Choti Sardarni 9th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Vikram to take Karan by Diwali

Choti Sardarni 9th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meher says you better let go of this craze. I won’t give my son to anyone. Manav says what will you do? First you fooled me and then this? Meher says it was all circumstances and fate. He says no you fooled me. You knew I was Manav. I told you everything.

Manav says I told you everything in Serbia. Why didn’t you tell me back then that I have a child? Tell me? Why didn’t you say that? Did you forget? I begged you to come with me. To live with me. You could tell me I have a child Karan. Do you have an answer? Why did you do this? Meher says because I am a mother. Param and Karan’s. I can’t live without them. I didn’t hide anything. I could tell you everything that day for you and Aditi and for your parents. I knew one truth will ruin all lives. Manav says my life and happiness is already ruined. My only happiness is Karan. Meher hugs Karan. She says you know Sarab’s health. You said I have time till Diwali. I need time to decide. If God wants, Sarab would be back home by Diwali. I will talk to him. Meher picks Karan. SHe says let’s go. Manav says you can keep your decision but on Diwali my son with be with me. I will take him forever. Meher leaves.

Scene 2
Meher calls Sarab and says I got home. I will call you. Ajay (servant) says madam where was he? Meher says he was at his nani’s place. Where is Param? Ajay (servant) says he kept crying and slept in his room. He said he won’t eat until Karan comes back home. Meher gives her phone to charge.

Meher comes to Param’s room. He has fell asleep. Meher recalls Param crying. Meher keeps Karan next to Param. Karan smiles. He makes noises. Param wakes up. He sees Karan. Param hugs Karan and says where did you go. He kisses Karan. Param says I cried so much. Thank you baba ji for sending my brother back to me. Param says I won’t talk to you if you talk like this. Param picks Karan. Meher says don’t worry. Your brother won’t ever go anywhere. He will always live with you.

Scene 3
Bitu and Rana tell Kulwant Meher got Karan back from Manav. Kulwant says I knew, she’s my sherni (lioness). Rana says are problems not over yet? Kulwant says that snake Karan is the problem. We can’t get rid of him. Vikram Dewan must take her until then there will be dramas in my daughter’s house.

Scene 4
Param comes to meet Sarab. Sarab hugs him. Param says are you okay now? Sarab says I have a lion-like you. Param says Baba ji promised me you will be fine and he sent Karan back as well. See you there. Meher comes in with Karan. Sarab hugs Karan. Sarab says thank God. He hugs Param and Karan. H hugs Meher as well.

Manav looks at Karan’s photo and says papa made so many plans. I don’t know your favorite places but I will take you to my favorite place, Manali. And then Goa. Papa will take you to Goa. We will have so much fun. Aditi comes in the room. She says can you pass on my file? Vikram picks it. She says yes this. Vikram says will Sarab be better by Diwali? Aditi says he’s doing very well. We have two crucial reports pending. After that, we will know if he would be discharged on Diwali or now. Seema comes in and says why did you order a cot? Is there good news? Vikram says one day or another. Seema says I will wait for that day. Manav says in the heart in two weeks your grandson will play in your lap.

Param says papa mama told us you will be home by Diwali. We will have candles all over the house. Param says I will also do that.. I rangeli. Sarab laughs and says rangoli. Param says I will write welcome home papa in it. Sarab says papa has two small tests, after that, I will come home. Param hugs Sarab. Param says Karan, this is your first Diwali. Right mama? Yayyy. Meher says to Sarab I told Vikram I will ask Sarab and let him know but what will we do? How will we handle this? Sarab says we will. Because Karan will never go away from us.

Manav says papa can’t wait to have you. Aditi hugs him from behind and ways waiting so eagerly for the baby? She gets close to him and says don’t you think we will also have to prepare for it? Manav is irritated. Aditi gets a call from the hospital. She leaves. Manav says all preps are done. Karan will be with me.

Scene 5
Meher is asleep. She recalls what Manav said. Meher looks at Karan. She can’t sleep. Meher says no one can touch Karan. No one can take you from me. I am up all night for you.

Precap-A man gives mission to someone to kill Param, Sarab or Meher for 5 crore. He looks at Meher’s photo and says 10 crores for this one. Ajay (servant) falls from the balcony and dies. Meher screams. She’s alone at home. Meher says Karan..

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Shaheera Khan

    who is ajay now ?

