Chupke Chupke 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Chupke Chupke 19th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhi is in his office and his colleague tells that someone asked about him. Sundar teases him and says you are in love and looks lost. He says I don’t flirt like someone. Subruto irritates Meera. Meera says she is getting late and asks Kajal to help Subruto. Kajal agrees and messages Sundar. Subruto says he has no work and goes. Meera goes home and checks the dress. Dad says you are wearing salwar kameez and asks her to decorate it. She shows the jewellery. Abhi tells her that he is waiting for her outside the house. She asks him to give 5 mins. She comes down and goes with him. Neighbor sees Meera going with Abhi.

Dadiya poses for selfie with her grand daughter. Abhi’s maa and chachis ask Gopal to take their pic. Dadi asks guests to have food. Gopal tells Saru that Dadi is looking at the door. His sister says he will fool us again. He asks Meera if she remember everything. She nods. Abhi introduces her. Meera wishes Dadi happy birthday. Dadi blesses her. Everyone stares Meera happily. Abhi introduces his family to Meera. He says he wants to say something and says Meera and I wants to marry. Everyone is shocked.

Kids asks Meera why she is smiling and says everyone is having hope from you. Meera says you are taking my interview and offers to help them. Kids tell Abhi that they like the girl. Meera touches her feet. Abbhi’s mum Ganga tells that she is very impressed. Abhi makes her meet Ankita, and tells that she showed pic at home. Ankita asks when did they meet? Abhi says he saw her in supermarket. Meera says she saw him in party. Saru Chachi asks her to think her as a friend. Gopal says you didn’t tell us anything. Abhi says she is very shy, and tells Meera that this is his family. Banke comes.

Abhi introduces him. Ganga asks Meera about her affair with Abhi. She says we are progressive and will not refuse. She says she understands her nervousness and says I am not that kind of saas to interrogate you. She says it is her first day as saas and tells that even rats are not afraid of me. Meera gets scared and asks if rats are here. Ganga asks her to relax and says we don’t have.. She asks her to tell who is at her house. Meera tells about her family and tells that her mum died when she was a child. Ganga apologises to her and promise to give her mother’s love, and says today I got my daughter. Abhi comes there and asks Ganga to see Meera and says she wants to snatch your rights. Ganga says I want to give happily. Abhi says I have chosen sanskari bahu. Ganga asks her to drop her home.

Abhi convinces Meera’s dad and proposes to her. Meera’s boss surprised her for her engagement. Later Abhi’s dad tells Ganga what if kundlis don’t match.

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