Code Red 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Code Red 23rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

A man calls someone. A girl checks Saurabh’s call but then puts her phone on silent. Saurabh continues to call her every now and then. She finally picks up the call. Please don’t do it. There is a decency. Atleast please don’t end that! Saurabh suggests her to meet and talk. Everything will be fine like it was earlier. She denies. Nothing was right earlier which is why he broke up. He wants to talk about something important. She agrees but firmly tells him that this is the last time that they are meeting.

Sakshi (host) says people tend to hold on to things when relations break. Some people are not able to accept their breakup. They start living in the illusion that their relation can work out again. Same was happening with Saurabh Chaturvedi whereas his girlfriend, Priya, was thinking of starting a new life, but only her own. Saurabh could not look beyond that emptiness though!

Theme – Emptiness

Priya has come to meet Saurabh only for 15 minutes. He understands that there were problems in their relations but why not try to work it out. She tells him to forget her and move on. I have moved on. He asks about the name of the guy but she begins to walk away. He stops her. She points out that she is not going to come back now. I have nothing to do with you now! Saurabh is all heartbroken.

Saurabh goes to buy some medicines from a chemist shop but cannot buy it without a prescription. He continues walking on the road all blank. He reaches home and keeps the bottle of phenyl on the table. He sits down to write. It is all empty inside when love ends. I have no idea what people do when their life turns this way but I have understood that I cannot live like this, without love. It is better to kill myself, without blaming anyone for it, before this emptiness sucks life out of me. I would also want to say that people should not fall in love. If they do fall in love then I hope they are not cheated.

3 years ago, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh:
Saurabh takes his parents blessings before leaving for Mumbai. Sharda ji (Saurabh’s mom) is not happy with the fact that her son had to go so far away. Her husband talks about opportunities. This is why we came to Lucknow from our village. Our son will soar really high one day.

Present: Saurabh writes, I know you will be very hurt but you would have been all the more hurt if you see my condition now. Nothing is left inside me. He gets a call from his father. Saurabh decides not to talk to him at the moment. I cant even face you at this hour. You have raised me with a lot of difficulty. His father continuously calls him. Saurabh shakes his head as he looks at the phone. You are making it all the more difficult for me. Please don’t do this. He suddenly wonders if everything is alright back at home. What if there is some problem?

Saurabh calls back his father. He is concerned about his parents. Are you both alright? His father affirms that they both are fine. Please take leave for 3 days. You have to go to Pune to meet my friend Harish ji. He gave me a new life when I was completely broken / fed up with my life. Harish uncle slipped in the bathroom and has a fracture in his leg. Please take care of him till we are able to reach Pune. You should leave tonight itself. We will reach in 3 days time. Saurabh declines. His father decides to send Sharda then. Saurabh knows that his mother doesn’t keep so well. His father replies that we cannot just think about ourselves every time. Saurabh agrees to leave in half an hour. Saurabh decides not to go. I am unable to handle my own life. How will I take care of someone who I don’t even know! I am sorry I couldn’t do this too.

Saurabh tries to gulp down the phenyl but in vain. My parents are pining hopes from me when all my own hopes are dead. Why cant they leave that man alone? Saurabh packs his bag. Fair enough, I can do this last work for my parents before I die; but then I will do what I was about to do today. He leaves the bottle there only and boards a bus for Pune.

Sakshi says Saurabh was depressed from his breakup and was thinking of committing suicide when his parents gave him a responsibility in the end. Saurabh thought it necessary to fulfil this first. But he was determined to carry out his plan after 3 days.

J.D.M. Hospital, Pune:
Saurabh reaches Harish’s ward. He is snoring but wakes up after hearing the noise Saurabh makes in the room. Saurabh gives his intro. Harish makes him switch on the light and wears his specs. You were very small (infant) when I had last seen you. You had peed on me. Help me only as much as I ask for. You can sleep on the sofa. He gives some instructions to Saurabh before he lies down to sleep again.

