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Code Red 28th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

March 2015, Mumbai:
Masjid Mandir Road:
A family is having skype chat. They are discussing about the surprise gift that they have bought for their son Wasim as he is turning 18 today. Door bell rings. A few guys bring Wasim home. He is unconscious. He had a bike accident. Doc checks him and tells the family that Wasim is no more. the guys who had brought Wasim look at each other.

Varsova Police Station:
Inspector tells the reporters about Wasim’s death. He met with a bike accident but he only had a head injury. Kabir gets thinking. He only had one injury whereas the bike is completely in mess. He takes Wasim’s address from the Inspector.

Wasim’s family is distraught. Kabir notices the same guy (who had brought Wasim home) talking to someone. He goes to talk to him (Babar). the guy tells Kabir that Wasim was a very good guy. He always used to help everyone. He could find something good in everything.

Some incidents are shown where Wasim tries to help everyone and bring a smile on everyone’s face. He even used to do my homework. Wasim asks him to help him in body building. Wasim tries but gets tired very easily. They decide to do a game of 3 punches to check each other’s capability. Wasim runs away as soon it is Babar’s turn. Babar smiles.

A few local goons used to trouble Wasim. They used to beat him and take all his money. Babar fights with them and saves Wasim. He helps Wasim in getting up and takes him home. Wasim brags at home. I beat those goons like anything. I saved Babar also. Wasim’s Ammi tells Babar to make her son as strong as he himself is. Babar agrees.

Present: Babar says he was like my brother. Kabir asks about the accident. Babar says Wasim had bought a new bike. He was driving it fast like usual and he banged into an electric pole. Kabir wonders why they dint take him to hospital first. Babar replies that Wasim’s house was near so they took him home. Wasim’s father returns home (from Saudi). Babar excuses himself.

Kabir is sure Babar is hiding something. He dint take his brother cum friend to hospital. He called doc too. the damage should have been only on front but the bike is completely damaged. It isn’t as simple as Babar is saying. It wasn’t a simple accident. All those damages cannot happen just by banging the bike in a pole. I will have to find out why Babar is lying. He thinks of the tattoo design on Wasim’s bike. It was also on Babar’s arm. It looks like some gang’s sign or of some cult.

Kabir does some research on his laptop. He thinks of the tattoo on Wasim’s bike. It turns out to be a street fight club. Kabir calls a guy named Rochak and asks him about the club.

Meera Road, 8 pm:
Kabir’s phone is kept back as no one can keep a phone here. Only the boss keeps the phone and records it. Only club members are allowed here. The tattoo is temporary. The local people come here to take out their frustration and anger. The guys who are fighting are pretty young while more kids are cheering for them. Kabir tries to talk to one of the guy sitting nearby. He asks the guy if Tyson Khan is here tonight. The guy gets alert and informs the guy clicking the video. They clean his tattoo and beat him badly. They all leave that place right away.

10 pm, Morgue, Andheri:
Wasim’s father breaks down after seeing his son’s dead body. You had said that you will become an engineer and call me back from Saudi. You broke your promise son! He removes the white cover from over Wasim’s hand. Kabir notices the same tattoo on his arm. Wasim’s father puts a watch in his son’s wrist. Happy Birthday. May God bless you! He walks out.

Kabir talks to Wasim’s family about the tattoo. This was on his arm, his bike and on Babar’s arm too. they have no clue about it. Kabir asks them if there was some change in Wasim’s behaviour in the past days as if he was hiding something. Wasim’s mother nods. He had started eating 3 times than his normal diet. He was always exercising. It started to show in his body.

Flashback: I saw wounds on his body one day when he removed his tshirt. Wasim hides it. I just fell. She is concerned but he says I am trying to become like Babar just as you had told me to. Forget about the soft Wasim. Babar used to come after every 3 days and they used to stay away for the entire night. He came back home always bruised. He brought a bike home one day. The very next day this accident happened. Inspector adds that it wasn’t an accident. Wasim’s family is taken aback. How did it happen? Kabir says only one person can tell us the truth.

Inspector beats Babar. Babar agrees to tell everything. This tattoo is of their street fight club. Wasim had kept his name Tyson Khan.

Flashback: One day, Wasim asks Babar about the street fight club. He too wants to become strong enough so he can handle people like Guddu. I don’t want to be dependent on you always for saving me.

Babar takes Wasim to the street fight club one day. Wasim looks at the fight. He notices the winner getting Rs. 5000. Babar gets into a fight next. All the spectators cheer for him including Wasim. He mistakenly hits a girl. Her boyfriend gets angry. Wasim tries to apologize but the guy is in no mood to relent. Wasim gets into a fight with that guy even though Babar tries his best to stop everyone. The guy initially beats Wasim a lot but then Wasim hits him. he vents out all his anger. Babar looks on in amazement. Wasim too is happy. He gets Rs. 1000. The main guy asks him to become a member of his club. Everyone cheers for Wasim.

He was no longer scared. He started to enjoy it, the fights, the money. He started thinking that he can get the life which the earlier Wasim couldn’t afford. He too learnt to scare other people. Wasim used to exercise regularly with Babar. He used to beat anyone badly at the club and get money for it. a girl approaches him one day. She asks for his number and he shares his number. Wasim’s approach towards life changes. He is not at all calm, sweet and helpful anymore.

Guddu and his gang stop Wasim. This time he beats them all and they have to literally run for cover. Wasim is in no mood to leave anyone and chases them. He kept his name Tyson Khan and fixes it on his bike too.

Present: Wasim always used to talk about fights. He couldn’t think of anything else. I tried to stop him but in vain. He started enjoying getting hurt. All that got into his head.

Flashback: The street fighter club celebrates Wasim’s birthday. They call him number 2 after Babar. They push him to get into a fight with Babar. Babar declines as he is his brother. It is his birthday today. His parents have made all plans for him. They are waiting for him at home. He wont fight with anyone. The main guy again instigates Wasim for a fight. Wasim chooses to fight with Babar. The main guy smirks. Everyone gets geared up for a fight.

Babar explains to Wasim that theya re brothers. How can we fight? Wasim pushes Babar. Babar tries to say that he is number 2. You are number 1. I don’t want to fight with you. Wasim is high in spirits (of fighting and winning). He starts beating Babar. Babar too finally retorts. He hits Wasim behind his head and Wasim drops dead. Babar hits him with his leg but Wasim is not moving at all. They all try to wake Wasim but he is dead. Everyone is shocked. They all run away.

Present: Babar says I am not lying. I dint want to do it. He was like my brother. I tried to make him understand but he only wanted to win. He dint like to lose. This is how he died. My friend died. Kabir says that’s when you made up that accident. Babar and his two friends break the bike. They bring Wasim to his home afterwards.

The main guy gets arrested along with a few other guys from the club.

Kabir and Wasim’s family checks the video recording of that day. Wasim’s parents break down seeing how their son died.

Everyone in the flight club was arrested and charged under culpable homicide. Wasim’s father refused to file a case on babar. He considered his son as much responsible as Babar was. A recent incident in Hyderabad has a similar story. Such fight clubs lure people for a fee bucks and instigate people to misuse their strength.

Wasim Akram Khan would have been an engineer if he hadn’t joined that fight club. He must have joined that club to use his strength but you must put it in the right direction. If you know about any such club near you then don’t keep quiet. Raise your voice. It can help in saving someone’s life.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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