Choti Sardarni 9th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sarab makes rules for Sandhya

Choti Sardarni 9th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kulwant says Sarab has made rules for Sandhya. She reads. Until Seher’s reports are clear Sandhya will live in this house. If she breaks the rule, she will have to leave the house. Kulwant says Sandhya will stay here as Seher’s nurse only. She will only go to Seher’s room to take care of Seher. she won’t talk to Param, Karan or anyone else. Sandhya says I agree. Kulwant says anything Sandhya makes won’t go to Sarab. Her voice shouldn’t go to Sarab. Kulwant says Sandhya will eat, sleep in the guestroom only. Kulwant gets teary. Kulwant says wow, you have made amazing rules and Sandhya has agreed to all of them. Please keep her for Seher now. Sarab nods. Sarab says she has to sign the papers.

Scene 2
Yvui is drowned in flour. Rana says Yuvi what is this.. He says I was hungry. Ginni says why didn’t you eat? He says did you get me anything? She says I told you to ask Jeeto. Bitu is massaging Jeeto’s head. Ginni says Yuvi is hungry and you are doing romance here. Jeeto says I am no one’s servant. Ginni says I am not a chef either. They both fight. Jeeto says I have been working since morning. Jeeto counts the list of things she did. Bitu and Rana fight because of them.

Scene 3
Seher says mama talks to her friend. Param says there is no such thing. Sarab says papa doesn’t like mama’s friend. Karan says breaking news, mama’s friend will stay here. Seher says so we can talk to mama? Karan says she’s not allowed anything. Papa has made rules for her that she can’t talk to anyone. She will live in out house.

Kulwant sets out the house for Sandhya. She says should I get more pillows? Sandhya says everything is okay. I am here for few days only. I hope Seher gets better. Kulwant says I am sorry on Sarab’s behalf. He is like this since Meher is gone.

Meher’s imagination says to Sarab, would you behave this way with any other nurse too? She is serving our daughter and you.. Sarab says I what? Sarab says I am letting her stay here because of Seher only. Meher says with all those rules? Sarab says they are important. Sandhya says I will be happy here don’t worry. Kulwant leaves. Sadnhya sees a lizard in outhouse. She gets scared.

Ginni says you will make the food or I will tell mummy ji. Jeeto says I am not scared of mummy ji. Ginni says my shoe is scared of her only. Yuvi laughs. Kulwant comes ome and picks her shoes. Yuvi is ready that she will hit them. Kulwant says have to cook only right? I will cook. Everyone is shocked. Kulwnt says what do you want to eat? Yuvi says why didn’t you teach Jeeto and Ginni a lesson? She says your bua always said I get angry a lot. I never listened to her but now.. I will. I will use Meher’s formula. See what happens now.

Scene 4
Sarab asks Seher how are you now? She says thank you for letting Sandhya stay. I am so happy. I have so much to talk to her about. Sarab says papa got you new toys. A new doll house, we will play with it. Seher says why are you so mad at mama’s friend. Sarab says she’s only your nurse. Where is Karan? Seher says in the washroom.

Sarab looks for Karan. Param says he didn’t go to the washroom. Sarab goes to Sandhya’s room and says I told you not to break the rules. I know Karan is inside. Open the door. You broke the rule. Sandhya opens the door. Sarab checks everywhere. He sees a sheet.

Kulwant serves food to Yuvi. Jeeto says today food would be so much fun. Ginni says thank God mummy ji you made the food otherwise this Jeeto would say that she did favor on us. Kulwant says mother lives for her kids. First I will make you all eat pulao. She gives them imaginary food. Rana says this is nothing. Kulwant says imaginary pulao. Eat it now. Yuvi laughs at them. He says eat it.

Scene 5
Sarab takes off the sheet. It’s a sack only. Sarab leaves in anger. Sandhya locks the door. Harleen scolds Karan and says why are you so naughty. Everyone was looking for you. She says Sarab he was on the roof. He was sitting with the railing. If I didn’t se.. Sarab says Karan did you go to Sandhya’s room? Did she speak to you? Karan is scared.

Episode ends.

