Code Red 22nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Code Red 22nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabir gets to know about an incident where the baarati’s have died because of eating / drinking something that was poisonous.

Gauri’s House, Aaundhi Village, Bihar:
Gauri’s brother has been arrested. His wife is in tears thinking about the same. Gauri’s husband disconnects her call again. Her SIL calls Gauri’s in-laws but they cut the call in between.

Kabir meets the Inspector (Yadav). He tells Kabir that Gauri’s brother (Sarju) has been arrested. Someone has fed something poisonous to all the baarati’s. Gauri’s bhabhi comes running to the police station. She requests the Inspector to leave her husband as he is innocent. Everyone in the village also thinks the same. She is about to say something but Inspector doesn’t let her. He tells her to go out. Inspector is also irked with Kabir’s interference. Yadav calls the minister. The doubts have been right. But don’t worry I will take care of everything.

Kabir comes to Sarju’s house. He meets Sarju’s wife. Tell me what you know, maybe I will be able to help you then. She shares that the men of this village don’t do anything. Women do every single work of the house and outside. They just drown themselves in the alcohol.

Flashback: Gauri’s mother doesn’t mind the idea of her husband drinking. She advises a woman, who has been beaten by her husband, to let her husband drink. They wont go anywhere this way. Gauri and her SIL are heading towards their home from work. Gauri’s SIL tells Gauri not to tell her brother know that they got the daily wages today. A few guys tease Gauri while they are coming back. Gauri’s SIL (Jamunia) stops her from reacting. Sarju asks his wife for some money. She gives him and he goes to drink alcohol with his friend. He talks to his friend / uncle regarding his nephew who is still unmarried.

Sarju returns home drunk at night. He shares with Jamunia that he has met a guy today, a prospective groom for Gauri. Jamunia gets happy and so does Gauri.

Gauri’s family meets Sushil’s family. Sushil is a line man. The families approve the match and do the cheka today itself.

At night, Gauri calls Sushil. They talk hesitantly and happily. Gauri cuts the call when he tells her that he does drink alcohol at times (occasionally). Sushil wonders what he said wrong. Next day Sushil follows Gauri but she refuses to talk to him. Gauri refuses to marry a guy who drinks alcohol. Jamunia too supports her. Gauri doesn’t want her life to be like the other women of the village (hell). Her brother says you will have to take another birth if you want such a man for yourself. On the second day Sushil follows her again. She tells him clearly that she doesn’t want to marry someone who drinks at all. He agrees to give it up for her. She brings him to a temple and he vows before the Lord. She feels shy when he asks her if he should bring the baraat.

Sarju brings alcohol for the baraati’s. Jamunia is irked over the matter but he wants to take care of the guests nicely. He vows not to drink on her D-Day as she is like his daughter. Gauri and Sushil get married. Sarju serves liquor to everyone. He excuses himself as it is his sister’s wedding today. I have kept a fast. He has also called a local dancer to entertain the guests. Sushil’s friends ask him to drink alcohol but he declines. Gauri is glad to see it. The guests start feeling stomach pain.

Present: Jamunia agrees that Sarju is a drunkard but he dint do anything wrong. This has happened before as well (few months back). Kabir points out that the women are also wrong. You do everything inside and outside your home but you don’t stop your husband’s from drinking. No one else will come to change this situation from you. You will have to do it yourself. He asks them about the shop from where the villagers buy alcohol.

The shop is closed. Kabir overhears a few people talking about Gauri’s broken marriage. Many people are sitting at the other side and are drinking. Kabir clicks their photo. Someone pats at his shoulder from behind. They question Kabir who he is. Kabir shows his ID. They tell him to stop clicking picture. Delete all the pictures you have clicked. Kabir does as he is told. The main guy advises him to stay away from this matter as much as he can or he cannot even think what he will have to bear.

Kabir meets Inspector Yadav. He tells him that as per the post-mortem report the deaths have happened because of the alcohol. The distillation wasn’t done right. This becomes poison if the quantity of chemical used in making it is not right. Everything has been written in the post-mortem report yet you haven’t taken any action. The main door has been closed but still someone is selling it from a corner. Inspector Yadav gives excuses. He blames Sarju for it. it isn’t sure where he has brought that particular lot from. Kabir understands it that he is not ready to do his duty properly but I will do mine. He leaves. Inspector Yadav calls the minister. Please keep your factory closed for a few days. a crime reporter is following this story very closely. He asks him the details about the reporter. They end the call. The minister calls someone. Kabir’s boss calls him asking him to come back asap. They are very powerful people. I don’t want to put your life in risk.

Kabir is in dilemma. Sakshi (host) reminds him of the bigger aim. If you unravel this mystery then the culprits and such people will be scared. The death toll will stop. Kabir is not sure if he is at the right track but Sakshi assures him that he is heading in the right direction. One step can unravel all the things.

Kabir meets Sushil. They talk about the incident. Sushil says I love Gauri a lot but the situation at my house is really tensed right now. I am not able to come to any decision. Kabir reminds him that he has married Gauri legally. If you leave her then her life will be ruined. I need your help as I want to find out more about the incident. Sushil tells him where the alcohol is made. It belongs to minister Chandrabhan. It is very difficult to actually do something about them as they are powerful people. Kabir says nothing is tough.

Kabir starts monitoring Minister’s activities and what happens at the factory where alcohol is made. He collects lot many proofs / photos by putting his life in risk. But someone has been keeping an eye on him too. Some guy hits him on his head as soon as he walks out of the factory. Blood oozes out of his head. It is the same guy who had threatened him earlier. There are more people with him. they all beat Kabir with sticks. The guy breaks Kabir’s camera too. Kabir passes out.

Jamunia is passing by from a bridge when she notices Kabir lying unconscious. She gets worried. Kabir gains conscious. He is at Gauri’s house. Jamunia gives him his broken camera. The chip is intact. People (men) gather outside Gauri’s house. They demand the ladies to send that stranger man outside the house. You cannot keep any man inside your house if your husbands are not around. Sushil comes forward. This is my house too. I am the man of this house. You guys should be ashamed of yourself. That guy has come here to help us. I am alive here because of Gauri as she had told me not to drink or I too would have been dead by now. The men refuse to hear him. we are listening to you just because you are now a relative. The protest against his ideals but Gauri takes over. You men only want money to drink alcohol. You don’t work or take care of your house or families. You dint come forward when my brother was arrested. You guys only know how to protest for no reason. She addresses the women too who get beaten by their drunk husbands. Men tease girls too. They will anyways die eventually if they continue their drinking habits. There is only one solution to this problem. Alcohol has destroyed our husbands and our lives. They should be closed down. Her mother and all the other ladies agree with her. The ladies head towards the alcohol factory. Meanwhile Sushil brings a laptop for Kabir. Kabir loads the photos.

The men at the factory run away scared as the women come there with fire sticks. They set the pots on fire.

Sarju returns home with Kabir. He thanks Sushil. They share a hug. Sarju apologizes to his wife. Sushil too apologizes to Kabir I wouldn’t have been able to take this step if you had not taught me.

The accused were arrested and a charge sheet has been filed against all of them. Chandrabhan was removed from his post and so was Inspector Yadav.

Desi liquor is available in every corner of our country. This is very cheap, illegal and faulty. So many people are dying because of it yet the law has not taken any substantial step against it.

Government is doing its bit but one must also know that both men and women have to share the responsibilities of their house together. Raise your voice against what you find wrong. Maybe your voice can actually lend a voice to someone and you may be able to help them.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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