Choti Sardarni 5th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sarab kicks Sandhya out

Choti Sardarni 5th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sarab shouts get out. I don’t wnat to hear your stories. He holds her hand and drags her out of the house. Sarab says we always respect our guests and consider them God. But if I knew you were the reason of Meher going away from me I would have kicked you out. You knew everything yet you stayed silent. You ruined our happy family. You kept looking at my kids being helpless yet you did this. My Meher is away from me because of you. No one can take Meher’s place. If you dare to give Meher’s love to my kids I won’t forgive you. Sandhya cries and says I know everything is ruined because of me. I don’t want to take Meher’s place. I don’t want to take anyone’s right. I just wanted to save the kids. You can be mad at me. But please don’t be mad at the kids. Sarab says what do you want? You have taken all our happiness. Please go away from here. Just leave.

Sandhya leaves. She cries outside. Kulwant comes. She looks at Sandhya. Kulwant says what happened?

Param says did you know what you did? You left the house. I went once and was kidnapped. Karan says mama spoke to us through mama’s friend. Seher says where is mama’s friend. sarab shouts no one will take her name again in this house. Seher cries. He says sorry. Seher says mama isn’t here and you’re scolding. Seher leaves.

Sandhya cries and says forgive me Meher ji. If I knew this would ruin your family I won’t have asked for help. I should leave this city. Everything is over. I have ruined your happy family. I will leave this family.

Scene 2
Sarab breaks things in anger. Harleen says why are you doing this? Meher is no more. Sarab says she is here. She will come back. Kulwant also cries. Harleen says how long will you do this? He says until I hug Meher. Harleen says Meher has left the world. Sarab says Meher can never leave me. She will come back for me and the kids. Kulwant cries and says I wish that could be true but she won’t ever come back. You did her funeral. They cry. Kulwant says you have to accept it.

Scene 3
Sarab hears Meher’s voice saying you didn’t sleep all night you will fall sick. He sees Meher.. Sarab is shocked. He stands up. Meher says why did you scold Seher? Sarab holds her hand and says I knew you would come back, You can’t leave me and the kids. Don’t go away from me. Life isn’t complete without you. I suffered so much for you. Meher says I am always with you but you will take care of the kids. Meher says see these flowers are also dull now. Put it in my hair.. Sarab puts it in her hair. He was imaginig. Meher isn’t there. The kids come out. Param says papa, tea. Sarab says good morning Karan. Are you mad? I am sorry. He says you should say sorry to Seher. You didn’t even let her meet mama’s friend.

Scene 4
Kulwant cooks. Ginni says who is this for? She says get out. Yuvi laughs at her. Jeeti says let me make the rest. Bitu says you didn’t sleep. Kulwant says I want to die. But I will live for Meher’s kids now. She says give this to Yuvi Jeeto.

Sarab hugs Seher and says I am sorry. He’s shcoked. Her body has a high temperature. Seher doesn’t open eyes. Sarab gets worried. He rubs her feet.

Episode ends.

Precap-Seher’s condition is cruicial. Sarab is worried for her. The doctor says you have to keep a nurse for Seher. She can go in coma. Kulwant finds about Seher. Sandhya is going home. Kulwant begs her to go to Sarab’s house and tells her Seher isn’t well. Sandhya says I can’t go back to that house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Yess!! Atiba is back!

    1. Yes so excited!

  2. Radhika Purohit

    Whats wrong with kk?? She is acting like mehar!!! Kind and forgiving 🙄🙄🙄 BTS pics suggest that sandhya will come like a nurse!! In precap doctor suggests to keep a nurse to take care of sehar full time… so i guess kk will bring sandhya as a nurse!!! If ever sarab finds out i dont know what will happen!! First of all He hates lying and above that sandhya is someone who has already broken his trust… to add to this he has already accused her of trying to take mehars place!!! This is getting interesting day by day!!
    Loved the episode today.. especially our sardarji… every word he said was true!!! Sarab and mehar have this previous habit of not telling bad about people to kids !! Remember they never kept param away from kulwant or aditi even when they were against them…. so even now sarab not badmouthing sandhya in front of kids is understandable… but he could use some tactics to keep kids away from sandhya.. some trick… but then our poor sardarji us under so much stress that he probably didnt realise that he actually scolded his princess!!
    Loved sarabs conviction that mehar will return… the scene was too beautiful… sarab screaming that the choti sardarni of this house will return!!! And loved the dream sequence too😍😍😍 saw mehar after so many days!!!

    1. Sarab’s monologue about choti sardarni’s return was definitely incredible! The scence that did it for me was when Sarab upon lashing out at Sandhya stated that nobody in the house could ever take Meher’s place and then the camera immediately went to Harleen, HAHAHA!!! It was amazing!

  3. OMR I am so proud of Sarab! I enjoyed his wrath today (even though there’s a lot of pain underneath it all)!! I was hoping that he would lash out on KK too! And why didn’t KK yell at Sandhya for staying quiet?!
    What an emotionally charged episode! I adored the dream sequence! Hang on Sarab…your Meherji is coming soon;)
    I wonder how Sandhya’s role will make her exit? Maybe it has something to do with Seher falling ill? I hope the makers do a good job with her send off. And are we to assume that Pratap/Rajan are still in hiding or in police custody?? As much I love CS, the makers don’t always tie the loose ends for all these tracks. I was so hoping to see KK exact her revenge on those goons in the most insane way possible! The one time I want to see KK be as destructive as possible and the makers won’t give it to us?!!

