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Sakshi says, people say that only a few lucky ones get true love in their life. But what about those people who don’t value such true love? Sakshi counters that love has a different meaning for every person. For some, it is for their whole life while for some, it is just a part of their big life. Sakshi is confused. When someone loves you then he / she has a right to receive love too. We agree that everyone should fall in love once in our life time. But it isn’t necessary that we will also get loved in return. Losing is love doesn’t mean that we should give up in life too!

A guy in jail is crying to himself, muttering all the while that he has killed (her). (She) lost her life because of me only. Constable tells him to stop acting that he is on fast (since last 2 days). Eat now! The guy continues to cry and repeat the same thing all over again and again. constable tells his senior that the tv actor has slit his wrist.

A guy and Ashima discuss about life 24×7. The guy works there. I cannot understand why people can even think of giving up their life so easily. Normally what is a small thing for us becomes the matter of life and death for someone else. Doctor Prashant comes there. While asking for happiness from life, we often forget that happiness is an inside job. Ashima gets a call from Inspector Jagat. Ashima hears him and then tells his sir about it. Dr. Mathur has given your reference to him. He was telling me that Kunal Sharma, the tv actor who has been arrested under the charge of killing his model girlfriend Ishita Kapoor, had tried to commit suicide in jail. Everyone thinks that Ishita has committed suicide because of Kunal.

Pune, Maharashtra:
A Journalist talks about the other (shocking) side of glamour life. Famous industrialist Pradeep Sharma’s son, tv actor Kunal Sharma, tried to commit suicide in jail yesterday. The questions arise if it was done as he was pained at her girlfriend’s act or if this is some kind of cheap publicity stunt. Ishita Kapoor’s mother, who has been a very famous actress in her life, has blamed Kunal for her daughter’s death.

Prashant and Ashima come to meet Inspector Jagat. Inspector tells them that though Kunal is out of danger right now, he is mentally very disturbed. Nurse comes to inform him that there is an emergency. She rushes to call the doc. Inspector Jagat, Prashant and Ashima walk inside the ICU. Kunal continues to blame himself for Ishita’s death. I too don’t want to live. Doc tells them that Kunal is not in a condition to talk right now. Inspector closes the door. Prashant and Ashima are still standing outside watching Kunal cry and plead to the nurses to leave his hand. Ashima thinks that it is his guilt. He had tortured his girl so much that she committed suicide. Prashant receives a call from Kunal’s dad.

Prashant, Ashima and Pradeep discuss about Kunal. Pradeep has been told by Dr. Mathur that you (Dr. Prashant) can help Kunal in getting out of this trauma. Prashant agrees to help in whatever way he can. Pradeep says I don’t think Kunal will need your help. I am sure my son wont do this kind of stupidity again. prashant questions him on the same. were you sure earlier that Kunal was going to do such thing? It is very important to understand Kunal’s mental state. Don’t worry the matter wont reach either police or media. I dint come here to investigate, I only want to help Kunal. Pradeep is worried that Kunal is continuously blaming himself for Ishita’s death. This can actually go against the case. Prashant points out that that is the task of Kunal’s lawyers. We want to focus on his mental state. Ashima requests him to tell them more about Kunal and his relationship with Ishita.

Pradeep says these days you get to meet people in random parties or clubs, love happens and then fights and all start which leads to breakup. Same thing happened in Kunal-Ishita’s case. They both broke up 8-9 months ago. Both of them parted ways one day. Since then Kunal has not kept any contact with Ishita. Why is Kunal getting dragged in all this if that girl commits suicide after 8-9 months of their breakup? Kunal’s career is getting hampered. Anuradha Kapoor (Ishita’s mom) is behind this. She wants to send my son to jail.

Ashima and Prashant come to meet Anuradha. She is sure Kunal is faking all this drama to gain court’s sympathy. He has tortured my daughter mentally and physically.

Anuradha had returned one day. Ishita had eaten sleeping pills, foam was coming out of her mouth. She blames Kunal for it. I had tried to make my daughter understand a lot that the guy is not worth her time. He was just a struggler. Ishita was 20 years old only but was a top model already. She had ruined her career because of that guy. He has hurt my daughter a lot.

Ishita was drinking one evening. She told her mother how she has killed her own baby. I was pregnant! But I am sure everything will be fine. It’s not a big deal, it happens. Ishita hugs her mom.

Prashant asks Anuradha if this was the reason as to why Ishita took her life. Anuradha denies. this happened 8-9 months after that incident. That pain dint leave her and broke her from inside. Maybe my daughter would have been alive today but that Kunal was not ready to leave her alone. I had never liked him. Neither he nor his father values relations at all. This suicide attempt is only to gain sympathy.

Outside, Ashima tells her Sir about Kunal’s family. His parents divorced long time back and Kunal doesn’t get along well with his mother. If Ishita has lost her life because of Kunal then he should be punished. Prashant says we don’t do anything to punish anyone. we should not get judgemental. Our work is to save someone’s life. Ashima thinks maybe Kunal did all this to gain sympathy.

