Choti Sardarni 9th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Meher withdraws money from Sarab’s account


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Choti Sardarni 9th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Param says keep resting. Meher says I am fine. Param says don’t be stubborn mama. He checks her fever. Param says no fever. Servant comes. Param says get whole house sanitized. I need neem leaves. Meher laughs. Param gives them same instructions Meher gave them. Param says no one will come to mama’s room. No one will eat non veg here. Go and tell Dolly dadi. My mama will rest now. Meher is in tears. Param says papa go, good night. He leaves. Param says mama rest your head in my lap. Param caresses her face and sings her a lullaby. Meher sleeps.

Param tells Sarab mama is sleeping. How do I make her eat the medicine? Param says papa, you stay here with mama. I will get medicine. You caress her face. Sarab sits next to Meher. Param goes to get medicine. Sarab says what

is Param making me do. He fondles Meher’s face. Meher gets up. He says s you weren’t sleeping? Meher says I was. Why don’t you let Param sleep with me. He says I came to take Param. Meher says no you came to disturb me. Meher says I won’t let you sleep, you can change my name if you do. He says it’s monkey already.

Scene 2
Param makes Meher drinks juice. Sarab gets a call. His PA says all transactons failed. Sarab says how is that possible? PA says I checked with the bank. Sarab is shocked.
Everyone is dancing. Jagga dances. Kulwant says you married another woman? She hits Jagga. Where is Billo? I will hit her. Jagga says that is Billo. He points at the new car. Amrita and Kulwant laugh. Kulwant says Yuvi would be so happy to see this. Rana says he got a lottery. Jagga says Meher always wanted a big car for me. They dance and celebrate. Kulwant says my sons.
Dolly comes. She says how much did this car cost you? He says 2.5 crore for four trucks. And 3 crore for the car. Sarab is there too. Het gets a call from his PA. His PA says Meher did transaction of 25 crore. Meher gets a call from Sharma’s waiter. She says we will meet today. Sarab looks at her.

Meher says to Param we will go to mela. Param says no you’re not well. Sarab looks at them. Meher says we are going there. Param says you won’t go anywhere and rest. Sarab gets a call and says Meher cleared the cheque you gave her.

Precap-Sarab follows Meher. He sees her going to bank and then meeting that man.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This girl is a spoilt brat
    She has no care for others feelings. Fine she is a good mother and her family let her down and she is angry. But she has acted so childish and stupid with surab who has actually done nothing wrong.

    1. Yes thats the essence of the character. Even in reality, None will care others feelings after the love is captured from them.

  2. Simmy Chawala

    Don’t know why they keep showing param speaking as a third person. Param kho nini ayee etc. Why doesn’t anyone teach him to speak about himself as himself.
    Mujh, mere kho etc is more acceptable for a child pf that age. Bit too babyish in some ways.
    Lovely care shown towards his mehar mama though

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