came a little late. The family members took their DIL and left. Husband came and took her. trust me, her condition is very serious. Her vein got seriously damaged. Ashima asks him if he can share the contact number of any family member of that lady.

Ashima calls Ashok. He lies to her that his wife met with a small accident at home. She is completely fine now. She is sleeping right now. Don’t call me again.

Ashok Sharma, Orbit Society, Worli (Mumbai):
Ashima rings the doorbell. The lady from the opposite house tells her that no one is at home. The whole family left for someplace in the morning itself. Ashima gives her her card. Give it to Ashok’s wife. It is very important for me to meet her. The lady agrees. She finds a guy keeping newspapers in Ashok’s grill. She gives him her visiting cards too. please add one with the paper every day and give one to Ashok’s wife if you see her. The guy agrees.

A few days later:
Ashima gets a call from Sarika (Ashok’s wife). I really need your help. I cannot talk to you on phone or they (her family) will tap her phone. Ashima invites her to her office in the afternoon. Sarika agrees to reach there at 3:30 pm. I can only meet you for an hour or else it will be a big problem for me. She ends the call hastily.

Sarika comes to meet Ashima. Sarika panics seeing Prashant. I will only talk to you. I cannot talk to anyone else. Ashima assures her that Bhaskar Sir will help her better. Prashant too tells her not to be worried. Trust us and tell us everything. Sarika laughs hearing the word trust. If Ashok finds me here then you have no idea what he will do with me! Ashima suggests taking police’s help if the matter is so serious. Sarika denies. My parents wont like it. My wedding was the most important thing for them.

Flashback (A few years back): Sarika returns home excitedly holding the prize trophy for singing competition. Her mother is impressed. I will show all your trophies to your would be MIL. Sarika is a little sad. Why is there no other topic in this house other than my wedding? Why don’t you ever talk about my trophies? Her mother says you have grown up now. any other girl would have acted all shy while you get sad. Sarika feels she is not like any other girl. please don’t think about my wedding for the time being. I want to pursue higher studies and become something.

Who listens to what a girl wants in our society? My parents fixed my alliance even though I said no. I got married to Ashok. I was not ready at all for whatever happened after my wedding. Ashok was not happy with her wearing jeans. She tries to request her MIL and her husband but they were completely against it. Once, Sarika has to cancel her dinner plan with her friends so she can give company to her MIL at home. Sarika asks for one day out but Ashok calls her selfish instead. Sarika receives a call from her mother. She had received a call from Ashok so she scolds Sarika for not being responsible. Focus at your home and your husband.

Present: Sarika says, I dint give any chance to anyone to complaint after that day. I dint want to kill myself but what else could I do? No one was even ready to listen to me. I was dying from inside. One day I found out something that shook me completely. Sarika suddenly notices the time. I have 7 missed calls from Ashok. I should rush to home. You cannot imagine what Ashok can do with me if I don’t reach home asap. I will call you later. She rushes out.

Prashant finds this case very different and tricky. Sarika is asking for our help but is unable to tell us the entire story. We will have to see the complete picture. We will have to meet her family members and friends. Contact her college friends.

Ashima meets Sarika’s friend, Akanksha. How was she in her college days? Akanksha tells her that Sarika was the life of their group. She used to add colours to everything. We were all surprised when she got married. She stopped meeting us altogether. I met her only once in a mall by chance. Ashima asks her if Sarika had shared something with her that day. Akanksha could sense it that Sarika was worried over something. I tried to ask her but she dint reply. I knew it then that there was some problem in her married life. I am shocked to know that she tried to kill herself.

Ashima asks Sarika to meet her in her office.

Sarika tells them beforehand that she has very less time in her hand today. I have told my MIL that I am going to temple. If anyone finds me here then it will be a problem. Prashant asks her about her wound. Ashok told us that you fell on glass. Sarika says he will anyways lie. I have tried to kill myself multiple times in the past one year. Ashok and his mother has always hidden this fact as their truth would have come out in the open then. Prashant asks her about it.

Flashback: Ashok is dancing with a girl (in short dress) in some party while Sarika (wearing a suit) stands in a corner and cries. She wakes up one night and finds Ashok messaging someone. She checks his phone one day and is heartbroken to see the messages. Thank God I met you. You have made my life beautiful. I never knew that I can be so lucky. What’s the plan for today?

Sarika’s MIL is talking to someone. When she ends the call, Sarika confirms it with her that this is the same girl whom Ashok had met in that function. Has Ashok fallen for her? You are inviting that girl over for dinner instead of stopping your son? Do you hate me this much?

Sarika’s mother comforts her. Ashok tells Sarika and her parents that she has no affair with anyone. Sarika insists that he is having an affair and his mom is also very happy about it. He doesn’t like her way of talking to his mother and tells her thus. Sarika’s parents apologize to her in-laws on behalf of Sarika.

