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Sakshi gives the intro of the story. The name on the envelope is of someone else while the name on the letter is of someone else. Both heads and tales are mine. This is illusion. Think from your heart. Live your life your way. This Chakravyuh’s path is clear – the destination will be wrong if your path is wrong!

Janvi calls her husband (Prateek Shanbag) but he is in a meeting. He tells her that he will call her once he is done. He focuses on his meeting again.

Janvi gives her husband’s intro. Prateek is the Marketing VP of his company. We are a perfect couple. We often go on vacations. Prateek will call back and I am going to discuss the same with him. it’s a long weekend!

Janvi books two rooms at Rock on Water Resort in Goa after confirming it with Prateek, Vikrant and Moushami. They will be staying in adjacent rooms. On the other hand, Prateek books one double room at another hotel too. This is so nice. Janvi books everything on her own which makes my work easier.

All four of them head for Goa by road. They reach the resort and head for their respective rooms. Prateek excuses himself on the pretext of some meeting. Janvi too sighs in relief.

Prateek checks in in the other hotel. At times I do feel guilty that I am doing wrong but what else can I do? Door bell rings. Prateek smiles seeing Moushami. She lied to Vikrant that she is going to check the spa. He is thankful to Janvi that she makes things easier for them. They kiss.

Janvi ventures out of her room and goes to Vikrant’s room. They too get intimate.

Prateek and Moushami get ready to head back to the resort. I wish we could stay together for forever. I always wonder how come Janvi never doubted me. we always go on an outing and I leave on the pretext of an urgent meeting. She has never questioned me on it. Moushami says maybe she too is fooling you. prateek gets thinking. Vikrant too has never questioned you.

Vikrant and Janvi are discussing the same thing. Janvi points out that maybe Prateek goes out to meet Moushami only. No one takes this much time in checking hotel and spa. Vikrant asks her if she wants him to doubt on his wife. Janvi asks him the same question. Moushami and Prateek return to the resort. Moushami opens her room and hears some voices. She walks inside and finds Vikrant with Janvi in bed. Her inner self makes her realise that she cannot point finger at them as too she has been doing the same. prateek is fooling Janvi, Janvi is fooling Prateek, you are fooling Vikrant and vice versa. Very interesting!

At night, all four of them are sitting quietly. They all know that they all were trying to fool each other. We all are guilty or maybe we are ashamed. It is hard to understand. We regret getting caught or are upset that we too were cheated? We have no other option but to face it as we cannot run away from it now.

Everyone is quiet on their way back home.

Prateek and Vikrant are debating with themselves as to how will it happen. Will the society accept it? What will you say, you switched? Janvi knows that Vikrant loves him while Prateek loves Moushami. We girls got married to the wrong guys. What now? Moushami became friends with Prateek and Janvi. Prateek often used to be out of town for his work. He used to take care of me. Vikrant too used to do it but Prateek has started to love me and Vikrant has fallen for Janvi. It sounds simple but is it really that simple?

Prateek tells them all that they have two options. Either we should let things continue the way they are going, or I should divorce Janvi so that you can marry her. you can divorce Moushami and I will marry her. Vikrant is still concerned about the society. Prateek makes plan of keeping a time difference in between. I will give divorce to Janvi and three months later you can divorce Moushami. I will marry her after another 3 months gap and after 3 months you can marry Janvi. People wont link it with you if we get divorced. When you two will be divorced then we wont be linked with it either. people will not have any reason to link things. My coming closer to Moushami will appear natural then as we have been through the same pain. Sympathy changed into love eventually. Janvi likes the idea and so does Vikrant. Moushami too gives her consent. They decide to follow this plan only. Divorce will be on mutual consent so there wont be any point of alimony too as we all are well off. Moushami nods. Janvi is thoughtful for a second but then agrees. Vikrant keeps quiet. They all eat dinner.

Vikrant is not as rich as Prateek. My work position is also lower than his. I would not have been able to give Moushami as much alimony as much as he could give you. Maybe this is why Prateek has made this plan. Janvi and Vikrant both realise that Prateek’s plan won’t get them anything. It will eventually affect our lives only. Janvi gets thinking.

Prateek is not sure if Vikrant and Janvi are planning something. Moushami too has been noticing Vikrant. He is very much distracted these days. He is not even keeping well. He doesn’t tell me anything. He stays quiet. He has been visiting a doc but is not telling me anything. Moushami had seen him taking some kind of injection. She had even tried asking him but he had straight away told her not to act like she cares for him. you have Prateek in your life. Think about him only. Moushami says he behaves as if he is heartbroken but that is not the case. It is something else. I tried talking to Dr. Wadia too but Vikrant did not go to meet him in two months time. Prateek doubts if Vikrant and Janvi are thinking of cheating them.