Prashant asks Inspector Jagat about Kunal. How did he attempt it? Inspector Jagat tells them that Kunal was acting weird / mad. He dint even touch food for two days. Doc told me that Kunal has hurt his wrist very badly because of which he lost lots of blood. Prashant discusses the same with Ashima in the car. Kunal wouldn’t have hurt himself this badly if he was just doing it for sympathy. He would have chosen an easier way for that then. ashima says this means he genuinely needs our help to get out of his mental trauma.

Kunal is in the hospital. He is staring blankly at the wall. He thinks of his birthday. Ishita was singing happy birthday song for him (was teasing him actually) and had put cake on his face. He runs after her and they both end up falling on top of each other.

Pradeep introduces Prashant and Ashima to Kunal and then leaves from there. Ashima says you loved Ishita a lot, right? Kunal shakes his head. I still do. We parted ways 6 months ago but I still cared about her a lot. She was a wonderful person. She had filled my life with happiness. Flashback shows where Kunal is celebrating his birthday with Ishita and a few of their close friends. She has always made me feel very special whereas I was unable to do anything even though I wanted to. They had a fight once. He was busy in his shoot and she had closed the door on his face. You don’t love me anymore. I have been on the peak of this industry. I am not some yester year’s model and neither have I lost my charm. I am much more talented than you. flashback ends. Kunal stops while saying that Ishita did something as she got angry.

Prashant asks him about Ishita going for an abortion. Kunal nods. Approx 8-9 months ago and it was my fault. Kunal had tried to make Ishita understand that they cannot get married at this age. I am just 22. Think about yourself and our future. I just cannot take this big responsibility on me right now. get the baby aborted. Its ok, it happens. Its not a big deal. Ishita was heartbroken and had broken up with him. kunal says, we met later too and things had become normal. I was hurt because of it but it was important for both of us. Things took turn for the worse later on. The daily fights! I made my distance from her in 2-3 days that eventually led to our break up. I never wanted her to do anything like this but she gave up her life because of me. its all my fault. Prashant denies. it was Ishita’s choice. But what you do with your life now is your choice.

Prashant tells Ashima that Kunal appears to be ok from outside but he is not completely fine yet. We have to be careful. Pradeep blames Anuradha. She is the one who used to instigate Ishita against Kunal since the beginning.

Ishita, her mom, Kunal and her dad had gone out for dinner once. Ishita was really happy that they were all together. A girl had walked up to their table. ishita declined to give her autograph as it was family time but Kunal had penned it down for the girl upon her askance. Anuradha dint like it at all. She got up and left from there. Ishita had tried to make her understand but Anuradha spoke against Kunal. If you will continue this way then one day life will stop giving you chances. All this will happen because of that loser who has done nothing till date. Why don’t you understand that he is using you and your name? He is a struggler, he is a zero before you. she had walked out of the restaurant. Pradeep says Anuradha always felt that Ishita’s career was getting hampered because of Kunal. But the truth is, Ishita had stopped getting more offers.

Prashant is sure something is being hidden from them. kunal too had stopped mid sentence while telling us something. Maybe we will find out something from Ishita’s casting agency.

The casting agency guy tells them how Ishita never had to go out to look for work as she was Anuradha Kapoor’s daughter. Anuradha Kapoor was a very famous actress of her time. Ashima asks him about Ishita. He replies that in the beginning Ishita was very friendly with everyone but with time and success she became arrogant. Ishita used to select any contract only if people used to agree with her terms and conditions. Everyone (the companies, or your agency) wants to work with Ishita Kapoor only. You all need me, I don’t!

Prashant and Ashima meet Shivani (Ishita’s best friend) next. She talks well about Kunal. They both used to fight all the time but they both loved each other a lot, like any normal couple. Their fights were mostly baseless, over small things. Ishita was actually depressed as her career wasn’t going well.

Ishita was replaced in one of the shows. Ishita was all hyper after the call. I anyways don’t have any work now. This show was very important for me. Agency head comes there. You dint turn up so we make Meghna the show stopper at the last minute. Ishita shouts on him. why did you feel that I wont come? You think I am not professional enough? I dint become a top model for no reason. I am going to sue you! Shivani says Ishita was highly frustrated because of her work. She was a super model once after all. Our industry is like that only. Nothing is permanent here. She was anyways disturbed both with her professional and personal life. She was getting herself treated for the same. ashima takes the details of Dr. Mehra from her.

Dr. mehra says Ishita was very impulsive. She was mentally depressed. Maybe she was this way from her childhood only. A person becomes what their childhood teaches them to be. Maybe her past was somehow the reason behind all her insecurities in life.