Precap-Param says if you want papa to stay happy stay away from Sandhya. Sandhya gives a letter to Karan. He reads, there’s a surprise for you. Sandhya sees that paper in Karan’s hand.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Radhika Purohit

    Thank god i didnt have to see kulwant cooking for her DILs🤭🤭 for a minute i thought that as a part of her penance she is gonna cook for them too… 🤣🤣
    Loved all the rules and my personal favourite is rule no 1 and rule no 3… which i am sure sandhya will follow… but i think sandhya will break rule no 2 !!! she somehow always finds some excuse to be with the kids!! And even in the precap she is planning some surprise for karan… who is she to plan surprise for karan!!!when some boundaries are set cant she understand that 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ this character is continuously annoying me …I have no idea how makers are planning to make her an acceptable character🤔🤔 and this kk’s attitude towards sandhya is so weird!!!
    For the first time sarab refused to agree to mehar and he is absolutely right!!! Who would want his kids to have any sort of relation with a lady responsible for his wifes separation from him which the world already intreprets as death!!! Though his heart knows mehar is alive and safe somewhere and will return to him… he cannot ignore the fact that mehar isnt with him today at this moment only because of sandhya!!!

    1. Manar sheikh

      She will soon leave the show so let’s just deal with her till she is here

    2. Radhika, me too glad that kulwant remembered that she has her house and her own disfunctional and desturbed family members. To be honest a bit surprised that they are not at Gill mansion, ohoo yes they come only when there is party and food and drinks for free. About sandhaya I am trying so hard not to bother me, don’t know for how long but keep trying.

  2. can you please update this

    1. Yeah please

  3. Samaila

    Bohuuuuut maza aya Kulwant aur usski nalayak parivaar ke part mein

  4. I standby Sarab’s reactions, decisions and boundaries. I have no empathy left for Sandhya. The fact that she has the audacity to ask Karan to keep a secret from his father and siblings is wrong. It’s also wrong for Karan to keep that secret and even lie to protect that secret! I sincerely hope that the makers have an incredible twist coming up that justifies what we are having to tolerate in these recent episodes.
    As for KK, it’s such a shame that her daughter had to ‘die’ for her to become a better person. I don’t understand how she can overlook Sandhya’s silence that led to Meher’s misfortune, but I guess she doesn’t want to lose her granddaughter and feels that Sandhya is the only one that can heal her.
    Hopefully just a few more episodes until Meher’s epic return!

    1. Radhika Purohit

      @MD.. I feel kulwant herself feels responsible for mehars death… she probably thinks that its because of her sins that she had to see 2 of her dear childrens death when she was alive!! Jagga and mehar were her favourites and they both are gone… probably she now feels that she being nice to everyone around will probably save her grandchildren!!! And plus sandhya is someone who mehar wanted to help and save!! Considering it as mehars last wish may be she is trying to fulfill that too…
      Even i stand by sarabs decisions and boundaries set by him!!! And the fact that he doesnt even want to see her face is understandable!!!

    2. I’m probably still wrestling with KK’s personality switch! I’m not used to seeing her this way and it’s very unsettling, haha!

    3. You cannot refuse the fact that Sandhya’s Intentions are pure and whatever she’s doing leads no harm to the Gill family.
      I am sorry @MD @Radhika..Most of the time I love reading your comments and I completely agree to your views because just like you I STAN MEHRAB. But today I have to disagree to your views on Sandhya. You guys seem to loose the plot. I am sure Meher will never agree to what Sarab did today!

  5. Why are you guys being too harsh on Sandhya?
    I agree because of Sandhya’s foolishness everyone is suffering but cannot you see she herself lost so much.
    We know Meher is Alive and will come back but what about Sandhya’s Unborn Child?
    Stop the blame game guys.
    She herself suffered extremes. And SHE IS GUILTY OF EVERYTHING. I know what’s use of being Guilty now? But Sandhya cried as much as Sarab did..Maybe more. The loss of one’s family and unborn child is unbearable.
    The Rules Sarab set for Sandhya seems extremely harsh but still she agreed. Sandhya must be punished but not like that considering she is here only for Seher. Even I love Mehrab but
    Sarab’s act of setting rules was justified only because he’s in pain..but so is Sandhya.