Present: Sarika says I realised it that day that how lonely I am in this big world. Everyone wanted it that Ashok doesn’t leave me. no one thought about it if I wanted to be with him or not! Everyone almost forgot about his affair. It dint matter if I trust him or not. I thought to change my outlook towards life to make things better.

Flashback: Ashok’s mother tells Sarika to get ready for some puja. Relation between a husband and a wife becomes stronger when a kid is born. Sarika is all happy and shy whereas Ashok is against this idea. I told you that I will do family planning when I want to. I told you something important a few days ago. Sarika is curious but her MIL dismisses it.

Present: Ashima deduces that Sarika wanted to be a mother. Sarika nods sadly. But Ashok and his mother were up to something else. Ashok wanted to throw me out of his life so why would he think of having family with me? Prashant again checks with her if she is sure Ashok was hiding about his affair from her. She replies that there is no point hiding it now. he meets her openly nowadays. I saw it with my own eyes.

Flashback: Ashok meets the girl (Sneha) and hugs her. They go out for coffee. Sarika clicks pictures of them together. She goes home and takes sleeping pills. The whole room spins as she passes out. Ashok breaks open the door and takes her to the hospital.

Present: I wonder why he saved me that day. It would have been better if I would have died that day. I don’t want to live with him for another minute. Prashant wonders if Ashok meets Sneha today as well. Sarika is not sure. No one talks to me in that house now. Ashok’s cellphone is ways locked. He has even blocked me from all the social networking sites. He doesn’t even introduce me to his friends now. What’s the point of living a life like this? He doesn’t even let me die. Prashant asks her to send him the photo that she had taken in that cafe. Sarika sends it to Ashima. She hears the honk of a car and looks out of the window. She immediately hides. That white car is Ashok’s. He would have come here by following me. I have to go. Prashant points out that Ashok has a red car. Sarika nods. He changes his cars while he follows me so I am not able to catch him. She leaves in haste. Prashant wants to talk to Sneha once. I want to do a small experiment.

Prashant asks Sarika about Sneha. Sarika replies that Sneha is a very smart and dangerous girl. Whenever she meets Ashok she reacts as if she is not at all interested in Ashok but I know the truth. She even sends me threatening messages where she tells me to leave Ashok or I will kill you; Ashok is just mine. Prashant wants to see those messages. Sarika looks at her number and cannot find any. Ashok has deleted all of them. they both trouble me like this only. Ashok likes that girl a lot. He is with her only right now. I heard him talking to Sneha yester night. He was going to take her out on a long drive today itself. They both are together only. She had in fact called me ten minutes ago. She started laughing. Prashant asks her about the call. Sarika loses her calm and angrily replies that that was the truth. I am 100% sure. You will have to trust me. He nods. I will tell Ashima to follow Ashok. He goes to drop Sarika outside.

Ashima is talking to Sneha. Sneha thinks of Ashok like her elder brother. He is nothing more to me than a family friend. Ashima asks her why Sarika thinks otherwise then. Sneha has no answer for it. Ashok introduced me to my fiancé Sahil. He even made my parents agree. Ashima deduces that this was the reason behind those text messages. Sneha is shocked to see the photo. This photo shows that it was just me and Ashok there. She shows her the photo in her phone. Sahil was with us there. Sneha leaves. Prashant is now completely sure that Sarika is not saying the truth. She was convinced that Ashok is with Sneha right now. We both know that Sneha was here with you. Ashima is confused. Why is Sarika lying to us? Prashant decides to meet Sarika’s parents to find out more about Sarika.

Sarika’s mother tells Ashima that Sarika has troubled them since childhood. Whenever we felt things were going good she used to do something that always created problems. She used to lock herself in her room for 3 days and avoided food or talking to anyone. Sarika’s father adds that there was a very good alliance for Sarika even before her wedding but she started chopping off her hairs angrily. Sarika’s mother tries to stop her but Sarika pushes her. ashima asks about Ashok’s relation with Sneha. Sarika mother clears it that it was just a misunderstanding. Flashback shows Ashok telling Sarika’s friend that Sneha is just a family friend. I will never divorce Sarika as I love her very much. Ashima receives a call. She is shocked to know that Sarika’s life is in danger. She leaves with Sarika’s parents and informs Prashant too.

Sarika has locked herself in her room. Ashima reaches there with Sarika’s parents. She convinces Sarika somehow to let her in.

Sarika tells Ashima that Ashok tried to kill her today by adding poison in her food. He wants to kill me so he can marry SNeha. Ashima tastes the food. Sarika doesn’t believe her. you all want me to die. Get out of here! Sarika’s family members come inside. Sarika shouts at them to go out and ultimately faints.

Prashant discusses about the case with Ashima. Sarika looked so lost when she came to meet us for the first time. Her clothes were not ironed, her hairs too were messed up. One earring was missing. You dint see any incoming call or heard any buzz in her phone when she was sitting next to you, telling us that Ashok has called her 7 times already. The other day she lost her cool when I dint believe her. She told us about the white car too. Why will Ashok call us if he wants to kill Sarika? Ashok and his mother were saving Sarika every time as Ashok dint want to leave Sarika ever. He tells Ashima to call Ashok, asking him to meet him immediately

Prashant tells Ashok that they know he has no affair with anyone. I also know that you don’t want to kill Sarika. Ashok agrees. Prashant wants to know about the problems in his married life.

