The Chronicles Of Kriyam: Season 2, Episode 13

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Thanks for all the love on my fanfic guys! Really appreciate it! Also going to start doing precaps so you guys can get a glimpse of what is coming up!

Episode begins.

( Everyone is still shocked as to why the police have arrived. They see flashing lights of an ambulance outside. )

Inspector: We need Mr Sayaam Birla please.

Sayaam: Thats me…

( The inspector holds up a picture of Krishna. Sayaam is shocked. )

Inspector: Is this your wife?

Sayaam: Yes…

Suhani: Inspector what is going on?!

Inspector: Your wife had fallen off a cliff some years ago and pronounced dead?

( Sayaam is shocked and nods. )

Inspector: We have found her. We have found her body. She is alive.

( Everyone is shocked. Sayaam steps back in shock. )

Yuvani: What?!

Inspector: Yes she is outside….

( Sayaam runs outside calling Krishna. )

Sayaam: Krishna, Krishna!

( He gets outside and sees her lying on a stretcher. He calls her and cries. )

Sayaam: Krishna!

( Sayaam runs to her. All the family hear and are shocked. They run outside. They see Krishna and cry. They rush to her. )

Inspector: She is in a coma.

( Sayaam holds Krishna’s face and cries, smiling. He puts his head on hers and smiles. Yuvani puts her hand on his shoulder. )

Yuvani: Sayaam, you have got your love back!

( Kaira stands at the door of the house watching and crying. )

Suhani: Thank you! You have bought our Krishna back!

Inspector: Dont thank us. Its our duty.

( He calls another police man to come over. )

Inspector: Take the patient inside.

Yuvaan: No.

( Everyone look at him. Yuvaan smiles. )

Yuvaan: Sayaam, you take Krishna inside.

( Everyone smile. Sayaam lifts Krishna in his arms and carries her to the house. The family members follow. They are about to enter but Kaira stops them. )

Kaira: Stop.

Suhani: Kaira….

( Kaira smiles. )

Kaira: We should welcome Krishna into the house properly right?

( Kaira throws flowers on the ground. Sayaam walks on the rose petals as he carries Krishna into the house. )

Sayaam: Welcome back to our room Krishna!

( Yuvani is shocked. Sayaam is about to put Krishna down but Yuvani stops him. )

Yuvani: Sayaam! So much mess! Wait I will clean the bed.

( Yuvani cleans the bed and Sayaam puts Krishna down. )

Priya: Mamu, are you happy? We have mami back now!

( Sayaam smiles. )

Sayaam: Yes.

( Yuvani hugs Sayaam. )

Yuvani: Everything is complete Sayaam! Our Krishna is back with us!

( They all smile and surround Krishna. Sayaam sits by her side and takes care of her. )

( Yuvani thinks: Sayaam has got you back Krishna. I promise. I will not let anything happen to you both. )

Doctor: She will be fine. She should wake from the coma soon. Just let her rest. And dont put to much stress on her or shock when she wakes up.

( Yuvaan sees the doctor out. Sayaam has been holding Krishna’s hand. )

Bhavna: Look. Sayaam hasnt left Krishna’s side since she arrived!

Sayaam: And I never will.

Suhani: Lets leave them. Sayaam, we will see you in the morning. Let us know if you need anything.

( Sayaam nods. He turns to look at Krishna and smiles. As they leave Yuvani talks to Suhani. )

Yuvani: Ma, we need to talk to Kaira. She must be feeling so bad!

Suhani: Yes…lets go now.

( They go to Kaira’s room. She is sitting crying. She sees them and quickly wipes her tears. )

Yuvani: Listen, Kaira, Im sorry for whatever happened.

Kaira: Its ok. I understand. Me and Sayaam were not meant to be.

( Suhani hugs her. Yuvani and Suhani leave her and she continues to cry. )

( Sayaam sits next to Krishna, holding her hand. He speaks to her. )

Sayaam: Sorry Krishna. Its a habit.

( He laughs. Kaira is watching them and smiles. She enters the room. )

Sayaam: Kaira! Look! I told you Krishna would never leave me!

( He keeps smiling. )

Sayaam: And look she is just like you! Same to same!

Kaira: No. Krishna is Krishna.

Sayaam: I just cant believe she is really in front of me!

( Kaira smiles weakly and leaves the room. She looks back to see if Sayaam would stop her. He continues to look at Krishna. )

Episode ends.

Precap: Krishna slaps Sayaam and pushes his away from her. All are shocked.

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  1. three words… I LOVE IT 🙂

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you so much x

  2. So good

  3. Luved it…sayyam still loves only krishna…dats so sweet..

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks for reading x glad you enjoyed it

  4. Plz try to post the next ff today!!I can’t wait?

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks for reading x will upload the next episode soon

  5. Ya please post the next ff today only.I can’t wait for tomorrow ?

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks for reading xx will upload soon

  6. I am silent reader but I loved your ff today it was so amazing can you post the next episode ver soon

  7. Can’t wait till next part…excited to read the next part…wht hppn to Krishna…slapping sayyam. ..omg u r a great writer ..keep writing ..god bless u…update next part soon…

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks for reading! You will have to wait for the next episode to find out!

  8. Aarti32

    Oh plzz dont tell me dat Krishna has lost her memory..

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks for reading! Will update soon x

  9. This is the exact replica of Pyaar ka dard meetha meetha Pyaara

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Not really because my fanfic follows a different story line. Took inspiration for this event though x

  10. wooowwee so romamtic..holding krishnas hand and smiling and saying its a habit…wooooow…..i jus love kriyyam moments in ur Ff

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks for reading! Glad you enjoy it x

  11. Iam silent reader but today’s ff is awesome….Krishna is back…..plz…post ur next ff today itself plz….can’t wait for tmrw

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks for reading and enjoying! Will be posting soon x

  12. Saiyaam+Krishna= Kriyaam

    Your fan fiction is so good!!!! Can’t wait for the next episode and as tomorrow is the weekend would you be able to upload two episodes please please please. ❤️❤️✨

  13. Nice…..just like pyaar ka dard??

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