Choti Sardarni 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Param hates Meher

Choti Sardarni 9th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The doctor checks the kids and says they are fine but just shocked. take care of them. He leaves. Meher caresses Param’s face and says don’t think about it. Let’s get fresh. It’s your dada’s anniversary.

Sarab gives langar to everyone. Tai ji makes Karan eat the prasad. Meher and Sarab are shocked to see her. They serve people. Meher sees Param is sitting upset. Meher says Param don’t sit on Daar ji’s knees. He’s not well. He says you want to distance me from everyone? Meher is shocked. He says if Daar ji was getting hurt he would say it himself. Daar ji says but.. Param says she didn’t save the life of both of us. She only saved her son Karan. I was hanging there and she left my hand. Sarab says what are you saying? Meher says what are you saying Param. He says did you leave my hand or not? You proved that you’re not my mom. You are only Karan’s mom. Sarab says you’re Meher mama’s life. She loves you both equally. He says I thought the same if I were her life would she leave my hand and let me hang there? I thought I would fall and die but she left my hand, held Karan’s hand. I came up on my own. Her entire focus was on her son Karan. Meher says it wasn’t like that. The stem Karan was hanging on was breaking.. Param says I was also hanging with a stem. You held Karan with both hands. Meher says it’s not like that.

Param says karan am I lying? Did she leave my hand? Karan says yes Meher mama saved me. Everyone is shocked. Because she loves me the most. Not you. Param leaves. Param says did you hear? She saved Karan. Meher says it’s not like that. For mama, all kids are equal. He says that’s why you left my hand and saved him. Meher says his stem was.. Param says I don’t want to hear anything. I held there alone for 20 seconds when you were saving your Karan. You pulled him up and left me there. Meher cries. Param says because Karan is her own son and I step. Meher is shocked. Meher says enough Param. Sarab says you are doubting your Meher mama who has loved you the most? Step mother? You are in this world because of her. This is your second life. She gave you her liver to save you.

Param says it’s all a lie. She never gave me her liver. I know everything. Nani told me everything. Everyone is shocked. Meher asks when did you meet nani? Param shoves her. Param says whenever she has to choose between me and Karan, she would choose me. She isn’t my mom. Sarab says Param.. He says no one loves me and leaves. Paraam locks himself. Meher knocks. Harleen says to Meher how could you leave Param? Meher says he was more stable and Karan’s branch was breaking. I have to explain the same. Harleen says give him some space. He doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Meher keeps knocking.

Scene 2
Sarab says something happened that one knows. I have to find out. He asks Karan what’s in your pocket? Karan ignores him. Meher says papa asked you something. What’s in your pocket? Whose phone is that? Sarab says Karan who gave you this phone? Karan says I don’t know whose phone is that. It’s not mine. Sarab says how was it in your pocket then? Meher says don’t lie. There are many video calls with nani and I heard your voice messages. What coin were you thanking her for? And why did you go to the cliff? Who asked you to go there. I am asking you something.

Param calls Kulwant and says what should I do? I lost my mom. Karan’s coin fell and he got mama. Kulwant says I am with you. Make a video and put it on the internet and social media. the world should know how unfair Meher is to you and how sad are you. Tell them you need another mom. Tell them she tried to kill you and threw you in the cliff. Param says I will tell everyone how I went to the malang cliff.

Meher shouts where is that coin? Karan says I made the wish and threw it in the cliff. Param’s coin is with him. Meher says everything is very clear. Param sees his coin. Meher comes there. She sees I hate Meher mama written on the board. Meher gets teary. Meher says you hate me right? Come with me. Param says leave me alone. I don’t want to go anywhere with you. Bua.. Harleen bua. Harleen comes and says what are you doing? Leave his hand. Meher drags both Karan and Param to the car. Sarab gets in the car too.

Scene 3
Meher is on her way with the kids and Sarab. Sarab says where are we going? Meher looks at the kids.

