Choti Sardarni 30th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Manav finds out Karan isn’t Sarab’s son

Choti Sardarni 30th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meher pulls up Sarab’s bed while he’s asleep. She brings his breakfast. Sarab says good morning. Meher says now take natural vitamins. He says I am bored. I want to go home. Sister, please ask the doctor to discharge me. She says you’re so handsome our female staff doesn’t want you to go. We, nurses, fight who will give you injections. Sarab says to Meher did you listen? She says you blow like a balloon. You are like a kid. Sarab says I miss kids a lot. Meher says I miss them too. But can’t bring them here. Sarab says you can give Param’s kisses to me and I can give Karan’s kisses to you. Didn’t Param teach you? Meher says don’t be romantic. He says the heart doesn’t agree. Meher says let’s call them.

Kulwant comes in and says good morning. She gives flowers to Sarab. Meher says what are you doing here? Kulwant says I told you I did breakfast yesterday and home and I will do today’s breakfast at home today as well. In fact, I will do it with you. I got parathas and pickles. Kulwant says there’s no jail that can keep me detained. Sarab says this isn’t possible. Meher calls SHO. Kulwant says it’s useless. CBI officer Vikram got me released. Sarab says what? Kulwant says you forgot? Vikram Dewan was investigating Manav’s murder case. He has the proof that shows Manav is alive. Don’t believe me? See this video. She shows him video of Manav saying yes I am Manav. He’s working at a dhaba. Manav says sit I will get you gobi de parathy. Meher is shocked. Sarab says this is Manav. This means Manav is alive? Kulwant says he is doing fine in Banaras. Kulwant says tell me one thing, when the person is alive then what murder? Even God can’t make a murder case. Sarab says but ti was an attempt to murder case. Kulwant says sure file an attempt to murder case. But for that too, Manav will have to come to the court. Sarab says I knew you will play a game to get out. I don’t know if you’re lying or not. Kulwant says even after seeing the video? Sarab says video can be old as well? I don’t know how good is Vikram’s investigation. All I know is that you will be punished for the crime you did. You will be in jail until the truth is out. Kulwant leaves.

Sarab says to Meher could it be possible that Manav is alive? Where was he all this time? Why did he not come to meet you? Meher says in heart I can’t hide this truth from you. Meher says actually.. Sister comes in and says your medicine time. Sarab says Meher ji you should go to Vikram’s place. Harleen will come here.

Scene 2
Seema drops a bowl by mistake. Manav says mom what are you doing in kitchen? Are you okay? She says I was making dinner for Aditi. Vikram says you don’t have to all this. Aditi says mom made sargi for me as well in the morning. Vikram says why did you have to do all this? Seema says MILs make sargi for DILs. Vikram says you could stop mom. Seema says today is special, you both will stay in love forever. She’s fasting for you. Aditi says let me check your BP. Aditi says see it’s low. Vikram sees the medicine strip.

Aditi says can you bring it from the cupboard. Vikram sees a file. It’s Meher’s hospital file of her delivery. Manav sees the papers where Sarab had to choose between Karan or Meher during the delivery complications. Sarab chose Meher. He says between mom and child, he didn’t want to save this child? Is Karan not Sarab’s child? Whose child is he then? Meher.. He recalls his moments with Meher. Manav is shocked. Manav says I have to speak to Meher. Manav calls Meher. She’s on her way. She doesn’t see her phone. She recalls Sarab saying why didn’t Manav come to meet you? Manav says Meher picks the phone. Meher says I will tell Sarab everything. Aditi says Vicky did you find the medicine? He says coming. He says mom please eat the medicine, I have to go somewhere. Seema says come soon. You have to open her fast. Manav leaves and Meher arrives at their place.

Meher comes and hugs Seema. Seema cries. Seema says God has been so cruel to me. Your uncle left us all. Meher hugs her and says you have to stay strong. Seema says go see your uncle. Meher sees Surya’s photo. She recalls what happened. Surya tried to kill her. Meher says you weren’t an evil person. You gave Manav a new family, your name and respect. He has a family because of you only. God give peace to your soul. Seema says you both sit, I will come. Meher sits with Aditi.

Scene 3
Manav comes to the hospital. He asks for Meher. Nurse says she’s generally in her ward. Manav comes to the ward. Sarab is alone there. Sarab says Mr. Dewan you? Sarab says please come in. Sit, please. Manav says how is your health now? Sarab says better than before. Recovering. Sarab says I am sorry about uncle ji. May God give him peace. Sarab says how is aunty ji now? Manav says she’s okay. You know she’s heart patient. The news broke her. I don’t know how will she handle all this. Sarab says please take good care of her. Manav says I will. Sarab says please have a seat. Manav sits down. They are both awkward. Manav says when are you discharging? Sarab says doctors will tell in a day or two. Sarab says thank you so much for bringing me here on time and giving me your blood. He says I should thank you. My dad shot you. He tried to kill you but you didn’t tell anyone his name. Thank you. Sarab says I did what any brother would have done. It wasn’t Aditi or your mom’s mistake. They shouldn’t suffer.

Aditi says what mistake have I done? I understand now. A man goes away from his wife when there’s someone else in his life. It’s about fate. Some people get love even if they give hate and some people stay lonely.

