very close to heart (episode 14)

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mohan cry loudly in office and throw all things on floor and look rohit and megha photo.. and said i love her but i hate her… mohan hand bleeding heavily.. mohan doesn’t care about it.. mohan look dustbin and take megha photo in hand said i love u megha.. my heart doesn’t accept the proof but my mind accept.. mohan put megha photo on wallet… sametime megha call rohit.. rohit attened call and said i’m going to home my mother is not well.. so i will call later.. megha said take care and cut the call.. megha thinks how will arange all things.. and strike mrs.bhat words call home.. megha decide to give surprise with home.. megha go shopping and buy some decorations related things.. mohan come home and doesn’t find megha so call manager and ask megha in office.. manager said no.. sametime megha enter room look mohan and hide the things on behind the sofa.. mohan turn to see megha.. megha simile.. but mohan show anger on face and leave room..

in night..
megha decorate terrace with rose and candles.. sametime mohan drink more in bar.. megha thinks correct 12 o clock definetly mohan wish my birthday.. mohan thinks today 12 o clock only my last day of my and megha relation.. megha loves rohit.. i love oneside megha what use.. i’m unlucky in the world.. mohan thinks megha words and rohit asking her to come with me my full life.. megha said k.. and hug rohit..he gets angry and cries..

mohan come to the room sees she is sleeping on bed..and see bag on bed.. mohan check bag.. he gets saree throwing floor thinking of megha and rohit.. megha hear noise and getup from bed..sees mohan drunk and see saree on ground.. mohan similes and taunt her…he says you looking quietly not asking any question.. as u r caught and affraid.. mohan slip megha hold mohan correct time but mohan leave megha hand.. megha said come sleep and speak everything in morning.. megha close her nose with hand..mohan get angry said u feel bad smell coming from me.. megha said no.. i bring lemon water.. mohan hold megha hand push on bed and shut the door..

megha eyes fill with tears.. he touches her shoulder and she try to move away.. he close to go megha.. megha push mohan and starts leaving.. but mohan hold megha hand megha feel pain.. megha ask what’s ur problem.. mohan said u and rohit is my problem.. megha in shock.. megha said u wrongly understand me and rohit relation.. rohit is my best friend only.. mohan said i don’t care about u and rohit relationship.. today i will show all husband rights to u.. megha cries said i’m ready to full fill ur wish.. but u have doubt on my character.. my respect is more than my life..and said i won’t stay with him.. megha starts leaving.. mohan said y u want me.. u want someone else.. megha turn her face.. give tight slap to mohan said i will prove her.. megha kiss mohan lips.. mohan stand like statue.. megha starts leaving mohan hold megha hand and put hand on her waist he tight his grip.. megha look mohan eyes said i hate him.. mohan cup megha face on hand and give kiss on cheek but megha push mohan said if u love me heartly.. u don’t have doubts on me.. u and me have no relation.. megha look watch time is 12 o clock.. megha put water on mohan face.. mohan come in sense and look megha.. he remember megha kiss and simile.. megha pack her sarees on bag.. megha phone rings.. megha doesn’t hear mohan attend call.. rohit said wish u a many more happy returns of the day… mohan cut the phone call feel bad.. mohan stand backside of megha and hug her.. megha struggle to remove from hug but mohan doesn’t leave her.. mohan kiss her neck and kiss her cheek and kiss her forehead.. megha feel hot breath.. she loss herself… she looks mohan eyes with love… mohan said my heart says u love me but i don’t understand it words.. megha drag mohan to terrace.. mohan surprisingly look.. mohan and megha romatically dance with in terrace..

in morning..
megha and mohan huggingly sleep on floor..

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