Saurabh thinks of his last meeting with Priya as he lies down on the sofa. He wakes up late in the morning. Harish scolds him and talks against the kids of today’s generation. Saurabh goes to freshen up. A nurse checks Harish’s blood pressure. He chitchats with her nicely. He isn’t impressed to know that such a beautiful girl doesn’t even have a boyfriend. I will become your boyfriend. We will go out for movies and dinner dates as soon as I get well. She agrees and leaves. Harish makes Saurabh write a list of what all he needs and when. They are at loggerheads all the time. Harish hits his nerve by calling him a coward. Looks like you want to run away but I wont let it happen. Go downstairs and meet the receptionist. Look at her carefully. Ask her name. I had seen her yesterday. She looked very beautiful. Saurabh stares at him irritated. He has no option but to go downstairs.

Arvind (Saurabh’s father) calls Saurabh. Saurabh is highly irritated as he talks about Harish. Arvind ji will be reaching a day late so Saurabh has to stay here for a total of 4 days now. Saurabh simply reads the name tag on the receptionist’s saree.

Harish calls Saurabh boring and useless person. You dint even took Kaveri’s photo. Do you have any girlfriend? Harish says it is my personal matter. Harish tells him that he was the king of romance in his younger days. Saurabh sarcastically calls him Dev Anand, but Harish is happy to hear that. He gives some money to Saurabh to buy a bouquet. How is your handwriting? Saurabh asks him if he will have to write a love letter too. Harish ji replies that a guy like you wont be able to write even a suicide letter properly. Saurabh cannot understand any of his logics. He walks out of the ward angrily. I wont do any of his work now. I will do what I had decided to do now. No one can come between me and my death.

Saurabh hesitantly gifts the bouquet to Kaveri. Saurabh is actually hesitant, apologetic too, but the lady is happy. Old age is a myth. We become old when we start believing in that lie. I will personally come to thank your uncle.

Saurabh thinks of Priya as he sits outside in the corridor. He dials her number but then disconnects it thinking of their last meeting. Harish wants to know if the girl Kaveri (45 years old lady) was happy. Saurabh affirms irritated. She was so happy that she told me that she will come by to thank you personally. Saurabh makes it clear to him that they are not at the same pace at all so he is leaving from here. I don’t think that you need me at all. Harish says I am getting discharged day after tomorrow. You are not going anywhere till then. Saurabh asks him he wants him to give bouquets to all the nurses till then, ask their details. Harish insists that he wont go anywhere till his father comes. The nurses cannot be with him all the time so I will have to bear your boring and constipated face till then.

Saurabh gets a call from his neighbor (Sharmila aunty). He gets to know that Priya had come. She has left a carton for you. Saurabh is all teary eyed as he ends the call. He calls Priya’s number but she is not picking up. Harish asks him about Priya. Priya sends a sms to Saurabh. I have returned all your gifts. That was the only reason why I had come over. Harish tries to make him talk and succeeds. Saurabh spills the beans about his suicide.

Nurse (Swati) comes there. Harish flirts with her. She wishes her boyfriend Rajeev was also like him. He calls Saurabh furniture. Swati leaves. Harish tells Saurbah to go and eat his last lunch. Keep your expressions exactly same afterwards as it suits a loser like you. Saurabh angrily walks out of the ward.

Doc checks Harish. He confirms Harish’s discharge day after tomorrow. Harish flirts with Swati again. He asks Saurabh afterwards whether he had submitted his resignation or had thought of shocking his office people like his parents. You must have thought of a sad way to end your life. That suits you! I was in the same situation 6 years ago. She was very beautiful. We spent some 40 years together. We were married. I was completely broken but I could never commit suicide. Saurabh refuses to talk on the topic. Harish smiles.

Saurabh supports Harish while he walks. Harish is curious about his idea committing suicide. How will you do it? What have you thought about it? Harish hits him right on the nerve all the time.

