Code Red 2nd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Code Red 2nd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Love is blind. Personality, beauty sometimes overpowers people so much that they cannot look beyond it. They are unable to see the secrets behind it at times; the secrets which should have been understood way before!

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Theme – Ranjish / Animosity

A girl is working in a Call Centre. Her ideology for life – the world is based on relations, which have actually no identity of their own. No one can tell when and where they can change. They come with no manufacturing or expiry dates. I don’t remember when it started but I do remember that first time when he came to drop me home. Good physique, good looks. They say, when it comes to looks then the eyes are the first one that deceives us.

The girl sits in her cab. She reads the ID Card of the driver – Gaurav Tiwari. He gives her intro and she too tells her name, Ritika. He drops her off and she looks at him while he is leaving. In her room, Ritika says love and friendship happens between people with equal status. I am a Call Centre Employee and he is a cab driver. Does it make much of a difference?

Gaurav and Ritika engage in conversations every day while he is dropping her home. They both are looking at each other through the rear view mirror. One day, Ritika gets down her cab but looks at him shyly. They get intimate. She asks him if he had expected this ever. He replies that life is all about the unexpected. She wonders whether he really is a cab driver for he speaks English so well. I don’t know anything about you other than your name.

Ritika thinks love starts with jealously only. Then comes trust and then comes right. A new girl (Asmita) joins the Call Centre. Gaurav gets to drop her. Ritika feels that Asmita too feels the same way for Gaurav like she does. She asks Asmita directly. Asmita asks her if she is sleeping with him. You have become so possessive and jealous for him. Ritika thinks if she really has fallen seriously for Gaurav.

Ritika wants Gaurav to be only hers. He assures her that there is nothing between him and Asmita.

Sakshi (host) points out how at many times, Ritika tried to tell Gaurav openly that she feels she has a right on him. He only thinks of him to be hers only and that she wants a lot from their relationship. Their story was in the process but there was another story which Gaurav wanted to share with Ritika.

Gaurav comes to drop Ritika. I don’t want to start any relation on a wrong note. She too wants to know everything about him. I want to be a part of your past just like I am a part of your present. We can make our future better together atleast.

Gaurav tells Ritika about his wife Chitra. She died in labour pain (2 years ago). I lost her and my baby as well. I loved her a lot. It was only 1.5 years that we got married but she took all my happiness with her. she was very beautiful. You were right. I am not a cab driver. I used to be a sales manager in a car showroom but Chitra’s death broke me completely. When life snatches love from you then life becomes a burden for you. Same was with me. Gaurav is shown travelling just about anywhere blankly. I wanted to erase all her memories. Ritika asks him if he could do it. Gaurav asks her to help him in doing so. She holds his hand.

Ritika tells her parents about Gaurav and his past. Gaurav too is present there. Ritika’s parents ask about Gaurav’s family or relatives but Ritika requests them to just bless them. Ritika is sure they will agree. Ritika refuses to wait. Let’s get married. They will agree eventually. They want me to marry a guy with a good background. Gaurav says they will surely doubt on me thinking about my past.

Flashback: Chitra signs some papers and gives them to Gaurav. He tells her that he only wants to make things systematic in case he dies. She gets emotional. I will go before you. he hugs her, promising her that none of them will go anywhere.

Present: Gaurav and Ritika agree to get married and go to some far place where his past cannot touch them. it will be all peaceful, happiness and lots of love.

Flashback: Gaurav and Chitra meet each other for the first time when their alliance gets fixed. The wedding will happen from Indore.

Someone rings the doorbell at Sunil Tiwari’s house. Sunil tells the guy that they are not in touch with their son at all. The guy wonders if their son has changed his name. I will find your son from any nook and corner where he is hiding.

Gaurav marries Ritika in a temple. Ritika writes a note to her parents. I have married Gaurav. I have left my Delhi job and we are going to some place far away. I know you will be worried and upset but will eventually calm down. You will forgive me the day I will come to meet you and will accept us. Everything will be fine one day! Her father rues that Ritika has always done what she wanted to, including marriage. I only pray that nothing goes wrong.

Gaurav is sure Ritika will find a job easily as she is well educated. I will get a cab driver’s job anywhere. Ritika knows that her parents will be wishing right now that she never has to regret her decision. If there was something like that then it would have been out in the open by now!

Sakshi (host) remarks that Ritika started a new life thinking that she will never have to regret but what the truth only limited to what Gaurav had told her? or was there something else as well that Gaurav had hidden?

Ritika and Gaurav take a one bhk flat on rent. I couldn’t bring anything from my parent’s house but Gaurav had saved a lot. He fulfilled all the necessities of our house. He loved me a lot and wasn’t even tired of saying that.

Ritika gets a job in bank based on her smartness and way of talking. Prakash Batra (bank manager) was as insecure as every person on the top level is. Everyone wants to be on the top. Kapil Verma (Assistant Manager) is also impressed with her dedication. Gaurav too got a job as a driver. They were living happily together. it all felt like a dream but the dream was broken by the call of Asmita.

One day, Ritika receives a call from Asmita. Asmita tells her that everyone knows by now about her affair with Gaurav. Mumbai Crime Branch is looking for Gaurav. Ritika is shocked. Were my parent’s right? Police is really looking for Gaurav or is Asmita playing some game with me? Crime Branch officer enquire about Gaurav / Chander from the same Call Centre Manager. They get to know that Gaurav / Chander left the job 3 months ago. He also enquires Asmita. Ritika refuses to believe Asmita. Asmita tells her that Police has gone to meet her parents in Dehradun. It wont take long before they reach you.

