Chup chupke SS- part 4

Shomi(shouts):Ragini where are you?come here. Ragini(close her eyes tight took a deep breath) ha maa coming (to Nikhil)I just leave you doesn’t mean that you are free from me .i want damn answer idiot . Nikhil(to himself): what you did Nikhil? Now what happen?(to Ragini) suno tho yaar (but Ragini already left) Shomi:(with curious expression )Ragini did you see Shona?kab se doond rahi hoon o mil nayi raha hai. Ragini(shocked):maa what are you saying?o kabki nikal chuki hai.(she already left) Where is she go now? Nikhil:aunty Ragini what happen?and you both look worried Ragini:swara mil nayi raha hai Nikhil:(shouts)kya??? Ragini:arrey meri baap santh hoja orelse anyone hear you .first we have to search Shona Nikhil(scratches his head):par swara itni irresponsible nahi ki o uski engagement pe kahi gumne jathi? Ragini:(sarcastically)is it . I don’t know about this na.arrey mental I think she must be in some sort of danger. (teary eyes)please do something fast (to shomi)maa don’t worry we will bring her.

———————-/——————- Someone is shown lying on bed.she is sleeping peacefully without knowing what’s happening around her (its none other than swara) Person standing near her calls someone Person:ya she is sleeping now?u don’t worry I will handle her but how long we kept her like this?please yaar she looks so innocent Ops:don’t you dare to say like’s my revenge and also decision will be mine only so please close your f**k mouth and do what I say Person:but sanskar (interrupt) ya after 3 hour you can leave her(call ended) offo now what can i do now? Sanskar(with mixed emotions):(to himself) Iam i doing something wrong .no no sanskar u r absolutely right .don’t think stupid things just focus on your goal. (sujhatha shouts) Sujhatha:ji chhore kaha thi tum kab se doond rahi hu tumhe. Startled but composes himself Sanskar(childish tone):maa dost ki paas jana hai abhi jana hai. Sujatha: haan beta bas thodi der aur Sanskar:nahi nahi abhi jana hai?please mom. Sujatha:hmm okk come

—————————————— Sujatha:shomi ji where is swara? O kyun ki Sanskar swara se milne ki zidh kar betahai. Shomi(fidgeting her sarie pallu): (in crack voice)swara is missing. Listening this sanskar smirks and Sujatha shocks. Sujatha:(shouts)ji what are you saying?jiji, bhaisa ,ramji,laksh. Ap:what happened Sujatha ? .why are you shouting? (Sujatha tells everything ) Laksh:(mumble)dis is not done(to shomi)did u see her in room maa. Shomi:ha laksh . ragini&Nikhil also wander around to search her Laksh .i tries to call them but it was not reachable. Shekar:(in rage voice) and so now you are telling this is the time.usse kuch hojathi toh.(to parvathi)maa iam going to find her Laksh:(blank expression)i think i must also accompany him . Sanskar stood in front of them with guilty face. (without anyone concern he left that place) Sanskar:(call the person)leave her Ops:what??? Sanskar:i said leave her. Ops:but where ?(call ended) Arrey listen. I don’t believe this is happened to me.

——————————————- Ragini:(teary eyes)from 2 hours we are still finding her. Nikhil:(hugs her)don’t worry (in shievering tone)waise bhi she is lioness You know (smiles weakly). Ragini:(smiles and hugs him back)you know she pretend to be strong but she is too fragile inside. Nikhil:chalo chalo ab rona math. dis tears na does not suit your angelic face.wipes her tears .come we have to find angry lioness also. Ragini:(shouts)nikhil swara. Nikhil& Ragini shocked to see swara lying on road Ragini:(cries)place her head in lap.pats her cheeks swara swara getup pls . Nikhil:(pats her shoulder)lets take her to home.(Ragini nods)

——————————————- Ragini&Nikhil enter badi with swara Swara is in Nikhil arms .everyone staring them with confused face. Shomi:(runs to them)what happened to her ?where is she going?why don’t she left without inform me? Ragini &Nikhil stood with confused expression because they also don’t know about anything. Nikhil&aunty:maa/aunty relax .we also don’t know anything.only she can answer this questions.but let her to take some rest first. We can held our question session later (shomi calls and inform Shekar & laksh) Nikhil place her in bed and caresses her hairs . Sanskar:dost dost ko kya hua? Nikhil saw him with full rage eyes Ragini:nothing sanskar just she is sleeping .you go Sanskar:nahi jana mujhe nahi Nikhil(in cold voice):why don’t you leave her in peace.joining his hands pls go away.just go away from her life. Sanskar gets irked by his behaviour. Ragini(shouts ):Nikhil behave yourself.(to sanskar)you go sanskar Laksh:(in weak tone)what happened to her?.ragini.and from where you get her Ragini:relax laksh nothing happened to her.just she is unconsious now. Laksh:(sit behind her)hmmmm caresses her palm . (A lone tear escape from Ragini eyes but she makes herself) But Nikhil saw that and slightly shakes his head and mumble”ANOTHER LOVE STORY”. Ragini:did you said said something? (Nikhil nods his head vigorously). Laksh:Ragini I will come tomo.pls take care of her.(saw something)Ragini ye painting who did this? Ragini(excited):swara you know she gifted me on my bday(swaragini picture hanging on the wall).and she also tells that Nikhil&Ragini(together):jisse o pagal ki tarah pyar karthi hain sirf uski tasvir banana athi hai. (both smiles). Laksh:(smiles)you both know about her very well. Nikhil:hmm it’s damn true.(to Ragini)what say beautiful?(Ragini hits his elbow) Laksh get irked by Ragini closeness towards Nikhil Laksh(mumble):mujhe toh aise bath nahi karthi thi jab deko lakshji ye lakshji o(took a deep breath)Ragini I think I should leave now.bhai lets ho home Sanskar:(in childish tone)laksh one minute (stand near swara kisses his both cheeks and mumble) get well soon dost On which Nikhil chokes his own saliva. Ragini widens her eyes.laksh seeing him with utter disbelif. Sanskar:laksh jaldi chalo ( drags him out laksh follows him with open mouth.). Ragini:(pleading eyes)please Nikhil tell me what happened to swara .if she loves some one then why She accept this marriage. And what’s the reason behind her heart break. Nikhil: (teary eyes)you know Ragini Swara(points to bed)here na dis not my swara meri cutesa devil hai. (smiles)cute ,bubbly,naughty,notorious devil. Who doesn’t care about society. Pehle uski paas kuch nahi tha tum nahi thi uski papa uske paas nahi tha phir bhi uske paas sab kuch thi. Now you all are here but she is lost . she lost herself in the destiny’s blo*dy game called “LOVE”

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