Chupke Chupke 7th September 2017 Written Episode Update

Chupke Chupke 7th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhi comes to Dadiya and tells her that he is finally going to US and fulfill his dream. He says his childhood dream is going to be fulfilled. Dadiya asks him about Meera. Abhi says we have a good understanding and I had told her about my dreams. Dadiya asks what about Meera’s dreams. Abhi says even Meera wants him to go and asks him to rest. Sanjay comes to meet Meera and Abhi. He says he is happy for Abhi. Meera says she will call him. Sanjay says when she will go. Meera tells him that she is not going anywhere. He says time flows fast. Meera says you are still there is time for visa, interview etc. She says you are like a kid, I will not go anywhere. Sanjay says Abhi will be your first priority.

Meera says she will inform everyone and asks him to sit. Abhi sees Sanjay and asks why he is worried. Sanjay says my son in law and daughter going far. Abhi says we will come to meet you and you can come too. Sanjay tells that Meera don’t want to go but will not stop him. Abhi tells that their visa or passport is not done yet. Neeraj calls Meera. Meera thinks why he is after her. Neeraj says he is Neeraj. Meera says she is worried and tells that Abhi thought Preetam is her ex boyfriend.

Later Abhi comes to Meera and tells that sanjay was upset and asks her if she want to come with him to America. Meera says she has a job here and can’t leave her job . He insists her to come. Meera refuses and says I will not come.

Meera is in her room and feels strange. She thinks she was taking care of Abhi and his small things. Also this house. Abhi thinks his dream is going to be fulfilled. Meera thinks we both have changed a lot. Abhi thinks he shall be happy, but why he is sad. Meera thinks when she came here, she was confident that she will have attachment with anyone. She thinks this relation end will happen like this. Abhi thinks if my dream was not special and this reality is important. Chori chori song plays. Abhi gets thought about Meera and thinks she has to forget everyone.

Meera tells dadiya that she can’t leave her job and got a good designation. Sindhu tries to make Abhi realize her worth.

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