very close to heart (episode 3)

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In morning…

megha wakeup feel pain in hand..very distrubed mohan words…sametime mohan thinking about megha…mrs.bhatnagar (mohan’s mom) give coffee to mohan and asking what’s ur problem…our happiness are only related to ur happiness na…i’m noticing u very distrubed in some matter.what the matter…tell me…i’ll try to give solution…mohan maintain pindrop silent..

mohan complete breakfast and ready to go office (mohan’s father) call him and told come with home early and we will go to meet important person..mohan nods his head and leave…

megha feel restless…mom ask about the reason..megha said i will quiet her job and find new ask any problem with mohan..megha reply no mom..he is very nice person..reason is work load is heavy and i ‘m not suitable for the reply ur wish…(megha reminds mohan yesterday behaviour…tears roll down her cheeks )

In office…

megha enter (some flashes of good memories related to past 3 months) tears full eyes in her cabin and type resign letter..go to mohan cabin..look the cabin…mohan isn’t in chair..megha enter the cabin and put letter in table…her saree pallu strike in some file..she doesn’t notices and ready to leave and see her saree pallu try to remove from file..megha in shocked to see file and read the file …(shocking expression…she is standing statue..unknowingly leave file from her hand…file papers on floor..).peon coming and ask mam if u want any help and try to take file papers..megha said no..i will take the papers.megha search mohan cabin completely and doesn’t have any related things to files..megha leg slips one hand will hold her hand have an eyelock…shout what r doing my cabin..megha come to sense and leave mohan hand and ask what’s this..give file to mohan .mohan simile…so u and amar relation.

megha said amar don’t told anything about u. plz believe me…i don’t know anything…anything..cry her. mohan look her and said u truely love my amar na..megha said yes..amar is my life..only amar memories are help her to lead a life..
mohan ask megha why u don’t ask my and amar relation..megha silently give mohan family photo..mohan said u separated amar from my family and god separated amar from u…megha ask if u love menka…

mohan reply no..what’s ur next question.. megha ask what type of person u…mohan said i know u love my amar loves u…but u don’t like amar family na…
megha ask what do u think about me… what do you know about me…mohan said i know u don’t know any value of family..if you know u didn’t separate amar from our family…mohan continuously said something …megha (crying) ready to leave cabin..mohan said i will give same pain to u..u understand…megha reply don’t do sons are my life…i separate my son…don’t imagine that life…plz understand me and i don’t do any wrong with ur family..mohan leave angrily.

Bhatnagar house..

In night..

mohan try to sleep..megha words distrubing..mohan getup from bed and walk on balcony look moon thinking amar..
go to sleep..

megha try to sleep…mohan words distrubing …look harsha & harrish u r my life and i don’t leave her…megha think once i will speak to mohan and explain everything …he will understand…megha slept.

In morning…

megha call mohan.mohan doesn’t pick the phone said megha any problem don’t slove phone call and u go meet directly clear ur misunderstanding..
megha hug mom said thank u somuch mom.megha enter office look mohan cabin.mohan isn’t there.megha reminces yesterday talking…change her mind and think mohan doesn’t understand my side truth and fastly leave the place collide with peon and ask sorry..leave her..

sametime mohan reach office and doesn’t see eachother.mohan enter cabin doing some work .mohan phone rings display name raman.mohan attend the call.raman ask why u somuch worrying about amar accident…mohan reply date and time conform na…raman ask bro.u don’t tell answer my question…mohan reply nothing…raman said date conform , time i don’t know…mohan reply thanks…bye… mohan ask peon to coffee .mohan look the register megha sign.peon put coffee on mohan table.mohan said call megha..peon said madam…madam isn’t office..

mohan go to megha house and take blessings from mom.mohan look luggages ask reason for said i don’t know exactly but my girl affraid thinking some matter and u will do some favour with me…
mohan ask what favour…mom said u try to change megha ‘s decision …mohan said i will try not to tell definetly u do mohan…i know u create a situation in my daughter..solution u only know ) similingly said god will give strength to u..
mohan ask where r u….mom said she is in temple or near park.mohan leave him

mohan welcome to megha a own house….

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