    1. Ajay ji( that’s how Sarabjit ji and Meher ji call him) is a servant (a cook) of Gill Mansion.He is one of the loyal house helpers of Sarabjit ji. That bald headed one.

  2. Everyone should learn from Meher that how to impose your own mistakes and selfishness on Circumstances and Fate….
    Sarabjeet, despite being a father, does not understands Manav’s feelings.The person I was proud of has also become selfish….Although I always liked Manav more than Sarabjeet but I used to respect Sarab a lot but not any more….
    It is understood that Manav is not asking for joint custody because he knows that the woman who does not even let him touch Karan, that woman will never agree for coparenting.
    But, why isn’t he trying with Aditi? When he had memory loss, he used to love Aditi but after regaining his memory, he completely lost interest in Aditi…!! And what will he say to his mother after bringing Karan home?
    Basically, makers ruined all the characters…!!

    1. She is not letting him touch Karan because his intentions are to separate Karan from Meher and take hin away from her. If his intentions were pure and were not evil because he is evil wanting to separate a child from his mom, Meher would have let him touch Karan. Karan really loves Param and we can see the strong bond that they share. Everyone is saying that sarab and Meher are selfish infact Manav is the most selfish person in the world as he wants Karan for himself. That is why Sarab and Meher are not giving Karan to him because he want Karan all for himself and is trying to deny him of other relations which is very selfish of him. All his life, He longed for his parents, then why is he trying to separate Karan from his mom right now. If he was to live his mom right now, would he have accepted to do so? He is trying to make decisions for Karan right now that when he grows up and comes to know, will end up hating his father. He stated clearly that both him and Meher have right over Karan, then why is he still trying to keep Karan for himself and not accepting a joint custody.

    2. Accepting joint custody? Meher never gave this proposal of joint custody to Manav. She is like, mai apna bachha “kisi” ko nahi dungi, oh sorry mai apna bachha uske khud ke baap ko nhi dungi🙄.This word “kisi” is so Irritating as if Manav has no relation with Karan. Sarabjeet had said that if he had been in Manav’s place, he would have also asked for his child. It means,somewhere Sarabjeet also knows that Manav is right in his place. (Btw Generally,joint custody is not shown in TV Serials, but may be we can see this in upcoming episodes) Moreover, Meher kept Manav in dark. She didn’t tell him that Manav has a child in Serbia. She was not even ready to accept that Karan is Manav’s child. Remember, she lied to him. “Karan mera aur Sarabjeet ji ka bachcha hai.” Why didn’t she tell him that he has a child? She escaped by saying that she is a mother and can’t live without her children. How can she expect Manav to live without his child.Isn’t this selfishness? Vo kare to Raas leela, Manav kare to character dheela😶? She escaped by saying that this truth will ruin many lives. Whose life? Aditi’s life? Aditi is Sarabjeet’s sister, that’s why her life is life. Her happiness is happiness, But what about Manav’s happiness? What about Manav’s life? Humaare pati ki behen ka khoon khoon hai, par Manav ka khoon pani hai🤐…Meher knows that Manav married Aditi when he was unaware about his real identity,his past, and his feelings. It is neither Manav’s fault nor Aditi’s fault.If Seema gets to know that Karan is Vikram’s child then she will assume that his son Vikram Diwan had an affair with Meher. After knowing this truth, Seema’s life won’t be ruined. Of cousre, she will be angry on Vikram. Seema’s life will be in danger if she gets to know that Manav is not Vikram. So, Meher can’t impose her selfishness on Circumstances, fate and Aditi and Seema’s life. Manav lost almost everything in his life,(everything else is of Vikram,not Manav) just bcoz of Meher’s family. He didn’t want to lose his son too, his desperation is understood. After so many days, if someone will get happiness, after losing everything, obviously no one will want to lose it but Meher got everything in her life. She should respect Manav and should try to understand Manav’s feelings. Manav is still in shock because his memory came back after a year and he lost everything in his life. Manav’s desperation for his child is understood.But why Meher is not understanding Manav’s situation? If we talk about bonding,Karan and Manav, they both also felt connection with each other and their bonding is ❤. Manav selfish hai, To Meher koi dudh ki dhuli nahi hai.

