Choti Sardarni 7th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Seher’s condition worsens

Choti Sardarni 7th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Karan says to Sandhya you spoke to meher mama. Sehers heart beat gets better. Karan says even she wants you to talk to mama. Sandhya says what should I say? Karan ssys it’s me mama. Sandhya says (as meher) how are you? Karan says not well. Seher isn’t well. Sandhya says I am praying for her. Karan says when will you come? Don’t you miss us? Sandhya says I miss you all every day. You are my life. Karan says papa is very sad about you not coming away. Sandhya says I will come soon but take care of everyone. Karan says we will.

Sandhya says Meher mama is saying ask Seher to get well soon. Sandhya says would you be okay Seher? Sarab comes in. Sandhya hides her face with mask. Sarab says thank God we Seher is responding. He says Kavita ji please have food. He says take your mask off. Karan says she can’t eat. I asked her she said she is fasting.

Scene 2
Yuvi says I am hungry. Jeeto says there is saag go and eat. Yuvi says I am tired of it. I want pizza. Jeeto says I don’t have time. Yuvi says dadi will paint your face with this nailpolish. He asks Ginni. Ginni says ask Jeeto to make it. Yuvi says dadi will teach you both a lesson.

Kulwant cooks. Param says what are you making? She says everything meher liked. Param says I always thought I would cook for mama when I grow up. He gets upset. Kulwant plays with him with pipe like Meher used to. Param hugs her. Harleen caresses him.

Yuvi says Meher bua is the best. She taught me how to make pizza. He makes pizza like Meher used to.

Scene 4
Harleen says tejo congrats for this trophy. She says I heard about Meher. Sarab comes. Tejo says when I heard I will get trophy from you I got so happy. Nothing is more famous in punjab than your and Meher’s love.

Tejo says I used to follow Meher a lot. Your love reminded me of true love. Harleen says did you ever fall in love? She says I don’t need it. Sarab says Meher came to my life and taught me love changes the meaning of love. It teaches you the love of God. It teaches you to be two not one. Sarab says she is mu strength. I know she will come back. She taught me love makes us stronger. Tejo says I am getting married next month but I am not in love. He says I thought the same. Give it a chance. Sarab gives her the trophy and says we all need talented teachers like you. She leaves.

Scene 4
Sarab says Seher please open your eyes. Papa will never scold you. You can scold papa. Please open your eyes. I only like you talking like your mom. Sandhya comes. Sarab says will she be conscious by morning? She is silent. Lights start sparking. Harleen says what is happening? Seher can’t breathe because oxygen is low. Sarab says what happened to electricity? Turn on the generators.

Robbie says the transformer blasted. We are trying to turn on the generator. They call the doctor. He asks to check Seher’s pulse. Sandhya checks her. The doctor says Kavita is manually pumping her. That will keep her going. Kavita gives her oxygen through the manual pump. Sarab says will her condition be okay?

Episode ends.

Precap-Sarab stops Sandhya and says until my Seher is okay, please don’t go. She needs you. It’s a father’s beg. You can call your family here. I will give you whatever you want. She takes off mask and says I want your permission. Sarab is shocked to see it’s Sandhya.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Who is Tejo ?
    This electricity issue is giving a hint of Meher returning in the next episode Or next to next episode….

    1. Tejo is from a ashow called udariyan

  2. Samaila

    Jab yeh Udaariyan drama aya, meine pura episode skip kiya

    1. Diana.James.Potter

      why don’t you like Udaariyan?, I’ll admit it’s not the best show but it doesn’t seem u gave it a chance to prove it self to you!

  3. Radhika Purohit

    Didnt sarab find a better doctor than the one they are consulting now??? 🙄🙄🙄 its so dumb that the patients condition is worsening and the doctor keeps telling its not safe to get her to hospital!! In hospital they will atleast have backup facilities in case of power failure!! Its clear that they wanna pave way for a beautiful exit for sandhyas character since mehar will be back soon… so now when she returns sarab will feel sympathy and gratitude towards sandhya because she helped sehar…

  4. Another filler episode for today. But to be honest, I am disappointed. It feels like the makers are just waiting now for Meher’s return. As much as I appreciated the flashback to Meher giving Param a shower in the garden and the fact that we got to see Param happy today, KK and Harleen being nice and then Harleen showing affection towards KK threw me off. Maybe it’s temporary given that they all think Meher is dead and they are just trying to cope and be there for each other?!
    Did anyone else notice the picture of Sarab, Seher and Param on the wall during the scene with Tejo? Why aren’t pictures of Meher being hung on the wall? That mansion does not feel the same without her being in these family photos. Maybe the makers are waiting upon her full return?!
    What clown college did this doctor get his degree from? Seher should be in a hospital! So illogical!
    I did enjoy Sarab describing his love for Meher to Tejo. That was really sweet. The show focuses a lot on how important a mother’s role is in a family, which is so true and I love that it shines that light. A part of me wishes every now and then Sarab gets more credit for being such an incredible father. We already see him being the most amazing husband, but it would be great to highlight the importance a father plays in a child’s life too!

