Choti Sardarni 4th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Param runs but gets kidnapped again

Choti Sardarni 4th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Angel says move it from my hand. Martha says please let it be. Angel says remove it you, idiot. Meher says I will give you jalebis. Angel says wow jalebis. Martha says how do you know likes jalebis? Angel says but my Pinto mama gets me. Meher says India is here now. Meher says I will get you jalebis. Angel says yayy. Meher says you will also get samosa. Angel says that also sounds good. Meher says okay just don’t remove the paste. Meher goes in to make the jalebis. Sarab is going in. Martha says you stay here. Sarab says if she gets bored, she will start crying.

Angel is bored. She says please remove it. I am bored. Martha says I will sing you a song. Angel says I am not a small kid. Meher and Sarab sing and dance around with Angel. While jalebis are being cooked. Meher misses Karan and Param.

Scene 2
The kidnappers say your parents don’t love you. They aren’t here yet. param says they love me alot. Theyw will come to save me. Harleen and everyone count the money. Surya says CBI has started the operation. I have to go there. Aditi Vikram will call once he lands. Amrita says where is mummy ji? Seema says she said she will handle it her own way.

Kulwant says Micheal where are you? Micheal comes. Rana says this is Micheal? He’s a dwarf. He says what happened Kulwant Kaur ji? She says you work with Bichu. Tell me where is Bichu. He says I used to work with him. I have left it all now. I run this place only now. Kulwant says your Bichu has kidnapped my grandson. If anything happens to him I will kill you.

Scene 3
Manav reaches Serbia. He says I am coming Meher. Meher applies the paste on Angel’s legs. She says to Sarab why are you being punished when you did nothing? He sees blisters in her hands. Sarab kisses her hand and says this is a test only. Meher says Param and Karan must be missing us. I really want to be with them.

Param waits for Meher and Sarab. He prays. Param recalls Meher asked him to look at the moon when he’s scared. She asked him to never worry and always face it.
Bichu and Guddo look in the laptop. Param comes to them. He says I want to pee. Param goes to the washroom. Param tries to climb out of the exhaust window. He stands on the buckets. Param struggles to get out. He jumps out and runs in the jungle.

Param runs on the road looking for help. Meher and Sarab are doing the dishes. Sarab says will that paste work. Meher says I worked with all my heart. Rest is on God. If Angel heals, Martha will forgive us and we will get back to our kids. It’s 8. Meher says let’s call Param and Karan.

Param gets tired. He says Meher mama, Param is a brave boy. I ran from there. He sees Suyra with some men and smiles. Meher and Sarab come to call. Meher says Param must be mad at us for not calling him. Param runs towards Surya but Bichu catches them.

Meher says Param’s phone is off. Srab says try again. Meher says it’s off. He says let me call Harleen. Martha takes their phones and say get out of my house. Sarab says madam calm down. Martha says what did this woman do. My daughter got an allergy. Mehee says let me meet Angel one. Martha says get out of my house. She throws them out and says don’t show me your faces every again. Sarab says is Angel okay? Meher says the paste is doing its action. This means it’s working. If it works, it heats up the muscles. If the treatment doesn’t continue, it will go in vain. Sarab says let’s tell Martha that paste is working. The guard throws him outside. Sarab says out all stuff is inside. Meher says our passport and everything is inside. The guard says leave before I call police. Meher says what will we do now? Sarab says wait for it to work. We have no other way out.

Bichu throws Param back in. Param cries. Bichu says how dare you run. Now see I make you run. Bichu hits Param. Woman comes there and says don’t hit him. He will die. Param cries. The woman says call his place and ask them if they arranged the money. He says I don’t care about money I asked them not to act smart but they did. They informed police. Param cries let me go please. He says yes police was here in casual clothes. This Param was running to them. The woman says to Param if you try to run I will break your legs. Param cries. She says will we do now? Bichu says what we do every time.
Precap: Kidnappers threaten Harleen. Manav is about to see Sarab and Mehar together.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Kidnappers threaten Harleen. Manav is about to see Sarab and Mehar together.

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