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Sakshi gives an intro about the story – every new seed gives birth to a new life, a new hope. But what about those people who cannot become parents yearn for a kid? Sakshi counters that there are options like adoption but many people insist on having their own blood child only. It is wrong to just think of having a blood child of their own who can take their lineage further. Our life moves on the basis of those relations that are formed from the heart. They only give us real happiness.

A baby is crying. Sujata (baby’s mother) removes her mangalsutra and gives a tearful kiss to her baby. Her family members and doctor (Dr. Prashant Bhaskar) bang at the door asking her to open it but Sujata is shifting table under the fan. She puts her dupatta across the fan and climbs over the table. she hears the echoes of people telling her to kill her baby girl, we don’t want another baby girl. go and kill yourself. From outside, people continue to prod her to open the door and listen to them but Sujata is in a completely different world. She hangs herself finally. Her doctor, a lady and Ashima are successful in breaking the door just then. Prashant holds her feet and pushes her higher so as to save her. they bring Sujata down. A lady holds Sujata’s baby and cries seeing Sujata thus while Prashant tells Ashima to be with Sujata till her mental condition stabilises.

Next day, Ashima reaches her office. She is talking to some Swati on her phone. I cannot disclose anything about this case to you right now. She shows the newspaper to her boss (same doc). There is an article about your organization as to how we help / save people who try to attempt suicide. I feel that every person is capable not just to save himself / herself but others too. Prashant nods. It is very important to understand the mental condition of all those who have or who want to commit suicide. Their life is one dark tunnel. They feel that this darkness can only disappear after their death. Our organization, Life 24×7, tries to make them understand there is a light at the end of every tunnel. There is a new after every long, dark night. Ashima receives a message from some Preeti. She is sending me pretty emotional messages. I just want to walk holding those little hands. I will not be sad if I die too then. Prashant understands that this girl is worried over something. Find out about her.

A function is going on at someone’s house. A couple is also present there. Just when the lady (Asha) holds the baby boy, another lady takes him from her. People talk about this as to how this lady is infertile. Why was she called in this function then (some function related to baby)? The couple comes back to their home.

The lady’s MIL is taunting Asha at home too. Naveen (her son) tries to stop her from saying stuff like that but his mother continues. I cannot stop going to my relatives place because of your wife. Why did she have to pick up the baby in her arms? Naveen cannot understand why it was such a big deal if Asha picked him up. His mother is yearning for her grandkid. People are listening to their convo from outside. The mother blames Asha’s father as he knew that his daughter cannot give birth ever yet he let her marry. The ladies outside gossip about how this has been happening every single day since last six months! Naveen notices them and closes the main door of their house. He is pained to see his wife all sad and tearful.

In their room, Naveen assures Asha that he is happy with her. All that I had wanted in life was you. I don’t want anything else. His mom calls out for him so he leaves. Asha recalls their happy times together. They had married against Naveen’s mother’s wish. Naveen had suggested a solution for making his mother happy – a baby daughter. Asha cries thinking about the same.

Prashant makes Ashima re-read the message sent by Preeti. he deduces that it is a mother and the situation is tensed. There is another message from the sender. How long should I endure this suffocating life and my tears? I have no dreams or wishes; it is just me and loneliness now. Doc is sure the situation is not good at the other end. Find out registered address on the basis of this number.

Asha is looking at the photos in her phone. She wipes a tear from the corner of her eye as yesterday’s incident pops up in her mind again.

Naveen watches some kids running excitedly. One of the girls fall down. He imagines himself helping that girl but his smile disappears when he realises the reality. A guard helps the girl in getting up.

Naveen reaches his office. His colleague (Mr. Sharma) has taken off for half day as it is his daughter’s birthday today. She wants to go to amusement park. Naveen asks his another fellow colleague about his investment papers. Mr. Sharma is surprised. Who are you doing all this for? Its been so long that you are married, you should start family planning now. honestly speaking, life is ours but it is the kids who fill colours in it. One of the ladies observes Naveen’s expressions. She asks him (not publically) if he went to see Dr. Sumitra. She is a very good gynaecologist. I had given you her number. Naveen nods. My wife is taking medicines from her.

Doc gets Duggal’s old address. He reaches there with Ashima and asks a lady about Duggals. She says they left some six months ago. They used to fight day and night as Asha dint have a baby. Her MIL used to taunt her on the same every now and then. Asha’s husband was caught in between his mother and his wife. He used to work in some bank. She leaves as she is in a rush. Doc thanks her. Ashima feels that maybe Asha only is sending messages to them as Preeti. Doc nods. There is MIL, DIL in a house but no baby which is the cause of tension in their home. We start getting such messages then, maybe the husband is also not very much supportive. They decide to track down Asha asap then. She might be feeling lonely at the moment and wont be able to handle herself. Doc asks her if the number is always switched off whenever she tries to call Preeti. Ashima nods. He says we will have to find the exact location of this number asap.

