Choti Sardarni 5th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Meher tells Sarab about Manav

Choti Sardarni 5th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meher plays with Karan. She looks at him and smiles. She recalls how Sarab welcomed them home. Harleen says where are you going? Meher says Sarab was missing kids so I thought I should take Karan. Param has a class.

Aditi and Seema look at Karan’s pictures. Aditi says he is so cute. Seema says he smils from heart. Vikram says good morning. Tea. Aditi says I could make it. He says papa used to make it for mom. so I will make it for you and mom now. Aditi says thank you. Manav sees Karan’s photo. Vikram says send me Karan’s photo? Aditi says why? He says I will put it as my phone’s wallpapaer. Aditi says you and Karan love each other. Vikram says he’s so cute. Why won’t anyone love him. Seema says you guys should also plan a baby. Vikram says Karan is my child as well. I mean like my child. Aditi tells Manav that Sarab has an important test today. I will go to hospital to meet him. Vikram says you will go to meet him? She says ys.

Scene 2
Sarab does exercise. He hears Karan’s smile and turns back. Sarba says Karan? Sarab smiles and turns back to see Meher with Karan. He says my baby is here. He limps and tries to go to them on his crutches. The doctor says your walk is better now. Sarab says my life is here. He tells Meher that I recognized his voice. The doctor leaves. Meher makes him sit down on the bench with their baby. Sarab holds Karan and hugs him. Meher is emotional. Sarab says papa missed Karan, he is my love and monkey.. no he is my lion. He asks about Param so Meher says he had online classes. Sarab says Karan will become like me only when he grows up. He thanks Meher for bringing him. He asks him to sit down with him. Karan tries to talk to Sarab so tells Meher that he wants us to go on a world tour when he grows up. Meher recalls Manav telling her that he will get his baby back. Sarab says Meher is feeling jealous that I didn’t give her love. He makes her sit beside him and says why are you crying? You are my lioness, what happened? Meher looks away and folds her hands. She says I… forgive me, I am your sinner. She says you are in this condition because of me, I should have been shot instead of you, I had to bear this pain. Sarab says what are you saying? Meher says since I came into your life, everything wrong is happening, we shouldn’t have met. We shouldn’t have got married as then you would have been fine. Sarab smiles and tells her no. He says don’t cry. He says I was just living before you came into my life but you have given me and my son love. You have given us life and you gave me Karan who is my biggest happen. He tells her that me, you, Param and Karan are each other’s lives. Meher keeps crying so Sarab asks what happened? She says he will take our Karan away. Sarab says who? Who will take away our baby? Meher cries and says Manav.

Kulwant says Manav played his game, he wanted his baby back and Meher moved back. He will play another trick but he won’t succeed, Meher should have given her baby to him to end all this but I will end this drama now. Kulwant says tell me what happened? Rana says we went to police station. They were doing an investigation of Manav’s case. Sarab asked them to. Kulwant says if I go to jail I will tell everyone Vikram is Manav. I will Sarab and Seema.

Meher says Vikram Dewan is Manav. He had been pretending to be Vikram. Meher cries. Sarab holds Meher’s hand. Meher cries. Mehr says he didn’t know either. He lost his memory as well. He recalled everything on his wedding day. He met me at Serbia. Meher tells him everything Manaav said at the hotel. Meher says it was past that I left behind. I am to that Meher. I am a new Meher who is born with you. I don’t even want to think about that past now. I wanted to tell you all this on anniversary night. Meher says I couldn’t gather courage due to you and Aditi. I thought I will talk to Manav and make him understand I am not the old Meher. Everything has changed. My life has changed. I tried to convince him. I told him Sarab is my world and God. I thought he would understand and be good to Aditi. But he went crazy. Sarab recalls Manav being drunk and asking Sarab to return his love. Meher says I wanted to tell you everything that night but you got shot. When he came to attack you that night I didn’t know what to do. The Manav I knew could never attack anyone. I wanted to tell you after the operation as well but doctors said if you have any stress you will have another attack. Meher cries. Sarab is shocked. Meher says I am your and Aditi’s sinner. Please forgive me.

Sarab says sins are when you hide them. When you look in the eyes you’re truthful. I am proud of your trust, your confidence, your truth, you. When did Manav get to know about Karan? Meher says last night. He came to me and asked me to give Karan. I said no. He said he will take Karan back by Diwali. Sarab looks at Karan. Meher says he’s not ready to listen to anything. He only wants Karan. Sarab holds Karan and kisses his forehead. Sarab says Karan is my life, my son. He’s only my son. No one can take my life from me. And like you said, what happened with Manav was wrong. I feel sympathy for him as well. But Karan.. No. I am his father. No one can even look at him let alone taking him from me. Sarab hugs Karan.

