Choti Sardarni 8th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Choti Sardarni 8th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sarab is worried for Seher. He sees Meher praying for her. All kids pray with him. Sarab comes to Seher. Sandhya is treating her. Seher starts breathing. Sandhya is about to take mask off. Sarab says what are you doing? She says Seher is breathing herself. Seher opens her eyes. Everyone heaves a sigh of relief. Sandhya hugs Seher. She leaves. The doctor checks Seher and says she’s breathing fine. Sarab says where is kavita? Ajay says she left. Sarab says she can’t go. Sarab recalls how she treated Seher.

Sarab runs out to stop Kavita. Sandhya is leaving. Sarab stops her. He says you can’t go please. seher needs you. You’re God’s blessing for her. I can’t take a risk. This is a father’s request. You will be taken care of, you can bring your family here. I can give you anything you awnt. She takes off her mask and says your permission. Sarab is shocked to see her. Sandhya says if I told you it’s me, you won’t let me treat Seher. I came here because she needed me. Sarab says if I knew it was you who took Seher’s mom, I won’t let you enter my house. You entered this house again by lying. Kulwamt says no I brought her here. she was doing this for our Seher. You can be mad at me. Sarab says to Sandhya go from here. Kulwant says because of her Seher is breathing now. Sarab says because of her your daughter is away and Seher is in this condition. she only lied to us. The medicine she touches is poison for us. Sarab goes inside.

The doctor says to keep checking this medicine. Harleen says where did Kavita go? Sarab says we will find another nurse. Harleen says why not Kavita? She was taking care of Seher well. Karan says yes we all want Kavita. Seher too. Seher says yes.

Scene 2
Sandhya sits outside crying. Sarab clocks himself in the room and cries. He recalls asking Sandhya to tell him. Harleen says open the door. Sarab says I will find another nurse for Seher. Kulwant says we don’t have time. I lost my daughter, won’t let anything happen to Seher. Sarab calls Mehta and says I want a nurse here. Kulwant says Sandhya will stay here or I will take both of them to my place. Sarab sees Meher and says you’re confused right? I know you’re confused. You blame Sandhya for what happened to me and she lied to you. Sarab says if you were in my place would you forgive her? Meher says I would think practically. Sandhya’s love and treatment made Seher better. She has a pure heart. Seher needs her. I know your troubles but you have to do this for Seher.

Harleen says Sarab open the door. SArab opens the door. Harleen says what have you decided? Sandhya is standing outside.

Episode ends.

Precap-Kulwant says Sandhya’s rule is that she will stay in this house as Seher’s nurse only. Won’t talk to anyone else. Karan goes to sleep with Sandhya. Sarab says she broke the rule.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I’m not sure why the makers are trying to give a positive send off for her character. It’s great the actress was able to step in to help keep trp up and us distracted from Nimrith’s absence, but where the serial is concerned, her character is by no means a hero. Her silence caused the Gill family so much pain and suffering, not to mention Meher being tortured by Sandhya’s family and ex fiancé. Sarab had every right to unleash his anger on her. Though she is helping to treat Seher given her coincidental nursing background, it’s her silence that led to all of this! And it seems that her helping Seher is really because she feels so guilty and responsible of all that’s happened, which she should! Sarab is desperate and has no choice but to give Sandhya his permission for the sake of Seher. What she did is not forgivable. If anything, she should come clean about what actually happened that night she came to the mansion. Sarab is still unaware that Meher got shot! I’m glad he is still furious at her and has not forgiven her at this point!

