Code Red 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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They say God is one. he has made everyone equal and has given them all equal rights. Then why do we humans have started to discriminate amongst ourselves? Why do we want to make others believe that they are small (poor) in comparison to then? When you point this out at someone, and tell them that he / she is not fit for our world then that person eventually starts believing in it. And one day, gives up on life!

May 2014, Ghatkopar, Mumbai:
A man is walking hastily (and in fear) in road. Images of some men molesting his family members (wife and daughter) in front of his eyes, as he stands helplessly crying and begging for mercy / help, flash in his mind. He starts running and eventually reaches a bridge. He finally jumps from the bridge as he cannot take it anymore.

City Hospital, Ghatkopar, Mumbai:
That man’s daughter (Suman) comforts him. He shouts in fear as he imagines seeing someone. Suman somehow makes her father (Ram Sharan) believe that it I his imagination. No one is there! He finally calms down. A man (taxi driver and Ram Sharan’s friend) had seen him jumping off the bridge and had stopped his vehicle to save him. Things would have gone out of hand if I would have reached late even by two minutes. Doc takes Ram Sharan’s wife and his friend aside. Your husband is mentally disturbed over something. Take him to a psychiatrist. He will have to stay here for a few days though. Ram Sharan panics so they rush to him. He insists upon going home right away.

The taxi driver (Mahesh) hears an ad on radio about Life 24×7. He halts the taxi at a corner and immediately calls on Life 24×7’s office.

Suman’s father can see that man everywhere. He came here as well. These big people are not leaving me anywhere. Tell him to go away. He has already taken everything from me. His wife tells him to rest but he retorts that he is not mentally ill. I am perfectly fine.

Ashima comes to meet him along with his Mahesh. The guy refuses to talk to Ashima. He is also upset with Mahesh for bringing her here. I am not mad. Ashima assures that man’s husband that everything will be fine. Can I have some water? Suman suggests her mom to clean the glass and give water to Ashima in the same glass but her father disagrees. These rich people wont drink water from our glass. Ashima decides to take it from the bottle but the man pulls the bottle. We are poor people. We have nothing to do with rich people. Please leave me on my state. Suman calms him down and makes him give the bottle to Ashima. Ram Sharan looks on in amazement as Ashima takes a sip of water from the bottle. He suddenly points at the door in horror. He is back! Suman hugs him to comfort him. Ashima observes it all and then takes leave from them. She informs the same to Dr. Bhaskar. Late at night, Prashant Bhasker, Ashima and another person enter just when Ram Sharan tells Suman that they should go to Sarpanch ji.

Ghatkopar East
Mahesh drops Ram Sharan and his family at their home.

Ashima is sure Ram Sharan’s family knows something but is hiding it. We have to find it out. Prashant suggests asking everyone one by one, including the driver Mahesh.

Ram Sharan is walking in his locality when he can sense it that someone is following him. He continues walking in fear. A man has been really following him. He finally stops Ram Sharan. Till when will you continue to run away from me? Give your daughter to me only then will you be able to live peacefully. Ram Sharan begs him to spare his daughter.

Ram Sharan locks the door of his house from inside as soon as he reaches home. He has reached here as well. We are no less than animals now. He notices Prashant and Ashima and goes quiet. Prashant offers to help him but Ram Sharan denies. I know how you big people help people like us. He advises Suman not to go out of the house. She nods. He again goes outside.

Prashant finds Ram Sharan sitting at a food stall. He buys food for Ram Sharan. Ram Sharan eats after taking his time. He cries as soon as he takes the first bite. You ate from the same plate! Prashant says we both are humans. What is it that you see? Ram Sharan replies that I just don’t see it. He is actually there. He too reaches at all the places where I am! I approached police too but no one believes me. They think I am mad. A man spits there. Ram Sharan points out to him that this is no place to spit but the man is not at all affected by his words.

Mahesh tells Prashant that Ram Sharan cannot take it if someone spits around him. Prashant has noted that Ram Sharan talks about rich and poor very often. Some incident has surely happened with him where he has been humiliated a lot. And the man behind the incident comes in his thoughts often and repeats it all over again. We have to find out who this man is in reality!

Ram Sharan goes to the same stall. He stops in his tracks as he notices a man (Bhurealal). A police officer is passing by and Ram Sharan asks for his help. Bhurelal tells the inspector that he is Manoj Mehta and he drives a taxi. He also shows his license to the inspector. Another guy at the stall advises the inspector not to fall for Ram Sharan’s words. He sees some imaginary Bhurelal in everyone. Ram Sharan leaves from there all nervous.

Ram Sharan receives a call from Bhurelal. You brought police inspector that day. Did you think you could scare me? I have a very good rapport with policemen. Ram Sharan walks to the window on Bhurelal’s askance. He is the very same man who had met him on that stall earlier in the day. Bhurelal gives him a deadline of 12 hours to handover Suman to him. Ram Sharan panics thinking that he wont be able to protect his family. Suman and her mother wake up hearing the noise. He simply tells them that they have to leave the place right away.

Ram Sharan’s wife cannot understand what’s going on. We have been roaming around since the time we have left our village. It would be better if you give me poison now so the story can end. Ram Sharan recalls Bhurelal’s threat. He gets up and walks away without saying anything to his family. The cell phone rings. Suman tells someone about their location.

Ram Sharan walks around hastily. He is about to come under a car when Prashant rescues him in time. Suman and her mother cry worried sick to see him thus.

Ram Sharan and his family are at Life 24×7’s office. Ram Sharan finally tells his story to Prashant. We were laborers.

