Chupke Chupke 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update: With Dadiya And Neeraj’s Efforts, Abhi And Meera Unites

Chupke Chupke 15th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhi and his family are tensed and worried for Meera. Dadiya smiles. Meera comes there and walks towards Abhi. They hug each other. Everyone smiles. Dadiya says I told you all that Meera will come, and she is here. Preetam Pyaare enters there with mask on his face. Abhi holds his collar angrily. Dadiya stops him and says listen to complete story first. Abhi says he is the kidnapper who had kidnapped her. Dadiya says I will tell you and removes mask from his face. Meera says Neeraj…you. Everyone is shocked. Meera scolds Neeraj for trying to ruin her life. Neeraj says his motive was selfless and whatever he did was for her betterment. Meera says enough, don’t tell anything. Dadiya says whatever he did was good. Abhi says if anything had happened to Meera then. Dadiya says it was all her plan to unite them and Neeraj was just following her orders. Abhi asks why you will do this. Dadiya says I have done whatever I could to unite you both. She tells Meera that when you got letters and phone calls of Preetam Pyaare, she read one of the letters, and thought who could he be. She then realized that someone knows about you well. When Neeraj called at landline number, I picked the call and understood he is the one. She called him home.

A fb is shown, Dadiya asks Neeraj if he wrote the letters to Meera. Neeraj says yes. Dadiya catches him. Fb ends. Meera asks why did you do this? Neeraj says to tell you the truth, I like you, but don’t have any bad intention or feelings about you. He says my intention and feelings are clean like my poetry for you. When you kept fast for Abhi, you fainted in the office, I felt pain seeing you in pain and I couldn’t bear it. He says he truly realized that Meera is of Abhi now. Abhi asks then why did you do this?

Neeraj says I thought Meera is unhappy with you and started writing letters to her. A fb is shown, Meera reads the letter. Abhi gets letter in the cupboard. Fn ends. Neeraj tells Meera that she is in his poetry like a life. Abhi says she is married to me. Neeraj says when he saw her teary eyes in office, I wanted her to be happy. Dadiya says when he told me this, I made this plan. She asks them to scold her and says anger blinded you and you both don’t want to see each other face. One was ready to go to America and the other want to go to office to hide her love. Neeraj says Dadi took my help. Dadiya tells Abhi that you were ready to do anything for Meera, you both love each other a lot and I was just giving air. She says since she came, you are still holding her hand. Abhi leaves her hand.

Dadiya asks him to keep holding her hand. Abhi asks why did you plan big, if anything had happened to Meera then. Dadiya says I will show you something and goes. Meera asks Abhi if he was really scared. Abhi says yes and says I love you. Everyone smiles. Meera feels shy and smiles. Abhi asks didn’t you want to tell anything. Meera says I love you too. Abhi says why she took much time. Dadiya returns and asks what they are doing, asks them to stand far from each other. Everyone is shocked. Dadiya says you both are breaking rules. Abhi and Meera are surprised. Dadiya says I am saying whatever is written in the contract papers. It is written that you will not touch each other hand, not see each other with love, not interfere in each other’s personal life, never bother about each other and in the end, you will not see each other faces after this contract ends. Everyone is shocked to know about their contract marriage. Dadiya asks why you both have done this. Abhi and Meera keeps their head down.

Meera apologizes to Ganga and says we were not having that intention to hurt you, we know that we have done a mistake. Dadiya says you both have lied to us, did a big drama, made fun of a sacred relation like marriage. She questions Abhi, if you are still upset with me. Am I still wrong? She says she didn’t make her hairs white in sun and says she has always doubt on them. Dadiya says you both will do whatever we say now and asks them to forgive each other. Neeraj asks Abhi if he still wants to go. Abhi says wherever he stay, Meera will stay with him always. He says even she has dreams which he will fulfill. He says he will think about US later, now Meera is his priority. Dadiya pretends to talk to Yamraj and says she will not go until she sees her grand son’s face. Chori Chori Chupke Chupke song plays… Abhi and Meera laughs.

No Precap. May be show came to an end.

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    So nice.. finally Abhi and Meera united..
    Is really show ended,????

  2. Why this show is ended this is a really nice show please make a chupke chupke 2 please

  3. Really fantastic serial this serial should not end

  4. Sad if it did end so soon. It was a sweet show, tension free and Abhi and Meera were very cute.


    I nd my family throughly enjoyed this serial and we’re disappointed because it’s ended very soon.We loving to much each single episode and we also misses it’s in weekends and we waited for Monday for this but on this Monday it’s not on air and then I checked it on Internet and I got news it’s ended and we’re really disappointed and sad because we want more entrainment,fun and joy it’s such wonderful serial.please make it’s second session.


    Show really ended last week..???? its was totally different show from all saas bahu tv shows but had wrong time slot that why ended so sooon ???????
    But I am happy that it show doesn’t drag like other saas bahu show???

  7. very intersting show and a show with a learning also so please restart this show or make chupke chupke 2

    1. Please restart the show or series 2

  8. Really disappointed why they ended this show it was my favorite show that because i watch this show daily….?

  9. it must be continued

  10. Loved it!!! Missing it like hell !!!

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