Ashima and Prashant reach Sarita Devi’s house. Sarita had worked at Kapoor House for years. Ishita was very young then. she was like a doll. She loved her parents a lot but she had made her mother her life when her father passed away. Little Ishita gets ready like her mom. I want to look just like you. you are very beautiful, even more than me. Anuradha had called Sarita to ask her if they both don’t look alike. Sarita affirms. Ishita was against the idea of her mother sending her to boarding school. Ishita had run away from the house because of the same. she was found in her school’s church. She was only saying one thing all the time. No one loves me God. Dad left me with mom but she doesn’t love me at all. No one loves me God. Do you love me? please call me to you if you love me. Sarita says God called her to him finally. Ishita yearned all her life for love. she used to shower love on everyone but no one had time for her. no one used to love her.

Prashant meets Kunal’s friend now. He talks in Kunal’s favour. It is wrong that no one loved Ishita. No one could love her more than Kunal. Ishita was quite sentimental. Kunal was very serious for her. he only had handled her when she had tried to commit suicide for the first time. Prashant is taken aback.

Prashant wonders why Kunal hid it from them. he get to know from the inspector that Kunal has got bail.

Kunal is in his balcony. He is thinking of all the good times with Ishita; their breakup. Her words haunt her. he is about to fall from there when his father holds him. have you lost it? Kunal blames himself for Ishita’s death. I have no right to live.

Ashima asks Kunal the reason of fights in his relationship. Kunal replies how life is tough. Sometimes you take out the anger, frustration of your personal and professional life at the wrong time. Another fight had happened between Kunal and Ishita. She had come late for their date. He was irritated and she too had lost her cool. Kunal says I used to love and care for her a lot.

Ishita was making sand castle. She had warned him not to make her angry or she will go far away from him. He had said that he will bring her back from wherever she goes. They were happy together. Back to present, Kunal is in tears that his Ishu went really far from him this time. I cannot bring her back now even if I try to! Prashant talks about Ishita’s previous suicide attempt. Kunal had always wanted to make her feel special but never knew how to do it. The same fight is shown where Ishita had closed the door. When he had opened it somehow he was shocked to see her slit wrist. Kunal used to take extra care of Ishita afterwards. She only needed love. maybe I couldn’t give her that much love. she had called me a few days before she committed suicide.

Ishita was drunk. She had requested Kunal to come back in her life. He had told her to forget it. we cannot be together anymore. He had disconnected the call.

Prashant tells Kunal that Ishita dint commit suicide because of him for the first time either and neither are you responsible for her death. She did it all because of her impulsive nature. Kunal is unable to bring himself to think like this. if Ishita did it all in her anger then the reason of her anger was me only. Prashant says most of the times we humans take out all our anger, frustrations on that one person who is the source of happiness in our life. Ashima too adds that he was not at fault with whatever happened with Ishita. It is just your guilt. You are doing wrong by blaming yourself again and again. Kunal talks about the society. Prashant points out that no one can make him feel low in his eyes till he himself believes in it. Winning and losing depends on us and our acceptance.

Prashant is with Anuradha. This time I have come here to meet a mother, to bring her out of the guilt that she is feeling. She is feeling that deep down she too is responsible somehow for what happened to her daughter. Stop punishing yourself. You know it well that Kunal loved Ishita a lot. Ishita committed suicide only because of her impulsive nature. She had made an attempt earlier too. Your daughter had suicidal tendencies from the beginning itself. You never liked Kunal, blamed him for your daughter’s sinking career and later on of her death. Your anger is justified. You have lost your daughter but you too are responsible in it somewhere. It is the responsibility of our loved ones to show us the right path when we lose direction in life. Ashima adds how she should have taught Ishita to accept life as it is, that life is not finished if a relation is over. You should have motivated her if her career was getting over. Prashant says it isn’t smartness to risk someone else’s life for your loved ones.

Anuradha comes to meet Kunal. I can never forgive you for what happened with Ishita but I wont be able to forgive myself too. I dint want to understand what Ishita was feeling. I should have made her understand things, life. She was upset with the whole world and somewhere she was upset with herself only. Mistake is mine. Take care.

Kunal cries looking at the photos in his phone. Anuradha too cries for her daughter at her home.

Prashant and Ashima are watching news. Anuradha has addressed the media stating that Kunal Sharma is not responsible for Ishita’s death. Ashima too tells Prashant that Anuradha has accepted the facts that Ishita took that step on impulse. I had a word with Kunal’s doctor too. Wish we could have reached out to Ishita on time. She was so young. She would have done so much in her life. Prashant says every person has different set of strength to fight with his / her problems. Some smile while some break seeing the problems. Ishita dint have any reason to live once her family, her career and Kunal left her. these small problems became really big one day, prompting her to end her life. Ashima goes to bring coffee for him. prashant looks at tv again and then looks at a photo in his wallet.

Sakshi says life gives us new chances every time. You should let go of all the burdens. If you have made a mistake, try to rectify it. if you cannot do so then promise never to repeat it again. promise your life that you will live through it come what may.

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