There is a puja at Asha’s home for her baby. Naveen is not too happy to see it but his mother is! Priest asks Asha to extend her hand. Her MIL makes her do so but Asha passes out. Naveen gets concerned but his mother says Asha has kept a fast for this havan. She will be fine once she eats something. This is nothing. She extends Asha’s hand and makes the priest tie the holy thread around her wrist. Naveen is unable to say anything now.

At night, Naveen kisses Asha’s forehead and then walks out of the room thinking that she is sleeping but she opens her eyes as soon as he is gone. Asha recalls gynaec’s words. There are some complications because of which Asha cannot become a mother. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot become parents. There are many options available these days. You can even adopt a baby if you want to. Asha had tried to make Naveen talk into adopting a baby but he had refused to have a baby that is not his blood. Back to present, Asha cries badly as she recalls that incident.

Ashima receives another message late at night. Next day, she tells her sir that she had called back at that number immediately after receiving the message but it was switched off by then. They are getting Asha’s number tracked. They get to know that the location is Kandiwali East. The exact location can be determined only when the phone is switched on again. Doc suggests the guy to monitor it diligently. This is a distressed caller. It is clear from her messages that she is looking for help. She is unable to reach us though or maybe someone is stopping her from reaching out to us. The message will come again.

Asha and Naveen are in the market. She is looking at purses when she notices Naveen eyeing the toys shop. Naveen says we can be as rich as we want to but we wont be able to buy these toys ever.

A lady is instigating Naveen’s mother to get her son divorced. Find a good girl and get your son married. He will forget Asha ultimately. Naveen’s mother gives that lady the responsibility of the same. Asha was walking behind them only and has heard their entire convo.

Naveen is watching tv. His mother calls out for him. Asha is lying unconscious on the floor. They take Asha to the hospital. A passing by lady (Sudha) observes them.

Doc and Ashima are searching for Duggals in all the localities of Kandiwali East Area.

Naveen tells Asha not to be so worried. Asha tells him how his mother has started seeing other girls for him. He is confused. He calls out for his mother and cross confirms it with her. His mother insists upon him divorcing Asha if she cannot give him a child. Asha breaks down. Naveen tries to comfort her. you know how Ma is. I wont leave you ever. He hugs her.

Doc and Ashima meet Sudha. She tells them about Asha Duggal’s house number. Have you come from hospital? Something had happened to Asha yester night. How is she now? She must have eaten something wrong. Doc thanks her.

Prashant gives his intro to Asha’s MIL. Our organization helps those people who are fed up of their lives and think of committing suicide. Asha’s MIL is confused. There is nothing wrong here. It is a happy family. Ashima asks her if they can meet / talk to Asha once. Prashant adds that they have received messages from Asha. She is very disturbed mentally. Please allow us to talk to her before she takes some extreme step. Asha’s MIL insists them to talk to her only. She tries to hide / dismiss the matter when Ashima prods her about Asha’s infertility, the peer pressure of a baby and how they had taken Asha to clinic yesterday. Asha’s MIL tells them to go as they are not needed here. Prashant points out that she is wrong. A very serious problem can arise from this. Asha’s MIL tells him not to worry about their problems.

Downstairs, Sudha asks Prashant and Ashima that Asha’s MIL must have shown them the door. That woman is like that only. Prashant sits down next to her. a good neighbour keeps an eye on their neighbours. Plus the main task of a neighbour is to make sure nothing goes wrong in her neighbour’s house too. My patient lives in that house. He writes down his number for her. call me in case you find something wrong in that house. Sudha nods. Prashant and Ashima are heading to Dr. Gupta’s clinic now (where Naveen had taken Asha yester night). He had noticed the prescription on the side table at Asha’s home.

Dr. Gupta says Asha dint attempt committing suicide. She is anaemic and very weak. She was very much tensed. Plus she is completely broken from inside because of not being able to conceive. Ashima asks him if she shared anything with him. Dr. Gupta denies. When Asha got conscious, I asked her how many kids she has but her MIL spoke up. She seems to be a short tempered lady. Naveen is supportive but he is exceptionally quiet. Maybe he stays depressed because of his wife’s condition. He works in a cooperative bank. His office is nearby only.

Prashant and Ashima reach Naveen’s office. Ashima shows him the messages sent by Asha. Is she worried over something? Naveen denies. this is not Asha’s number. Agreed that there are some problems between us at the moment but which family doesn’t? Prashant asks him if they can meet Asha but Naveen denies.

Naveen’s mother likes a girl (Preeto) for Naveen. She is discussing it with her friend, asking her to take things forward. Asha is in tears hearing their convo. She walks up to them. Naveen’s mother bluntly asks her to leave her son. Divorce papers will be ready in a few days time. Asha shakes her head. I will talk to Naveen about it. one of the ladies blame Asha for ruining Naveen’s life but Asha instead tells them not to speak in between someone’s personal matter. The ladies get up to go but Naveen’s mother tells Asha to leave from her home. Asha herself decides to leave from there as she is feeling suffocated there. It is better to die than live this way. She heads to her room, picks up her purse and leaves from there. Sudha notices her. she calls Prashant and informs him that Asha’s MIL has thrown Asha out of their house.

