Choti Sardarni 6th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kulwant kidnaps Karan

Choti Sardarni 6th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meher says he said if he doesn’t get Karan by diwali he will go to court. He is being nice to aditi for Karan only.

Aditi comes and asks Sarab all good? Meher looks worried. Sarab says she’s worried for my health. Aditi says don’t worry Meher. Veer ji will be fine. I spoke to his doctor today. Sarab says where is Vikram? Aditi says he just texted asking for dinner tonight. Meher and Sarab look at each other. Sarab says my pieces of heart Aditi and Karan and I have to choose happiness of one. Karan cries. Sarab says don’t think a lot. I am with you. No one will take our Karan from us. Meher says but Manav said he will only wait till Diwali. Meher says I don’t know. I feel so weird. I am scared. What if.. Sarab picks Karan and says this is our bandru. He is out Karan.

Manav looks at Karan’s photo. He puts balloons in front of it. He says didn’t like it? He shows more toys and says I am missing you so much. Will get you so many more toys. see your new teddy. And I know you love balloons. Your papa won’t live a moment without you.

Sarab calls guards and says put more security on gates. SArab says he saved my life, he doesn’t have a bad heart. If I were in his place and someone had my kid, I would ask for my child back as well. Manav is Karan’s real father. But relations aren’t made from blood only. I raised Karan. I am his father. No one can take him. I will talk to him and tell him he’s not Manav now. He’s Vikram. But not on phone. I have to speak to him in person that it’s about Aditi and Karan’s future. I have to handle it maturely.

Scene 2
Kulwant comes to Harleen’s place. She says see nani got you apples Param. Param eats apples with her. Meher comes home. Kulwant says welcome. Robbie says when did you come?He says Harleen let’s go. Harleen says we have to go somewhere. Meher goes to kitchen. Param says mama Karan is not in room. Meher is shocked. she runs upstairs. She looks at Karan in bed. Meher says you scared me. She takes off the blanket. Karan isn’t there. It’s a toy. Meher screams Karan.. She looks for him everywhere. Meher and Param cry. Meher asks guards to check CCTV. PAram cries and says that Bichu uncle took Karan? Meher says don’t cry. Stay strong for Meher mama.

Meher recalls Sarab not being well either. Meher says can’t tell Sarab. Param you willl stay in this room. You won’t tell papa.

Scene 3
Meher sees CCTV footage. she sees Kulwant wearing a shawl while leaving. Meher asks Ajayu servant to be with Param. She goes to Kulwant’s place. Meher shouts mummy ji.. She goes int. Rana is there. Kulwant says what happened? Meher says where is Karan? Meher says Ginni Jeeto. She hits Rana and shouts where is my Karan? Meher has a knife. Kulwant says have you lost your mind? She has gone crazy. Meher says where is everyone. Meher puts a knife on Rana. Kulwant throws it back and says enough. What happened? Meher says where is my Karan? You kidnapped him. Kulwant says are you crazy? Meher says give my Karan. I know it’s you. Kulwant says what proof do you have? Meher says you came to our house. Why were you wearing shawl? She says it’s cold and I am old. If I hid your Karan in Shawl won’t your securtiy see? And would my hands be out of shawl? Kulwant says I am your mom. I bought apples for Param and Sarab. Meher says it’s either you or Vikram and I won’t leave whoever that is. Meher runs out. Kulwant cries and says I didn’t kidnap. Meher leaves. Rana says you’re such a good actor. Youw ill play your game. Kulwant picked him and tied him to her body. She wore a shawl on it.

Episode ends.

Precap-Manav calls Kulwant and says where is my Karan? Where is my son? Param calls sarab and says Karan.. Meher comes to Seema’s place and sayus please call Vikram. She says he’s in office. What happened?

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Meher saying Manav is being nice with adithi for Karan only…then what about u..u married sarab for Karan only and sarab he is also same he married u just because of param likes u
    Why no one is understanding manav pain as a father… Sarab is talking like manav ko Karan ke aas pass bhi nahi aane dungi kyu bhai manav haq cheenna chahta hai….
    Kulwant kabhi nahi badalegi jarur kuch na kuch kardegi manav aur Karan ko….

