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Code Red 22nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Letter to the Father:

New Delhi:
Pooja practises her speech before the mirror. She falters so her mother Savitri helps her. You must not be scared of anyone. Close your eyes when you feel scared. You will be able to speak clearly then. I am getting late and your father still isn’t home. Get ready and leave on time.

Pooja’s father, Bhushan, comes home. She hides under the bed to avoid him. He lies down to sleep on that very bed. She tries to escape but he holds her feet. She looks very scared of him.

Nayi Aawaz Head Office:
Kavya is confident as her one article stopped the office from closing down. Kabir has to meet an NGO. Kavya wants to come along

NGO Office:
The lady (Disha) has decided to visit 40 schools nearby. We will talk to the kids. We

want to create awareness amongst the kids that we are always there to help them. Kabir wants to accompany her.

Pooja’s House:
Bhushan is impressed by the paper bag that Pooja has made. Make one for me too. Now you can go to school. Pooja looks lost.

Sarvodaya Shaskiya Vidyalaya:
Pooja’s teacher (Dixit Ma’am) asks Pooja the reason for coming late today. Pooja lies that she slipped on her way to school. I forgot my project at home. Dixit Ma’am allows her inside. Pooja is sitting with her head down in the lunch break. She eats Pooja’s lunch. Savitri is happy that Pooja finished her lunch today.

At home, Pooja’s elder sister (Kavita) and her husband (Chirag) are at home too. Kavita tells Pooja not to give up on studies. You have to become something. You cannot end up like me. She sends Pooja in her room to study. Pooja comes to her room but she gets scared as she looks at the bed. She imagines her father lying on the bed.

Kabir and the Disha meet Sadhna (Principal of Sarvodaya Shaskiya Vidyalaya). They try to make her realise that s*x education is very necessary. Kids at time don’t understand anything about hild abuse. How will they react if they go through something like that? They come to school as they know that they will be heard and trusted here. They might know nothing of good touch and bad touch. Sadhna understands his point. Disha adds that the s*xually abused kids lack self confidence. They stay aloof. They don’t trust anyone.

A kid tries to talk to Pooja. He wants to become friends with her but knows that she is very hesitant all the time. He covers her eyes so it becomes easy for her to speak up.

Disha continues, such kids are very angry deep down. It can come out anytime for no reason even when the other person is not at fault.

Pooja thinks of her father and gets fuming. Pooja bites the hand of the kid.

Kabir says the abusers are at times their loved ones only. It is very tough to understand such symptoms.

Dixit Ma’am tells her parents about what Pooja did. Bhushan instead gets angry on the boy. How dare he touch my kid! I will set this school on fire if anything goes wrong!

Sadhna asks Kabir and Disha to come to school on Friday. I will tell you then if I get to know about any such case. Outside, Kabir and Disha see Pooja heading home with her parents.

Next day:
Bhushan has bought a new cycle for Pooja. I will teach her how to ride a bicycle. Pooja is highly uncomfortable when her father touches her hand while teaching her cycling. Pooja learns cycling with time.

Pooja reads nicely when no one is in the room. She goes all quiet and fumbles when her father comes in the room. He acts all tired. Your mother has fallen asleep. I thought of asking her to massage my feet but then I thought of you. He starts unbuttoning his shirt. Savitri wakes up in the middle of the night but does not find her husband in the room. She peeks inside Pooja’s room and tears roll down her eyes. Pooja asks her mother what she should do. Savitir gives her a medicine. She lies down again as she tries to calm down herself. Pooja takes the medicine.

Pooja comes to class. Kabir and Disha are also there. Dixit Ma’am introduces them to the kids. They show a video to them. The video is about good touch and bad touch. Disha explains further. Pooja thinks of the times when her father had touched her and she had not liked it. When we don’t like someone touching us and feel bad / scared to go near them then it is called bad touch! Kabir takes over now. He gives his intro first. When I was a kid, I dint like the way one neighbour uncle used to touch me. But I had no one to talk to. Disha prompts the kids to tell them in case they are going through something like that. Tell your parents. Pooja remembers the last night when her mother had given her the medicine. Kabir encourages the kids to speak up or the abuse will continue. Inform us if anything wrong is happening with you. Your silence is wrong though! Tell Disha Didi if you cannot tell anyone. Pooja stands up and holds her hand high. Pooja instead excuses herself to go to the washroom. Kabir looks keenly at her.

