Choti si pyaar choti si dard (Episode 2)

After submitting her form Poonam goes to pay fees on her way Rohan and his gang called her.
Rohan: hey dezi girl come here.
Poonam ignored them and walks to fees counter. Rohan comes and graps her hand.
Poonam: leave my hand
Rohan: Senior is calling you……do u think u r the queen of this college.
Poonam: I will pay attention to nhuman beings not for animals.
Rohan fumes: U r talking much and drags her from there.
Poonam: leave me……
Rohan comes to his gang and says dont u know ragging is compulsory here. She says but there no such rules in the college. Charlie says dont raise ur voice infront of Rohan he is the son of this college founder.
Poonam says thats y he have weight in his head. Jaggu says we r ur Senior u have to salute as daily. Poonam says My slippers wont even mind u and wont again I am telling u Mr pointing Rohan dont u ever mess with me. And she leaves. Rohan says I will see her tomorrow I will make her cry that she will be feared.
In the house
Kishore ask Purni I am so happy that Poonam going to become doctor. Purni says what our son Prayosh u always think about Poonam. Kishore says She is my pride I am doing this all for u only dear We have take good care of her then only we will get our property. Purni says I am also being paitence for this only. Poonam comes there. Prayosh shouts Didi and hugs her. Poonam loves her brother Prayosh and her mother only and she shares all the things with her dairy. Poonam hugs him.
Prayosh how was ur day didi I am so excited. Poonam says pappu wait first I go and fresh up and tell u everything and she goes past Kishore.

Precap: Police arrest Rohan. He says U played with Poonam.

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