Code Red 14th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Code Red 14th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

2014, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh:
Few kids are playing. A kid runs as per the game and reaches a corner. He stops in his tracks as he notices a dead body lying there.

Police reach there along with an ambulance. Inspector Pandey tells reporters that the dead body is completely decomposed by now. Looks like rape has happened too. We have to wait for forensic reports to confirm anything else. Kabir reaches just when ward boys are keeping the body in the ambulance. He talks to the Inspector about it. Inspector Pandey has no clue so far about the girl and her whereabouts.

A guy (fellow reporter) asks Kabir what he is thinking. Kabir says I am just wondering when Ghaziabad will change. 53 rape cases have been registered here in the last 8 months, meaning apporx 6-7 rapes every month. The guy nods. Nobody cares about such cases if they don’t include any high profile people in it. after Nirbhaya case, everyone thought that Delhi will change for good but no one is scared of the law now. Anything can happen to just about anyone, from a 5 year old girl to a 60 year old lady! Kabir cannot understand what to do or what to write. It feels as if something inside is dying.

Next Day, Ghaziabad Police Station:
Kabir comes to meet I. Pandey. Has the medical report come yet? Pandey denies. But it is sure from the initial checkups that there was rape, maybe even gang rape. They suffocated her to death and then left the dead body there. The girl’s name is Chanda. She used to live nearby with her sister (Savita). Her BIL (Lalmohan) had registered a missing report. She was missing since last 3 days. Savita works in a government hospital while her husband sells vegetables on the road. Chanda had a mental problem. She was a special mental case. People are not even sparing a mentally ill girl these days! Kabir asks him if he found something about who can be behind this. I. Pandey declines. But I promise I wont spare them the day I get hold of them. They have made a joke in the society. You too should write to wake up the society. He gives Savita’s address to Kabir.

Sakshi (host) can see that Kabir is very angry even after being a crime reporter. Kabir is miffed / ashamed as people don’t even think before taking advantage of a mentally ill person. Sakshi suggests him to stay in the very same society and fight for justice for that girl. Do something so people never dare to do something like this ever again!

Lalmohan’s House, Motilal Nagar, Ghaziabad:
Kabir comes to talk to them about Chanda. Savita tells him that her sister was still a kid from her mind. Lalmohan adds that she was no more than 8-9 years mentally. Savita says Savita used to stay in our village Badarpur before coming here. She used to play with the kids whole day.

Flashback: Chanda was playing when she collides with a man and falls. She cries but then her mother gets her toffee. Chanda smiles and resumes playing with other kids. The man tells Chanda’s mother to teach Ganga to act her age. Her mother is happy with the way her daughter is. Every child is a form of God only and I have got my God for forever in her form. The man too smiles looking at Chanda.

Mom died so we brought Chanda here. We thought to get her treatment done and our daughter Munni will also get a companion. Chanda gets tired after playing with Munni. She is not sitting properly so her sister guides her. Savita feeds both of them and they fight all along. Savita milkdly scolds them so Chanda cries. Savita uses toffee to calm her / make her happy.

Present: Amma had made her habitual to that toffee. She always used to get happy seeing it. She used to make so many faces while eating it that you could not stay angry with her at all. Kabir asks them if Chanda was very comfortable with some neighbour or would visit them frequently. Most of the times such people only are responsible for such crimes. They misuse the weakness of girls. Savita denies. we dint let her go out much as she was very innocent. The world was not to be trusted. Amma used to say that it is a problem when a poor girl is beautiful. That was the case! God should have sent her to a rich man’s house. Lalmohan adds that the local men of the village had their eyes on Chanda. They were always keeping an eye on our house all the time.

Flashback: Savita came running to inform me that Chanda is not at home. Savita has searched everywhere but in vain. Lalmohan and Savita ask every possible person but get no clue. They find Chanda with some random guy on his bike. He tells them that he had taken Chanda to eat kulfi as she asked for it. Lalmohan advises him to stay away from Chanda as he knows it well that she is still a kid from heart and mind. Chanda cries as Lalmohan throws away the kulfi from her hand. He agrees to get her a new one.

Present: Savita has a doubt on the same guy. His name is Suresh. Kabir thanks them for all the info and leaves.

Inspector Pandey beats Suresh. Why did you run away after the incident? Suresh repeats that he was at his aunty’s place then. Inspector tells constable to beat him till he speaks up. Inspector tells Kabir that Suresh was missing since Chanda’s missing report was filed. A constable confirms the fact so Inspector and Kabir get thinking.

In his office, Kabir thinks that their doubts on Suresh proved futile. Chanda was raped so her rapist(s) must know her. Who could they be?

Kabir goes to meet Lalmohan and Savita once again. They tell him that Chanda never went anywhere but only to the hospital with them only. Doc is really good. She was always well taken care of there. Doc used to think of her as his daughter.

2013, City Hospital, Motilal Nagar, Ghaziabad:
Chanda refuses to go to see a doc as she is scared of the injection but Savita insists. Doc agrees not to give her any injection. Chanda still runs out of his room. Savita and a ward boy bring her back. Doc notices Savita giving a toffee to Chanda to calm her. He too offers many toffees to her after which she agrees to come to see him every day.

Chanda was very happy next day when I took her there. Savita leaves Chanda in the doc’s cabin. Chanda enjoys sitting on his revolving chair. Savita comes in between to check on them. Doc tells her to make a picture. She kisses him on his cheek when he gives her a toffee on her demand. A ward boy notices this from outside. Doc tells Chanda not to do all this as she has grown up now. She makes sad face so he gives her another toffee to make her smile.

