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Hello doodles, here Nilanjana aka Nilash is again back with the next chapter of once much hit story CHUDAILBAAZ, I donno how many of you will continue reading this episode after so long but if you open to read then please do comment that how did you feel after reading this chapter.

And from this chapter since I am writing the story alone so please do pardon me if the sarcasm and humor gets affected. I have lost all the contacts with those who were writing with me before so I really apologise.



Sutlu: KK maasi aapka kaam to done dona done done, ab paise do bahut kaam karwaya mujhse…. Phhewww

(KK aunty your work is done, now give me paise, you made me do so much work… phheewww)

KK: tu ek kaam kar SPA ke award ko bech de, usse paise to aa hi jaayenge rupaye aaye ya naa aaye.

(You do one thing, you sell the SPA award of last year, I promise you will get paise if not rupees)

Sutlu: Oyeee Maahi ki bin bulayi maa… chup chaap paise de warna ek jhaap pe deewar pe sat jaibe

(Ohhh Maahi’s not-so-important mother… give me the money… or else ek jhaap pe deewar pe sat jaaibe)

Gauri: Oyeee mera dialogue chori karta hai… apna khud ka dialogue maang na script writer se, chor kahinki… nai nai kahin ka

(Oyyyeee you are stealing my dialogue… ask for your own dialogue from the script writer… dialogue thief.. huuhh)

Nayantara: oyeee nacho nacho… oyeee nacho nacho (Nayantara came dancing on one leg while holding the other leg with her hand)

(Oyyeee dance dance…. Oyyeeeee dance dance) (Nayantara came dancing on one leg while holding the other leg with her hand)

KK: Ye phudak kyun rhi hai?

(Why is she jumping?)

Discolight: Wooo… Shivay galti se chadh gaya tha mere iss paer par… ufff jo current laga… haayeee

(Actually… Shivay by mistake climbed on my leg… uffff the current… haayeee)

She left her leg and was to cover her face by her hands when she realized that her leg will touch the ground she left the thought of hiding her face and held her leg

Shivay: lage 440 volt chune se tere…. Haayeee lage 440 volt chune se tere

(Shivay sings)

He came from behind singing the song AS EXPECTED IN BESURA AWAAZ

Discolight: haayyeee… mai marjawan

(Haayyeee…. I will die)

Gauri: ohhh bhaiyaa ji… waise hi hamari screen space kha rkhi hai ab mere aur Omkara ji ke gaane bhi chura lo… ye kya baat hui

(Ohhhh bhaiyaa ji… you already ate up mine and Omkara ji’s screen space and now you are stealing our song also… this is not done)

Om: Lage 440 volt chune se tere

Om too came out humming the same song.

Gauri: Omkaaraaaaa jiiiiiiiiiiiiii…..

Gauri ran towards Omkara crying out and making weird face but Om was busy in admiring something else.

Gauri: in sabne hamare dialogues aur gaano par hamla bol diya hai, kuch to boliye.

(They all are stealing our dialogues and songs, say something)

She jerked Om for twice but no response and then came the major shock Om was admiring Svetlana’s picture in his phone.

Gauri: mummhheeyyyyyy…. (Gauri cried out and without any second thought fell unconscious.)

Pinky too joined them sometime back and her face was covered by duppatta. Looking at this scene Pinky’s duppatta slipped off from her face.

Om: Papaaaaaaaaa…. Om shouted looking at Pinky and landed beside Gauri.

Shivay: Arre ye sab to behosh ho gaye… ek minute devi kya mai jaan sakta hu ki aap kaun se version ke chudail ho?

(Arre they all became unconscious… one minute madam may I know that which version of witch you are?)

Shivay asked looking at Pinky.

Pinky: oyyeee teri maa hu… mujhe machchar ne kata hai, aur aisa kata hai ki mera ye halat ban gaya hai.

(Oyyeee I am your maa… mosquitoes bit me in such way that my face became like this)

KK: Sutlu ki bhai ke maa ki bachchi… tujhse ek kaam dhang se nai hota…. Jaa gutter me jaakar doob mar, mere American diamond… chal wapas de, wapas de abhi ke abhi

(Sutlu’s brother’s mother’s daughter can’t you do a single work perfectly? Go and die sinking in a gutter… my American diamond… return it… return it, now itself)

KK started to shout and run behind Sutlu and in this bhaga dauri Sutlu fell above Om and this made Gauri to gain consciousness.