Saurabh tells his father not to come. I will drop him at his home and then head back to my home. His father suggests him to stay with Harish ji for one day. His father decides not to cancel their tickets then. Saurabh refuses to fall in his blackmail this time. You can do as you please. He ends the call. I have something very important to do that will take me away from this empty feeling.

Saurabh gives medicines to Harish. I have spoken to papa. I will drop you home and then move ahead to my place. Harish talks about how his fate has fooled him. You were going to commit suicide but your father called you and the whole situation changed. You were bound to be rushed to the hospital as an emergency case but you came to help me. Saurabh retorts that he doesn’t know anything about him. Harish reasons that neither Priya nor he knows anything about himself. I only know what you told me. Saurabh and Priya breakup. Saurabh is a loser, a weak person. He is unable to commit suicide. Right then his parents call him. He comes to Pune to take care of his father’s friend. His plan of committing suicide takes a break for 3 whole days. But now Saurabh is heading back to Mumbai. Will he commit suicide now? Is he daring enough to do it? Can he hurt his parents thus? Will Saurabh blame Priya for his cowardice? Saurabh switches off the lights and lies down on the sofa, with his back at Harish ji.

Harish wants to know if Priya has dumped him. You are every worth it. Saurabh switches on the lights. I and Priya love each other a lot but I am a UP Brahmin whereas she is a Christian. She had thought that her parents will agree but in vain. They spoke about breakup and she fell weak. Harish points out that he dint do anything right by thinking about committing suicide either. Saurabh reasons that he isn’t a flirt like him. Harish points out that everyone feels happy with his flirting. Your parents, Priya, your friends will celebrate when you commit suicide, right? Have you ever tried it before? Saurabh tells him not to even think of telling all this to his parents. Harish is not at all interested in seeing such a coward person alive. I will tell your parents, Priya that they all are lucky. Saurabh thanks him for his help. I wont forget it ever. Harish says you need life to remember something for lifetime. You must have written a sorry letter (suicide note) for everyone. Have you, loser? Saurabh walks out of the ward and is in thoughts.

Harish ji gets discharged. Saurabh comes to drop him off to his home. Harish has a gift for Saurabh. I know you don’t want it but still keep it. This is life’s last gift. Go carefully. Don’t die in some accident. Enjoy dying slowly at home. Saurabh tells him that it is his life. Please keep your suggestions to yourself. Harish smells positivity and strength. This is not allowed. You have to die eventually. Please don’t dismiss the idea of suicide. Saurabh says I have already said that to my past. Harish is curious. Saurabh said it to everything yesterday itself. I will face my every truth now. Harish pretends to be disappointed as his party plans got cancelled. Saurabh hugs him finally. Thank you for all the scolding. This situation will never come again in life.

Mumbai-Pune Expressway:
Saurabh opens the gift. There is a letter inside the box written by Harish ji. Thank you Saurabh. A lonely old man gets really bored at hospital. You have handled me pretty nicely. You are a good human being. I couldn’t think of a gift for you so I am giving you this empty box. This box is life which is empty only. Something comes and goes out of our life always but loneliness is a natural thing. Important thing is to fill this box with beautiful moments, and memories. I hope your mind and heart is free of all the negative thoughts. Start filling it now. All the best. Saurabh is emotional as he finishes reading the letter.

Saurabh writes a message to Priya. I am neither stalking you nor piling on. This is my last message to you. I am not even taking any wrong step even. I am simply moving forward. I have accepted my breakup and have even done breakup with my loneliness. I love myself and m life now. Best of luck. Final goodbye. Priya smiles (emotionally) as she reads it.

Saurabh comes home and tears the suicide note he had written. He looks at the box. Thank you Harish uncle; to my parents for making me meet him; and to my fate. Please flirt with me forever. I will fill this box every single time. He keeps the box safely on his study table.

Sakshi says Saurabh has returned back to life now. He took out the frustration, rejection an depression from his heart and mind. Lie is very simple. We can either fill it with all the sad things in life or choose to make it beautiful. Good things often take birth from pain only.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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