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Code Red 29th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

April 2013, Punjab:
A kid is walking on the road. He is holding something in his hand. he walks inside a jeweller’s shop and shoots the shopkeeper. He picks up some stuff before leaving from the shop.

Kabir is with the inspector regarding the same case. (This is third case where the shooter was a kid). Inspector tells him that they got to know of the shooter because of the CCTV camera installed in the shop. Kabir watches the video footage as well. The kid is 12 years old. His name is Prince. No one, not even his parents know where he is right now. Kabir thanks him for the info.

Kabir cannot believe it that a mere 12 year old kid can commit such a heinous crime. Sakshi asks him if he has thought about the role of that kids’ parents. How did such circumstances arise that forced a kid to kill someone? Maybe this journey will be very tough. You are going to get into some big and deep thing. Kabir doesn’t mind as this is his work after all. I cannot fear anything if I have to find out the truth.

Kabir reaches the kid’s house. His parents are already frustrated with the police investigations. The father refuses to talk to him but Kabir requests the mother to speak. I might be able to help you guys. She says my son is very bright, very jolly. He has always been a topper in studies and sports.

One day, her son had slipped during the race but he dint gave up. He got up again and came first. His coach and his parents were proud of him. Prince had asked for a mobile phone as his gift. His parents dint find his demand right yet they sweetly tried to divert his mind by giving him more other options that suit his age. Flashback ends.

Prince’s mother is sure her son has not done anything. Her husband adds that he would have handed over Prince to the police himself if his son would have done such a thing. Prince’s mother is crying for her son worried, wondering how he would be, where he would be and if he would have eaten anything or not. Prince’s father is thankful to Kabir for trying to understand their son. Police started blaming him without knowing him or asking anything about him. Kabir cannot understand how such a good boy can do such a thing. Prince’s mother says police is trying to trap him. Kabir gives them his number and then heads to Prince’s school (Guru Teg Bahadur School).

A kid points out to Tony (Prince’s friend). Kabir thanks him with a chocolate. Kabir goes to talk to Tony. I want to help your best friend. You must know about his whereabouts. Tony keeps quiet so Kabir tries to talk about their friendship. You both sit together in class. Tony nods. But Prince started sitting on the last bench since some past few days. He got new friends. Kabir is sure they all must be together at the moment. Can you tell me where they would be? Tony agrees.

Tony brings Kabir and Police to a desolated place. All the kids are sleeping on the stairs. Kabir realises that they all are sleeping because of drugs. They are shocked to find empty syringes lying everywhere. Police nabs two guys who try to flee from there seeing them. The kids are completely zoned out. They finally find Prince there too. They take all the kids with them.

Doctor checks the kids. Prince’s parents come there. Prince’s father holds his son and shakes him. where were you? What is the police inspector saying? Kabir makes him calm. He talks to Prince in front of them all. He very sweetly and calmly talks to Prince, assuring him that he is here to help him. how did you fell in the trap of drugs? Prince had wanted to be like Balli. I wanted to become his friend somehow. He even had a phone worth 25k. I wanted everything that Balli had. One day I was observing them play basketball. By mistake the ball fell in the drain by a kid. I brought the ball out. Balli took me in his team then. we became very good friends from then onwards. I even went to his house one day after school. His house is very big. He ordered pizza for all of us while we played video games. He even has his own room. Later on, Balli and his friends closed the door. they took out the drugs and made a challenge with his friends whether I will eat it or not. They all gulped it down along with the cold drinks. They all cheered for me to take it. Your world will become colourful. I finally took it. I couldn’t stop myself after taking it once. I used to be in seventh heaven after taking the pill. When I returned home and went in the store room suddenly the bright colours turned dark and dangerous as the effect of the drug got over. My stomach started paining badly.

He even met some random guy (drug seller) named Avatar behind his school. Balli had paid money on his behalf to the drug seller. One day, Balli had refused to give pill to Prince (even though he had them with him). Prince had noticed it. late at night, Prince got up when his parents were in deep sleep. He stole some money from the locker to buy drugs.

Prince’s father gets angry on his son for stealing. Kabir interrupts him. Prince is a kid. Plus he is accepting his mistake. You have been strict with him once, try being soft with him once. Prince’s parents are deeply hurt and in tears.