Gauri: hai raam…. Sun beta sutlu tujhe to mai baad me dekhti hu, chaliye Omkara ji.

(Ohhh God…. Wait you Sutlu, I will teach you a lesson later… let’s go Omkara ji)

Gauri called and Om got up and went away holding Gauri’s hand. Everyone else was looking at them. Then KK remembered about her American diamond and started to chase Sutlu again and Sutlu started to run.

Pinky: ye dono to behosh the na

(They were unconscious right?)

Discolight- Koi bhi mere Shivay ko dekhkar behosh hi ho jaayega.

(Everyone will go unconscious after getting a glimpse of my Shivay)

Shivay looked at Nayantara’s seductive smile and got lost in her eyes. KK was running behind Sutlu, so practically no one paid attention to Pinky.

Pinky: Oyyeee teeeriii… ab Anika ka kya hoga, ek minute agar ye Discolight meri bahu ban gayi to? Haaye rabba, Maine ye kya galti kar diya Discolight ko lakar

(OOyeeee teeri…. Now what will happen to Anika, one minute if this Discolights ends up becoming my daughter-in-law then? Ohhh god what a big mistake I did by bringing this Discolight in Oberoi Mansion)

Pinky thought looking at Shivay and Nayantara horrified. Pinky went to her room while thinking all this.

Rudra who was not in the scene still is now coming to join the ride of Chudailbaaz from no where. He is to land from the Helicopter (let me be civilized) naahhhh Chopper.

Rudra: Bhaiyaa…

Rudra called as aloud as he could. Shivay’s trance broke and he looked up to see Rudra. Seeing Shivay looking back at him Rudra made a jump down the Chopper when it is at a minimum distance and landed in Shivay’s arms.

Rudra: dekha hazaro dafaa aapko, phir bekaraari kaisi hai, sambhaale sambhalta nahi ye dil, kuch aap me baat aisi hai (Rudra sang and kissed Shivay’s cheek and continued) maine aapko kitna miss kiya bhaiyaa… (he again kissed Shivay’s cheek)

(Rudra sings… I missed you so much)

Shivay made Rudra to stand in his legs now and is already huffing after holding the 70 kg protein ka dabba for more than few moments but our famous Discolight aka Nayantara is lost in her own thoughts.

Discolight: Agar mai uss helicopter par chadhi, aur agar uss shakth launde ke tarah landing maari Shivay ke god me to phir….. haaayeeee mujhe to sochkar hi lajja aati hai.

(If I get up on that helicopter and then land on Shivay’s arms like that strong boy then….. uff I am feeling shy only by thinking it)

Nayantara looked up and saw the chopper going away.

Discolight: Ohhhh helicopter bhaiyaa…. Ohhh helicopter bhaiyaa (She called aloud running behind the helicopter)

The chopper urf helicopter turned, I mean the pilot spotted the gorgeous lady running behind the helicopter so he changed the direction of the helicopter and started to come close to Nyantara in that something happened and the control of the helicopter from his hold got lost.

Pilot: Haayeee rabba bachao, hatiye memsahib, hatiye

(Ooohhh God…. Save me, Mam move away… mam)

The pilot shouted trying to make Nayantara aware about the situation but our over-sochne waali villain is again lost in her thoughts.

Discolight: Ayyee haaayeeee, mai kitni butiphool hoon, maine bas ek awaaz di aur ye helicopter bhaiyaa to mere taraf daure, mera matlab udte hue chale aa rahe hai.

(Aaayeee haaayeee, I am so beautiful that this helicopter bhaiyaa also got lost in my beauty and is coming close to me in such speed just after listening me calling him)

When she was lost in her thoughts the helicopter came too close that she started to run to save her life getting back her senses and coming back from her dreamland.

Nayantara aage aage, helicopter peeche peeche, KK was still running behind Sutlu, so the sequence became, Sutlu then KK then Nayantara and after them the helicopter. They started to run round and round and round around the big garden of Oberoi Mansion. The pilot got the control of the chopper back after an hour and left flying the helicopter but those three were still running.