May 2013, Hajipur, Bihar:
Suman is doing her work when Bhurelal eyes her lustfully. Everyone makes a line at the end of the day to collect their daily wages. Ram Sharan’s wife (Shobha) touches the register by mistake. Everyone around makes a big issue out of it. Bhurelal tells his servant to wipe it clean. Shobha puts her thumb impressions in the end. Bhurelal calls Ram Sharan inside. He pays extra money to Ram Sharan. Hope you understand why! Ram Sharan follows his gaze and loses his cool. I don’t do deals for my daughter. It might be your kind of thing but not mine. Bhurelal kicks him in the stomach. Don’t you want to live in this village? Leave, poor man!

At night, some men come to Ram Sharan’s house along with Bhurelal. They pour Gangajal on her to make her pure. How will we touch you otherwise? Suman runs to her home somehow. She cries badly as soon as she is home. She takes Bhurelal’s name. ram Sharan takes a burning stick and is about to go to see BHurelal right away when Shobha stops him. We will discuss the matter with Sarpanch ji.

Sarpanch’s House:
Ram Sharan finds Bhurelal and a police constable already at Sarpanch ji’s house. He too doesn’t let Ram Sharan touch him. Bhurelal creates a fake story so even Sarpanch ji ends up scolding Ram Sharan. Poor people, low thinking! Ram Sharan agrees that he is a poor man but why do you people don’t think before touching our wives or daughters then! Constable warns him to keep his volume low. Sarpanch ji tells him not to talk between the big people. Ram Sharan spits on the ground, to show the low level of these so called rich people. Bhurelal decides to teach him a lesson. Constable too threatens to put him in jail.

At his home, Ram Sharan decides to face Bhurelal at the site tomorrow. Next day, Bhurelal pulls Suman but Ram Sharan stops him. Bhurelal’s men catch hold of him. He spits on the ground and then make Ram Sharan taste it. Policemen are passing by but they too refuse to interfere in their personal matter. Bhurelal bluntly tells Ram Sharan that he likes Suman. Give her to me nicely or I will take her by force. You have no option. Suman and Shobha rush to Ram Sharan’s side. Ram Sharan and his family pack their bags at night. We will go to Mumbai to Mahesh’s place.

Present: Shobha tells Prashant that they are running since that day. Prashant confirms with Ram Sharan if he has really seen Bhurelal in this city. Ram Sharan cannot understand how Bhurelal is able to track him down every single time. At one point of time, I got fed up of all this. I felt like killing myself. I tried to take police’s help but in vain. He cries badly. Shobha adds that they left their ancestral village. It is all about your status in the society. Prasahnt disagrees. Law gives equal rights to everyone. If some people dint listen to you then it doesn’t mean that everyone else will do the same. You have to keep your hope alive at any cost.

Prashant and Ashima are on their way to Hajipur village. They meet Sarpanch of the village. Prashant discusses the topic of rich and poor with Sarpanch. Law is not just made for the rich people. They have been made for everyone. These differences will stay till the time we insist upon this idea of discrimination. Sarpanch is confused as to why is Prashant only talking about this matter. Prashant says a man from your village only was forced to leave his home, his ancestral village because of this very factor! He takes Ram Sharan’s name but Sarpanch calls him mad. Prashant replies that Ram Sharan is not mad but you people have pushed him towards it. Like every other citizen, he too has a right to live in this society, with his head held high. No one can snatch this constitutional right from him, not even you. Prashant and Ashima leave. Sarpanch stands there speechless. He calls Bhurelal. Ram Sharan’s case has escalated to a very high level. Two people had come from the city. They looked like some really influential people. They have just left from the village. Handle them now!

Bhurelal stops his jeep right in front of Prashant’s taxi. Prashant and Ashima get down from the taxi. BHurelal gives his intro. Prashant advises him to surrender to police. Bhurelal agrees. But the police here surrender to me.

Chapra Police Station:
A senior inspector calls Hajipur police station and scolds the incharge there for negligence. Keep your resignation ready if we will have to answer to the media. He ends the call. He apologizes to Prashant next for the lax.

Hajipur Police Station:
Bhurelal and the inchrage discuss the matter. There has to be a way out. Right then senior inspector comes there and arrests both of them.

Ghatkopar, Mumbai:
Shobha is missing her home. Sarpanch ji comes to take them home. He even touches Ram Sharan to help him in getting up. He sits down next to them. I have come to take you back to your village. I am sorry for whatever happened with you. I promise there will be no more discrimination between anyone anymore. There will be no more rich or poor. Let us go home.

Bhurelal was charged Under Section 306, 522 and 503 for compelling Ram Sharan to commit suicide and for mentally torturing him. Also, Bhurelal and his gang were also charged under section 351 and 354 of IPC for misbehaving with Suman. Ram Sharan and his family returned to Hajipur and they started afresh with Sarpanch’s help.

Sakshi (says) humanity should be our biggest religion, according to which everyone is equal. Our constitution too talks about equality. Please don’t think lowly of yourself ever. Raise your voice against injustice. Remember, no one can snatch your rights from you! Plus no one can make you feel low if without your permission. Please contact the below mentioned helpline numbers if you or someone around you is negative about life. This is one such organization which works mentally disturbed people. Maybe your one effort can save someone’s life.

Bandrewala Association (24×7 Helpline)
Contact – 1860 266 2345

Official FB Page: Cyrus and Priya Bandrewala Foundation

Update Credit to: Pooja

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