Choti Sardarni 29th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Seher loses her baby

Choti Sardarni 29th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajveer says Seher is fine. Nothing happened to her. I will heal my Seher. He picks the CPR. GAitri says you can’t do this. Rajveer says Seher please open eyes. I will die without you. He hugs her and cries. Rajveer holds her hand. the doctors try to take him outside. Rajveer cries. Everyone is praying outside. Kulwant comes with the water from temple. Rajveer says I love you Seher. He says no one will stop her treatment. She’s fine. she’s alive. Nothing happened to her. Kulwant comes. She reads mantra. Kulwant says the blessed water will open her eyes. Kulwant makes Seher drink the water.

Everyone looks at the heart beat. Rajveer says her heart beat is coming back. Gaitri says please move. Seher moves her eyes. Everyone is shocked. Kulwant says thank God. Gaitri says this is a miracle. They start treating Seher. Param and Karan hug each other. Everyone is happy. The kids dance. Karan says thank you baba ji.

Scene 2
Hashdeep recalls what Rajveer said. She says no one can take my Sonu from me. I won’t let anyone part me from my Sony. No matter what happens. THe kids dance in the hospital. Gaitri tells Kulwant Seher is out of danger but.. due to miscarriage Seher has lost a lot of blood. Rajveer says what? Miscarraige? What? Gaitri says Seher was pregnant. Whatever happened in the flight made her lose her baby, Harshdeep is on call. She hears it and sits in shock. Harshdeep cries Sonu.. Rajveer sits down in shock. He cries. Rajveer recalls his moments with Seher. He sobs. Kulwant Param and Karan cry too. Rema says she sacrificed her child to save my baby and everyone in the plane. She did it for all of us. She gives her baby to Rajveer. Rajveer hugs the baby. Rajveer cries.

Inspector comes back to take Rajveer. Rajveer says please.. Seher needs me. Please. Inspector says we’ve already given you enough time. Rajveer says Seher needs me. she will be broken. Please let me go to her. They drag him outside. Rajveer cries and resists. His feet bleed. Rajveer says I beg you sir. Please. He says Seher.. Seher opens her eyes. They push him in the car.

Scene 3
Kulwant Param and Karan come to Seher. Param says is she out of danger? Doctor says yes. You can take her home. She’s weak. You have to take a lot care of her. Kulwant says we will.

Scene 4
Seher is home. PAram says let me know what you want. You just rest. Seher says I had to wash my face but I can’t get up. Param says we are here. Karan says your brothers are here. He brings the tub and washes her hands and face.

Bitu says use this facewash. It’s so good. It will make her face LED. Rana says you wash yours first. You need it the most. rana washes his face. He says my skin is bruning. WAter.. Seher laughs. She gets upset again. Kulwant brings Seher juice. She says have your food. Can juice come in this glass? No right? Because there’s already water in it. Until there’s pain inside you, you can’t be happy. Let it out. Don’t be happy but take your pain out. Seher recalls that moment and cries. Kulwant says cry your heart out. Seher hugs her and sobs. Seher says my baby. Kulwant says now I will make my Seher eat. She makes her eat and says be strong like your nani. Param and Karan hide the toys. Seher recalls her sonography and planning the baby with Rajveer.

Episode ends.

Precap-Kulwant says don’t take his love. IF Raj wanted, he could blame his sister but he saved her. Harshdeep says to Rajveer you here? Rajveer says today, I break all my relations with you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Snowflake

    Full Precap:
    Kulwant tells Seher, don’t take that man’s name! If he wanted he could punish his sister, but no, he took all the blame on himself, he did all this to save his sister. In the Babbars’ mansion, Rajveer comes to dida with a pot of water and says that I Rajveer Singh Babbar from today, from this moment, I am breaking all ties with you Mrs. Harshdeep Kaur Babbar and pours the water over himself. Dida is shocked.

  2. Snowflake

    Seher is safe ♥️♥️♥️♥️
    But the pain of losing her baby 😢😢
    When will Sehraj unite??
    Precap is exciting! He is finally breaking ties with that witch! Yes!!
    Hope Sehraj is one again 💗💖

    1. Sakeenah

      I really wish for them to become one again am miss them alot also and their cute jokes too..

    2. Sakeenah

      * am missing

  3. R.J

    dida will never forgive seher n kk ,she is extremely planning something biggest against kk

    1. Sakeenah

      Totally agree with u and now she’s not even pregnant so Dida won’t even think twice before doing anything bad to them, 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄..

    2. R.J

      yeah right
      r u curious to know what will dida’s next step

    3. Sha_NimLoveCs

      @ R.J
      You are right👌👌
      Definitely dida ji do something👍👍

    4. Sakeenah

      Off course am curious to know I just hope all are plans will flop 😀.

    5. R.J

      lol like always dida’s plan is going to flop

  4. R.J

    yeah seher is safe but the pain, she lost her first baby
    so the soul sequence was about meher’s soul took her baby in heaven and there, the mom n daughter meets its like dream of seher unconscious mind,

    1. Snowflake

      Yes…. People don’t understand and find it funny!

    2. R.J

      yes even i read last episode comments to, the scene which we saw in last eps was seher’s unconscious mind thinking
      like it’s same happened to us in our dreams too, don’t know why people find it funny it’s completely normal


      @ R.J
      Yes,mind blowing moment of meher and seher.