Janvi returns home. She disconnects an incoming call from Karan as Prateek is already home. He has already eaten dinner. She goes to change. Prateek thinks Janvi has started maintaining distance from me. Vikrant is also not talking to Moushami much. Are they making some secret plan against us?

Janvi switches on the shower and talks to Karan. He tells her that this is the right time. She ends the call. No, I have no love for Prateek. Yes I was attracted to Vikrant but it is impossible to spend life with him. I have got used to living life this way, of this lifestyle. I cannot live without it. it is something else to love and totally different to spend your life with someone. I wont be able to do it. her inner conscious guides her against it as the plan is dangerous. She has no other choice as Prateek doesn’t love her. Prateek loves Moushami. You have no place for Prateek in your heart. Her sane self points out that she is planning a heinous crime this time. It did start with love, Prateek too was wrong but your Chakravyuh now will entangle everyone’s life. The plan is set now and Prateek had initiated it. he had played the first move.

Vikrant is in the OT. Unfortunately, he dies. It was a massive attack and doctors couldn’t save him. Moushami, Prateek and Janvi are stunned.

Two weeks later:
Janvi, Moushami and Prateek are having tea. Janvi asks Moushami why she never told her that Vikrant is undergoing some health problem. He too dint tell me anything. Moushami replies that Vikrant only had blood pressure problem which was not that severe that a massive stroke could put his life at risk. Janvi blames Moushami and Prateek for Vikrant’s death. You both knew about his condition already. Maybe you two knew about us already and this was your plan. You both never used to deny about going on a holiday together. Prateek says you are accusing us when we only had caught you both red handed and had even confessed about what was going on between Moushami and me. Janvi insists that she doubts them. I wont stop what is going on. You both are free to live with each other but what about me? she demands alimony for her future. Moushami understands her point. Prateek’s inner self makes him doubt if Moushami and Janvi are setting some trap for him together; something that neither you know nor Vikrant knew? An incident is shown where Janvi was smiling seeing Moushami coming to her house and vice versa. Prateek continues to ponder over the whole matter. This is a Chakravyuh after all, whosoever maybe the writer. You are getting Moushami. What is your problem now? Don’t you love Moushami anymore? If Janvi files divorce then it will complicate your life. Prateek accepts Janvi’s condition. Janvi and Moushami both have different expressions on their faces.

Prateek and Janvi are at the advocate’s office. Janvi is taking the house, car and Rs. 50 lakhs in alimony from Prateek. You will anyways get what all will Moushami get. You are anyways earning well. What about me? Prateek signs on the papers finally. Prateek takes his important stuff and leaves from the house.

Moushami suggests selling this house as everything here reminds her of Vikrant. Prateek has already given his house to Janvi. Where will we live if we leave from here? We will think of changing house once we pay the EMI’s of this house. I will think of something. The important thing is that we both love each other. They share a hug. Moushami thinks is it love or mere attraction or uncontrolled passion. I don’t know! Earlier everything was looking alright / perfect but suddenly. Is everything alright for real or there is something that is to come to the fore?

A man comes to Dr. Wadia’s clinic. He is shocked to see the reports (of diabetes). The man says Vikrant used to take insulin shots. Dr. Wadia is sure something is wrong. This cannot be.

Moushami gets to know that Vikrant took a top up loan of Rs. 60 lakhs from the bank. The bank manager is surprised that Vikrant dint share such an important decision with his wife.

Janvi has sold the house in Rs. 4 crore.

Moushami tells Prateek that the balance loan amount is of Rs. 85 lakhs. Prateek too cannot understand how Vikrant took such a big loan without letting Moushami know anything. Moushami has no idea about the money. It got transferred in another account from Vikrant’s account. I have no idea about that account.

Prateek calls Janvi. You cheated me. You sold that house. You knew it well that Vikrant was going to die. You only told him to take loan and got that money transferred in your account. Janvi denies. I was going to marry him. prateek is not ready to fall for her lies anymore. You think you will get away after cheating me? She says she has already gone very far from him. plus I dint do any cheating. She disconnects the call. Prateek continues to blames Janvi. His other self reminds him of his suggestion (divorce without alimony as he knew he was in a better place than Vikrant). It was all your plan. You thought you wont have to give Janvi anything. Prateek reasons that he dint play any game. Vikrant too could have moved ahead in life than me. he could earn more than me. his other self points out that this is a lie. It was your and Moushami’s plan. You two thought of everything in the beginning itself.

