Code Red 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Code Red 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

April 2014, Subhash Nagar, New Delhi:
A little girl’s dead body is kept on the floor. Her family members are heart broken by her death. Her mother doesn’t let anyone take her daughter (Khushi) away but the ladies somehow manage to hold her back. The lady cries for her daughter.

Subhash Nagar Police Station:
Kabir meets inspector Chopra. There was a news about a 12 year old girl committing suicide in today’s newspaper. I want to know more about her. Inspector calls it a simple open and shut case. It is a suicide. There was no hint of any struggle of any kind. Kabir wonders how such a little girl can get hold of poison. Inspector says you find everything on the internet. She was crippled. She might have given up on life and committed suicide.

Khushi’s House, Subhash Nagar:
Kabir comes to meet Khushi’s parents. The neighbours tell him that it is good that finally the girl is free. It is anyways better than living as a crippled person. Khushi’s mother (Sushma) overhears them. My daughter was not crippled. Her husband takes her upstairs to take some rest. People talk about how Sushma has been affected by Khushi’s death so much.

Sakshi (host) says it was a very easy case. Police is convinced that this was a suicide case as the post mortem report suggests so. Now the neighbours too are convinced of the same theory. Your report is ready. First you read about that girl and now people will read your article. The story is over. Kabir denies. the story has just begun. Why would a 12 year old girl commit suicide? What prompted her to do so? I will have to wait for a while though. Her family will take some time in recovering. She too tells him to pursue it even if he has to invest some time in it. Bring out the reality in the open!

2 weeks later:
Kabir stops Sushma on the street. I want to talk to you about Khushi. She says Khushi is no more now. There is nothing to tell. He still asks her the same question which has been troubling him. Was her being crippled was what pushed her to do so? Sushma says her daughter was not a cripple. She wanted to be a basketball player. She used to play so well that even elders used to feel defeated in front of her. She loved life and wanted to live it to the fullest. She never used to be upset or unhappy over anything.

2 years ago:
Khushi plays basketball very nicely. Everyone claps for her.

Khushi calls Abhay for lunch. He shares that all his friends are going for school picnic. I too want to go but he needs 1k for the same. She breaks her piggy bank but gets only Rs. 450. He breaks his piggy bank too. It totals to Rs. 750 now. We will get the rest from mom dad. Khushi agrees to talk to their mom. Abhay says this money was for her shoes actually. She doesn’t mind it. Mom gets us clothes for Diwali. This time I will buy shoes instead. Abhay nods.

Sushma’s MIL complains to Sushma for spoiling Khushi. Khushi agrees to do homework only if she can catch her. Khushi runs out of the main door but trips from the stairs. She rolls over till the end and is hurt. Sushma rushes to her.

City Hospital, New Delhi:
Doc tells Khushi’s family that Khushi’s life is saved but she has received major injuries. She cannot walk ever. Her hand is also affected. We can try some exercises but I am not sure about it too. Sushma faints.

20 days after the incident:
Khushi returns to her home on a wheelchair. Abhay has decorated the whole house along with his grandparents. She is happy but then looks at her numb hand. They all sit down to have lunch together. Khushi asks her father when she will be alright. When can I practise? I am the best player in basketball. No one plays well without me. they don’t even enjoy. Abhay diverts her attention to her favourite ice cream.

Sushma gets Khushi ready. Ravi picks her up in his arms while Shushma holds the wheelchair. Abhay picks up her bag.

P.N.G. School, Tilak Nagar, New Delhi:
Ravi and Sushma talk to the principal. Principal assures them that they will take very good care of Khushi. We will give full support to Khushi.

Khushi watches her friends play from her balcony. She keeps on guiding them all along. She points out to Rahul that he is not passing the ball. He gets irked. You solve your problem first and then tell me. A tear escapes her eyes. She wipes it before her mother can see it. She takes Khushi inside. Khushi asks her if she will never be able to get up from this wheelchair. Can I never play basketball ever? Ravi gives her examples of all the people who were somehow physically challenged but still made records in different fields. You need motivation and determination to win in life, not your feet. Khushi is very determined.

Khushi tries to help herself in making her hand move. Sushma observes her trying the same and how Khushi starts using her left hand so she can write. Khushi does so with time.

Present: Khushi was once again getting positive towards life. Kabir asks her why Khushi committed suicide when things were actually getting better. She was so positive and could face any situation in life. Her entire family was with her. Why would she do so? Sushma says it was all good in the beginning but it all changed as time passed (a year). No one wants to shoulder the responsibility of a crippled person, be it someone from the family!

A year ago:
Ravi talks to his parents about Mehta ji (from his office). They talk about buying a car. Sushma suggests him to buy a remote wheelchair for Khushi instead. She will be able to move around on her own then. it will be less costly than car atleast. Abhay insists upon buying a car. Ravi says Khushi doesn’t go anywhere. You make her move around the house so why do we need a remote controlled wheelchair?

Sushma pays money to a lady in school for taking extra care of Khushi. She assures Sushma that she considers Khushi as her own daughter. Next day, Ravi heads out directly. I get late daily for office. I cannot go now. Abhay too refuses to carry Khushi’s school bag now. I get late because of her. Plus kids insult me too. I will go by foot. I don’t want to go with her in auto. Khushi is in tears. Sushma first takes KHushi downstairs. Next she picks up her wheelchair. She then sits in the auto with Khushi. Everyone stopped sympathising and caring for Khushi. This started breaking Khushi from inside. I took her responsibility then. But after a few months, my health took a toss for worse.