    3. Totally agree with you K. Khan. To me manav is selfish. Life has moved on. Has he even thought about Aditi. Sarab is not selfish. He was even willing to divide and give harleen her share when she did not want to accept karan. You dont have to be a biological father to love your child. Manav only wants to take away karan from meher. He never spoke about joint custody. To me nothing selfish about meher and sarab. Manav is equally selfish. He only wants to get karan completely as meher told him she had moved on . He is equally selfish. Meher could have aborted the child but as a mother could not bring herself to do it. So why is she selfish for not wanting to give up her child?The victim in all this is Aditi.

    4. Radhika Purohit

      Exactly and manav in this selfishness he is telling he will stay with aditi happily forever without even asking aditi if she is even ready to accept the child. He thinks its simple to accept if husband has another child with someother lady and she is going to love her with all her heart?? Never…it is well shown in the beginning itself how mean aditi can be. Its just pure selfishness that manav is trying to get karan out from a loving family. A father will first think of his son’s safety and happiness. But this guy is only worried about his happiness. Mehar and sarab are right in their decisions. If sarab let karan go so easily it would simply mean he never loved karan like his own son which is not the case and mehar being a mother will and shall not leave her child even if its the father who is asking thats the nature of a mother.

    5. Manmeet,I respect your opinion but problem is that no one can understand Manav’s pain. If Meher does not want to give up her own child,Then,Why Manav is selfish,if he wants his own child? Apna bachha chahta hai yrr bechara,padosi ka nahi…!!
      Sarabjeet is really a pure hearted person.He is always shown as a Godly Figure.He is very great.
      Sarabjeet told Meher that he will talk to Manav maturely, he will handle everything and will solve this problem. If he comes up with the idea of Joint custody, then I will also agree that Meher and Sarab are not selfish. Par agar upcoming episodes me usne ye bola Manav ko ki mai Karan ka asli baap nhi hun par tum chinta mat karo mai usey bhot pyar karta hun,mai tumse bachha to share nhi krunga par fir bhi pls tume meri behen ko khush rakhna ye vo….
      Then,it will be clear that Every character of this show is selfish.
      Let’s see…

    6. I do understand his pain shreya. What happened to him is sad. However for so many to suffer just to make up for what he went through is not right either. So many lifes will be ripped apart. To me that is not right.if he had asked to be able to be a part of karan’s life then i would have routed for him but to take karan away completely is not fair nor right either. He is also selfish

    7. @shreya I agree with ur comments manav ka pain kisiko nahi dik raha hai…why always manav sacrifice everything for meher….why blaming manav only and everyone is selfish in meher family…..

    8. Exactly, Praveena…. Why Meher and Sarabjeet are not understanding Manav’s situation?
      Even,Sarabjeet had said that if he had been in Manav’s place, he would have also asked for his child. It means,somewhere Sarabjeet also knows that Manav is right in his place. After realizing that Manav is right in his place, why isn’t Sarab coming up with the idea of joint custody?

    9. Manmeet, I totally agree with you.Everyone is talking about Manav’s pain forgetting that Meher also suffered, and Sarab also suffered as he almost separated with his sister in order to protect and keep Karan as a family member. With such a big sacrifice people are still claiming that Sarab is selfish. He is the most generous human being I have ever seen. Manav is the most selfish person in the world. Why does he want to separate Karan from the family that fought for his better life and for him to have a secured future. Sarab and Meher went through a lot to protect Karan for them to just give him up just like that. So manav should be realistic and atleast consider his son’s happiness other than his happiness.Just because Karan plays with him does not mean that he is only happy with him, we have also seen him happy as he was playing with Karan so Manav should be mature and realistic. It is very true that he should have asked for a part in the life of Karan other than trying to make him all his because that is being a selfish father who things about his happiness more than the son’s happiness. I am starting to feel that he is trying to claim Karan to make Meher pay for what happened to him. Why doesn’t he attack Kulwant directly who ruined his life and stop punishing the innocent people who did not even have a hand on what happened to him.