Kulwant laughs. She says no matter what you do, it’s all useless. I have cracked the bond of both of your sons. Param will hate you forever. Meher comes to the cliff and says the son I loved the most, questioned my motherhood. And if he has questioned, I have to answer him. She takes his coin and says this is his magical coin right? You can ask love from anyone through this? Meher says Param is my first child, my whole world, the first kid to call me mama. He is equally important as Karan and Seher. they are all equal to me. Meher throws the coin down the cliff. Meher says is my wish done? Do you love your mom now? Do you want to hug mama now? Like she wants to? The coin went there. Param says no. Meher says really? You don’t love your mom? You don’t want to hug her? This means this coin, wish everything was bogus. It was a lie. Your nani fooled both of you. And you did. So you all fight and hate your parents. Karan says it’s magical. I made a wish that mama saves me not Param. Meher says shut up. I saved Param. When I was satisfied he was hodling on to the branch, then I pulled you up. No more coin rubbish. I love all my kids.

Meher says I am going to atari. You take the kids home. Sarab says I will go with you. Meher says no I will go there alone. They drop off at the house. Meher goes to Atari. Kulwant comes in front of her.

Episode ends.

Precap-Kulwant says first nail hit the right place. Won’t you ask where the second nail would hit? Meher is angry. Sarab says to Seher what did you see? Seher says mama pulled Karan and Param came up on his own. Sarab is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Radhika Purohit

    Okay guys…. I am done with it!!! I thought I would watch the show for the actors.. for their efforts… but i dont think i can take this anymore… not with the precap!!! No … just for the sake of getting a stupid leap they are destroying every relationship on the show!!! And the most precious one is about to be destroyed tomorrow and in the coming episodes and so I wont be watching the show from tomorrow… I will not read the update about the story also..
    If there is info i feel like sharing i will do it… thats it!!!

    For me sarab wouldn’t suspect meher even if seher says so because he is sarab… but makers are hell bent on destroying all characters except seher before leap.. so sarab is next in line .. and i don’t want to witness it… i dont want to know it either… i will believe that sarab brushed of sehers words just like he did when param claimed meher didnt save him…

    1. @radhika Sarab trusts Meher and if makers put any doubt in his brain then it’s over. This isn’t the cs we know or love. They are destroying the characters. First param and now Sarab

    2. I’m afraid you’re right @Radhika 🙁 I was hoping the makers would NOT ruin the incredible image of Mehrab (and perhaps Sarab will just brush it off like you said), but with how things are going and how quickly the makers have shifted focus on taking a nose dive with this show, just so they can focus their efforts on the leap is truly appalling! This is too much. We as fans can see right through this garbage.

    3. @Radhika! You are right..Even I don’t feel like watching it, but do you remember how Karan’s phone fell and everything was being recorded on it. I think that has something to do with the proof of Meher’s love for Param, her motherhood. Video will clearly show Param’s branch breaking. Sarab may doubt Meher first but I think it will be too late..Meher might try to self harm. That’s my only fear. Then Sarab will die or kill himself in Guilt.. I am scared about it. The end might be heartbreaking and I think I am really not ready for it. Don’t know what has to happen. Why is Seher lying? But why will Seher lie?

    4. Radhika Purohit

      Seher isnt lying.. thats the problem.. param was standing on a secure rock and the tree branch also was strong … when meher gave him her hand after saving karan param himself climbed up apparently!!! Even param said it today..even sarab heard it… but overall no one paid attention to it… so even if sarab gets the video it will show param climbing by himself!!! The precap could be misleading too.. i dont know.. and i really dont have the strength to know anymore… today was my last day watching CS during telecast time!!!

    5. You are correct Radhika . It will be very painful to see upcoming episodes .This video will help to prove meher’s truth.In every problem Sarab said even god himself said mehar is wrong he didn’t believe god.But this time it is not sure.Because makers give so much sadness to the audience by breaking nice family which is based on trust and love.

  2. Do you remember when Meher was in Kashmir and those photos with a man and child. Sarab never believed them! He never would suspect Meher so makers please remember the characteristics of what made Sarab!

