very close to heart (episode 17)

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megha is worried seeing mohan…. megha plan to go outting with mohan but mohan not agree… mohan sadly in room… megha arrange candle light dinner on garden… mohan phone rings… mohan attened call… drop the phone floor and run to come garden and loudly call megha.. mohan feel someone stand behind her… mohan turn to see megha and shout… megha smile and said i love u… mohan speechless… megha hug tighley…. mohan break the hug and turn look arrangements and smile.. megha ask u like it na.. mohan said ya…. mohan and megha complete dinner… and sit on garden bench… mohan said u make me feel beautiful… u make me laugh and accept me whole heartely… u are the best thing that’s ever happened to me she leaned her forehead against his and whispered “I love u too”… they were carried away in each others eyes… tears roll down her cheeks… mohan wipes her tears… suddenly some water drops fall on megha face…

megha enjoy rain..her arms opened wide allowing the drops of rain to drench her body… mohan ask what are u doing u will fall ill…he dragged her but megha like a innocent child drag him in rain as well…come mohan plz…lets enjoy this weather..she stood there like an innocent but mohan shout… megha said no…plz mohan… mohan drag megha ( process of dragging they both are drenched from whole body )… mohan looked at her who was enjoying drops of rain on her face is appearing like dew drops on soft petal of flower… mohan couldn’t resist himself…held her arm and pulled her closer to him… megha was startled at first but then went with the flow… mohan tilted his head and down to her neck…. pleasant shiver passed down her spine feeling his lips she couldn’t help but smile.. mohan placed a kiss on her neck his heart throbbed against his chest as she slid her arms across his neck drawing him closer…

mohan slowly made his way to the jaw line kissing away the water droplets… mohan stopped at her lips she opened her eyes and found his intense gaze on her… megha knew he wanted her to take the final move… megha took the bold step and brushed her lips against his… mohan slowly lessened the gap and put his lips in hers he found the touch of her lips was far more relaxing and filled with warmth.. she closed her eyes to enjoy the moment to the fullest… both their lips are taking the pegs of love like they are made for each other… mohan unknowingly rubbed her waist..deepened the kiss as felt her soft lips pleading for more…parted due to the lack of oxygen and found each other panting…rain was almost stopped by now.. he slowly cupped her face though he wanted to take this relation to the next step.. but not without her consent.. megha looked in his eyes and understood..

he gently smiled at her.. not getting response..
he caressed her face and said i don’t want to rush in this relation…take ur time.. megha turned around to go…mohan said i will wait for u forever.. i want ur love I just want to be with u..


megha said i don’t need any explanation… megha crying….

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