Flashback shows where Moushami had caught Vikrant and Janvi together in bed in that resort. She had called Prateek in the parking area. You and I were feeling guilty about cheating our spouses. Game is equal now! they had decided to accept their side of the story too. We will have to set everything right. They had planned the divorce and wedding. Moushami had pointed out at Vikrant’s lower earnings. That is when Prateek had thought of divorce without alimony. Flashback ends.

Prateek has fallen in his own game plan. Your wife turned out to be a pro in it. but which one? Ex wife or would be wife?

Moushami has come to insurance company. She has come to collect insurance claim on Vikrant’s name. The manager talks rudely to her as she is coming with a mere Xerox copy after two months time. Moushami says I couldn’t remember it as it was a sudden death. Manager points out that this fact has been troubling them too. Someone else too tried to claim the insurance money before you – Janvi. This is also weird that right before two months before his death Vikrant had listed Janvi as the nominee. Her nomination got accepted but we have been keeping a constant eye on her. what is the whole thing about? It looks like a big fraud. I feel it was a planned murder.

Prateek asks Moushami about her plan with Janvi. How is this possible that you don’t know anything about the loan and change in nominee’s name? You both are in one team, right? I have a doubt on both of you that you both were trying to trap us men. Moushami swears that she is innocent. Vikrant was following Janvi. Prateek refuses to continue this relationship. Moushami is in for a shock. You ruined everything Janvi because of your greed. His conscious reminds her that everyone is to be blamed equally in this.

Janvi is at the hotel. The same man who had met Dr. Wadia comes to meet her. We have got to know that there is something fishy in the whole incident of Vikrant Sharma’s death. Dr. Karan was your classmate, right? We had a doubt about Vikrant’s death from the beginning only. No one knew that he is diabetic except one person – Dr. Karan Sachdeva. He only has told us.

Janvi had used Karan and had ended all ties with him once she got what she had wanted. He has sworn to bring out her truth in front of people. She had pointed it out to him that that wont be good for either of them.

The man says, you thought no one will get to know anything. This is not the case. Vikrant used to visit Dr. Wadia for regular checkups. When he only dint know about Vikrant’s condition and neither did Moushami knew. The man had met Moushami too but she had no idea about all the medicines that Vikrant were taking. She had shown him blood pressure reports.

The man talks to Janvi about Vikrant’s death as it happened because of a stroke (insulin overdose). Plus why would he be taking insulin injections if he only had blood pressure problem? The truth about his being diabetic was bound to come out one day. The only thing that we couldn’t understand was the person who would have done it. You know the investigation amount is huge so we have to investigate.

The man has met Dr. Karan. He reasons that there are entries in your daily register, his credit card statement is a proof too but there are no prescriptions at his home that prove that he was diabetic. He dies on one fine day because of insulin overdose. This is strange. Vikrant and Janvi had come to Karan’s clinic for check up one day. Karan had told Vikrant to get some tests done as he thought that there is some other problem too (other than blood pressure). Janvi had insisted Vikrant to go for the tests. He was reluctant but had agreed to get it done for her. Karan had got a fake report made for Vikrant and had made him take insulin. Janvi had planned the whole thing along with Karan. The loan, the nomination and insulin overdose.

Vikrant had returned home. He was tensed about Moushami’s reaction after finding out about the loan, insurance nomination and bank transfer. Janvi points out that they will be married by the time the whole thing will be out. how can you forget their game of no alimony? They will enjoy while we will be worried here. You had thought of giving me all the luxuries that I have got used to at Prateek’s house. You can cancel the top up loan if you are stressed. Your health is more important to me than anything else. She watched him taking insulin dose while she was ordering food. Vikrant is feeling uneasy and having cramps in his chest. He calls Janvi’s number but it switched off. He doesn’t even have Karan’s number. His inner self had made him realise that Janvi was playing game with him. you took a lot of time in realising the truth. You took loan, changed the nominee but what will you get now? Janvi cheated me! there is nothing called love. what is left is calculation of who will get what. Janvi was not going to get much from you. She doesn’t love Prateek anymore which is why she made this plan. He recalls seeing the packet of his medicine in Janvi’s hand last time. What is she doing to me? how could you do it Janvi? He recalls all of Janvi’s lies as he breaths his last.

The man tells Janvi that it is a police case now. Dr. Karan Sachdeva has been arrested. Police will be reaching here soon. Janvi is stunned.

Moushami wonders if either of them loved anyone for real.

Prateek resigns from his job. I should have thought atleast once when Janvi used to immediately agree to our plans of going out that if I am cheating someone then maybe that person too can cheat me. you reap what you sow! I realised it very late in life though.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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