Manav gives water to Sarab. Sarab says can I ask something? Vikram says sure. Sarab says I am not asking this from a CBI officer. I am asking from a family member and a friend. Sarab says I thought a lot. Tried to understand what could be the reason. Why did uncle want to kill Meher? And then suicide. I don’t understand. Manav says I don’t know. People do these attacks when they are hiding a secret. There might be a secret that dad knew and you didn’t. Anyway, Manav is alive. Sarab says sorry? He says I hope your news is correct otherwise mummy ji can go to any limit to release herself. Manav recalls how Kulwant threatened her to get his DNA test done. Manav says in heart who can know better than me. Sarab gets a call. It’s Param. Manav gives the phone to him.

Param says hi papa. Sarab says hi Param and Karan. Param says we miss you a lot. Sarab says I miss you both a lot. Param says then give us kiss? Manav looks at Karan. Param says I love you papa. Sarab says papa loves both of you a lot more. Bye Param and Karan. Manav says they are so cute. Sarab says thank you. Manav says if you ever have to choose between Param and Karan who would you choose? Sarab says you asked like which eye would I choose?? They are both my life. I love them equally. Why such a weird question? Harleen comes in. Manav says hello. Harleen asks how is Seema? Maanv says she’s fine. He leaves. Harleen asks Sarab how are you? He says better. Sarab says I don’t know what goes inside Vikram’s head. He behaves weirdly sometimes.

Episode ends.

Precap-Sarab calls Meher and tells her Vikram was behaving weird. He was asking if I have to choose between Karan and Param who would I choose? Meher is shocked. Manav reads the report, he says father’s name Sarabjit Singh Gill? Meher delivered Karan in 7th months? That means Karan is my child. My son. My blood. I have all my happiness in front me. He cries.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Shaheera Khan

    thank you atiba instead of asking harlin sarab should have asked his lovely wife.

  2. Shaheera Khan

    when and what is the instalment of the truth coming out from mrs gill now ?

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Mehar and Sarab cute nok jhok after long time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    2. Poor aditi she is bearing unncessary pain.. Manav love his mom and dad but always hurt aditi 😞😞😞😞😞
    3. Param and Karan after soo many days ..
    4. Finally Manav will know truth but i hope he doesn’t play any trick or blackmail mehar.. 🀞🏼🀞🏼🀞🏼🀞🏼🀞🏼
    5. I doubt πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” when kulwant can blackmail manav for his identity then she can blackmail anyone, so I thinkπŸ€”πŸ€” she even blackmailed Surya: and to protect seema from shock: he might have decided to end Mehar, so that Manav doesn’t go far from seema…
    6. I just love Manav smile πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
    7. In last when Param & Karan were on video call and Sarab was talking to them: I felt that might be Manav will not ask Karan custody… (But writers can show anything)

  4. Everything apart..I feel bad for Aditi. Poor girl,She does not deserve all this!

    1. u seem to forget she was trying to kill param and meher.dont feel sorry for her although she changed her mind now, may sound heartless but u dont do this to kids. hope manav get on with his life if he remembers well he will c meher and sarab and kids r a happy family . I prefer meher with sarab. Plus sarab lied about robbie been d thief as well . families r always full of secrets in reality.

    2. Absolutly. Aditi is not saint. She did awful things to a child and a pregnat woman whom she say now they are her family. And Sarab and Meher are my fav.too.

  5. Shaheera Khan

    mehar have given her words to manav when she was asking him for the blood for sarab they had repeated their promise so many times was not for a reason so he is going to ask her the kid or both mother and son .

  6. I can see a big custody battle coming up for Karan which is not simply going to go away. Manav will never simply walk away from his own son at any cost.

  7. Shaheera Khan

    lets see what the helloween night will bring tomorrow

  8. And they will do DNA test which someone will switch the blood sample

    1. DNA test to determine paternity? Meher knows for sure Manav is the father of Karan.

    2. That even we know it too. Vikram / Manav like always go behind ppl. Back and would like to investigate. May be he come to know karan is pre matured baby which brings him some doubt that sarab might be the father or Kulvant could tell him she killed his baby.

  9. The DNA test can ,will be one more story😁
    The aunty story is not out yet.
    The lady in rocking chair and behind the kidnaping is not out yetπŸ€”
    The always keep reminding us that manav is a orphan .The really parents can be a big twist.
    And last but not least aditi may not be the sister πŸ˜„
    Writers do a lot of creative writing to keep us glued to the series ,to get TRP
    In the end their has to be a message and positive thinking for the viewers.In reality in life.

  10. A doctor should not take patients medicals record, if she wanted it for a reason she should keep locked away. soaps always have plp finding what thy souldnt or when someone evesdropping and no one notices really. if u put something in a cupboard how likely it will fall out and it had to b meher medical records of all things. still need to no who was blackmailing dolly, who wanted meher kidnapped, who robbie in debt to. y couldnt harleen give sarab blood she is his sister . nothing makes sense.

  11. Shaheera Khan

    that is what first thing went into my head as well that why a petients medical file is at doctors house and was kept so carelessly that by opening the door it falls , and yes they have to sort out the pending issues first .

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