    1. Radhika Purohit

      Same sentiments about kk @ MD… the one time we want her to be the sarpanch kulwant kaur dhillon and here she follows the path of her daughter and son in law!!! Makers need to throw us off track i guess🤔🤔 if we exclude sandhyas family CS is now full of positive and good people!!
      Seems like sandhyas family is possibly in police custody!!! Otherwise her mom is too much of a coward to defy them and come to the hospital !!! Probably she got to know sandhya is in hospital from the police!! Yes the makers should have shown us that rajan and pratap getting beaten by police!! Who knows they may show us that sarab beats them up once mehar returns and he sees all the wounds inflicted by them on her!! For now sarab doesnt think that the lady who died is mehar so he may not exactly plot revenge🤭🤔 But seeing a wounded mehar may really wake the lion up who is within sarab!!!
      Check out the link i shared @MD… Kratika maam has said that the makers have planned a nice exit for her…. though she cannot reveal what… and she has confirmed that nimrit maam will be returning soon though exact date is not known!!!

    2. Thanks for sharing the link @Radhika! Glad to see that the announcement of Meher’s return and Sandhya’s departure is circulating. Although we don’t know the exact date of Nimrith’s full return, at least we can see glimpses of her being incoporated back into the show. It sounds like this track should be wrapping up soon! Hopefully we can see some justice being served to the cuplrits that put the Gills through this torment!! Here’s hoping for a wonderful Gill family reunion soon!!

    3. agree with comments, CS not good with tying up loose ends. they haven’t tied up loose ends before the leap. any one know how jagga’s wife died? would have been great to c KK and sarab team up to get revenge, wasted opportunity.

    4. Yes Joi 🙌🏼 Even I was hoping KK and Sarab would team up and teach those good a lesson while in govindpur. Now that we know Meher is coming back soon, I hope that we get to see how she escaped and how this track comes to an end 🤔 I hope while doing so, we get to see what happens to pratap and rajan. To @ Radhika’s point, perhaps it will take Sarab to see how badly Meher is injured for him to take further action. Maybe KK will even want to join him. All this to say is that there is still hope. I hope that makers can do as good of a job concluding this track as they did building it up! And that we get a few episodes of Gill family fun before jumping into the hate we the next gut wrenching track will be. Because we know the waters in CS cannot be still for long!

    5. Yikes!! So many typos 😖 sorry!

  4. If CS makers intention was to “kill” Meher off until see she is fit and healthy to return back, why did they go to the extent to arrange her ‘funeral’ (ok, nobody actually saw her face but all assumed it is Meher). They could simply have arranged the story in such a way that Meher is simply assumed to be dead as nobody can locate her, and left it at that until her return. Whilst people have “died” in CS before and still come back, this will be the first time that someone returns back after being ‘cremated’.

    1. @Aj only the deference is Meher is not cremated. Sarab said that is not her and he still believes she will come. If the rest of the family thinks it’s her, then it will be there proble to think so. No one knew her well anyway except her sardar ji. And @AJ nobody knows what is going on in the head of the makers, so don’t assume that they wanted to kill off Meher. And why should they? Isn’t she the show named after her? Not logic at all your way of thinking, sorry to say that.

    2. Radhika Purohit

      @AJ The cremation scene was probably arranged to make some mehrab haters temporarily happy!!! So that they can think that since mehar was cremated she will never return… also so that when its repeatedly pointing and indicating mehars return they can pacify themselves saying that mehar wont return because the makers showed a cremation scene!!! No matter how brief and unsatisfactory that cremation was for a lead character…!!!

  5. #Hot_News: 🔥🔥
    #KratikaSengar 🙅🏼‍♀️to exit ‘#ChotiSardarni’👸; #Nimrit ⚡⚡to re-enter

    Sengar made her entry into the Colors barely a few days ago but will now be exiting much sooner than one would have anticipated.

    Probably one of the shortest stints for an actor like Kratika Sengar, the lady is now all set to quit Choti Sardarni. That’s right. As one would remember, Sengar made her entry into the Colors barely a few days ago but will now be exiting much sooner than one would have anticipated.

    However, that was always the plan as the show’s original lead, Nimrit Ahluwalia is making her re-entry into the show. Talking about it with ETimes TV, Sengar said, “Yes, I, too, have heard that Nimrit is returning to Choti Sarrdaarni. I joined this show because she was unwell and had to take a break. I am very happy to know that she is coming back soon. This show belongs to her and she is needed to headline it. However, we don’t know when she will resume yet. I had a discussion about this with the production house and they have planned something nice for me. I can’t reveal the story.”

    She added, “I have always been averse to replacing another artiste and I joined this show because the makers needed a known face to fill in for Nimrit till she could resume the shoot. I have immense respect for her. I was roped in for a cameo, which was always the plan. One of the many reasons that prompted me to take up the show was producer Rajesh Ram Singh. I have worked with him before. He had directed me in one of my shows. The people around me, including the production team, the cast and the crew are very nice. I have been having a great time shooting with them.”

    The fans would wonder if both Kratika and Nimrit can co-exist in the show somehow, isn’t it? After all, it’s the Indian TV world and anything can happen.

  6. Snowflake

    all those who want to see nimrit yesterday:

  7. Radhika: no TV serial arranges funeral’s/ cremations to make any viewer ‘happy’, irrespective of whether the viewers like the character/ serial or not.

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