  3. I’m just curious. I heard that Nimrit is having issues with Avinesh. What’s the issue all about?

  4. To add salt to the pains of fans now even the channel isn’t tagging the ml in the igtv video which features both of them…Heights of disrespect..and they ask for trust and respect in return..hugh😤

  5. I regret my self as I watched such type of show.It is very clear they ruin sarab’s relationship with mehar tommorow.Then they will quickly end up their characters and start the leap.

    1. Looks like Sarab will doubt Meher & that will end up breaking the relation between Sarab & Meher. This might be the reason for them to part away & then the leap starts. Im already fed up of the way this serial is turning into, spoiling the brains of kids… which mom would destroy her daughter’s family? Also, what will be the end of KK or other characters that are going to exit? Meher sees the voice messages & video calls on the phone but she didnt see the video that got recorded of Meher saving Param & Karan? How will Seher end up telling Sarab that Mehere didnt save Param? Well, do these questions really matter now as the story is gone down the drain already.

    2. I would rather the makers kill off Mehrab and have them fall off that damn cliff than to see their relationship after everything they have built together to be dragged through the mud. At the very least, the makers could preserve their everlasting love. They’ve already destroyed everything else. What an insult to the actors and fans. Such a slap in the face! You can even see where the focus has shifted and more importantly WHOM the focus has been shifted on!

    3. Radhika Purohit

      I am done @MD.. and I am tired of this!!! I really dont understand how the rest of the cast is continuing the shoot!!! They should be so tired… they need a token of appreciation for completing the job…

      Yes its so obvious majority dialogues, screen space everything is shifted on WHOM!!!

    4. 😭😭😭 if anything @Radhika, I have even MORE respect for the cast who are able to execute and put up with this garbage as the show plummets it’s reputation. Now I understand why the lack of promos, advertisement and IG posts from the cast from such a long time now. Such injustice. And now more than ever, there are so many posts I am seeing fro Nimrith. Coincidence… I think NOT 😡

    5. Radhika Purohit

      @MD…I noticed it too.. No I dont think its coincidence.. infact there is an sbs video stating that nimrits IG feed is a promotion for her upcoming looks as seher!!! But then sbs people are not always right and i didnt feel that a show with people wearing such costume all the time would air as a family show at 7:30pm… and therefore didnt share the link…
      Here it is

    6. It would be a saving but stupid disgrace to kill Mehrab before the leap, the whole essensce of CS is lost with Mehrab out already. I wonder if Seher will really play the peacemaker between Param & Karan post leap as she is now under impression that PAram wasn’t saved by Meher. Sad that a beautiful serial like CS which had such nice characters & storylines is being killed & ruined. I’m actually doubting if the lead characters really have a problem as they did some reels & IG live sometime back. How will a newcomer be given so much importance when established actors are quitting the show? The leap is giving rose to so many perceptions which are rally adding to the negativity around the serial.

  6. Almost time to talk of legacy’s now. Kulwant Kaur will at least leave a legacy behind – the bad blood between Param and Karan is all set to continue into their adulthood, credit to KK for that. Not too sure what sort of legacy’s the others will be leaving behind. What is clear is that post leap, Nimrit/ Seher will emerge as the boss of the Gill Mansion. Almost time to talk of the actors in the past tense now, sadly, as they will very soon be history.

    1. You are correct . Param and Karan will hate each other after the leap.Makers are in the way of destroying happy family to the pieces .Then after leap Sehar’s duty will be unite the brothers without parents. It is very heartbreaking .

  7. Jannhabee,jassi

    Don’t worry guys i know everything will be fine..But 1 thing i have to tell is when meher or sarab are in the jail or someone accused them the the public are always against them..
    But kk goes to jail for 2 to 3 times and no one is accusing her..😑😑😐😐🤨🤨🤔🤔🤔

    1. @Jannhabee – KK going to jail is like footballers turning up on the football pitch – they do this everyday, so nothing to write home about.
      Meher/ Sarab used to “innocently” go to jail, and each time were proved to be innocent.
      Anyway, they will all be history soon so why should this matter.