    10. Yes, K.Khan,Manmeet and Radhika, Manav is selfish bcoz he is only concerned about his “only one” happiness. His all happiness are gone,only Karan is left. I clearly said in my previous comment that Manav is selfish but Meher has also not taken any bath from milk. Of course, Sarabjeet is the purest soul of the serial. He is the gem of person. We need more and more Sarabjeets in our society. But What kind of woman Meher is? Manav was brutally stabbed and thrown in the river in front of Meher. So,as per Meher, Manav was murdered and was dead.Ryt? Why Meher didn’t tell about Manav to police even when she and her baby were accepted by Sarabjeet and they were safe from Kulwant’s evil intentions. Any person with good morals would have drawn in guilt until gets justice for him,especially the person whom we claim to love.Arey yrr,itni berehmi se mere saamne mere padosi ko bhi maar diya jaye to mai depression me chali jaaun, chlo depression chhoro, mai to tab tak chain se na baithun jab tak uske culprits ko saza na dilwa dun. Kya tum chain se baithoge 1 saal tak agar koi tumhare pyaar ke sath aisa kare? Bolo? But Meher remained silent for for one year….Why? Oh, Kahin sab ki khushiyan na barbaad ho jayein is ek sach se…Ryt? Yahi hoga Meher ka answer…. Any person’s life is more important than any other thing. Sarabjeet met Manav only once,but still he tried to find about him. I was proud of him. But, what has happened to him nowadays. Kahin Meher ki company ka asar to nahi??🙄🙄 He clearly said that if he would have been in Manav’s place, he would have also asked for his child. It means, somewhere,he also knows that Manav is not completely wrong.But still, he is not coming up with the idea of Joint Custody. Why? Isn’t this Injustice to Manav? I thought that Sarabjeet will make Meher understand that Manav has equal rights on Karan and they should opt for joint custody….par nahi, pata nhi usko ho kya gaya hai. I want that old Sarabjeet back who was fair enough and unbiased.
      If we talk about struggle, I totally agree that Meher and Sarabjeet both have struggled in their lives. They both have suffered. But, Manav had also struggled in his life. Remember, he was an orphan and used to run a local restaurant(Dhaba) to earn money. Koi banda dhabe par kaam kar kar ke paise kamaata hai aur fir un paison ki madad se padhaayi karta hai. He cracked one of the most difficult exam UPSC, even,when his financial condition was very bad. But still,ek anath ne akele mehnat karke padhaayi kari, ye sab kiya . Kya ye struggle nahi hai? His career was just started. But,he lost everything,his dreams,his identity,his happiness,his love.Now,if he will lose his son too, Isn’t this Injustice to a poor guy? Can rich people play with the lives of poor people?
      Its ok if Meher loves Sarabjeet now but it doesn’t mean that she will insult his ex boyfriend. Matlab padne par, Meher calls Manav,”yaar”… chal na “yaar” Manav,Sarabjeet ji ko khoon dene. Manav mai tumhe apni duniya de dungi,apni zindagi de dungi, bas tum khoon de do.
      Aur kaam ho jane par, zabardasti Aditi se pyaar karo Manav. Why she forced Manav to love Aditi? Just bcoz Aditi is Sarabjeet’s sister and Sarabjeet can’t see her Sad.
      You have a feeling that Manav is trying to claim Karan to make Meher pay? Agar usko thukra ke mera pyar, mera inteqaam dekhegi wala hero hi banna hota to kbhi vo Sarabjeet ko khoon deta hi nhi.
      Meher got her two criminal brothers married with Jeeto and Ginny without telling about the crimes of their respective husbands. Why?
      If Sarabjeet will not come up with the idea of Joint custody in upcoming episodes then this will indicate that every character of the show is selfish including Sarabjeet who can’t see the pain of Manav,even after being a father.

    11. @shreya ur all points are valid and meher manav ko sach toh batha sakthi thi par nahi if manav did not find those papers he never knows that he is the father of karan…..hypocrisy of meher dekho starting mein jab manav is killed tab….mein tumhara akhiri nishani ko kuch nahi hone dungi hamara Bache ko kuch hone nahi dungi jab vapas aaya toh vahi manav ko pita manneki inkaar karri hai at least sach toh bolo….

    12. Exactly Praveena, hypocrisy level at extreme🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
      Meher keheti thi, mai mere Manav ki aakhiri nishani ko kuch nahi hone dungi, aur ab usi nishani ke papa Manav ko maanne ko taiyyar nahi…..
      Actually, she said right that her love for Manav was bachpana. She never loved Manav truly. May be, dhabe par free me khana khane ke liye timepass kar rahi ho😂
      But, this is clear,that Manav loved Meher truly.He never cheated her.He is innocent. Ab agar uske sath injustice hota hai to bhot galat hoga yaar…..
      Bechara,kaise humesha bhik mangta reheta tha Meher ke saamne,ab aur hath nahi judwaane,aur pairon me nhi padwaana,….bhot bura kar liya makers ne Manav ke sath😣

    13. @shreya u r correct she never loved him manav ke saath time pass kar rahi thi aur nahi toh Kya 1 year ke baad yaad aa gayi manav ka khoon hua hai….. If she never ever loved him uske saath jo kuch bhi hua na uske liye justice dilathi…..