  5. R.J

    last part GILL MANSION Dhillons and Gills try to console seher, little bit dose of bittu and rana pagalpanti is necessary for seher and us too

  6. What a speedy recovery? Yesterday she was in dead bed. Today she is in home. Woow 🤣🤣. Very pathetic story . I never thought cs makers will do this to cs. Now they are showing mehar without sarab as flashbacks. As a fan I feel very sad . Mehar without sarab for trp. 😭😭 It made me cry not this overacting of male lead. I missed old cs every moment. 😭 It was a masterpiece. They should deserve proper end but not. Makers killed them in tragic way for this disgusting, illogical leap.

    1. She is Super Seher, daughter of Super Meher!

  7. Now this is typical indian show wich is passing moral values. The old charm and natural acting … 😭 . This story line is completely unrealistic. I know we can’t find reality from tv show but reality should be in show in some extent. Other wise it is a joke. Now cs is complete joke. The show which gave an ionic character like Sarab. They make a royal character like Sarab and finally killed him on road for sake of their female lead and her interests. His character is replaced by using model. I have no words. Honestly I am sad as loyal fan. 😭😭 I don’t want to hurt anyone who are enjoying this show. I am just saying my feeling. Today I feel so sad because this was my favorite show and I watched this show in tv every day.

    1. The over actor and under acting female lead destroyed what ever was left of this show, then they brought bak Anita maam for a quick rise in trp, very sad indeed!

    2. Makers are disgusting Jeary. Money makes people forget their values. Anita is one example.

    3. Completely correct

  8. Snowflake

    Today Rajveer came to know that Seher was pregnant 😢😢
    Oh gosh his pain😭

    1. Sha_NimLoveCs

      @ snowflake
      Yes,rajveer knows the truth of seher pregnant but too late💔😭
      Now Sehraj lost their baby💔💔
      Very sad to see rajveer crying over the loss of the baby😭😭💔

  9. Snowflake

    Rajveer knows that his wife needs him.. he loves her♥️
    She needs his comfort this time the most… Why is he still taking the blame?
    In the precap he is out n in normal clothes… How come? Is it a dream or he really is out??


      I was also confused as to how rajveer could get out so easily.

    2. Snowflake

      Must be out of jail!!


    Good news for harshdeep.Now she knows the real pain of losing someone.For the 2nd time, harshdeep lost sonu.Until this she did not understand the feelings of others.Selfish.

    1. Sha_NimLoveCs

      I agree,seher and rajveer lost their baby because of dida ji💔💔
      Good lesson for dida ji👌👍
      But dida ji has not realized her mistake yet🤬🤬

  11. AG 😋😊😜

    One day seher was in dead bed, coming to life with electric shock and a lots of prayer then the next day fit and sound in her room. Wow how convincing🙄😋😏. What can we say, unfortunately CS lost its sharm the day they killed the essence of the show. One good thing about the CS right now is that we have the joke and joker rajveer bhai.😃😁😊

    1. AG I missed Sarab whenever I saw this joker. Makers replaced versatile actor for this leap.

  12. Sha_NimLoveCs

    I feel like,no chance to dida ji play dirty games or emotionally blackmail with seher and rajveer👌👍
    Game over CM Harshdeep Kaur Babber😍😍
    I get answer in precap👌🔥

  13. Sha_NimLoveCs

    The bond of siblings is wonderful🥰❤🥰
    but seher was very sad for losing the baby😭💔😭💔

  14. Sha_NimLoveCs

    I feel that there is a misunderstanding between seher and rajveer💔💔
    When rajveer telling the truth to seher💔🙈
    Make the right decision rajveer👌👍
    Dida ji face🤣😂🤣😂

  15. Pathetic story and senseless acting

    1. Snowflake, following is in response to your comment on the previous WU page:

      Oh Mr. Snowflake!

      So from now on, speaking your mind is cursing. Are you so insecure about this show that you can’t even face criticism?

      Treating all these so so Instagram pages as if they were Emmy’s! Pity you.

  16. Cs, following is in response to your comment on the previous WU:

    Nay! Do you really think Cs can achieve such a huge milestone?

    These blind fans of cs are posting links to all these Instagram posts as if Cs had won several Emmy awards.

    Yay Snowflake, you know me so well. Don’t you?

  17. Simply amazed by the foolishness and dumbness of Mr. Rajveer.

    On the plane, Reema told him that Seher had lost her own child in order to save the former’s. (See this is how you write without quotation marks, Snowflake)

    Yet he failed to connect the dots and conclude that Seher had been pregnant all along. Didn’t any alarm ring in his head?

    Goes on to show what sort of a tubelight he is.

    1. He was too busy over acting and reacting to remember what Rema said!

    2. Yes he is tube light.Afterall he is doing overacting

  18. Snowflake

    Bacii, please stop it now. I am not interfering with your punctuations anymore so please stop harassing me.
    If you are good in English, then very good, I am happy for you. I understood ur lectures and I’m tired of it. So please stop picking on me every single day for my punctuations.

    1. Snowflake

      (directly and indirectly)

  19. Snowflake

    I rly hope the dida- Rajveer scene in the precap isn’t a dream 🤞🤞

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