Kapil calls Ritika inside. Ritika wonders if the Crime Branch people are here already. Kapil asks her whose side is she on – his or Prakash’s. Ritika talks about the cold war between the two. There is a fight for the Branch Head. Ritika is only thinking about Gaurav. Police couldn’t reach us as Asmita dint share my number. No one knew anything about us except our names.

Ritika’s parents affirm that Ritika was wrong. A person, whom you know nothing about, can surely cheat you. Crime Branch Officer (CBO) agrees that Ritika made a mistake but where did she disappear. They too have no idea. They show her Ritika’s letter. Officer deduces that Ritika hasn’t contacted them ever since. Hope you aren’t doing it to save your daughter as you might lose her in the process. They wonder what Gaurav has really done.

Gaurav returns home but finds Ritika all lost. She tells him that he isn’t Gaurav Tiwari but Chander Tiwari. Gaurav / Chander is taken aback.

CBO tells Ritika’s parents that Chander has killed his wife Chitra and is absconding since last 2 years. Our sources told us about him being a cab driver in the Call Centre where your daughter used to work.

Ritika has understood that Gaurav / Chander has lied to her about Chitra. Your wife dint die while she was in labour. I cannot believe it that you can do this with me. You have broken my trust, you have used me. Gaurav / Chander says I have and will always love you. I was framed in Chitra’s case. Would have believed me if I would have told you? She was mentally affected. Her family hid this from me. she used to get angry on me for no reason. that day I returned home, kept ringing the bell but in vain. I couldn’t even open it from the duplicate key but the door was locked from inside. Her number was switched off like always.

Flashback: Gaurav / Chander hears the cries of Chitra and breaks open the door. Society people gather too. They find Chitra caught up in flames.

Present: Gaurav / Chander tells Ritika that they couldn’t save Chitra. The whole blame came on me. Everyone went against me.

Ritika’s parents blame Chander for Ritika’s death in front of the CBO. He only wanted her money, nothing else. We had put everything in Chitra’s name but Chander stealthily got it all in his name. The same instance is shown where Chander makes Ritika signs some papers. Ritika’s parents know that their daughter can never commit suicide. Chander’s parents are lying.
Chander’s parents too tell the CBO that Chander have told them many times about Chitra’s mental condition. She used to be depressed and had tried to hurt herself many times. CBO asks for Chander. His parents tell him that Chander is scared as everyone is blaming him.

Present: Gaurav / Chander agrees that he lied to her about his name, wife’s cause of death and that police is looking for him till date or how broken he is from inside. I got all my happiness when I met you. I got the peace I have always been yearning for. I found a reason to live. Ritika recalls Gaurav’s words (life is all about the unexpected). Ritika says it was all unexpected for me. gaurav being someone else; his being blamed for his wife’s death and then absconding from the police; me falling in love with him and then our wedding. Was it all planned already? Was someone playing a game with me? Did Asmita know about Gaurav beforehand? Gaurav / Chander assures Ritika that he wants to fulfil all the dreams that we have seen together. Ritika thinks that she too loves him but till when will he run away from his past. If he is saying the truth then why isn’t he ready to face it? he should face it and end it. Gaurav thinks, if I stay with her then I will always live with a fear of getting caught. But I love her and till when will I run away? I should have thought of all this before doing anything. Ritika says he doesn’t show what he is in reality. He had so much money that we could start a new life completely. I had a doubt on him from the beginning. If he can kill his first wife then why not me? I have become a peril for him now!

Ritika gets a call from Asmita. Your number was with Pooja and she has shifted to Canada a month ago. Only I have this number now. This means I am the only person who can tell the police about your and Gaurav / Chander’s location. Your father called me and was asking about you but I dint tell him anything. Now you tell me if I should keep everyone in an illusion or you want to come out of your illusion? You call me your friend so I want to tell you something. You got attracted to that man physically and later on fell in love with him. you were jealous as you thought I too liked him but its all over now. Why do you want to continue the deception? Ritika asks her if she wants her to call the Crime Branch herself and inform them. Asmita likes the idea. You can save yourself and your parents from the upcoming dangers that ways. Your and Gaurav’s photo is in all the newspapers of Delhi now. Ritika is shocked. People say, the world is based on relations, which have actually no identity of their own. No one can tell when and where they change!

Ritika gets a call from Kapil. He has seen the newspaper ad. Ritika thinks the Chakravyuh was not when she had met Gaurav. It was mere attraction back then. There is no Chakravuh right now as well and maybe I know how to come out of it. It is about to begin now as I am going to put myself deeper in the mud.

Ritika reads the newspaper. Kapil asks her whether she has informed the police about Gaurav. He would have been caught by now. He is a very big danger from you. I know you cannot do it as he is your husband. He blackmails Ritika. Help me in getting rid of Prakash as I want to become the Branch Head. he promises to keep her secret a secret and help her with a lot of money. Ritika gets thinking.

CBO meets the Call Centre Head to ask about Ritika or Pooja. Its been 4 months that Ritika has left the job. Asimta is Ritika’s best friend. Asmita tries to hide about Ritika but CBO really scares her with his words.

Ritika is doing something which is against her ideals. She is in a fix.

Sakshi says, Ritika knew that she was going to become just a pawn in Kapil’s game. Was she doing all this for only Gaurav or her sharp mind was planning something for her player? Does really have no identity or do our hopes overtake the need of it? Ritika’s journey isn’t over yet.

Precap: Gaurav gets arrested. He blames Ritika for it while she pleads innocence. He tells her that he is going to jail today because of her but will surely commit one crime after he is out. Prakash is questioned by his senior. He too decides to lay a trap for the other team. Gaurav feels Ritika is becoming a danger for him with every passing day. The Chakravyuh deepens. Asmita tells someone that the person has got money. He will do the needful. Ritika knows that someone is using her but is unable to find the exct culprit. Gaurav thinks Someone kills Kapil.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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