In the washroom, Pooja cries thinking of her father. She is heading back to the classroom when Kabir meets her. I know you want to say something. You can tell me if you aren’t comfortable about telling in front of everyone. She declines.

Sakshi can understand the pain behind Pooja’s silence. She isn’t confident enough to speak up. She is very much scared. Look for another way to make her talk. Make her feel comfortable. Help her in0 speaking up.

Disha leaves behind a few pamphlets with Dixit Ma’am so the kids can contact them anytime they want to. Kabir says something to Dixit Ma’am before leaving. Dixit Ma’am next asks the kids to tear out a page from their copies. You have to write a letter today. You can write it to anyone whom you trust the most, be it your father, mother or God. Pooja isn’t writing anything. Dixit Ma’am asks her to write anything she wants to. Write the letter to whoever loves you the most. Pooja begins to write. She writes it to her father.

Why did you leave me? I died the day you died. You are with God then why did you leave me with a devil? You were so good. You were all shaken when I got hurt a little. Flashback is shown (of 6 years ago). You were scared as if I had broken my head instead of knee. You dint let me walk on my own the entire day. I had lied to you about not wanting to go to school one day, you had caught my lie that day. You spoke about taking me to doc but you took me to temple and made me swear in front of God that I will never lie again. You fell ill. You knew you had cancer and wont survive. Why did you lie to me then? You had promised me that you will never leave me and look after me / protect me. You wanted me never to hurt anyone and become a good human being. I always took care of Ma. I study every day. I want to become a good human being. I fulfilled my promise but you dint. Ma married again but that man abuses me physically daily! Why don’t you save me? How did you forget your promise now? Dixit Ma’am cries. She walks out of the class.

Kabir and Disha read Pooja’s letter. Kabir decides to take an action right away.

Kavita calls Savitri. Pooja came straight to my home from school. She told me everything. Whatever had happened with me is happening with her today. She had told me everything a month ago only.

Kavita comforts Pooja. It will get over in 4-5 years. You will get married then. It had happened with me as well since our mother’s second marriage. I forgot everything once I got married. But we cannot do anything. He is Ma’a sole support. The family will break if police takes him. You wont be able to study. It will eventually get fine.

Kavita advises Savitri to hide Pooja. We will lose our name in the society. Savitri walks inside the room. Bhushan finds her standing there. Police siren is heard. Savitri has decided not to save this devil now. Police has got to know what all you did to my daughters till date. Pooja has told them everything. He tries to flee but gets caught.

Kabir talks to Savitri. Do you know why your husband is getting arrested? She nods. This shocks Kabir all the more. You knew everything yet you kept quiet? Savitri accepts that she is at fault too. My first husband was a very good man but his illness took everything away. I had the responsibility of my two kids. Bhushan had a good back and I needed support. I married again. I had no idea he will turn out to be like this!

Bhushan throws out all the photos of Savitri’s ex husband as soon as he joins the family.

Savitri wants to be punished for she couldn’t become a good mother. Kabir calls her a partner in crime as she remained silent. Your daughter has borne the worst of it. kids trust their parents blindly. You have broken that trust! Bhushan committed a crime but you are the guilty person here. You could have stopped Bhushan when it happened with your elder daughter. You are lying to yourself too. You wouldn’t have kept quiet if you had married again for your daughters’ sake! Will you sell your daughter’s just so you have nothing left in life? You cannot even imagine the pain a 13 year old goes through when someone forces himself on her! Police takes Savitri and Bhushan away. Kabir gives a stick to Pooja. She takes out her anger, her pain, on her cycle as she hits it again and again. She breaks down. She hugs Kabir as she cries her heart out. He takes her with him.

Pooja, Kavita and Savitri are equally responsible for encouraging the crime. Kavita could have raised her voice as she had been through all that earlier itself. She could have taken her sister with her to her house as she knew what might happen to her. Savitri too shouldn’t have just kept quiet and let her daughter bear the pain alone.
Disha ji has taken the responsibility of Pooja. Pooja stopped fumbling as soon as Bhushan got out of her life. She might not be able to forget all the bad memories. She will take time but she will get the confidence of opening up and speaking up before the world one day!

Kabir fumes as he notices an article in their newspaper in which the writer has spoken about Anwar’s family (ill mother, sister, etc). Who has written this article? Why is there no name under it? His editor shares that he got orders to print it so he couldn’t help it. At times we simply have to follow our superior’s orders. We often get helpless. Kabir thinks that he will keep questioning everyone till he gets his answers.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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