    1. Yes you are correct. Manav has right on Karan. Meher too like her mom kk who thinks only about herself and use people for her happiness. First used Manav now Sarabh.
      Manav not asking her back. He is asking his child. The way she is behaving with him is not good. He doesn’t deserves for that.

    2. Deborah Anim

      Just stop it and they later on feel in love

    3. Whatever the reason for meher and sarab marriage he accepted her and her child and both learned to love one another over time. Sorry as i am for manav but life has moved on. We cant rewind. He is now married and has a new life with Aditi. If he really loves meher and cared about karan speak to sarab about having shared time. To snatch away karan completely from meher is not something one would do to a loved one. For me he is just getting even and is obsessed.

  2. Shaheera Khan

    she is not less than her mother at all acutely sarab and his family are not less and aditi was trying to play with an innocent kid , they are all in the same boat that’s why i don’t blame only kk now as much power they have they try to use it for thier own benefit.

  3. Manav has equal rights on his son Karan. No one can feel Manav’s pain. Sirf Diwali kya, Christmas, holi, lohri, ye sab mannane ka hak hai Manav ko Karan ke sath….!! Ye baat Meher aur Sarabjeet ko kyun nhi samajh aa rahi….??

  4. Manav has right on Karan, i even feel Karan should be given to him, manav is so innocent.

  5. Is Sarab stupid. He increases security for Karan and yet Karan got kidnapped. Meher and Sarab really annoying me. Give Manav equal rights to his child. This show is really getting a bit crappy now

  6. Meher and sarab are too much. I thought after some thinking sarab will realise it is wrong to separate father from son being a father himself. But here he is putting extra security to make sure manav cannot easily reach karan. This is cunning and low. Blood relation isn’t everything but it is not less than other type of relation. A biological father who is ready to take his child responsibility has priority over the child no matter how much other people love the kid.

    1. It is wrong to say biological father has more rights. A father is not just one who is part of giving u life. A father is also one who has been a part in being there for you even if he is not biological father. What about the mother’s rights?

  7. Kulwant kabhi nahi badlegi.Ye saara syappa Kulwant ki wajah se ho rahi hai.Manav tho josh mein aakar hosh kho raha hai.Duniya ke nazar mein karan Meher aur Sarab ka beta hai.Agar sabko uske asliyat ke barein mein pata chal gaya tho bechare bache ko hi suffer karna padega.It would be better if all of them stay together in Gill manson.Even Harleen and her family stays there,so why can’t Aditi’s family do the same for karan’s sake.In that way everyone can love and take care of karan.

    1. You are absolutely right.

  8. Shaheera Khan

    that’s what i said as much power they are have they are all crupt the same maner ,they just use their power towards negativity .

  9. What does Sarab mean by he raised Karan? Karan is just a few months old and he is saying as though he raised the boy for 20 years 🙄 Poor Manav 😢

  10. And after watching today episode manav stole my heart the way he was expressing his love for his beta Karan puttar ji with that phone wallpaper pic…..he is Soo cute…woh toys woh beloons literally I cried….Kya manav has no right to buy toys for his child uske saath masthi nahi kar sakthi uske saath khel nahi sakthi…. Meher ko itna himmat bhi nahi “haa Karan hamara bacha hai par tume kabhi nahi dungi” bas simple sa jooth bolke Karan mera aur sarab ka bacha hai bolke baag gayi…kyunki meher ko pata hai manav ko pata chaligayi tho Karan ko jarur maanglega……
    Why some people are blaming manav for no reason….manav kabhi nahi choda meher ka saath meher ki mummy ne jaan liya uska agar esa nahi hota.,..manav will take care of meher and karan both just like sarab….i know meher moved on with sarab it’s good thing but the way meher behaving with manav is just ridiculous….i moved on so u should also moved on adithi don’t force him try to explain the situation and give him some time….
    Pehla pyaar bahuth spcl hota hai har Kisika kismath mein nahi hota hai par spcl jarur hota hai…….sry for long post kuch jyada soch rahi hoon main….

