Choti Sardarni 30th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Seher gives Rajveer flowers

Choti Sardarni 30th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajveer says do you wanna fight Sartaj? The police come in. He says what’s the matter? Who was creating trouble? Sartaj says arrest him. Everyone is shocked. Seher says no, it’s me. You should arrest me. I created all the problems. Rajveer says it was me. Seher says I started all this. I will get arrested. Rajveer says I will get arrested. She says it’s my mess. I will get arrested. He says no I will get arrested. Sartaj says what’s happening? Seher says I should be in jail and you should be in the hospital. Your hand is bleeding. He says don’t say with so much love. I won’t be able to breathe. The police arrest Veer.

Scene 2
Seher gathers money. Jejay says what are you doing? She says will get Rajveer bailed. He says we have to pay the studio’s rent. You can’t let go of your savings. Seher recalls how Rajveer saved her. Seher says in one second he cut his hand and saved my life. How can I be selfish if he wasn’t? Someone knocks at the door. A girl comes in and asks where are you going? Seher says Dinpy ji. She says where is the rent? Jejay says my purse got stolen and I have a stone in my stomach. My mom is ill too. Seher tries to sneak out. Dimpy holds her hand and says don’t make excuses. Pay rent or leave. Jejay says it’s her dream. She says pay the rent or the keys. Seher gives the keys. Seher says you’re right.. You have no relation to my dreams. Jejay says but.. Seher says I will find a way out. Seher leaves. Jejay says she never listens. He says if my brothers were as rich as hers, I won’t even talk to you. Her brothers can buy land like the airport here for her dreams.

Scene 3
Karan says this plot is perfect. We will have a school here and a hospital here. Param says who asked you to buy that plot? Karan says no one can enter my office without my permission. Param says I was going to buy that plot for Seher. Karan says no one can enter my office without permission. Param goes back to the door and says may I come in now? Karan says no.. Param shouts Karan. They both fight.

It’s Yuvi. He is enjoying the music. Mandana says sir, don’t go in. They are fighting again. Yuvi says Param, you did right. I can set him up. Param says that plot is mine. If you get that plot to me, I will give you whatever you ask. Yuvi says this sports car? He says go get it. For Seher’s happiness, I can give thousands of such cars.

Scene 4
Seher pays for the bail. She says please let him go. He’s injured. He says we have made a mistake by arresting him. He’s already dropped home. We never brought him here. Seher is shocked. He says Rajveer is very influential.

Dida says I got the bail done. but how did the police come there? He did it all for that girl? Nikhil says yes it happened because of Seher. She asks is Rajveer okay? Did he get injured? Tell me everything. Rajveer takes the phone. He says dida you.. She says where are you? Where was your phone? I had to call Nikhil. Are you okay? He says everything is perfect. Thank you for getting the bail done but please let me fall sometime. Until I do, how will I learn to get up? She says I won’t ever let anything happen to you.

Rajveer asks Nikhil did you tell Dida about my bruise? Only tell her the good things. If she finds out I am sad or hurt, she becomes a very different person.

Dida says to Mr. Malik it doesn’t matter when did he get out? How dare police even touch him? He had sign bail letters. You sign your resignation letter now. Or drink this hot cup of water in one go. He says sorry dida ji. He drinks the tea and burns his mouth. A man tajes him from there.

Scene 5
Seher comes to meet Rajveer with flowers. He says am I dreaming? Nikhil says Seher you.. Rajveer says how did you get my address? She says I heard a very influential person lives here. But he hides it. Well, we have contacts too, so we found out the address. Seher says you still have this chunri on your bruise? Why didn’t you get a bandage done? Nikhil says he says there’s antiseptic in this chunri. Rajveer says shut up. Rajveer says thanks for the flowers. Seher asks Nikhil to get a first aid kid.

Seher says thank you for saving my life. She dresses his wound. Seher says you keep thinking? He says I should join your bhangra classes. Seher asks why? It’s in your DNA. He says the real bhangra is in your DNA. Seher says the studio shut down. Rajveer asks why? Seher says I didn’t pay rent for 6 months. But it’s okay I guess. Seher says oh God it’s 9. I have a special call. He says what? Seher says it’s with a super special person. She leaves. Rajveer says what if she has a boyfriend? My heart would break. He says it’s the emotions that matter. We have to find out who this special person is.

Seher calls her brothers. She says you both are sitting in the same room? You both didn’t fight? Param says he’s my brother. Why would we fight? Karan says he’s my brother after all. Param says I love Karan more than you. Karan says I respect you with all my heart. Param says why aren’t you hope? Seher says went to meet a friend. Karan asks did you eat? She says not yet. Seher says if you both are sitting together then why are you from two different laptops? Param says Karan.. you tell. Karan says you are the elder. Bari bi comes to Karan. She says so Param isn’t there. You both don’t love each other. For mama’s sake stop lying and faking this love. Seher cries. I don’t wanna eat. Param says let me go to him. Karan says no I am coming there. Seher says don’t pretend now. I am going home. She hangs up. They both get upset.

Seher recalls their childhood. Param and Karan are upset too. Bari bi says are you both happy now? Seher is much wiser than both of you. Be wise before you both stumble. You both fight like idiots. Param Karan recalls Sarab saying Seher is much wiser. Seher recalls Meher asked her to keep her brothers together.

Episode ends.

Precap-Seher says I will get you Canada’s best lassi. He asks where is it? Seher says we have to go to that mountain. Nikhil asks where is Rajveet? His man says they have gone skydiving. Nikhil says no he will die. He has acrophobia. Rajveer jumps.. Seher screams.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    1. I have hope in a new begging for this Leap but stories are the same. I dont see inovation. I am person to give chances but this show post the essence. And you can see on the comments last week and in instagram. Makers are ilusioning fans with the same triangule but I respect each opinión.

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