    1. Radhika Purohit

      @Shruti… I dont have any problem with sandhya. Its just that her behaviour kind of annoys me… knowingly or unknowingly she has caused so much pain for the gill family… she herself realized that she has only caused pain in other peoples life and she asked her mother to stay away from her… why?? So that her mother remains safe… then what about sehar and karan??? She doesnt want them to be safe?? Inspite of sarabs constant reprimand she keeps loitering around the kids… as a father he doesnt want his kids to build up a relationship with a stranger.. doesnt he have the rights to decide that as the father of the kids??? Or sandhya knows better?? I wouldnt have had any problem with her if she followed sarabs instructions properly… but if you see precap she is sending messages written on letters to karan behind sarabs back!! Above all i hate that she keeps telling kids that she can talk to mehar!!! And acts as if mehar is talking to them… Had she told sehar and karan that day that after reaching home mehar will talk to sarab then sarab would have managed the issue somehow and sehar wouldn’t even fall sick in the first place!!! Even now the kids want her there not because they love her, its because they think she can talk to their mom!!! And she continues to let them think so!! Her intentions may not be evil… but her actions are contradictory.. full of lies to the kids!! Just think if sarab forgets his principles of not poisoning the kids mind and blurts the truth that sandhya is the reason for mehars absence from their lives then the kids would hate her too!! Atleast he isnt doing that!!

      Yes you are right sandhya had her losses too… but she was also the only person who could have prevented all this!!! Including her babys loss!! She could have informed sarab or kulwant everything atleast when sarab reached govindpur and she could stay back at gill mansion only… sarab would have found a way to save mehar from the wall… the blast would never happen!!! And probably all would know that the lady wasnt mehar!!
      And also compared to sandhyas loss sarab has lost everything for no reason!!! Sandhya faced losses because of her family… what about sarab and his kids??? How many times did sarab beg and ask her if she knows mehars whereabouts..?? How many times did she lie!!! Sometimes an innocent persons silence may lead to crimes!! Sandhyas silence has killed the peace and happiness in a family that gave her shelter!!!

      I too feel sympathy for her but that doesnt justify her behaviour and so i am not liking her behaviour… and so i completely agree with sarab… after all its his kindness that he hasnt complained in the police that sandhya is an accomplice for the murder of his wife!!

      Yes @Shruti…you are right.. its all the part of the plot and once mehar returns everything will be fine… but untill then sarab will definitely continue this behaviour which is completely justifiable… we shouldn’t forget that once everything is alright he is a man who would forgive anyone for any grave mistake… but now since everything isnt right he will not forgetand forgive… and shouldn’t too

    2. @Radhika I agree to you upon the fact that Sandhya is the reason for every loss.
      But I think by planning a surprise for Karan, she’s just trying to make kids happy in the absence of Meher. I know she has no right to do so but what’s wrong if she’s trying to make kids happy.
      Sandhya is Guilty and that sums up everything she did, from hiding the truth from Sarab to going to save Meher without any help. But as a punishment she lost her everything.
      Our opinions will collide, but that does not prove any of us right or wrong. I was just wondering how will Meher react to everything after she comes back..But it’s all right😊
      Stay safe guys.. Wear a mask and Take care 🙂

    3. Radhika Purohit

      Exactly @shruti… neither of us are wrong in our pov… what you said is absolutely right..
      yes there is no harm in making kids happy… but here the problem is that if sarab gets to know about it.. he will be angry at everyone!! And ultimately sandhyas plan will backfire🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ which is why i feel for now if she completely follows sarabs orders it will be helpful for everyone rather than daily annoying him by indirectly breaking the rules..
      Even if our opinions collide what we all want at the end is that everyone including sandhya be at peace… and in my opinion sandhya trying to defy sarab daily will only lead to chaos…

      Yes once mehar returns everything will be normal… and i am pretty sure she will not be happy with what is happening!!! Sarab already got the clue for that😜

    4. Radhika Purohit

      Also @shruti… i would have the same feeling as yours towards sandhyas character if she tried to stay away from the gills but the kids keep remembering her or want her presence out of love towards her… and hence if she was forced to stay in gill mansion… but here she herself has UNKNOWINGLY manipulated the kids and they believe her as a medium to talk to their mom!! Which is why i feel sarab setting the rules is quite necessary for the familys safety

  6. Who else has stopped watching CS till Nimrit is back?? Such a horrible storyline…

    1. Agree! Can’t wAtch this anymore!

    2. One thing came to my mind when they said a happy exit to sandhaya! Is it possible that she did not lose her baby? Or her Sanjay is not dead. For some reason they showed us Meher saw them where they burned him.

    3. Radhika Purohit

      @Ayni… this would be a good twist👌👌

  7. I don’t understand what is happening. Can someone please explain to me. I just saw Meher in today’s episode or was that an old episode they edited and used? Is Meher back to acting?

    1. Nimrith, the actress that plays Meher, has been on a health leave. She will be back, but in the interim, the makers have been incorporating scenes of her from Delhi, where she currently and temporarily filming until she comes back on set in Mumbai.

    2. so she is filming but from Delhi

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