  11. Everyone is innocent too except Kulwant.Right now they are all in shock and in pain as their life has changed all of a sudden. When they finally come down, i’m sure they will come up with the right decision to bring up Karan. Those saying that Karan should be given to Manav, should actually think twice. Karan need his mother as much as he needs his father. The only solution should be co – parenting as that will be better for everyone and not that only one parent get’s full custody of the child. They all went through pain. The difference is that Manav is now experiencing it while Meher already went through it and has now healed.As much as Manav is hurting, Meher is also hurting because she went through a lot before Karan was born and now all of a sudden someone appears from nowhere and starts asking for the child. If you were the mother, would you have given away you child just because the father has asked for him.I agree they both have right to karan but why is Manav acting like He owns Karan and that he is the only one who has a right towards him.It isn’t Meher’s fault that Manav was attacked by her mother because she too had no idea that something like that can ever happen. Also it’s not her fault that she is Kulwant’s daughter and I really don’t understand why she should be punished for her mother’s crime. As a mother Meher is actually doing the right thing because that shows that she really cares for her son because if she didn’t she would have already given Manav Karan and moved on with her life with Sarab and Param. So all those people attacking Mehrab in the comment section should first of all put themselves in their shoes. It is also Manav’s fault as he is actually being unrealistic. He actually asked for Karan custody and he will leave Meher’s family alone which means he intends in settling somewhere else with Karan. Which means Karan would be separated from Meher and that actually justifies Meher’s actions as a loving mother who doesn’t want to be separated with her child. If Manav would have asked for co-parenting or shared custody where they can both raise Karan, then Meher would have understood him better and the situation wouldn’t be that bad.

    1. excellent clarification and every word of u is true

    2. Meher does not allow him to touch Karan , she did not tell him about Karan..and he should expect her agreeing for co parenting. He is not dumb.
      These are his actions as a loving father.I recently came to this site for this show.And many comments were how Manav/Vikram is so bad and none of them tried to look at it from his side. They were wishfully thinking him to be bad . You will reap what you sow.
      Personally i would like him to go scorched earth on the lot if they turn him to be a baddie and sacrifice his character at the altar of Mehrab.

  12. Shaheera Khan

    he will come to the terms for the shared custody at the moment it was hidden from him and suddenly found out about his son and sarab for a few months baby saying i raised karan up are seriously understand what you are saying how can he solve the problems for the other peoples in his post while in his own home he is a corrupt person only thinks for his own family ?

  13. Sarab supported Meher unconditionally during pregnancy. Mehrab doing a great job raising both children. This does not mean that Manav has no right over Karan. Everyone is making the problem complex rather than working on solutions. One of the reasons I see that all parties involved do not have the facts. One lie is covering the other lie. Mehrab, Manav are reacting to the situation and saying hurtful things to each other. There is one evil and selfish person, Kulwant and she always finds a way to divert everyone’s attention from the key issue. Now rather than working on Karan’s co-parenting, Karan is kidnapped by Kulwant. I personally, do not believe in the custody of a child, custody is just a document. The most important thing is how you raise a child with joint-parenting not joint-custody. Karan is innocent and three adults Meher, Sarab and Manav need to come to terms to raise Karan. I am confident that three of them will sort this out. Kulwant must pay the consequences of her actions.

  14. I have seen why your writers sometimes write nonsense. Look at how most of you are wrongly supporting Manav. Which means if you are the writers, the right thing to you will be to give this child to Manav. One, his mother is not aware. Two, his wife is not aware. So who will take care of the child, when the real mother is alive. To start with, did he marry Meher in the correct way. In my side of the world, he cannot claim both mother and child. Bcs you cannot just make someone’s dauther pregnant without their consent.

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