KK: Mere sundar komal safed safed charan

(My beautiful white white feet)

Discolight: Chup kar tu, jis paer par Shivay chadha tha, wo paer zameen par touch ho gaya uske upar chadhne ke sapne dekhte dekhte aur isse iske paer ki pari hai.

(You shut up… the leg on which Shivay climbed up got touched on the ground while I was dreaming to climb on him and you are thinking about your leg)

Sutlu: Hum bhaag kyun rahe hai?

(Why are we running?)

No one can be more sensible as compared to our Sutlu and she again proved that.

Discolight: Wo helicopter bhaiyaa… (she looked back and found no helicopter)… wo to gaye, haayeee ab mai kaise chadhungi Shivay ke upar

(Wo helicopter bhaiyaa… she looked back and found no helicopter)… he went… haayee how will I climb on Shivay now)

Scene shifted to Pinky’s room. She was busy applying makeup to hide the koftas, I mean the marks on her face.

Pinky: Ab to Shakthi ji pakka Kameeni ke peeche chale jaayenge, Shivay jaayega Discolights ke peeche, to mera kya howega re Kaaliya?

(Now definitely Sakthi ji will go behind that Kameeni, Shivay will go behind Discolight, then what will happen to me Kaaliya?)

Kaali: When Kaali is here, why Pinky ji fear

Pinky: Tu kaun hai ab?

(Who are you now?)

Kaali: Arre animal planet ka maalik, Kaali… mujhse shaadi karogi?

(Arre owner of the animal planet, Kaali… will you marry me?)

Pinky: Haayeee rabba… and Pinky went unconscious


I know I have posted almost after an year and many of you might have lost interest to read this story and forgot the storyline. So basically this story was to torture the Villains of Ishqbaaaz and DBO but with every humour and sarcasm possible. Please do continue reading and comment down what you feel. Next chapter seriously coming soon.

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  1. ItsmePrabha

    Yayy Chudail is back i mean chudailbaaz is back…You know what I didn’t knew you already posted Chudailbaaz here.. But i read all the previous chappys in Wattpad…..I loved it Darling..Its Hilarious?????..Swetty aur Om, Billu Aur Discolights, Shakti aur KK Teeno couple ki chemistry Ek dum Faadu.. And Yayy rudra achanak se aasman se tapak pada … Na Helicopter se Tapak pada Woh bhi Billu ki Bahon mein Aur yeah Teri Chopper gayi Tel lene Helicopter bol tu warna Anudi bura maan jaayegi.. And Kaali Animal Planet ka Owner..???????….. Aur Pinky se shaadi … OMG… Damn Excited..Post ASAP.. Till then Take care and Pyaar tum Darl…

    1. Nilash

      Hahahaha… haan Chudail is also back ;-P
      Thank You so much darling, hahahaha… aur ab to Pinky aur Kaali ki chemistry, physics, biology baaki hai 😛
      Okay okay Helicopter, mai real life me helicopter hi bolti hu, chopper bolne se lagta hai I am saying about chakku.
      Pyaar tum too
      Tu watty par hi padh, matlab sare ff kyunki ab mai shayad hi yahan kuch post karu 🙂 I hope you understand re.
      Love you so much, take care and stay safe

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice and hilarious….

    1. Nilash

      Thank You Niki dear 🙂

  3. Arpita6

    Nilash…..kassh tum mere samne hoti.pakka Main tumhe kiss kardeti..
    I can’t even tell you how much I missed this chudailbaaz and those pagal days..
    No prblm you are back..and my chudailbaaz is back. …
    So Now kali is entered. is going to be more awasome. ..and also I wil wait..but plz just update me on hangy when you will post next episode it wil take time to write all the ff so I will wait
    Most hilarious is Sso is lost in Eyestar.. ????????cant wait for next…

    1. Nilash

      Hahahahaha… okay imagine I am there and hug your pillow 😉 see I am such a smarty
      Yup your CB is back, but let’s see till when I post it because you know the reason why I am saying this line. Hope it will turn good, awesome ka nai pata.
      Will pakka update you, moreover if I don’t post it here, I will send the chaps personally.
      Love you too Arpita

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