  8. I understar in diferent way the pre I can be wrong. But Seher said: Param and Karam came by himself and meher take out both at the same time because pulled is not push . Pulled is when you take something when is falling. I can be wrong but I understant this way. Anyways I can expect everything from choti . Sarab is in shock because everyone believe meher sabes first Karam.

  9. In a way, I suppose, the ‘sell by date’ of CS passed a while ago. It’s best time arguably was pre March 2020, there was than the pandemic gap and the Vikram/ Aditi story that followed was gripping and intriguing. Thereafter, the main story had gone and all they were doing was a track here and a track there, until now.
    But it was entertaining and exciting, in their best times. Perhaps too early for any RIPs yet as the leap is coming up soon! But difficult to see it reaching the same height’s as before. Serials like these tend to pass their peak after 250/300 serials max, and this one has gone past 500.

  10. Precap link anyone??

    1. Radhika Purohit

      @Snowflake… I would reply to all your comments in this single thread…
      Yes definitely I can stop watching CS and i can and i will stop commenting about CS too after leap.. after the original cast exit the show is over for me..
      You are telling me not to blame the makers… hmmm agreed… infact i used to myself say this because I trusted them.. i trusted that even if the track is illogical that someday it will improve … even when the lead characters who were once the strongest characters on show were shown as submissive i supported them.. now they have broken my trust and so i blame them for it… and yes they have entertained me for past 2 years… and its not only nimrit and the directors who entertained me… Avinesh rekhi and anita maam has given the most entertaining scenes in CS!!! Abhishek jhangra and abhievohra has entertained everyone with their foolishness… yuvleen has entertained everyone with her funny dialogues … geetika has entertained everyone with her wittiness.. simran sachdeva has entertained everyone with her bipolar natured character… dolly matto has entertained everyone with her OMR… krishnasoni has entertained everyone with his cunning plans.. kevina gaurika and aekam has entertained everyone being the innocent cute mischievous kids!!! When injustice is being done to all these people I should still support the makers because they are makers??? Yes we dont know what happens offscreen… but we are not dumb either!!!! You give me one good reason why the makers couldn’t retain the original cast and come up with a new story?? And also why the generation leap is absolutely necessary???
      You are telling freshness and new insight.. fine then take generation leap how every other show takes it!!! Cast another actor as seher and retain mehrab as the lead couple, the kids parents.. there is no rule that for a daughter to be the reflection of mother she needs to look like carbon copy!!! Infact its biologically impossible… a daughter may resemble the mother but will not be a carbon copy.. because a child has both father and mothers genes within… so they could have casted someone else as seher and mehrab could be parents to the kids.. Avinesh sir refused to play father to nimrit.. then if the PH was a good one their next option would be what i suggested.. not killing sarab and meher!!! And also what rule is this that if the kid are of 25 years then their parents should be dead!!! I am beyond 25 and my grandparents are still alive by Gods grace🙏
      So if you have an explanation for the pathetic and disgusting decision by the makers supporting only their lead actress then please do let me know
      Also @Snowflake you are worried about sadness of nimrit and makers?? 🤣🤣 they are busy planning their outdoor shoots and new trendy costumes…
      Well feel free to think about the actors that I mentioned above ,what they must be feeling when after 2 years of hardwork they all are treated as if they are not of any value… and also the disrespect that director gave them by telling fans that after leap you guys will forget everything!!! And you want me to respect that arrogant fellow??
      @Snow flake what do you mean by saying Avinesh sir has a family??? He had a family before he joined CS too.. he had a family when he did his last show too.. he was a part of the show from beginning till end… he is a professional actor he wouldn’t simply quit… he take the history records of his shows… you will understand better.. also I dont care nimrit having a problem with avinesh sir is because of whose fault.. she should be professional enough to deal with it!!! What in her upcoming projects she thinks all the production houses are gonna cast her with people she is comfortable with ??? Cast is decided based on talent and then if you are not comfortable with it then you learn to adjust with it!!! Not create an issue and ruin the entire show!!!