  3. I won’t blame the characters because they are formed by the story writer only. He only spoiled this show. Meher married Sarab and later became happy with him. And the makers realised that they don’t have a plot to continue the serial so they bought Manav/ Vikram who was assumed to be dead. And as usual like we see in many serials female protagonist’s former bf is now the villain. Please don’t blame Sarab Meher and Manav. They are asked to act like this know. Even Kulwant also. We can’t do any change. That’s the sad reality.

    Obsessed Mehrab and Manav fans please don’t blame the poor characters. I lost my interest already.☹️

  4. Again this Manav’s meher madness has gone and Karan madness started. Sharuk khan in a film always goes after juhi calling KKKiran though she got married. this manav being educated and a responsible cbi officer now and a research scholar in the past suddenly one night got his senses back and wants to spoil a happy family and spoiled the happiness of his adopted parents who gave him life and wife Aditi who was his love interest before he regained his past. Mr. Diwan whom he considered as his father more than his biological father saying a parent need not be one who gives birth but who rares him. Suddenly with his stubbornness and revenge nature b-cos meher didn’t return to him he wants karan. what he has seen ? meher’s troubles in saving the child or Sarab giving 200% protection to the child. suddenly his parental instinct is making him mad? this is really disgusting track this Manav torturing Meher who went ahead in life like any other normal girl does in real life. Instead he is troubling Aditi too and surviving adopted mother though she doesn’t know he is her real son. This track should end like param’s track with his nani and nana at the earliest and all the people instead of dramatic sentimental scenes should go ahead with their jobs/professional life too. love yearning is not the life. A cbi officer behind a family joining hands with a person tried murder him and a doctor sitting at home though she is expert surgeon and political head of a party with homely troubles in active and business people without business etc. Better the show should move forward giving a proper ending to this manav track and punishment to KK and her sons by landing them in jail for some years. really it is sick now a days to see this Manav madness!!!!

  5. Shaheera Khan

    thank you Zayn , and they had lots of stories to be finished yet and regarding manav on the forum lots of people wanted to see him back but i am afraid now they will kill manav . to be true now i don’t like any of them they are all the same that’s why i just read the wu that’s it , good thing here is we all take our frustrations out but on the main form we cant because some people wont like to listen against their favourite one so please keep it up like that because i like coming to this site like many more . good job everyone

    1. I agree lots of story lines to be closed dolly blackmailer, meher kidnapping and robbies’s role in this, aditi and harleen truth should b out. I miss Yuvi he was so funny. I liked kulwant she was a villian but funny. now d show is ruined with all this so called drama. manav seem to forget his current life, how is he going to explain to his mom about karan and meher , it will kill her to know her husband and son lied to her. tooo much blackmailing and secrets.

  6. Two paths for this show is for Manav to give up his old identity and become Vikram fully or Manav dies and Aditi becomes a full villain. He seems to have forgotten being Vikram completely in which case he must leave being a CBI officer and go be a full time dhaba wala

  7. Meher is behaving as if she has taken rebirth and is incapable of recollecting the past. She is refusing to acknowledge Manav’s place in Karan’s life and treating him like an outsider who wants to kidnap her kid. Meher’s behaviour has not left Manav with any other option than snatching Karan. It is unbelievable how Sarab even after being a father himself wants only to know and believe Meher’s side of the story. Meher truly is Kulawant’s daughter. Kulwant uses her kids to achieve her goals and Meher is now on the same path. She is taking away Karan’s right to be and know his father for her to have a happy family.

    1. I completely agree with your each and every point.
      No one can understand Manav’s pain.
      That poor boy…!!

  8. i love meherab only and only and i hate manav since the starting of this show and now i know who gave the bribe to kill sarabs whole family.he is a politician who lost his carrier because of meher and he had made a plan to arrest meher at her baby shower ceremony but he was not successfull and now he came back to take revenge wow what a storyline i am loving it

  9. amazing show amazing characters amazing storyline and awesome jodi of meherab

  10. Shaheera Khan

    i like kk better than mehar because kk have a funny side swell but this mehar and co cant stand a bit that’s why i dont watch it .

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