Episode ends.

Precap-Param says Meher mama Karan is not in the room. Meher comes to the room. Karan is not there. Meher screams Karan.. Manav calls Kulwant and shouts where is my son? Where is Karan?

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Still in progress

  2. What the hell? Now both Meher and Sarabjeet will separate Karan and Manav. At least, Sarab should think about joint custody…but πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘..I lost all respect for Sarabjeet….
    Bas chheen lenge Manav ki ek matra khushi aur fir kahenge Sarab Meher ho sang to jeet lenge har jung aur kha lein jaakar cow dung…πŸ˜’
    Bechara ManavπŸ₯Ί

  3. Shesha485

    Actually the track is going so complicated, we couldn’t guess how they end the track. And please don’t mock Sarab, Meher or Manav. Everyone was right at their POV. I agree it was little mean what Sarab has said. But don’t judge him as a whole soon as it was said in only 2 minutes.
    Sarab is not the sacrificing hero of other daily soaps, He shares a fatherly bond with Karan and it was not easy to part him with Manav. It takes time to realize it. He has to think about his family, how will others react, especially Aditi, the society as he is a public figure and everything…

    1. I am really sorry for my words,if you got hurt. Please don’t get offended. Bhawnao me beh gayi thi thoraπŸ˜‚…I hope you will understand…but I feel sooo bad for Manav…I mean He was the one who suffered a lot…

    2. Shreya….i laughed so heard while reading ur comment when u said ‘sarab aur Meher ho saath……khale jaakar cow dung ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
      But u said was absolutely correct mujhe laga tha ki sarab Manav KO samjhega but woh bhi sirf apna hi soch raha Hai aur toh aur Meher aditi ke liye sorry
      Feel kar raji hai but manav ke liye nahi.

    3. Exactly Nik, Sarabjeet should understand Manav’s situation. Will Sarabjeet give Param to any other great man like him? Of course not. Then, why everyone expect Manav to do that???
      I hope, Sarabjeet will understand Manav in upcoming episodes.
      My bad joke “cow dung”πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    4. Shesha485

      @Shreya, I am not offended.πŸ˜€ I just mentioned for previous episode comments who mocked the Meher and Sarab. Even I didn’t see your comment while I was writing. And moreover everyone suffered a lot, the difference is Manav is suffering at present, wheras Meher and Sarab suffered in past epsiodes. Thats it.

    5. Totally agree. Each of them is right from their point of view. Sarab does share a bond with karan having been with him from the time before he was even born. You dont have to be a birth father to feel a child as your own. Perhaps if manav had approached this differently instead of trying to snatch karan completely sarab’s response might have been different. Also i wonder if manav truly wants karan purely out of love or it is a way of getting at meher cos she said she is now sarab’s meher. Will have to wait and see how story develops before judging

  4. Sarab and meher current reaction is understandable as they are in shock and scared to loose karan but after clear thinking they need to realise manav has rights over karan. Just like they can’t bear separation from their kids, manav can’t bear to stay away from his son. Once karan grows up he might come to hate his parents for keeping his away from his biological father. So the right thing to do here is share custody with manav. It might be unfair to aditi but so far nothing that happened with her was fair.

  5. I am not sure why I get the feeling that Manav is going to die again in this show..poor thing…Kulwant will never stop with her evil intentions.

    1. Even I am feeling the same ….. or much used Coma for Manav/Vikram. In this show when Kulwanth is on a rampage everyone else becomes dumb.
      I feel baby Karan has the highest enemy in the show. He is truly Manav’s son .The first thing I want to happen is for Aditi to know the truth…but as far as now it is a mess.

  6. Shaheera Khan

    i was not surprised by drama sardarni and sarab can he stay away from his own son sorry i never liked the vikram but cant stand these selfish peoples . and on top of that sarab was prasing her same as always , hate this pair now ,just do the joint custody and for how long you can hide it from adits and seema . but i really like the moment cows dung one it really released the stress of the reading mr and mrs drama.and thank you atiba very much

  7. I completely hate this show now

    1. Me too

  8. Just waiting for manav story to end. Not in namesake but by all means I want me her to become choti sardarni and rule.

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