    2. Seriously radhika…. I was just telling my pov…we shouldn’t judge anyone b4 we get to know them….🙄

    3. Radhika Purohit

      Read this @Snowflake then you will understand what fans expect from nimrit even if she has any offscreen issues!!!

    4. Radhika: I totally agree with all the points you listed. In fact I was just thinking what other tracks the makers would have opted for before bringing in a leap of 20yrs.
      1. End this track of KK by ruining her plans with the kids playing her out in her game.
      2. Get YUvi on the right track & show him the right track.
      3. Settle Bittu & Rana & turn them against KK as Meher supported them in their marriage issues.
      4. Bring out the true color of Harleen Di through Daarji & Taai ji
      5. May be track with Dolly MOmsie being thrown out.
      6. USe Daarji who is a very strong personality to rebuild the image of Sarab as politician. May be use KK here but Daarji & Meher outplay her to establish Sarab’s political career. THis would have been more interesting & would have added more meaning to the title of CS.
      7. Have some fun tracks with kids where they fight over trivial issues but then Seher & Meher resolve them together.
      8. May be bring in a politician who wants to use Robbie against Sarab & develop a plot?
      I came up with 8 ideas which if the makers worked on would have been interesting tracks & prolonged the show for few months atleast. If I can think will the makers not be able to think about some creative options? Looks like all of us are wasting our energy & venting out our frustration but who is actually going to take our point of view? We are just wasting our time & energy here. If the news about Nimrit having issues is true, the production is foolish to support only her when there are so many fans who watch the show only for Sarab & his looks.

    5. If makers don’t value our ideas and emotions actually we should not worry about the show.We waste our time and energy for this show but I don’t think they value our feelings.

    6. The don’t!
      Only trp matters for them!
      U guys aren’t understanding!!!!

  11. Like always mess everything. They Will be separated before the Leap and probably they died of lonely . Sarab wont believe in meher.I can feel IT. I was wrong in my first stament. So dad, I only wait the end and when they are gonna died.

  12. Bye my friend and dont wanna read more . Thank altiba for traduce the drama for two Years. But I dont wanna see Sarab destruction and maybe IT is obvious he could kick meher and Karam form the mansion and right all IT is a crap. Nice to meet everyone.But this is not a correct drama for my mental health .

  13. At least they should give some light hearted episodes before ending this track as a respect to the regular viewers. So much hatred and cruelty are not suitable to the society.I am not sure whether they read this comments . Instead of giving a leap they can nicely manage their show by building these broken relationships.I think they must show some kind of respect to the viewers because the progress of show always depends on viewers .

    1. Dear , production doesnt listen. I am done. Before the Leap I feel Sarab will be so angry that could be rude with meher and Karam so I prefer say good bye. They destroy all the pretty things. I gonna end because this show is not good for mental health.

    2. Really it is not good for mental health.Your decision is correct . I completely agree with you. It is very tired to watch the show.It is a like a big slap to the viewers.

    3. They have been destroying all personajes. I feel Sarab will be bad and not believe in meher this is the last can do to harm the production. Fans have been betrayed. The worst I can do is failled again for a India drama sorry with all respect. I left India drama 6 six Years and come back after that time because choti suppose was diferent but like always the mess specially the end. Anyways second part in India drama sometimes are not good. I dont wish back luck because I am not negative person but IT is gonna be hard to next Leap to have good raiting, specially when the real fans are angry , dissapoiment. I am happy because Avi , Aneja , others didnt accept because they deserve a better proyect, channel and descent script.

  14. Radhika Purohit

    Hi Guys… today after 7:30pm i wont be commenting on the written update section.. I will be visiting only the fan fiction by @dropofthought…
    Thank you guys.. It was a really wonderful journey with our mehrab with all our predictions and analysid, our reviews and opinions… Really gonna miss everything and everything
    @MD and @Ayni looking forward to read your comments on the fan fiction by @dropofthought…
    Bye guys … take care..