Dr. Siddharth Malhotra, Orthopaedic:
Doc advises Sushma not to pick up heavy stuff as there is some problem with her spinal cord. Ravi asks him if the problem is too big. How soon will she be fine? Doc explains that it will be better if she avoids picking heavy things. The problem will only exaggerate that ways. She will have to take bed rest for 3 months otherwise. Ravi scolds Sushma for worrying about the one who will never be able to walk on her own feet in life. It is good to worry about her but how will things continue if you too become crippled?

Khushi’s helper leaves Khushi outside the washroom only. Call me when you are done. Khushi tries to move but falls in the process. She cries miserably. The lady helper scolds KHushi instead for not calling out for her. You cannot walk but atleast you can talk.

The peon helps Sushma but then is called in by the principal. Sushma again picks her up and makes her sit in the auto. She feels immense pain in her back. Khushi is in tears to see her in this condition. What has happened to you? Why are you wearing this belt around your waist? Sushma dismisses it sweetly.

Sushma is feeding Khushi. Abhay too is hungry. She tells him to take food from the kitchen. Abhay complains to her that she cannot even give him food now. You only take care of her (Khushi). Sushma calls out for her MIL to give food to Abhay. Her MIL is irked that Sushma is only concerned about Khushi. Abhay leaves. Khushi tells her mother that she is full.

Sushma’s MIL shares it with her husband. They both are upset over everything. Sushma’s MIL prays that God makes either kHushi well or end her misery. Sushma points out to them that she and Khushi can hear them too. Think about her.

Ravi calls Sushma. Eat your medicine. She tells him that she feels very sleepy after eating that medicine. He says Khushi will call out if she needs anything. I will be back tomorrow. Sushma takes the medicine. Khushi wakes up in the middle of the night. She tries to reach out for the water jug but falls. Sushma is fast asleep because of the medicine. Khushi cries but then eventually falls asleep there itself. Next morning, Susham is shocked to see Khushi on the floor. I am so sorry for sleeping last night. She picks up Khushi and helps her lie on the bed. I shouldn’t have taken the medicine!

Present: My happy go lucky daughter was already in pain. My family members ruined the rest of the things for her. Khushi dint utter another word after that. She never smiled or cried. It felt as if her brain too had stopped working with her hand and feet. These people took away her desire to live. This is what killed her. They made her a story. Sushma leaves.

Kabir comes to Khushi’s school. Maybe I have noticed for the first time how this small height can be so tough for someone to climb (stairs). It is so difficult for some people. Those who are unaware of it don’t care. Khushi is no more but there will be more people like her. Why are they not taken care of?

He meets the principal next. Even the principal is clueless as to what pushed Khushi to do so. Kabir makes him think why they dint get a ramp. She was in that condition since a year. It is you people who have actually made her or other people like her (physically challenged) about their situation. You selfish reasons aren’t met through this so you overlook them.

Kabir meets a government employee. He talks about the rights of physically challenged people. Kabir asks him about the ramps in public / government or private sectors. You have made some arrangements for them but they need to put in a lot of effort to reach till that point. People are not ready to accept them as normal people. No one cares about anything. Such (affected / challenged) people need facilities, not some papers. It is something that we all need to understand.

Sushma cries holding Khushi’s clothes / her stuff. She calls Kabir. I want to tell you something. Khushi dint commit suicide. She has been killed. She has been fed that poison.

She confesses to Kabir later that it was she who had given poison to Khushi. I had no other option to save her from that disrespectful life. Kabir is stunned.

Flashback: Sushma is diagnosed with blood cancer. She only has 6 months as the cancer is in last stage. Sushma is shattered.

Khushi is looking at her basketball one night. Sushma brings milk for her. She caresses Khushi’s face lovingly and then makes her drink the milk. Sushma had added poison in it. She closes her eyes painfully as she thinks of all their bad times / everyone’s taunts. Khushi gulps down the whole glass of milk. She keeps Khushi’s head in her lap and talks lovingly to her. Sushma is emotional. Khushi eventually falls asleep thinking about her happier times. Late at night, Sushma cries holding her.

Sushma tells Kabir that she freed Khushi. I couldn’t leave her alone. I couldn’t leave her on anyone. I could not trust anyone. I don’t know if I was right or wrong yet I did it. now I am just waiting to meet her above. Kabir looks at her speechlessly.

I have seen such a criminal for the first time who isn’t worried about the punishment. Sushma is hopeful and happy that she will get to meet her daughter again. But was Sushma the only culprit? No, our society and admin is also responsible. It is not a sin to be physically challenged. We either pity on them or ignore them. why are we not ready to accept that this world is theirs too? We make some plans but don’t wait to see if those plans are actually helping them or not! We need to make our intentions good towards them. we need to create a society where no mother has to do so with their children. Society and admin are responsible for it.

Police arrests Sushma. She was sentenced for 20 years under Section 302 of IPC. But she died earlier because of her illness.

We either pity or ignore all those people who appear to be different than us. In reality, we all need someone’s help in time of need. Become the strength of a person who is actually weaker than you and requires your help. He too is a part of our society. If you see someone misbehaving with someone because he is not as capable physically as you are, then raise your voice against it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. For me being a mother sushma did the right thng..she felt wat pain khushi wl get aftr sushma dies is much much more than the pain of a silent death…people who dnt cnsider crippld as human shd also thnk any accidnt cn make them such one day…we really need to thnk wat really we get even aftr educatn…only reading nd learning in social studies how to help oders wont do…applicatn of such studies by schools nd colleges r change thnking we need to thnk broad…

  2. our society is ill

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