    1. Exactly, I agree with you.

  2. Radhika Purohit

    Since the beginning of this show this is the first time i have no idea what exactly is going on!!! The only thing shown right currently is sarabs behaviour and reactions… other than that nothing makes sense to me…
    Infact I dont know how sandhya becomes responsible for sehars wellness when it was clearly shown that sarab sat whole night beside sehar and took care of her!!! Of course sandhya was there as a nurse but how can kk give entire credit to sandhya??? I liked kk even better when she was plotting against gills because she wasnt successful thattime.. now she seems to successful in killing sarabs peace of mind by being very nice and kind!!! And whats tge matter with harleen???
    The best dialogue of todays episode was definitely sarab telling sandhya that sehar didnt need her, she only needs a nurse!!! Sandhya needs to understand this fact.. she constantly annoys and irritates me !! Knowingly or unknowingly she is trying to make a place for herself in the kids life which sarab recognizes very clearly ( a first time for our naive sardarji)…
    Loved the precap too… each of sarabs rules is correct and much required too… but then sandhya defies the rule on day 1 itself… this seems exiting to see sarab constantly lashing out at a woman!! Even todays outburst was awesome!!! Todays episode proved one thing.. sarab is tolerating sandhya because of mehars advice for sehars sake BUT he will not forgive her untill mehar returns!!! He recollecting that scene where he asks sandhya to tell him the truth before its too late is proof enough that untill he sees his meharji safe and sound by his own eyes in reality he isnt gonna forgive sandhya!!!

    1. Well said @ Radhika. Sandhya trying to take care of the kids at this point will not lead to any redemption.
      I have no idea what is going on inside the minds of the makers right now. I felt like I was in an alternate universe while watching today’s episode where everyone has had a personality switch.
      The only silver lining was Sarab’s anger on Sandhya. I am so glad that he is setting boundaries with her. He has every right to not trust her and protect his kids from a stranger who is responsible for his wife’s absence and his family’s unhappiness. This is why I don’t understand why or how the makers will give her a positive exit.

    2. Radhika Purohit

      @MD.. sarab has a deep forgiving nature.. but currently mehars absence from his life and having to see the face of the lady who is responsible for mehars absence in front of his eyes is too much for him and this has suppressed his true forgiving nature… but once mehar is probably they will show that mehar indeed escaped from the boot of the car… and getting her to the boot of the car was sandhyas idea… so somehow in a twisted way sandhya will be held responsible for mehars escape!! And that would be more than sufficient for sarab to be happy and accept sandhya as a friend!!!! This is probably the idea… but to me even that is less convincing!!! Nothing and absolutely nothing that sandhya does is gonna make me accept her as a lovable character… she is positive though.. but still not likable one!! But given the difficult circumstances makers were in i dont blame the makers for anything…I just hope that to make up for all the injustices done to sarab as a father they give us more of family scenes post mehars return!! With lot of sarab karan and sarab sehar bonding

  3. The ice on the cake is that Kulwant gives sarab an ultimatum to allow sandhaya to stay in the mansion or else she will take them with her. My God, why is he even tolerating kulwant? Kulwant is really shameless and use his helplessness! And I think she is much more needed in her own roof than in the Gill mansion. Poor yuvi she is letting him, she was never a good grandmother to him how she thinks she can be for Meher children til yesterday she was hunting them down. The way Harleen is changed is almost to much to swallow. May be is her way to avoid responsibility to after the kids.

    1. @ Ayni there are just so many questionable things happening. This track was going so strong up until Seher fell ill. But we are on the verge of Meher returning, so hopefully the few episodes left with Sandhya we can just take with a grain of salt and tolerate it. Yes, poor Yuvi is in dire need of a good role model since losing his parents!! So sad to see him growing up in such a negative home environment.

    2. Breaking the rule! Work construct, did they even draw and talked about working hours salary rights and obligations! Why is kulwant taking the commando in sarab’s presence? Dear sarab you better find a way to talk to you kids and explain them in a way they understand you why you are not liking mama’s friend.! Otherwise karan will be next to fall sick, with kulwant Kaur around iwould worthen the relationship you have with your children. He even should not listen to her she herself disowned her daughter and burnt her by saying no relationship with her. Pls remind her that. 🙏

  4. Radhika Purohit

    I read from a trustworthy source that irrespective of how the track is going on right now the track is gonna get interesting ( though I personally have no understanding how that is gonna happen)… it was said not to lose interest because of the current happenings in the track because apparently the makers have planned a wonderful entry for mehar and wonderful exit for sandhya… and apparently they are just laying the ground for it now!!!🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ so lets just tolerate the current track and hope for the best… afterall the same makers gave us this wonderful show with the best and most understanding onscreen couple!!! And we all know its not an easy job for them to get back mehar with a bang!!! A reunion after all this chaos has to be memorable one!! Untill then lets wait😒😒

    1. do you have the link, can i read it too

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