    1. Hi radhika I’m with you! Too much negativity for over 2 months

    2. You are correct. It is too much.

    3. With you @Radhika

    4. @Radhika I completely understand! It’s too much and things have gone too far. The desire I once had to watch this show every night is gone. It has been completely tarnished and I don’t look forward to it anymore. I too look forward to @dropofthought because because it brings me joy, unlike CS anymore. Thanks to everyone, especially @radhika @ayni for all of your comments and thoughts. Who knows…once Avi has another show, everyone on this forum will reunite! Take care and stay safe everyone!

    5. Hey….ur angry wid me??
      What abt my ff?
      Why don’t ull read mine?!

  15. I wonder whether makers are doing this on purpose, so leap is accepted! But for me that’s a no !

  16. They do it purposely . They ruin all relationships except mehar and sarab.Definitely today they will break their relationship too.It is the relationship which attracts me to this show. Their relationship is made by god according to the show.After breaking this bond all regular viewers are completely betrayed by makers.😥😥

    1. Absolutely! Their trust in each other made us believe in love. I hope they don’t destroy what they made

  17. Radhika Purohit

    Thank you guys @Charl @Wial @pixells…

    Btw if at all anyone is continuing to remain in touch with the story and the makers have some mercy and if they dont ruin mehrabs trust and relationship.. then please let me know in the comment section of the fan fiction by @dropofthought

  18. Radhika Purohit

    Yayyy!!!! #BRINGAVBACK trending in India on twitter👏👏👏👏

  19. I still have a hope that they will change their decision. IG has full of posts against the leap.Some posts are very emotional.

    1. Radhika Purohit

      Even I hope this.. but the production house remains the same.. so even if they cancel the leap imagine how the cast will feel working in this negative atmosphere knowing that their work is not valued by the makers and that the makers think that their success is only because of the female lead.. it will be a torture for them…
      So a part of me as a fan of the show want the show to continue with the same cast without a leap but a part of me as a fan and well wisher of the actors of the show want the show to end so that the actors dont have to be associated anymore with such horrible makers!!! Infact I wish all the actors of ITV boycott this pathetic production house!!!

    2. I don’t think so as they are hell bent on proceeding with the leap..No matter how much do we trend or protest against it..the leap would obviously surface..atmost it can be delayed but it would it would be better for the actors if they leave this pathetic ph..and i am sure that they would get much better projects in the near future as this ph has shown its true colours to the entire fandom..even today Avi sir’s profile pic of Instagram and krishhna sir’s comment on the tellyreport page supporting the trends gives a heavy clue of whats going on bts..

    3. Radhika Purohit

      Yes @pixelss krishna sir has tagged the channel!!! I really dont think the channel bothers to see the posts where it is tagged… considering fans of all shows hate the channel… but the sentiment behind that commnet is to be understood.. it clearly tells that the leap is not an absolute necessity but its simply the decision by the makers side!!!

    4. If it is not necessary why are they trying to do it? It is very tragic decision .

    5. Yes @Radhika and the cast too is against it..they are feeling that insult..or atleast have they respect that is they are being removed but atleast the ml must be retained along with anita mam or just the ml…but the makers are hell bent on just going forward with nimrit mam…GOD KNOWS WHYY????..but i personally think that it is just a matter of a week(the finale) that we bid goodbye to CS..prayers to udaariyaan and ghkkpm that they don’t go through these tough times..

    6. Radhika Purohit

      Ghkkpm as far as I know can face this issue in future if the producers develop any favouritism… my sister who was a regular viewer of the show quit watching it since the news of generation leap in CS!!! Apparently the male lead of the show and the 2nd female or rather probably the antagonist are engaged to each other in real life!!! So my sister is almost sure that after 2 years they will reboot the show and female lead will be forced to quit and the real life couple will be made the onscreen lead!!! So she quit watching it seeing my predicament after the betrayal in case of CS😪😪
      The makers havent realized that their decision in CS will affect their other shows too…

      Udariyan may be spared from such crap because in udariyan only the dialogue writer and the channel coordinaters are same… the production house is different!!! So they may not have the same fate..

    7. How many times have fans said no to leaps..but is there any Serial that listens to the fans???!!!

    8. Where is today’s epi?

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