Flashback: Initially, everything was good. We used to go out for dinner, movies, everything. Sarika says your friends don’t like me at all. Ashok tries to make her understand but in vain. They make fun of me behind my back. Sarika’s behaviour was so unpredictable. Her anger used to go out of control at times and she never used to pay heed to anyone’s words. Sarika’s MIL had no problem with her wearing jeans but not in the puja. She was angry with Ashok for it and refused to join him in the puja.

Present: Mom and I had to lie to everyone. I felt embarrassed. It was alright for a few days and then another drama surfaced.

Flashback: The day Sarika was going for the dinner party, her MIL was high fever. Ashok tries to make Sarika understand but she is adamant. Ashok chooses to stay with his mother rather than accompanying Sarika to her party. Sarika too refuses to go then.

Present: There was no point trying to talk to Sarika when she was angry. She never listens to anyone. Ashima talks about Sarika’s wish of becoming a mother. There were some important plans which you had shared with your mom. Ashok nods. There was a plan but it wasn’t what Sarika was thinking. I had booked a new, bigger house. I wanted to surprise Sarika but she took it all in the wrong sense. Mom wanted us to extend our family but I was waiting for the right time. I knew that Sarika was not completely ready to take up this responsibility. Sarika started keeping an eye on me and my mobile afterwards. Prashant gets the whole story. Thank you for coming here and talking to us. Can you and Sarika come to meet me in 3-4 days time? Ashok agrees.

Prashant is shown doing some research on the case day and night.

Prashant asks Sarika what people do when they catch malaria. Sarika replies that they go to doc then and follow the prescription. He asks her simple similar questions. What should we do when we have some mental problem? Sarika asks him if he thinks she is mad. Prashant calmly explains that a mental problem doesn’t indicate mental instability. Ashok is sure Sarika needs no psychiatric help. Prashant asks him how he will feel if he has fever for lot many days. Ashok replies that he will feel irritated, tired and upset. Prashant adds that Sarika is feeling that ways since many years now. Sarika nods. Ashima says I met your parents. They told me that you were a problem child since childhood but then I saw your certificates and medals. Prashant talks about his research and how he consulted one of his psychiatric friends. I felt you could be bipolar (someone with extreme mood swings). At times you can talk for hours while other times you don’t even want to get out of your room. Depression, doubting people, even you don’t know how and when your mood will change! Ashok is confused. Prashant says Sarika needs help, ours and yours too. Ashima says your parents knew already that you were a little different from other children but instead of taking you to a psychiatrist they felt that your wedding will solve all the problems. Prashant adds that her MIL felt that the problem will go away if she becomes a mother. He turns to Ashok. You have always looked at Sarika as your wife. You would have understood her problem if you would have considered her your friend first. Everyone tried everything except taking proper psychiatric help.

Sarika is in tears. I dint understand what to tell and who to tell; who to trust. I started feeling very lonely. Ashok holds her hands to assure her that he is with her now. Prashant tells him that Sarika needs a good counsellor and medicines along with him. Ashok tells him that his mother will never agree to it. Prashant points out that it is about Sarika’s life. Explain it to your mother. I will talk to her if she doesn’t agree. He tells Sarika to meet a good counsellor and take medicines. You will be completely fine. It is time we treat a mental disease like any other disease only. It is not a sin / crime. Ashok and Sarika thank them as they leave. Ashima asks Prashant if he feels Sarika will get better. Prashant is sure of it. Ashok loves Sarika a lot. He has supported her in her good and bad times. He was a little lost but is back on the right track now. our society has to understand this only now that a mental illness doesn’t label anyone as mad. Ashok and his mother take good care of Sarika now and she too is happy. Sarika meets Dr. Priya for her treatment and Ashok supports her. Prashant is sure Sarika will be able to live a normal life if her loved ones take good care of her.

Ashima and Prashant receive a bouquet from Sarika and Ashok. There is a family picture of Ashok, Sarika and her MIL in an envelope along with the bouquet. Prashant and Ashima are happy to see it.

Sakshi says the couple went through a lot but Ashok never left Sarika. Sarika only needed a little love / care and right medical treatment. She started getting better as and when she started getting it. it is high time that we stop calling mental illness insanity and treat her like other normal diseases. Doctors can treat mental issues. If you or your loved ones has given up then please contact the numbers mentioned below. This is one such organization that helps people who are mentally affected. It might be that your one attempt can save someone’s life.

Bandrewala Foundation (24×7 Helpline)
Contact: 1860 266 2345

Official FB Page
Cyrus and Priya Bandrewala Foundation

Update Credit to: Pooja

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