Asha calls Naveen. She tells him that his mother insulted her a lot today. I have borne a lot but not anymore. She disconnects the call.

Naveen comes home and asks his mother about what Asha was saying. His mother talks to him about his second marriage. The girl’s family is coming to see you today. he is not interested in it. asha left this home because of you. his mother is not at all concerned with whatever happens with Asha.

Ashima has got Asha’s mother’s home address from Sudha.

Asha’s mother is scolding Asha for leaving her home. Naveen loves you a lot. You shouldn’t have left the house like this. naveen reaches there just then. he requests her to come with him.

Naveen suggests to Asha that they will buy another flat. Asha knows that this is not the right solution for their problem. We will have to face it. I cannot take it anymore. Either you should talk to mummy ji about things properly or you should forget me. naveen is taken aback. Please try to understand me. I cannot forget you. She closes the door on his face.

Naveen is walking on the road absentmindedly.

Prashant and Ashima come to meet Asha. Asha is surprised hearing about the messages. She has no clue about what they are talking. Prashant tells her to take care of herself. He takes Naveen’s number from her.

Ashima and Prashant discuss about the messages. Prashant has realised that Asha is neither the victim nor the sender of those messages. Asha’s MIL has thrown her out of the house. If she had been the victim then she would have become impulsive. Asha is angry but she is not thinking of suicide.

Naveen is crying by the side of a road. He gets Prashant’s call. Prashant tries to talk to him but Naveen disconnects the call.

Preeto and her family has come to see Naveen. Naveen’s mother talks against Asha. Doorbell rings. Asha comes back home. She greets the guests. This divorce wont happen till I am alive. You all can leave. They leave finally. Asha’s MIL scolds her for ruining their life. We don’t want an infertile woman in our house. Asha shows her doctor’s reports. I am not infertile. The problem is with your son.

Prashant takes the file from her. this is truth. Your son and DIL know about this since last 4 years yet they both hid it from you. a woman can bear everything but she cannot take it if someone points fingers at her husband. Asha’s MIL is not ready to believe her. prashant says you never liked Asha yet the same Asha never your son’s secret come out in the open. Asha starts crying. Prashant tells her that Naveen’s life is in danger. He loves you a lot. He doesn’t want to live with this guilt anymore that you have to hear so much because of his incompetency. Ashima tells Naveen’s mom that they will have to talk to Naveen to make him understand things. No man in our society wants to be called impotent till date. It sounds like a swear but it is a disease. You have to throw this fear from his heart about how the society will react. Naveen’s mother has no clue about her son’s whereabouts. Ashima receives another message. All the roads are lost, even my shadow is nowhere to be seen. I am going to sink now just like the sun sets from my terrace. Prashant gets thinking.

Naveen is sitting at the edge of the terrace. He recalls how people have been blaming Asha for things. He is holding a sharp object in his hand. prashant reaches there. He calls out for Naveen. His mother, Ashima and Asha are looking for him too at the terrace. Naveen is thinking about all the incidents and of Asha’s condition; of doc telling him that he can never become a father. Prashant finally spots him.

Naveen threatens him not to step forward or he will hurt himself. Asha and his mother request her not to do something like that. He doesn’t want to embarrass them anymore. He confesses it that he is impotent. This has become the biggest problem of my life. I love Asha a lot but I couldn’t give her anything except pain and taunts. I couldn’t even give her a baby. I have no right to live. I want to die. Prashant reasons that this way he will prove Asha wrong in everyone’s eyes. People will blame her only that an infertile wife took her husband’s life. People will continue to talk no matter if you are dead or alive. It is true that you cannot become a father but you are breaking all your other ties for this one relation? Naveen is in a fix. I cannot see any other way. Ashima explains that this is just a disease. You cannot think of all this after being educated. Prasant says people will continue to talk and taunt but you have to live your life your way. Naveen is tired. Prashant adds that it is true kids complete a family. the way you are yearning for a smile (of a kid), maybe somewhere the same way a kid too will be yearning for a smile. Adopt a baby. Relations are formed from the heart, not blood. Think about this. it is in your hands to end your life but it will be great if you can give life to someone else. Asha hugs Naveen while Ashima comforts his mother.

Later on, they all discuss about how they identified that the sender was actually Naveen, not Asha. When Prashant had met Asha, he realised it. he had requested Asha to tell him the truth. She had called Naveen. Naveen assures Asha that she wont have to face any problem because of him from now onwards. No one will taunt you anymore. I love you! He had disconnected the call. Prashant says we couldn’t have reached Naveen in time without Asha. Naveen’s mom apologizes to Asha. You kept quiet all these years just to save my family’s honour? They share a hug.

After they are gone, Ashima says we think the problems are too big but that is not true. The biggest thing for anyone is their life.

Sakshi (host) explains that giving up in life is no solution. There is always a ray of hope indicating us to reach out for that one chance. If you or anyone you see or know has given up in life then they can contact on the below said number:

Bandrewala Foundation (24×7 Helpline)
Contact: 1860 266 2345
Official Facebook Page: Cyrus and Priya Bandrewala Foundation

Update Credit to: Pooja

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