Choti Sardarni 7th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Harleen convinces Meher

Choti Sardarni 7th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Param says was there a party today? Meher says no papa chose the best candidates for elections. Param says how did he know who is the best? Meher says like mama knows who is the best kid in the school. The one who does his homework on time, stays neat and clean and eats well. Param says when I grow up I would be like papa. Meher says yes be like him. He is very hardworking and amazing. Param says and? Meher says and caring. Have you seen how he cares and understands everyone in the family. Sarab is listening. Meher says but never snore like him. And he drives on the wrong side and stays in the restroom for hours. Sarab says you hit your legs while sleeping. Param says mama saw you in the mirror. He laughs. Sarab says you appreciated me away. Param says when will little baby come? We will all play with him.

Scene 2
Bitu, Rana and Jagga are looking for Kulwant everywhere. She is under a tubewell. Kulwant screams. She recalls what happened. Kulwant says Jagga? She laughs. Kulwant says he would cut me off?

Harleen says Kumar you have wine distilleries? You should shut them off. Sarab is so angry. Don’t you care about your career? Kumar says he would tell me. I would shut them down. Someone else forced him. He is under someone’s influence. Kumar says when parties allow outsiders to take action

, the original party lost all the power.

Sarab is wearing a shirt. Meher comes in. She says sorry. Meher says show me your back. Take off your shirt. There are so many rashes on your back. Meher say oh God. She takes a picture and says see these rashes. Sarab recalls he drank pineapple juice. Sarab says I am allergic to it. He says I will take anti-allergy. Meher says I will make you a remedy juice. No pills.

Bitu and Rana come home and tell she was nowhere to be found. Jagga says let’s go to the police station. They hear band baja. Kulwant dances outside and says Jagga long live. Jagga says where were you? We were so worried. We filed an FIR. Jagga says it’s time to celebrate. Jagga says I am not interested in politics. It was your dream not mine. I am happy with my business. Kulwant says people die for it. We will all celebrate in this house. She makes him wear a garland an says dances, everyone. Kulwant dances. Bitu says mummy ji is right. This is meant to happen. Rana says MLA. Jagga hugs them. Kulwant recalls what Harleen said.

Dolly says Harleen, Kumar is calling. Why are you picking? Harleen says I couldn’t even get him a ticket. Why would I talk then? She says when will we do Meher’s baby shower? Dolly says would Param and Sarab live without her? Harleen says don’t worry about that. Just plan the baby shower. I know how to send her home after that.

Meher makes a cream from leaves. She applies it on Sarab’s back. Harleen knocks. Meher says don’t wear the shirt. Harleen says Sarab are you okay? He says just some rashes. Harleen says Meher come to my room. I want to talk. Meher says I am coming.

Meher comes to Halreen’s room. She sees gifts and says what is all this? Harleen says it’s your baby shower tomorrow. Meher says why? Harleen says you’re our DIL. People think it’s Sarab’s child. We will do your bridal shower with all the rituals. You will wear this lehnga. Meher says thank you. Harleen says there’s something bugging me. Meher says you can share with me. Harleen says when Param was born.. Meher says why are you crying? Harleen says I am just scared. Meher says Param and Sarab are my life. When Simran was pregnant, she had to go to her parent’s house after baby shower. She didn’t go and we all know what happened. I am so scared. I really care for you and Sarab. Meher says but Sarab wants me here. Harleen says I can’t see Sarab and Param alone. Please try to understand. You should go to your mother’s house. Meher says I don’t believe in suscipicions. Harleen says I care for you. I can’t repeat my mistake. Meher says if that makes you happy I would go. Harleen hugs her and says thank you. Please don’t tell Sarab.
Precap-Meher says I will go to mummy ji’s place according to the ritual. Sarab says what ritual? I won’t let you go anywhere.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Harleen is like the typical antagonist in every family, characters like these then make people doubt family members in reality. Even if someone says something out of worry people take things the wrong way thanks to seeing characters like these.

  2. Yvonne Codner

    Why has Harleen fabricate that story about Simran…A flashback shows that Simran had Param in the hospital. Harleen is so Jealous and evil, but it will backfire on her. We have waited so long for the romance and now Harleen wants to separate them because of her selfishness. May God continue to bless Meher to do good to others and may Sarab grow to love her unconditionally as Param does. I am still waiting for the Writers to address the unfinished Manav, Kidnapping, Serbia, etc. dramas.

    1. I like how Meher and Sarabs relationship is realistic. They don’t fall in love instantly like other couples but rather understand each other and their journey evolves their relationship. I feel that right when Meher will want to accept and begin to love Sarab, manav will be shown returning. I hope they don’t make this a typical romantic drama and continue the good work.

    2. how can they bring a person back from the dead? that will ruin the show and plp will may stop watching, including me.

    3. I simply love Sarab n Meher..super couple

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