    1. Radhika Purohit

      You are right @MD.. Absolutely sarab deserves more credit for him being an incredible father and husband… but then the only way to keep main focus on a character in their absence is to glorify them… and hence all these scenes to glorify mehar is to fill up the void the makers feel because of her absence… we would really hate it if they showed that sarab and kids have a way too normal life inspite of mehars absence…but they missing her everymoment of day makes it more appealing to the viewers… though in the process really injustice is being done to sarabs capabilities as a father… just like how mehar is best mother sarab is the best father too… i just hope after this crisis the makers make up for this and show more of sarab sehar and sarab karan scenes where sarab manages them by himself in mehars presence!!

    2. Yes @ Radhika…the makers needed to keep Meher’s spirit alive and they did an excellent job with keeping her front a centre, despite her absence. Seher has been waiting for her father her entire life and I wish the makers did a better job showcasing how wonderful of a father Sarab has been to Param and Karan (throughout and during Meher’s jail period) and noq Seher.
      Well I hope Meher makes her return soon! I hope they do justice to our choti sardarni’s homecoming and we can find out the details of her escape! That willl be a good way to tie some of the loose ends of this track, even if it is done via flashbacks.

  5. Udaariyaan: This show has mainly young actors but is interesting, and has made a good start. I noticed one of the actors there is that Sandhu chap who was supposed to marry Ginni in CS (but Ranna saw him off). Of course actors will work wherever there is an opportunity. The thing with so many shows in Colors is that the same theme keep’s repeating itself. Once Meher returns, the writers will have to come up with something innovative – they have done enough kidnappings, murders and funeral’s. Kidnapping’s seem’s to be the favourite of the writer’s. Even now, Colors still advertise CS as Meher falling pregnant by her lover, her mother killing that lover, and than making her marry Sarab – an outdated theme now.

  6. I realized Nimrit wasn’t well right from the Kashmir track to the reunion.. Though they were emotional episodes but she looked unwell..Wish we will see her as soon as possible.

  7. Choti sardarni makers, i am scared to think how sarab managed to rised Karan alone? Not to forget that he has the experience of rising Param befor Meher came to their life. He has 10-11 years of experience bringing his boys alone, now he is portraited as he can’t even begin to think in his own. It is correct and needed to keep Meher in the front and center of the story flows but does that mean by crushing and surcrifing the role sarab as a father? I like them both and I am biggest fan of those two but doesn’t mean I like the portraiting of sarab as it’s right now. Not fair at all. And there are way to many dominant women around him, who just take him for granted. All of them acting like a saints right now, until the next explosion. Because Harleen and kulwant Kaur will pull out each other hair very soon I prefer them this way than joining hands.

    1. Radhika Purohit

      I seriously hope that after nimrit maams return to the shoot and once the story resumes its old track, the makers do justice to sarab by really showing what an amazing father he is!!! Portraying sarab as a dependent father started the day since mehar went missing!!! Now everyone is fed up of it..hopefully this ends soon…
      and i dont know how makers are planning on making sandhyas character acceptable with this current drama.. there are chances that she will make karan fall sick too with her lies!! Sehar fell sick in the first place because she said she could talk to mehar and then sarab forbid sehar from meeting her… now with this drama dont know what will happen to karan!!
      Sarab looks real angry in the precap… but i guess he will let sandhya stay since there is no nurse available and i dont even want to comment on that doctor!!!

    2. Really Radhika, karan lives already in his own world, there she comes making it worse. What a rubbish story. Hopefully Meher comes soon that the damage is not huge. I wanted to give her some credit but I see no reason to it. Hopefully sarab throws kk and sandhya out of the mansion and bring Seher to the hospital where she gets a proper treatment. I saw the precap to, it seems he is angry at her but as you said he may have to tolerate her. Kulwant she left the orphan yuvi at home alone and came to the mansion,

  8. Funny kulwant Kaur always comes to Gill mansion with gonde leddhu and each time it ends in dustbin 🤣🤣

    1. Radhika Purohit

      And point to be noted… she is making these ladoos after 5years 😂😂🤣🤣

    2. ✔️🤣😂😀🤣to be continued

  9. Why is colors tv not airing ishq mein marjawan 2

    1. Its now a Voot only show

  10. No April 8th summary??

  11. What happend today’s written update?

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