Doc teaches Chanda how to read and write. She even starts making drawings; playing doctor doctor. Savita says Chanda was learning a new thing every day. We thought it will be good if she learns something. She always used to talk to her doctor at home too. Chanda casually hugs her doc one day after their game.

Chanda tells everything to Munni, asking her to come to hospital every day so she gets to meet toffee doctor every day. Chanda breaks some tomatoes for which Lalmohan scolds her. Savita takes her aside. Lalmohan is still happy to see his small family happy together (even if Chanda messes up with the vegetables).

A.G.P. Hospital, Motilal Nagar, Ghaziabad:
Savita tells Chanda to wait at the very same place and goes to do some work. Chanda plays with the mop in the meantime. A ward boy (Ravi) scolds her for it. He also tells Savita make sure Chanda is not messing with things or a patient can fall. Savita apologizes to him and then turns to calm Chanda. Go to your toffee doctor and play with him. Chanda leaves in tears.

Present: Savita says how we can doubt on such people. Plus doctor sir is like God to me. Kabir excuses himself.

A.G.P. Hospital:
Doc (Dr. Bakshi) tells Kabir that this hospital is like one big family so there is no point doubting on anyone. Savita was not well that day and she had taken off. Chanda too had not come. How can someone from here be involved in it then?

Kabir talks to a nurse on his way out. She says good things about the doc. Kabir asks a random attendant too. He comes to talk to the receptionist in the end about Chanda. She tells him that she has no idea about any of it. Kabir is sure she might have spoken to Chanda some time as she was a frequent visitor here. The nurse curtly replies that they don’t get time to talk to every person here. Kabir asks her what if it was her sister. I am not trying to hurt you. I just want to ask you if you saw something that wasn’t right. She replies irritated. I don’t know anything, let me do my work. Kabir leaves.

He finds everything right in the hospital. I have asked everyone but I don’t find any reason to doubt on anyone here. Still I think that the clue / link to the case is from somewhere here only.

Kabir is talking to Inspector Pandey. There is 92% chance that a known person is involved in rape cases. Somehow I feel that Chanda has some link with that hospital. Please do investigation there once on my request. Check the staff records. I am sure you will find something. Inspector Pandely remarks that he is talking as if he has already done his little investigation. Kabir agrees. I am a reporter though so I have some limits. Inspector tries to make him understand that he too cannot ask anything to anyone without proper legal orders. Kabir decides to do it himself then. I will write it in the paper for you then. Inspector promises to do the investigation finally. Kabir too promises to print his photo in the newspaper if he helps him this time also, just like he helps him every time.

Inspector asks the same receptionist nurse about the register entry on the day when Chanda had gone missing. Who was on duty and who all was on leave? What time did doc reach that day? She replies that doc is always on time. He never comes late. She hands over the register to him. he sends his constables inside to take everyone’s statement. 4 guys – Ravi, Pappu, Govind and Batti, came later that day. Nurse tells him that Govind is the driver of ambulance while the other 3 are ward boys. Inspector warns her not to let these 4 men know anyhow that he has a doubt on them or she too will be put behind bars. He takes their contact details and addresses. He puts the number on tracking; find their call history and where they were on the day of the incident.

Inspector has called Kabir to update him on the case. These 3 people left from home for hospital but reached very late. Their mobile locations confirm that all 3 of them were at the same spot. Constable is beating one man inside the jail. He confesses that they had been keeping an eye on Chanda from the very first day itself. All three of us liked her very well. On that day, we had started drinking from the morning itself. We left in the ambulance when we saw Chanda. We planned to kidnap her as she wont be able to do much.

On the day of incident:
Chanda is skipping rope when one of the guys spot Chanda. They make Govind stop the ambulance. He calls Chanda that toffee doc has sent them to get her. he also gives her toffee. Chanda gets happy and sits inside the ambulance.

Govind stops the ambulance at an isolated spot. Chanda runs thinking that they are playing a game. They catch hold of her and take her back inside the ambulance van. She tries to refrain the guy from touching her legs as her sister has told her to cover herself well. She is not listening so the guy slaps her. She starts crying again, plus her nose is bleeding too. He threatens her to keep quiet and she looks at him scared, speechless. They take turns to rape her and she just stares blankly, with tears streaming down her eyes.

Chanda cries badly later on. She vows to tell her sister that they all are very bad. Chanda asks for a toffee to keep her mouth shut. They are scared of getting caught and they make up their mind to kill her. Govind suffocates her to death and they dump her body nearby.

Police arrests all the three accused (Ravi, Pappu and Govind). They will be charged under Section 363 (for kidnapping), Section 376 (for rape) and Section 302 (for murder). After the Nirbhaya case in 2012, the accused can get jailed for a minimum 20 years or for lifetime under section 376 A, B, C, and D.

Kabir writes, we can say that Chanda got justice. But is this justice? Is this the future for girls like Chanda? What mentality is this that we attack the ones we should actually be protecting? People were protesting on roads and everywhere after the Nirbhaya case, yet the crimes on women have not decreased. In last 2 years the rape cases in Ghaziabad alone have increased by 250%. This is our development. A woman’s body is not a man’s property that can be used whenever one feels like.

Sakshi talks about the ill mentality of people today. Did these people not feel something while they were doing such a heinous crime with a mentally challenged girl? What kind of men are they who want to prove their manhood like this? If you see something like this around you then don’t be quiet, raise your voice. It is high time to become the shield of all those people in the society who are mentally or physically weak. Code red Aawaz appeals everyone to become the Aawaz of all such people!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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