Prince says the money finished. One day, I asked money from Balli. Balli declined to give me loan. I was literally begging him as it was paining a lot. I will pay you later. Balli gave me one option. He kept a gun in front of me. this is the only way to earn money for yourself. Pick it up and get money. I took the gun, got inside a jeweller’s shop and killed the shopkeeper. I took all his money and bought drugs with it. his parents are shattered to hear it all and so is everyone else.

Police reaches Balli’s house with a warrant against Balli. His parents knock at the door. his friends tell them that Balli has run upstairs. Police follows him upstairs. Balli is carrying the gun in his hands. He even shoots at the inspector but no one gets injured. They finally catch hold of him.

Kabir is with the Commissioner. Who are these people who are targeting innocent kids? Kids like Balli have guns with them. Who is behind this drug Mafia? Commissioner says we are investigating it and will certainly find the culprit soon.

Balli shouts / cries in jail as the urge for drugs take control of him. he continues to beg for it and even bangs on the floor. He finally agrees to speak up.

Balli guides police and takes them to some place. They get successful in nabbing Avatar who then takes them to another hideout where other people are hiding. They find drugs and arms there.

3 days later:
Commissioner addresses the media. They all have come from across the border. They are targeting the youth of our country.

Kabir writes, Juvenile Court Justice has sent Prince to Drug Rehab Centre for a year.

Drug Rehab Centre, 2 months after the incident:
All the kids are brought to Rehab Centre in the police jeep. Prince’s father hugs him. Prince promises to leave drugs. I will be alright. His parents nod. Prince goes inside with the other kids and attendants. Kabir assures them that Prince will be treated well here in the Rehab Centre. They thank him for his help.

Kabir is writing article. I feel a satisfaction by sending Prince to the Rehab Centre. I feel good that I could save a life. I wonder why the government is not worried about its youth who are taking the wrong path. Half of their youth are on the wrong path yet they aren’t concerned about it. I was on the last page of my story but I dint know that the story is not yet over. We have to see a lot many things yet.

Someone breaks open the lock of a diary (Prince’s diary). Doctor uncle gave me a diary (with a lock) today. he told me to write whatever I feel in this diary. Flashback is shown where doc gives him a diary and a pen. Share your feelings with your best friend. Doc tells Prince’s parents that their son is very sensitive. He is unable to share his feelings with you so I gifted him a diary to write things. He needs a friend and maybe that diary can become his friend. He will improve if he starts sharing his feelings.

Prince writes the number of days he has passed without taking drugs; how he was desperate for drugs the other day; how he tried to steal drugs one day and was caught. He had turned violent but Doctor uncle calmed me with an injection. I fell asleep then. My father requested me to fight the urge to take drugs as it is not a good thing. Even my mother pleaded me for the same. She was crying hysterically. Prince wrote in his diary later that day. Ma was crying very much. I promise I wont take drugs from today onwards. It is two months now that I haven’t taken drugs. I was starting to feel better, happier and had started playing indoor games with his fellow inmates. I promise I wont take drugs again ever. Doctor uncle told me today that I got well. He told me that I can go home. I promised him that I wont take drugs ever again. I was welcomed warmly at home. He had thrown a little party for me too. Papa even got me a new mobile phone. Next entry says, there are still drugs in my store room. I will flush them. He had taken out the drugs from the hiding place and had gone to the washroom. I sleep with my parents only. They used to check on me in between to make sure I don’t take drugs again.

I will go to school from tomorrow onwards. Everything is back to normal. Next entry says, sorry mummy papa, sorry diary. I dint flush the drugs the other day. I had kept them back safely. I will only take one pill. Prince had taken the pill. He had passed out after the drug’s effect came to an end.

Kabir closes the diary. Prince’s mother is crying. My son died because of drug overdose. His father breaks down too. Drugs took my son’s life. Kabir is pained to see them thus.

Kabir pens down the incident. Another innocent life came to an end. How many more kids will become a victim to drugs? When will we wake up? This issue can never be resolved just by thinking or blaming those who send the drugs from across the border. The hands which should be holding kites are holding guns. What kind of a future is this? We will have to remove this problem once and for all if we don’t want kids like Prince to die this way.

Sakshi (host) urges people to raise their voice if they are aware of such things happening around them. Contact police of the helpline numbers given below. Say NO to Drugs!

Bachpan Bachao Andolan
011-4921 1111 | [email protected]

Update Credit to: Pooja

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