Chupke Chupke 8th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Meera And Abhi Realizes Their Feelings

Chupke Chupke 8th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadiya asks Meera what she has decided. Meera asks about what? Dadiya says I am asking you about your decision to go to US with Abhi, and says it seems you are not happy. Meera says it is not like that. Dadiya asks her to go with him and says the new challenges of life will bring you closer to him. Meera says she can’t think of going to US right now as she got good designation in her company, and can’t go right now. Dadiya says how you will live without him. Meera says she is sure that their relation is stronger, I can think about going in future. She tells about long distance relationships and says even our relation will not break. She excuses herself. Dadiya thinks to find out what they are hiding and thinks to find out what is wrong between them.

Abhi talks to his colleague who wishes him best. Abhi thinks why he is not happy to go to US. Saru gives list of things to be brought for Abhi’s stay in America. Meera says first Abhi will go there and settle down, then we will think. Saru asks what do you mean? Meera says I mean, we will take stuff after getting home. Saru says ok. She asks about weather there. Meera says everyone is neat and clean there, and the service is fast. She thinks why she is getting excited as Abhi is going alone, and she will stay back here alone. Saru asks her to continue talking. Meera says nothing.

Abhi asks Meera if she is having any problem. Meera says nothing, fine. She says you create problems and I try to solve the problems. Abhi asks what happened. She says she has convinced everyone why she is not going with him. Abhi says if she wants she can come with him. Meera asks him not to create any problem till contracts ends, and asks him to learn to handle his own problems as she won’t be with him all life. Abhi says I know.

Dadiya receives courier and opens it. She reads the letter of Preetam Pyaare, which claims that he can’t see her upset and he can do anything for her happiness. Dadiya gets angry.
In room, Abhi is checking his clothes to do packing. Meera asks what is he doing and asks him to be organized. Abhi says I don’t know what to take old or new clothes, Visa papers etc. Meera says she will search. She searches for the papers. They look at each other. He says he will bring certificates from Papa’s room and asks her to please organize visa papers. Meera says no need to say please, I will do it. Abhi comes out of room and looks on sad. Meera thinks why her heart is asking her to tell Abhi not to leave her, but she always wanted this, once he goes, she will be free then why she is not feeling happiness. She thinks now nothing can be changed, may be this was our fate. She organizes Visa papers and also folds his clothes kept on bed.

Sindhu asks Abhi where is he going? He says he is going to get certificates from Papa’s room. Sindhu says you might be searching relations later. Abhi says it is his childhood’s dream. Sindhu says neither you nor your wife is happy and asks him to hold the relations. She talks about her relation with Hari and tells that they realize the importance of relations and loved ones after they go far away. Abhi looks on.

Abhi gets Preetam Pyaare’s letter and reads it aloud infront of Meera. Meera asks what you are saying? Abhi says I am reading your preetam pyaare’s letter.

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